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Sunday, January 11, 2015

All Male Fiction: On the Mat

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels

It was a grueling practice. The coach had worked us hard, trying to get us ready for the meet that was coming up against our rival school. Their wrestling team always beat us, but this year Coach was determined that we would win. So he was always on our butts, pushing us harder and harder, regularly keeping one of us after practice for extra coaching. A lot of guys on the team would grumble in the locker room about how hard the coach would work us during practice, but not me. I enjoyed the hard, sweaty workouts with the team. It gave us some team spirit, not to mention a common "enemy" - Coach Meyer.

One thing you gotta say for Coach, he knew his business. He was the top in his weight class in college, and here he was, not two years later, coaching our team. He kept himself in great shape, too, always working out in the weight room, keeping his body hard and tight, never deviating much from his 177lb wrestling weight. Broad, muscular shoulders, defined pecs, narrow waist and hips - a great body for a wrestler.

We were in the same weight class, and my body was pretty good, too. I worked out for it, trying to keep up with Coach, and did pretty well, too. I was just a bit smaller in the shoulders, but otherwise we were pretty evenly matched, body wise.

Not to say that any of us on the team were slackers. We all kept up as best we could with Coach. Kind of a pride thing. First thing we did before practice was meet in the weight room for a workout. Coach was always in there before us, and worked with us almost like a personal trainer, pushing us to go harder. Then we'd go into the wrestling room, pairing up and testing each other, trying new holds, sweating up a storm.

This day, all the guys were exhausted after practice. We all hit the showers, but there was none of the usual horsing around. We all just wanted to get out of the gym to nurse our sore muscles.

And most of us did. I wasn't so lucky. I was one of the last in the showers, and so was one of the last to be in the locker room, drying off, when Coach walked in.

"Tim," he said, "I'm not happy with your workout today. You weren't taking care of business out there. Get back into your singlet. We've got some work to do."

"Ok, Coach," I said. But it wasn't ok. I had just showered, and now had to get back into my sweaty uniform, not to mention my only jock, which was also damp with sweat, only to have to shower again later. But Coach seemed pretty insistent, and I was the only one left who had yet to go through some additional one-on-one coaching after practice, so I didn't really have much of a choice.

When I came out of the locker room, I found Coach standing on the mat, waiting for me, his hands on his hips, still in his singlet.

"You ready?" he asked.

"As I'll ever be," I answered. "What was I doing wrong?"

"You weren't pushing for the pin like I told you. The only way you're gonna win at wrestling is to go for the pin, all else be damned."

"Yeah, but Coach..."

"No buts, Tim. Let me show you how to do it."

He hunkered down in wrestling position, ready to lock up with me. I did the same. We approached each other, got our hands on each other's shoulders, he slipped his hand behind my neck, and we started to circle each other. He shot his hand out, catching me behind my knee, and pulled up, toppling me back. He landed on top of me, swung around, catching me in a deep crotch hold, trying to cradle me up into a fast pin. But I managed to bridge back, preventing him from getting my shoulders down. As I did this, I felt his hand slip through my legs, until it rested on the pouch of my singlet. I thought I felt his hand give it a slight squeeze, but I was sure I was mistaken.

I got my arm around his neck, slipped my arm through his legs, and rolled him over on his back. Now I was close to pinning him, but he rolled through, and away from me. He stood up, ready to lock up again.

This time, I managed to get my arms around his chest in a bear hug, lifting him off the mat, and slamming him down, with me on top. He wrapped his legs around me in a body scissors and held me there. We were chest to chest, crotch to crotch. I grabbed his wrists to pin them over his head, when he broke his scissors, and bridged up. I was on top of him, feeling the pressure of my dick pushing down on his, and noticed that he had thrown a rod. The feeling of his dick against mine caused a reaction in my own crotch, and I started to get boned up, too.

We wrestled like that for about fifteen minutes. I could partially see some of his cock outlined as it stretched the material of his singlet. My full-on hard-on was even more obvious in my singlet, but that didn't stop us. Guys always get hard-ons when they wrestle, it's natural.

Finally we broke off for a short rest. We were both soaked with sweat and panting from the exertion. We both lay on our backs, trying to get some air into our lungs, when Coach turned to me. "Not bad, Tim," he said. "I knew if I pushed you, you'd do ok."

"Thanks, Coach. You do pretty well yourself."

He laughed, and punched me in the arm. I did the same to him. He hit me again. Pretty soon, we were rolling around with each other, play-wrestling. He landed on top of me, getting me in a tight bear hug, trying to pin me down. Suddenly we both stopped, realizing that our crotches were mashed together. Coach rolled off me and stood up.

"This singlet is too wet to wrestle in," Coach said and then began to peel himself out of it. "Yours is soaked with sweat, too. Strip it off, Tim," Coach Meyer said as he tossed his singlet to the floor and stood looking down at me, hands on hips, in just his jockstrap.

My eyes naturally looked at the pouch of his jock, something all guys do, check out what other guys are packing, and it appeared to be full to overflowing. His dick was folded over, and I couldn't tell if he was half-hard or just really hung.

"I dunno, Coach," I said feeling uncomfortable, partly because I still had a boner, and looking around. "What if someone comes in and sees us wrestling in just our jocks?"

"We're the last two here, and besides, it's just us guys, right? Now take off that wet gear and let's get back to wrestling." This time it came across as more of an order than a suggestion.

With Coach having the power to keep you from playing in competitions, or even kicking you off the team for whatever reason he wanted, I didn't argue. Instead I just stood up, pulled the straps from my shoulders, and peeled out of my sweaty singlet. We were now standing face to face, and I felt my cheeks blush with embarrassment when Coach casually checked out what I was packing, my hard-on more than evident through the pouch of my jock.

He walked in front of me, and stood there, his face inches from mine. "Ok, Tim, this time, let's wrestle each other for real. You game?"

"Ok, Coach. Winner take all?"

"Winner take all."

"Ok, Coach, let's wrestle."

We grabbed each other in a vicious bear hug, trying to lift each other off our feet, and I felt Coach Meyer's cock stiffening. We struggled against each other, both aware that we were both now sporting hard-ons in our jocks as we fought.

He got me down first, but I sort of rolled over through his grasp, to get on all fours, but he surprised me by slipping his hand between my legs and grabbing my balls through my pouch, trying to lift me up to roll me over. I countered by locking my arm around his head, pulling him forward. Using my body weight, I got him off balance, snaking one arm around him and locking on a half nelson. I swung my leg over his back and slipped on top of him for a ride, my other arm completing the nelson, my legs locked around his waist. I stretched my body until he was on his belly, then rolled him around, my pouch firmly planted between his ass cheeks. He was cinched in, and I wasn't about to let go.

I rolled him back on his belly, and whispered in his ear, "I've got you now, Coach. You give?"

"No way!" he shouted, but I had him for the count. Keeping a half nelson on him, my weight shifted as he struggled, and my hard dick ground against him. And I could have sworn I heard him let out a quiet moan. He did!

Hearing that, everything started to come together as I started to think back to how I thought Coach had squeezed my cock through my singlet, how he had managed to get us both stripped down to just our jockstraps, and how he had grabbed my balls through my jock. It was clear that Coach was enjoying our time on the mat a little too much… and I was enjoying how my cock was feeling pressed against his naked ass crack a little too much, too.

I had never thought about having sex with another guy before. I liked women, liked pussy, but right then, in that moment, with my horny teenage cock right above a tight hole, I was pretty much game for anything, even fucking another guy, even my Coach, if it meant getting off. For that is all I wanted right then, to get off, by any means possible, and that thought caused me to unconsciously grind my dick against his ass some more.
Again Coach let out a low moan, and I was almost positive what it was he wanted from me at this point, and, with my cock doing all of my thinking for me, I decided to test the waters. "Looks like I beat you, Coach. You did agree that the winner takes all, right?"

"And just what do you think 'all' is, Tim?" Coach asked, spreading his legs a bit and pushing his butt upwards slightly.

That only served to confirm what he was after, and I reached down and pulled my rock-hard cock from the confines of my jock. "This," I said, pushing my dickhead through his sweaty ass crack and resting it against his tight, sweaty hole.

"You think you're man enough, Tim?" he asked.

"Think I just proved it, Coach!" I stated, elated and relieved that I had been right about what he wanted to happen.

"Then go for it, Tim. Put it in my butt and fuck me like the man you say you are!"

I needed no further encouragement. I spit in my hand, raised my hips a bit, spread my spit all over my dick, then aimed it back at Coach's ass.

Pushing the head of my dick against his hole, I began to slide my cock into him, feeling his tight, moist hole open up for me. It also felt wet and slippery, and I realized that Coach had lubricated his ass at some point prior to our after practice one-on-one. In that moment it became obvious that Coach Meyer had planned the ass fucking he was about to get, ahead of time. But how did he know that I would be into fucking him up the butt? I didn't even know that I would be into it until I found myself about to do it. That was a question I definitely planned to ask him later. But right now, driving my achingly stiff, horny teenage prick into a tight hole was all that mattered.

With youthful vigor I thrust hard, sinking my hard cock into him. Coach Meyer groaned with what sounded like pain. I pulled back out, slowly, until just the head of my dick was still inside him, and as I withdrew he moaned softly. Not wanting to hurt him, I held back and slowly pushed my cock back up his ass, then slowly withdrew it. I did this again, and when I went to push it back in once more, Coach Meyer reached behind himself, clasped his hand on my butt cheek and said, "Hard, give it to me hard, like a man!" and pushed me into him.

I withdrew quickly and thrust my cock back into him, hard, and then I did it again.

"That's it, man," Coach shouted. "Wrestle that dick into me."

Again and again I rammed my cock into him, sinking it deeper and deeper, feeling the heat of his ass around it. But I wanted more - I wanted to see the face of my coach while I porked him up the ass. I pulled my dick out of his butt, and rolled him over on his back.

The first thing I noticed was Coach's cock as he pulled the pouch to the side as I got him on his back. It was rock hard and huge! Not only was it fat, but it must have been nine or ten inches long! Coach wasn't just hung, he was well-hung!

I quickly got my focus back to the matter at hand - getting my dick off - and said, "Now I'll show you my favorite pinning position, Coach!" Then I hooked his legs over my shoulders and leaned over him, bending him double, with my much more modest six inch cock at the entrance to his ass. I pushed my dick back into him, sliding it all the way into him, until my low-slung balls rested on his ass cheeks.

"Yeah, that's the way, Tim. Pin me! Ride it out, buddy!"

We rode together, me plowing his ass, him pushing up to meet every thrust. We were working together like a fuck machine, perfectly matched in rhythm and lust. I looked down at my coach, knowing I was fucking with a man, a man who could take my cock up his ass, and he seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was.

Finally, I felt that surge in my nuts, and I knew I would be shooting my load real soon. "I'm getting close, Coach!" I moaned.

"Jack my dick, Tim!" Coach urged.

I looked down at him, then down at his cock. I hesitated, but then in the heat of the moment I just went for it, gave him what he wanted, and reached my hand between our sweaty bodies and found his steel-hard cock. I wrapped my fist around it and started jacking him. It felt so strange to be touching another guy's dick, and it didn't really turn me on at all, but at the same time it was kind of cool imagining what it must be like to jerk yourself off when your dick is that big as my hand moved up and down his long, thick shaft.

"Oh, yeah, Tim, that's it... oh, man, that feels so fucking good! You're gonna make me lose my load..."

"Oh, man, Coach, let's do it together..."

I pulled my dick out of his ass and fell on top of him, my dick crushed against his. We wrapped our arms and legs around each other, rolling around, almost wrestling again, humping our bodies together. The pressure started to build.

"I'm gonna cum, Tim!"

"Me, too, Coach! Let it go..."

And suddenly we pressed our cocks together in one final thrust, and both began shooting off together, our cum mixing between us, holding each other tight, just our hips moving, finally slowing down, then stopping.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, gasping for air, feeling that stickiness between us. Finally we broke apart, both rolling on our backs, exhausted.

I sat up first, looking down at my coach, his naked body gleaming with sweat and cum. He opened his eyes, which were slightly glazed from the exertion, and smiled at me.

No words were spoken for a few moments, until I finally broke the silence. "Coach, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"If you're gay, why did you get married?" I asked pointing at the wedding ring on his finger.

Coach chuckled. "What makes you think I'm gay?"

"Um, well, considering I just had my dick up your ass…" I laughed.

"That's just guys having some fun together, getting off together, you know? I'm not gay."

"Oh, so you're bi?"

"Nope, not bi, either."

"But you have sex with guys?"

"True, but in order to be gay, or bi, you have to be attracted to other guys, and I'm not. I like women, and only women."

"I'm confused," I said shaking my head. "You don't like guys, but you take cock up your ass?"

"Do you like guys?" he asked in response.

"No, not at all."

"But you just fucked a guy, so how can you say you don't like guys?"

"Because, I was just horny and it was just a way to get off."

"Exactly. That's just what I said."

"Oh, yeah, ok, I get it," I said. And I did. I mean, I knew I wasn't attracted to guys at all even though I just had sex with one. And, to be gay, or bi, you had to have that attraction, just like Coach explained. It really was just a way to get off, nothing more, so it made total sense. But I still had another question, the one that had come to mind earlier, when I discovered Coach Meyer had lubed his ass in advance, and, after a pause, I asked, "But how did you know that I would be into doing what we just did?"

"I just knew," Coach grinned.

"But how? I didn't even know that I would do something like that until it happened. What if I wasn't into it and decided to report you or something? How were you so sure I would do it? You took an awfully big risk just to get me to fuck you up the butt, Coach."

Coach laughed. "Not really. I see you and your wresting teammates getting hard-ons all the time when you are rolling around groping each other on the mat. I also remember what it's like to be your age, being horny all the time, always thinking about sex, pretty much willing to stick your dick almost anywhere just to get off. I was more than confident that a little one-on-one wresting in just our jocks would get your dick throbbing to the point that you'd be more than willing to stick it in my ass if I offered it to you, even though I'm a guy and you only like girls."

"I guess you were right, Coach."

"I never doubted that I was," Coach smiled.

Hearing his response, I all of a sudden remembered how Coach Meyer had had these one-on-one coaching sessions with all of the guys on the team before me, and that brought another burning question to mind. "So… have you ever done this with any of the other guys on the team?"

"Every single one of them, now that you've taken my ass for a spin," Coach beamed.

"All of them? The whole team has… fucked you up your ass?"

"Yup. I told you, guys your age will stick it anywhere to cum."

"Wow… I can't believe none of the other guys on the team ever said anything."

"Why would they? They're all straight, too. If they went around talking about it with other guys, guys that might not understand that it's all just for fun, just a way to get off, they'd fear being labelled a fag. You'd better not say anything either, or else they will all think you're one."

"Got it, Coach. My lips are sealed."

"Good," Coach said as he got to his feet. Then he laughed quietly and said, "Just like I said, guys your age are always horny, even right after they've cum."

I followed Coach's eyes to my crotch and saw that I had sprung another hard-on already and I grinned, shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, your lips may be sealed, but why don't we hit the showers and I'll unseal mine and take care of that for you? What do you say? Are you game?"

"For a blowjob? Yeah, Coach, I'm definitely game for that!" I said getting to my feet.

"You know," Coach said as we headed off towards the locker room, cum still clinging to our naked torsos and chests, "I think you still need some help with your workout. How about you stick around after practice tomorrow for some more one-on-one?"

"I don't know, Coach. It depends."

"On what?"

"On whether or not it's winner take all again."
"Oh it'll definitely be winner take all again," Coach grinned as he put his arm around me, and then he leaned in closer to my ear and said, "And just so you know, I plan to win this time! You man enough for that?"

"I don't know, Coach. But then again, I don't plan to lose, either."

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see who comes out on top," Coach grinned as we passed through the locker room doors. "But first things first," he said, grabbing my hard-on and leading me to the showers.

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