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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Straight Fiction: Grand Opening

Original premise by Tommyhawk1
Straight adaptation by Ryan Michaels
When I arrived home there was a message on my voicemail from Sean saying that he needed to see me, left the address where he wanted me to meet him, and said that I needed to be there by 3:30pm or it would be too late. Click--end of message. Looking at my watch, it was heading towards that time already, so I hurriedly made my way to the destination he had given, wondering what was going on.

When I arrived, I looked at the note in my hand where I had written the address and then compared it to what was posted on the building. 8412 Jefferson Street. Yes, this was the right place. It was a retail store of some sort that was not open for business yet. Sean was a contractor, and I knew he was currently working on some sort of renovation job, but the store was dark inside. If this was where he was working, why were there no lights on inside? Why were there no sounds of saws and tools emanating from the store? Sean had been so enigmatic on the phone, but why would he ask me to meet him here when no one appeared to be here?

I pressed my hand against the window and put my face up to it to take a look inside. I could see a figure moving about at the far side of the store, but I couldn't tell if it was Sean or not.

I tried the door and it opened. I poked my head in. My eyes were blinded by the transition from the bright light of the outdoors to the darker unlit indoors. "Hello, anyone here?"

The figure came towards me as I was still blinking and unable to see. "May I help you?" a voice with a British accent asked.

"Yes, I'm looking for my boyfriend Sean; he said to meet him here. Is he here?"

"Never heard of him," came the voice.

"Oh, are you sure? This is 8412 Jefferson isn't it? I am at the right place aren't I?"

"Only if you're looking to give a guy one hell of a blowjob," came the answer as the figure came to a stop only a few feet away from me.

"I beg your pardon?" I said, shocked by the man's crude statement.

The stranger laughed and said, "You heard me. You know you'd love to have my big cock in your mouth."

"Listen you pig, I don't know who you think you are, or why you think you can talk to me that way, but..." There was laughter and it was familiar to me.

"Sean? Sean, is that you?" I asked, squinting at him.

"Yeah," Sean said with a laugh, and then moved right in front of me, grinning.

"You… you jerk! That wasn't the least bit funny!" I was fuming at his little joke, but God, that smile of his was a killer. It turned his face into that of a mischievous young boy... almost... if the boy had been blessed with the muscled body of a Greek God and a coif of jet black hair that begged you to run your fingers through it. I could never stay mad at him when he flashed me that grin, and he knew it!

"Sorry babe, I couldn't resist. Forgive me?" he asked as he put his arms around my waist and pulled me close.

"Yes, I forgive you," I replied and then he kissed me.

"Where's the rest of your crew?" I asked looking around after the kiss ended.

"The rest of the guys are on another job. This place is almost done. I'm just doing some finishing touches, like trim work and stuff, so the store can get set up in time for the Grand Opening," Sean said motioning at some of the store's boxed stock and display units that were scattered about. "But it's a one man job."

"Why are the lights off if you are working? I thought no one was here when I arrived."

"Keeps it cooler. Air conditioning is not turned on yet. Owner is a cheap bastard and won't put it on until the store opens. The lights are halogens and hot as hell without any air conditioning. Window gives enough light for what I'm doing," he said, pointing at the large picture window next to the door.

"I see. So why am I here?" I asked. "What was so urgent that you needed me to come by your job site at exactly 3:30?"

"Didn't I tell you already?" Sean frowned. Not a real frown, but a pretend frown, if you know what I mean.

I frowned myself, in concentration. "No, I..." and then it hit me what he meant, "You don't mean that joke about the blowjob?"

"Who said it was a joke?" Sean grinned. "Since I'm all alone here, I thought it would be hot to have you come by and give me a blowjob. It would be so hot, to do it here, don't you think?"

I looked at Sean. We'd met through a mutual friend about three months ago during the summer, and hit it off immediately. We started dating two weeks after we met. The entire summer had been a madcap, sexual adventure. Sean was a sexual dynamo, and most of our sexual encounters were in his bed, but just a month ago we fucked out on the balcony of his apartment. He fucked me with me leaning onto the balcony's edge, looking out over the street below.

The balcony was solidly enclosed up to waist high, and the street was deserted that late, but if anyone in the building across the street and higher up than us had looked out the window they would have been able to see us! Doing it out on the balcony and possibly being seen made me nervous, but it turned Sean on so much, and it showed in the fucking he gave me. So, after him wanting to do that, his asking us to have sex in this store wasn't too off-the-wall.

Being that we were in a store that wasn't open yet, allowing us total privacy, I didn't mind giving him what he wanted, so I looked at Sean and grinned. "That might be kind of exciting. Where's the storeroom?"

"Nuh-uh!" Sean shook his head. "Right out here."

"Here?" I said, shocked.

"I cleared this area out so we'd have room."

"But... but..." I was stammering because while the store was closed, there was that big picture window and a sidewalk that ran right in front of it. "What if someone looks inside?" I asked him.

"The window reflects back a lot of the light," Sean pointed out, "Especially with the lights out inside here."

"But the owner has already put some items in the window. What if somebody stops at the window to take a look... and then looks up?"

"That's what makes it exciting, just like on the balcony," Sean said with that smile of his. "What's the matter, Julie, losing your spirit of adventure?"

"Uh... no," I said slowly. It's just that doing it on a balcony at night in the dark is one thing…" I looked at the window again, "but I don't feel comfortable doing it out here in the open, in view of this window, in the middle of the day."

I looked back at Sean and found that he had used my brief moment of distraction to unzip his fly and take out his cock.

"Come on, Julie," Sean said as he waggled his cock at me. "Nobody is paying the place any mind. Why would anyone stop and look through the window anyway? C'mon Jules, suck it for me! Get down on your knees and suck this big dick! You know you want to." A wide teasing grin was spread across his face.

God, he had a beautiful cock on him. Just seeing it made me practically drool, and I wanted it. Still, I hesitated with some uneasiness about our surroundings.

"Come on, you know you want it," Sean goaded again. "No one's going to see, but the riskiness of it all, the chance that someone might is what it's all about."

Damn it, his cock was turning me on so much, and Sean was probably right, why would anyone stop to peer through the window of a store under renovation? Another wag of his cock in my direction, accompanied by that grin of his, did me in, and I took a few steps forward, got down on my knees, took his cock in my hand and began to gently stroke it, hoping no one would see us.

Sean put his hand on my shoulder and moved my position as he too moved. He had now aimed us so we were sideways to the window. That made me nervous, but when Sean said "Suck me!" my desire far outweighed any nervousness I was feeling.

"Tell me if anyone looks in the window, okay?"

"I will, I will," Sean replied, grabbing at my head and pushing it at his cock.

Opening my mouth, I let it enter and then began to give my boyfriend the blowjob he so desired. "Oh yeah! That's it. Mmm, feels so good baby. Oh, yeah, suck me!" Sean urged.

"A woman just stopped in front of the window and is looking at the display!" Sean announced only a minute or so later. I started to pull off him but his hand quickly fell to the back of my head, keeping my mouth firmly planted on his cock.

"God, it is turning me on so much! Fuck, I hope she looks up and sees what we are doing! Suck it, Jules, suck it! Don't stop! I want her to get a good show if she does look."

I whimpered as I kept sucking, wanting to stop, not wanting to be seen by anyone.

"Damn, she left and didn't see a thing!" Sean said in a disappointed tone and released his hold on my head.

I pulled back, slowly, my saliva coating his cock as I moved, his cock being milked by my lips as I let that moisture splay over his length, a little at a time, and then I began a slow cadence back and forth.

"Two girls just slowed down by the window… shit, they kept walking! Fuck, why couldn't they have stopped and looked through it!" Jeff grumbled, and then he gasped. "The one girl just motioned to her friend and they're coming over to the window!" Sean said excitedly. "They're looking at the stuff on display!" Yes! They're looking up!" I tightened my lips on his cock and slid it all the way down my throat, trying to hide my face from view in his crotch. "Ah shit, they're walking away." Sean groaned, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"They didn't see anything when they looked up, did they?" I asked, pulling off his cock.

"No, nothing, damn it!" Sean said as his hand caught my head and pushed it back down onto his dick.

"Oh god, a guy just stopped to look at the window display!" Sean said excitedly a few minutes later, and his dick felt like it got even harder in my mouth as he spoke the words. The guy at the window was all the aphrodisiac he needed, his oblivious looking at the items in the window display, not knowing a guy was getting his dick sucked by his girlfriend just beyond him.

"C'mon suck me faster, harder, suck it good Jules! I want him to see my girlfriend down on her knees going crazy on my cock!"

I didn't want the guy to see us at all, but Sean's cock always made me lose control of my senses, and I drove my mouth onto his cock with all the force of a hammer-blow! I hit the wall of his body, my nose deep into his pubic hairs, his entire shaft shoved down my throat.

"Uhhh!" Sean groaned and threw his head back. "Fuck yeah, Jules! Suck that cock… Shit he's leaving! That guy hung around so long, I thought for sure he was going to see us," Sean whined, and then he reached down to me and said," Stand up, baby."

"What? Why? Don't you want me to make you cum?"

"Of course I do, but I wanna cum from fucking you. Take off your clothes," he urged.

"Here? No, we can't do that here!" I said pointing at the window.

"All those people stopped and no one saw a thing. No one will see. Please Julie, please! Coming so close to being seen has me so turned on that now I just gotta fuck your tight pussy! Right here, right now! Please!"

I loved it when Sean begged to get between my legs, but still, I just couldn't get undressed and get fucked in view of that window. "You can fuck me, but not here, in the back of the store."

"C'mon babe, I wanna do it here!"

"No! If you want to fuck me you can fuck me in the back room or not at all," I said adamantly.

"Fine!" Sean agreed reluctantly. I knew he would agree because, like most guys, he wasn't going to pass up the chance to slip his dick inside a pussy no matter what.

Moving to the back, we entered a room that was set up as a kitchenette for the future staff of the store.

"C'mon, get naked!" Sean encouraged the minute we entered the room, excitedly stripping off his clothes as he said it.

Once we were both naked, Sean patted the table that was in the room and instructed me to lay on it on my back.

Once I had, Sean got between my legs and spread them apart. Instead of mounting me and jamming his cock in me, he shoved his face between my legs and started eating my pussy. Now, I'm no whore, but I've had my fair share of guys and the one thing I loved about Sean was that he knew how to eat pussy better than any other guy I'd been with. And, unlike a lot of guys who just did it because they felt they had to, Sean absolutely loved to do it.

After working over my clit with his tongue and finger-fucking me at the same time, Sean jumped up, and before I even knew it he had slid his hard cock into my pussy and was fucking me.

"Oh god, yes!" I moaned. "Fuck me, Sean!"

Suddenly the back door opened, and, surprised, both Sean and I turned to look.

"Sean! I see you are hard at work!" the man said with a smile and a chuckle.

"You know it!" Sean replied, also with a smile and a chuckle, as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Jules this is Mike. He's on my crew. Actually he's my boss."

"Yup, just came by to see how you were making out, and I can see you are making out just fine."

"Sean, get off of me and let me cover up!" I said pushing at his chest while continuing to cover my tits with my other arm.

"Hey," Mike said, "I don't want to interrupt; it's cool with me if one of my guys has a booty call on the job. No need to be embarrassed, either. Nothing I haven't seen or done before. Actually, I would love to stay and watch."

"Oh fuck yeah, that would be so hot having you watch us fuck. What do you say Jules?"


"Oh c'mon Jules, what's the big deal? He's already seen us anyway. Let's just let him watch us until we are done."

"But… but... you know him. He's your boss!"

"I know! It's so fucking hot! Oh yeah, so hot… just like your pussy!" Sean said as he began to slowly fuck in and out of me again.

I continued to protest but a few hard thrusts from Sean's powerful cock shut me up.

"You like that babe?" Sean asked.

"Yes!" I moaned.

"Me too!" Mike chimed in, and we both glanced at him just in time to see him lower his hand to his crotch. He began massaging what was a very obvious hard-on through his workpants.

"Go ahead boss man, whip it out and really enjoy the show. No one here will mind."

Well, I might have, but Sean didn't care at that point. He was so wrapped up in the idea of someone seeing us having sex, his boss seeing us, and too horny to care about anything else in that moment. Actually, right then, I was so horny with Sean's big cock in me that I couldn't have protested even if I wanted to, which I kind of did.

Mike didn't need a second invitation. As soon as Sean had given him the go ahead, Sean's boss was yanking down his zipper and hauling out his dick. Both Sean and I watched as he began beating his meat while we fucked.

"Boss man's got a pretty nice cock on him, huh Jules? Looks a lot like mine in size and thickness, doesn't it?"

I nodded. Mike's boss did have a big cock, just like Sean, but in truth it was actually a bit bigger than Sean's. Sean's was about eight inches long and five inches around, while his boss's cock looked to be about an inch bigger all around at about nine inches long by six inches around.

"Bet you like looking at it too, don't you babe?" I just nodded again and Sean grasped my chin and turned my head. "Yeah, look at my boss's big cock while I fuck your pussy. Watch him jerk off his hard cock while I use your pussy to jerk off mine."

Moans escaped my lips, not only from Sean's cock moving in and out of my pussy, but also from hearing his words and from watching his boss stroking his cock.

"Shit dude," Sean said looking at Mike, "My girl's pussy is so fucking tight! Tightest pussy I've ever fucked! Feels so fucking good!"

"Nice!" Mike replied.

"You like watching me fuck my girlfriend's pussy?"

"Oh fuck yeah, it's hot!"

"Yeah Mike, I bet you wish you could stick your dick in this tight, wet pussy don't you? Feel what I get to feel?"

"Oh fuck man, do I ever!"

"I'd definitely be up for tag teaming this pussy if she wasn't my girlfriend. So, sorry boss man, I guess your hand is all the action you're gonna get."

"No problem, man! Not like I was gonna get laid today anyway, so beating my meat while watching two people fuck live right in front of me is better than beating off to porn or magazines right?"

"Yeah, definitely!" Sean replied. "Let me give you something to really beat off to," Sean said and then started pounding my pussy really hard.

"Oh, fuck yeah! Fuck that pussy, man! Pound it good!" Mike urged as he began to beat his cock faster.

"Oh fuck! Oh yeah! Feels so fucking good!" Sean moaned. "So tight! So wet!"

"Nice dude! Nice!"

"Yeah, fucking your pussy so hard! You like that?" Sean asked me and I nodded. "Tell me how much. Let me hear you say it. Let Mike hear how good my dick feels inside your pussy."

"Yeah! Tell me how good his cock feels in your pussy while I beat my meat!"

I was totally lost in the pleasure Sean's dick was giving me and really didn't really care at all now that someone was standing there watching me have sex. "Oh god, you're so big! You fill me up and it feels so good. No guy has ever fucked me like you do. Oh Sean, your cock is the best I've ever had; you're the best I've ever had! Fuck me Sean! Fuck me!"

"Shit yeah!" Mike said approvingly.

"Bet Mike could fuck you good, too."

"Not as good as you Sean. No one can fuck as good as you!" I moaned.

"I'd fuck you so much better than him. He's good, but nothing special about the way he fucks. Just average. I'm amazing, and you'd love my cock in you, I guarantee it."

"Fuck you prick! I fuck great!" Sean said.

Mike laughed.

"Laugh all you want dude! Who's the one fucking pussy and who's the one standing there beating his meat? Maybe instead of doing that you should grab a pad and pencil and take notes on my amazing fucking skills so you can learn to fuck as good as I do."

Mike gave Sean the finger.

"Yeah, c'mon dude beat that meat while you watch a real man fuck some pussy. Show my girl how turned on you get watching a guy fuck pussy who knows what he's doing."

"Yeah, I'm beating my meat while I watch you fuck that pussy, but only because she's your girlfriend and you won't let me fuck her, too."

"You'd never be able to make her moan like this," Sean said.

"I bet her vibrator makes her moan more than that. She just doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Yeah, just keep fucking that pussy the best you can, amateur."

The two were only joking around with their insults. It was obvious and they were both smiling and giggling the entire time, and for some reason their sexual banter back and forth was turning me on.

"Amateur, huh? You're just jealous because I am way better at it than you could ever be. In fact, I'm so good that I… Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" Sean suddenly moaned.

"Yeah, you're so good, so good that you're losing your load already," Mike laughed, and then, as Sean groaned deeply, Mike dropped the joking insults and got serious again. "Yeah, shoot that load! Shoot it deep inside that pussy!" he encouraged as he continued to work his cock in his hand.

"OH, GOD, YEAH, UHHHH, GUHHH, UHHHH, NUHH, NHH, UUHH, NNNHHH! NNHHH! NNNHH! UHHHH, UHHH, UHH!" Sean rumbled as his salty load unburdened itself into my pussy and my snatch gulped it all down hungrily.

"Oh, fuck yeah! Nice, man!" Mike said as he jerked off at a furious pace next to us. Sean couldn't have cared less just then and collapsed on top of me panting and sweaty. I on the other hand was watching his boss intently and he was watching me.

"You want a real man?" Mike groaned to me, "then you should consider letting me fuck you sometime. As you can see, I can last a hell of a lot longer than your so called skilled boyfriend, keyword being boy."

Sean's head lifted from my heaving chest and he looked at Mike. "Yeah, well I had a head start on you bitch! I got my cock sucked and fucked some pussy, and all you got to do was stand there and watch while you pulled your pud like a loser!"

Again, their insults were all in fun, and just as Mike was about to playfully retaliate he groaned loudly and announced he was going to cum.

"Yeah, come on dud, I mean dude... shoot your load. Although, I doubt it will actually shoot. It will probably just dribble right down your cock. C'mon let us see how it just dribbles out."

"Oh yeah? I'll show you, you bastard! UHHHH, UHHHH, GUHHH, NUHH, NHH, UUHH, NNNHHH! NNHHH! NNNHH! UHHHH, UHHH, GUHHHHHH!" Mike groaned loudly as a big load shot out of his cock.

"Fuckin' nice dude, nice! Sean said approvingly of Mike's performance.

"Yeah, you too, both of you. Now get dressed and get back to work. I'm not paying you to fuck around," Mike replied with a smile.

As Sean pulled his softening dick from my pussy, and then stood to dress, Mike stood there and watched as I got off the table and got dressed as well, casually rubbing his dick before tucking it back in his pants.

"Make sure you clean up that mess before you go home for the day," Mike said with a grin, pointing at his load that had splattered on the floor.

"Fuck you, there's no way in hell I am getting down on my knees and wiping up another dude's wad of cum. Clean up your own load."

"I'm the boss, and you work for me, so you clean it up, bitch!" Mike replied, again with a grin, and then he wandered out to the front part of the store to check things out.

"Here Jules," Sean said, handing me some paper hand towel he tore off of a roll that was sitting on the counter.

"Sean, he's your boss not mine, and I gave into your desires and let him watch. I did that for you, so you can clean it up."


I ignored his whiny plea, smiled, walked over to him and whispered to him that I was really curious to know if Mike could back up his claims that he can fuck better, telling him that if he wanted to know, too, all he had to do was wipe up his boss's cum off the floor. Needless to say, Sean immediately went over and wiped up the cum.

Sean's boss is coming by the store again tomorrow to help Sean fill some cracks in the front of the store, and then, unbeknownst to him, he is going to come to the back of the store and show Sean how to fill a different kind of crack with his big specialized tool.

I can't wait... and neither can Sean!

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