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Monday, September 22, 2014

All Male Fiction: My Best Friend (Part 2)

By: Lucas Miller

I woke up feeling the best I had felt in a long time. It was a few minutes past seven… a few minutes past seven! When was the last time I got up before nine? And even then I dreaded the thought of dragging my ass out of bed.

But at a few minutes past seven I felt completely alive. The rollercoaster of a day I had less than eight hours ago had ended with me wanting to take another ride. In the course of just a few hours, I had jerked off my longtime friend, sucked a thick-dicked stranger behind a garage, and fucked my best friend's roommate. And my hard prick wanted more.

Sometime during the night I had crawled onto the floor and slept in my sleeping bag. I heard Marc sleeping in his own bed, and Josh was snoring in the other. I thought for a moment that I had dreamt the previous day, but the stiffness of my jaw indicated that I had indeed had an incredible day. I chuckled to myself thinking that only a few hours ago I was considering leaving.

I wrapped my fingers around my aching cock. As I stroked it, I thought of Marc's firm ass and the way it had enveloped my dick the night before. I thought of the heat of Josh's cock in my hand and how it had tensed right before he came. I also thought of the guy from the party and the massive piece of meat between his legs. I increased the speed of my strokes and started moaning with pleasure, totally lost in my own fantasy world.

"Hey, dude… you okay down there?" It was Josh.

My eyes shot open and over to his bed. Josh was giving me a sinister smile.

"You're going at it so hard down there, I thought you might pull it off."

I blushed. "Sorry, morning wood."

"In your case, morning, afternoon, evening and night, wood." His smiled broadened. "You're horny all the time!" He looked over at Marc who continued to sleep. "I was sure you had fucked each other to death last night."

How had he known? I didn't remember him even coming in last night.

"When I saw you two sleeping in that tiny bed last night, I thought maybe you had taken him up on sharing the bed for the night. Then I saw that your dick was nestled in his ass crack and you had this shit-eating grin on your face. It didn't take a genius to figure out what had happened."

He studied my shocked face.

"Don't worry man, I've had him too. He's got a sweet ass." Josh sat up in his bed and pulled his legs over the side. He was completely naked and I got a nice view of his hard cock. Continuing to smile, he spread his legs and grabbed his dick. "Morning wood," he mocked me.

I didn't know what to do. I knew I wanted to show him my new cocksucking skills, but wasn't sure what he had in mind. I did know that he wanted me to do something, because he stared at me seductively. Did he want me to jerk him off? Did he want me to blow him? Did he want to fuck me?

I got out of my sleeping bag, looked over at Marc, still fast asleep, then back at Josh. He was stroking his cock slowly while continuing to watch me with anticipation. I wanted to be clear about what was going to happen. "Listen, Josh, what does this mean?"

"What does this mean?" He stood up and waved his prick in my face. "This means I want you to suck on it." He slapped my cheek with his hard tool and I giggled like a girl. With a look of great satisfaction, he positioned his cock at my lips.

I stuck my tongue out and licked its tip.

"Oh, man, I've wanted this for years," he whispered. "Please, buddy, suck my cock!"

I didn't need any encouraging. I opened my mouth and took him in slowly. I couldn't believe I was finally doing this to him. It was even better than I thought. His dick seemed to fit my mouth perfectly.

As he began moving his hips back and forth, it was as if I knew exactly how to anticipate each of his thrusts. I could sense the pleasure he felt and I knew when he was getting close to cumming. At those times I slowed down, wanting to prolong the moment.

Josh was going crazy with desire. He wanted his cock to release its load, but kept on being delayed. At one point he tried to pull away from me to jerk off, but I brought him back to me. "Please… I wanna cum," he pleaded.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and looked up at him. "Are you sure you wanna cum now?"

He nodded unable to say the words. I had the same sense of satisfaction I had felt when I jerked him off. It felt wonderful to be able to make my best friend writhe with pleasure.

Taking his balls in one hand and his cock in the other, I went back to work on sucking him off. Josh held my head as I lowered my mouth down to the base of his pulsating cock. I then tightened my lips around him and slowly began to pull him from my mouth.

As my mouth drew closer to the tip, he pulled harder on my hair. With only the head of his cock now in my mouth I knew the slightest movement would bring him off, and I lightly ran my tongue under the head of his dick and awaited his seed.

When it came it was like a tremendous force that I didn't expect. His cum hit my tongue and sprayed all over my mouth. Some flew past my lips and down my face. Most of it remained in my mouth, however, and I managed to swallow the big load.

I kept his cock in my mouth even as he softened. He still held my head, less out of the pleasure of the moment and more to hold him up. His knees were weakening in front of me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and ass. It felt great to be this close to him. His cock fell from my mouth and I pressed my face against it.

Marc got up shortly after we finished, and quickly left the room. I think he witnessed our early morning sexual encounter and was either giving us our space or was upset that he was left out. The truth was, part of me wanted him to join us, but a bigger part wanted Josh all to myself, at least for now.

"So… when did you learn that you liked guys?" Josh asked as soon as Marc had left the room.

"I don't know. Maybe I always did, but never took it seriously. Then, seeing you yesterday in the shower… it just felt natural."

"Same with me. I loved how your hands felt on me. You were so gentle and it was like your hand was a part of me."

"If you liked it so much, why did you ignore me at the party?"

He was quiet for a few moments then said, "I guess I got scared. I've wanted this for so long, ever since that night I…" He caught himself from finishing the sentence.

"What night?"

"Never mind, it's nothing."

I looked him in the eyes and asked again.

He took a deep breath and began his story. "It was a few years ago. You came down to visit for a few days. The night before you were to leave, we had that sleepover with my friend, Tim."

"Yeah, I remember Tim. Funny guy."

"Yeah, he is. Anyway, in the middle of the night I woke up to take a piss, and when I returned I saw that the covers had been pulled away from you. You had a t-shirt on and a pair of boxers. You had a hard-on and it was making a tent in your shorts. I couldn't help but stare. I had seen you in many different ways, but never with a hard-on. I was fascinated by it. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. The sight of it made my dick grow hard, too."

I was a little embarrassed by this, but liked the idea that Josh admired my body even that many years ago.

"I snapped out of it, though, and was going to go back to sleep, when you shifted a little, making your boxers move just enough to free your dick from your shorts. It popped out of the flap in the front and stood straight up. My eyes went wide, and, to my horror, Tim was watching me the entire time. He laughed softly and pointed at my crotch. There was an obvious bulge."

"Tim had been sleeping on the floor, but was now kneeling on top of the sleeping bag he was using. 'I dare you to touch his dick,' he said. I shook my head in feigned disgust, but he knew me too well, and said, 'Come on, it's just the two of us. He'll never know.' I shook my head again and replied, 'you touch it!'"

"He got up immediately and touched the tip of your cock with his index finger. When he was done he covered his mouth to muzzle the laughter. 'Now you,' he said when he'd composed himself. I thought since he had done it that I might as well try it too. I went over to you and touched the head of your dick the way Tim had. As soon as I removed my finger I wanted to do it again."

"Tim seemed very pleased with himself. 'I'll give you twenty bucks if you kiss it,' he said. I said, 'Kiss it! No way!' 'Come on,' he goaded me. 'One little kiss and you get twenty dollars.' I thought a moment, and then to his and my surprise I lowered my head and kissed the tip of your cock. You jerked your entire body and I nearly ran across the room. Tim was again covering his mouth to keep from bursting out in laughter. Thankfully you didn't wake up. I wouldn't have known what to say to you."

"When things calmed down, Tim and I moved as far away from you as possible and talked about what it was like to kiss a dick. During our conversation he asked if I would kiss his dick and I immediately said no. Then he asked if he could kiss mine and I let him. I pulled my underwear down and he lowered his head. The most incredible feeling went through me when he put his lips on my dick and I didn't want him to stop. Fortunately he didn't."

"After kissing it, he ran his tongue over the entire head. Then, without a chance to protest, he put half of my dick in his mouth and started sucking on it. I couldn't believe it! He was giving me my first blowjob and he was quite good at it, too. It took less than a minute before I started to cum. He spit it out and was pissed off at me."

"We agreed we wouldn't do this stuff again, but that only lasted a few days. He would come over and suck my dick a few times a week, and eventually I tried sucking his, too. I liked it, and sometimes we'd trade blowjobs. Other times he'd just blow me."

"A few months later we started fucking. He never put his dick in my butt, but sometimes he let me do it to him. When he let me, I always agreed to suck him off twice. It seemed fair."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Josh and Tim were lovers. "Whatever happened to Tim?"

"We stayed friends, and I still hear from him. He's dating this girl he met in his senior year of high school. He's talking about getting married."

"Did you love him?"

"I guess I did. But you were the one I thought about. When I would put his cock in my mouth I often wished it was yours."

I should have been upset, but I wasn't. Could I blame him for having sex with another guy even if he was thinking of me? Not at all. I didn't even think about him at that time as someone I would have sex with. Now, I did. But he wasn't the only one. I felt almost as close to Marc, and I wondered how I could include him in my happiness.


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