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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All Male Fiction: Grand Opening

By: Tommyhawk1 & Ryan Michaels
When I arrived at the address I was given, there was a banner, a banner that read "Grand Opening," and below that in smaller letters were the words "September 15th." Just below that was the name of the book store. This was only September 12th, so the store wouldn't be opening for another three days.

I looked at the note in my hand, blinking, sunspots before my eyes - the sun had been just overhead of that banner, and the glare had been baleful - and then up at the store's numbers alongside one edge of the doorjamb. 8412 Jefferson Street. This was the right place, but they were closed. Why would Jeff want to meet me here?

There were no lights on in the store, and with the natural light outside reflecting on the glass, I pressed my hand against the window and put my face up to it. I could see a figure moving about at the far side of the store and decided I would ask them if they knew where Jeff was. He had been so enigmatic on the phone, leaving a message on the machine that he needed to see me and this was the address, to hurry up, and that I needed to be there by 3:30pm. Click--end of message.

I tried the door and it opened. I poked my head in. My eyes were blinded by the transition from the bright light of the outdoors to the darker unlit indoors. "Hello, anyone here?"

The figure came towards me as I was still blinking and unable to see. "May I help you, sir?" a British accented voice said to me.

"Yes, I'm looking for a guy named Jeff; he said to meet him here," I replied. "Do I have the right place?"

"Only if you're looking to give a guy one hell of a blowjob," came the answer, in a non-British accented voice, as the figure came to a stop only a few feet away from me.

"Jeff? Is that you?" I asked, squinting at him.

"Yeah," Jeff said with a laugh, and then moved right in front of me, grinning. God, that smile of his was a killer; it turned his face into that of a mischievous young boy… almost... if the boy had been blessed with a body of a male swimsuit model and a coif of dark brown hair that begged you to run your fingers through it. "Don't you recognize me?" he asked playfully.

I grinned sheepishly. "Well that fake accent and voice you put on fooled me, plus I was blinded by the sun coming in here. I couldn't see a damned thing." The only light came from the big picture window next to the door. "What are you doing here anyway?" I asked looking around.

"I'm working here now."

"Oh, you never mentioned you got a job. Why are you working in the dark?"

"Store's not open yet, and the lady who owns this place wants the lights kept off so people won't think we are open for business."

"So why am I here?" I asked. "What was so urgent that you needed me to come by your new job at exactly 3:30?"

"Didn't I tell you already?" Jeff frowned. Not a real frown, but a pretend frown, if you know what I mean.

I frowned myself, in concentration. "No, I..." and then it hit me what he meant, "You don't mean that joke about the blowjob?"

"Who said it was a joke?" Jeff grinned. "The boss lady left early, and I'm stuck here until six o'clock and figured you could come by and give me a hot blowjob while she's gone. Would be so hot, to do it here, don't you think?"

I looked at Jeff. We'd met online about three months ago during the summer, and ended up hooking up. The entire summer had been a madcap, sexual adventure. We weren't dating, not boyfriends, just fuck buddies. Jeff was a sexual dynamo, and most of our sexual encounters were in his bed, but just a month ago he fucked me bent over the balcony of his apartment.

The balcony was solidly enclosed up to waist high, and the street was deserted that late, but if anyone in the building across the street and higher up than us had looked out the window they would have seen us! This made me nervous but it turned Jeff on so much, and it showed in the fucking he gave me. So, after him wanting to do that, his asking us to have sex in this bookstore wasn't too off-the-wall.

Being that we were in a closed bookstore and had total privacy, I didn't mind giving him what he wanted, so I looked at Jeff and I grinned. "Sucking some cock sounds good to me. Where's the storeroom?"

"Nuh-uh!" Jeff shook his head. "Right out here."

"Here?" I said, shocked.

"I cleared this area out so we'd have room."

"But... but..." I was stammering because while the bookstore was closed, there was a huge picture window with a sidewalk in front of it. "What if someone looks inside?" I asked him.

"The window reflects back a lot of the light," Jeff pointed out, "Especially with the lights out inside here. And the display shelf in front of the window blocks half of it."

You mean right here?" I said, pointing right where we were now standing in the middle of the store.

"Sure," Jeff said, "Why not?"

"What if somebody stops at the window to look at the books there... and then looks up."

"Nobody can see us inside here. You saw for yourself that you can't see in just by looking at the window, you have to put your face to it. And who, other than you, who had a reason to do so, is going to do that?"

"I don't know. It's still possible that someone could look in."

"That's what makes it exciting, just like on the balcony." Jeff said with that smile of his. "What's the matter, Matt, losing your spirit of adventure?"

"Uh... no," I said slowly. I looked at the window again. Nobody was paying the place any mind. Jeff was probably right, why would anyone stop and look through the window anyway?

I looked back at Jeff and found that he had used my brief moment of reflection to unzip his fly and take out his cock.

"Come on, Matt," Jeff said as he wagged his dick at me. "Suck it! Get down on your knees and suck this big fuckin' cock! You know you want to." A wide teasing grin was spread across his face.

God, he had a beautiful cock on him, and as much as I wanted that cock right there, right then, still I hesitated with some uneasiness with our surroundings.

"Come on, you know you want to," Jeff goaded again. "Think about it, you sucking me, all those people right outside, any of them could see us if they looked inside. You could be seen sucking my dick. Maybe even be seen getting fucked up the ass. And you know deep down you like being seen, that the possibility of getting caught turns you on. So, just go for it! What have you got to lose?"

Damn it, it was turning me on, the risk of being seen. He knew me that well, better than I knew myself in that respect. "Well, maybe nobody will bother looking inside," I said as I got down on my knees, hoping no one would see us, while at the same time half-hoping, deep down, like Jeff said, that someone would.

"I doubt anyone will," Jeff said as he put his hand on my shoulder and moved my position as he too moved. He had now aimed us so we were sideways to the window. That position made me even more nervous. However, my excitement far outweighed my nervousness at that point.

"Suck me!" Jeff urged as I stroked his hardening cock, and I obeyed, opening my mouth and slipping it over his hard dick.

"A woman just stopped in front of the window and is looking at the books in the display!" Jeff announced only a minute or so later. I started to pull off him but his hand quickly fell to the back of my head, keeping my mouth firmly planted on his cock.

"God, it is turning me on! Fuck, I hope she looks up and sees what we are doing! Suck it, Matt, suck it! Don't stop! I want her to get a good show if she does look!" I whimpered as I kept sucking. "Damn, she left and didn't see a thing," Jeff said in a disappointed tone.

Although I became extremely nervous when Jeff told me someone was at the window, now that she was gone the excitement of almost being seen drove me onto Jeff's cock with all the force of a hammer-blow! I hit the wall of his body, my nose deep into his pubic hairs, his entire shaft shoved down my throat.

"Uhhh!" Jeff groaned and threw his head back. "Fuck yeah, suck that cock Matt! Suck it good and make me cream right down your fuckin' throat!"

I pulled back, slowly, my saliva coating his cock as I moved, his cock being milked by my lips as I let that moisture splay over his length, a little at a time, and then I began a slow cadence back and forth.

"Three people just went by, they all glanced at the window. Fuck, why couldn't they have stopped and looked through it!" Jeff grumbled and then he gasped. "Two girls just stopped at the window! They're looking at the calendars on display!" Jeff said excitedly.

Although gay, Jeff didn't seem to care that it was girls looking in the window and not guys. He only cared that someone, anyone, saw us. That's what turned him on, just being seen, period. I on the other hand, if we were to be seen, only wanted to be seen by other guys, not by women. Would those girls see us, I wondered as I continued to work Jeff's cock.

Jeff suddenly let out a gasp. "Yes! They're looking up!" I tightened my lips on his cock. "Ah shit, they're walking away," Jeff groaned.

"Are there many people out on the street?" I asked, pulling off his cock for a minute.

"Not really, just the ones I mentioned so far, otherwise the street is pretty dead," Jeff said as his hand caught my head and pushed it back down onto his dick.

"Oh god, a guy just stopped to look at the window display!" Jeff said excitedly a few minutes later. He's pretty hot too, from what I can tell!"

"Can he see us? Can he? Is he looking?" I asked, my nervousness suddenly gone and only pure excitement at the idea of a guy watching me suck dick taking over my body, mind, and cock.

"He's at the window, just looking down at the books," Jeff replied as he again shoved my head back down on his cock.

Was this guy going to see us? Was he? I wondered hopefully as I moved faster on Jeff's prick, milking it as he moaned and urged me to suck him even faster.

Jeff kept up the play-by-play of the window happenings. "Other people going by…" he panted, "Walking around this guy… He's still looking at the books."

Jeff's dick felt even harder in my mouth now, hard as stone. The guy at the window was all the aphrodisiac he needed, his oblivious looking at the books, not knowing we were just beyond them.

"Shit, he's hanging around just looking at those books. Quick Matt, pull your t-shirt off and take your pants and underwear off!"

"Why? Is he looking?" I asked.

"No," Jeff said. "But he might, and if he does I want him to see you on your knees completely naked sucking my cock and pounding your meat."

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. I then undid my pants and slid them down to my knees along with my underwear. I then raised up a bit, without standing, and managed to get them all the way off. Jeff immediately grabbed my head once again and shoved it towards his crotch, and as my face met his cock it slid right back into my mouth.

What was the guy doing? I wanted to know. Was he still just looking at the books or had he looked up and seen what was going on inside the store... or had he gone? I had to know and began to withdraw my mouth from Jeff's hard cock, but he again stopped me with a firm hand to the back of my head. "Just keep sucking. Don't stop for any reason. I am too close for you to stop now, even for a second," Jeff moaned.

I happily obliged his wishes and about thirty seconds later he groaned and rewarded me for my obedience and efforts, releasing a torrent of cum into my throat! "OH, GOD, YEAH, UHHHH, GUHHH, UHHHH, NUHH, NHH, UUHH, NNNHHH! NNHHH! NNNHH! UHHHH, UHHH, UHH!" he rumbled as his salty load unburdened itself into my mouth and I gulped it all down hungrily.

I had made Jeff cum and now it was my turn! With Jeff still hunching at me helplessly, and my mouth deep over his spent but still firm cock, I stroked my cock like a mad man and groaned around his dick as I sprayed his leg with my own spunk seconds later.

Panting, I let his dick loose from my mouth. I turned my head to grab my t-shirt and caught glimpse of the guy Jeff had mentioned still at the window. Still at the window, but not still looking at the book display! No, he had his hands up to his eyes, nose against the window, looking in at us! He had seen! We'd been seen!

He looked to be a teenager, and he had seen and watched a guy getting his cock sucked by another guy, watched a guy shoot his cum in another guy's mouth, watched that guy stroke his cock and shoot his load! I was completely turned on in finding this out and looked right at him and smiled. In response, he pulled his hand and head from the window and quickly walked away.

"He saw us!" I said to Jeff.

"Huh? Uh, yeah, he did." Jeff was still breathing heavy.

"Fuck! Why didn't you tell me he was watching? I wanted to know if anyone was watching, I told you that!"

"God, it was him seeing us that sent me off. I came as soon as he looked up and his eyes connected with my cock in your mouth. I couldn't have spoken even if I had wanted to. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. As long as you got off on it, that's all that really matters I guess," I replied in an understanding but sulky tone.

"Well, I guess I better get some more of the books on the shelves so the boss lady doesn't know I was goofing off instead of working. You don't mind helping me for a bit to make up for lost time, do you?"

"I guess not."

The two of us got dressed and began taking books out of boxes and putting them on the shelves. We had no sooner started when I heard the door open. I looked and saw a guy step inside the door and close it, specifically, the guy who had been looking in the window at us moments before.

"Hello," I smiled. "Jeff, you have a customer."

Jeff stood up. "Hi," he said. "We're not open yet, sorry."

"Oh, sorry. I was looking for a specific book and wasn't sure if you were open, but I saw you guys in here through the window, so I thought I'd come in and see.

"We are having our Grand Opening on Thursday," Jeff replied.

"Oh, okay. Well I'll come back in a few days when you are open for business and buy the book I want then," the guy said, and then he turned to leave.

"What book were you looking for?" Jeff asked. "If you tell me the name I can tell you if we have it, and if not I can order it in for you."

The guy got a somewhat embarrassed look on his face and looked down at the floor. "Um, it's called 'The Joy of Gay Sex'."

"Oh we have that!" Jeff said enthusiastically, and then said, "What's your name?"


"Well Tim, I know you saw my friend here sucking my dick and you obviously liked watching, so instead of waiting three days, why don't you stick around and let the two of us show you the joys of gay sex?"

There was a moment of silence after Jeff's statement, as Jeff looked at the guy grinning and both the guy and I stood staring at Jeff, looking at him with disbelief at what just came out of his mouth. And then Jeff moved towards him.

"I can tell you want to," Jeff said as his eyes fell to Tim's crotch and then he reached out and squeezed the guy's obvious hard-on through his pants.

After Jeff let go of the guy's cock he pulled his own out. That was all it took for the guy to get over his shock and nervousness and soon the three of us were stripping out of our clothes.

Jeff and I took to our knees and tag teamed the teenage boy's cock with our mouths, and then we put that boy to good use, having him suck both our cocks.

After using his mouth for a bit, Jeff rammed his cock up my hole while he had Tim crawl under me and suck my dick. When I was ready to cum, I warned him, but Tim swallowed every drop.

Pulling out of my ass, Jeff moved to my side and grabbed Tim by the neck, pulling him from under me, and blasted his load into Tim's open, waiting mouth.

For the finale, Jeff guided Tim's cock into my ass. When he pulled out and announced that he was going to cum, I flipped around onto my knees and Jeff joined me. Tim shot his thick teenaged load all over our tongues, lips and chins.

"Thanks for the great customer service," Tim said as he finished fastening his pants. "I'll be sure to tell all my gay friends about the excellent service you provide here," he smiled as he headed towards the door to leave. "See you at the grand opening!" he finished and exited the store.

Just as he left, a woman entered. "Customers already?" she said to Jeff motioning at the door and then looking at me. It was the owner obviously.

"This is my friend, Matt. He came by and I put him to work helping me. The guy that just left thought we were open. He liked what he saw, and how nice we were to him, and said he'll be back on Thursday for the Grand Opening. He also plans to tell his friends all about the place, too."

"Terrific!" she beamed. "Word of mouth is a store's best advertising. Let's hope he tells all his friends about the friendly customer service he received from you."

I don't think she understood why Jeff and I laughed at that. She just gave us a funny look and went in the back to input inventory in the computer.

"Shit that was close!" I whispered to Jeff as we started putting books on the shelves.
"Yeah, I didn't realize the time."

"The time? It's not six already, it can't be?"

Jeff laughed. "No it's only five o'clock. She said she'd be back around 4:30. Guess we were lucky she was a bit late."

"Shit! I thought when you said she left, you meant she was gone for the day and would just be back to lock up at six. You mean you knew she was coming back sooner, knew she could walk in, and you did all that anyway?"

"Yeah, that's what makes it exciting! In fact I almost wish she had caught us."

"You do? Shit, she would have fired you for sure!"

"Yeah, but it would have been worth it. And besides I could easily get a job somewhere else for the same minimum wage she's paying me here."

"Fuck, you are an exhibitionist aren't you? I said shaking my head and smiling.

"Yup, and I'll turn you into one yet." Jeff grinned.

"You already have!"

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