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Saturday, January 17, 2015

All Male Fiction: My Best Friend (Part 5)

By: Lucas Miller

The bus trip back to my campus was long and uneventful. I tried to sleep, but my mind raced with images of Josh, Marc, and the others that I had met while visiting my best friend at his school.

But now I was on a bus heading back towards my old life, the time before I discovered the joy of being close to someone in every aspect of being. How could I return to the way that I used to live? How could I interact with the same people as before without letting them in on what I had experienced? Or should I just tell them?

Telling them would probably be a mistake. I didn't know them very well. Sure we hung out together and joked around, but they knew little about my past and I took little interest in their lives outside of school. It would be best to keep quiet for now.

As I got closer to my school, the longing for human touch became more intense. I wanted Josh's hand on my chest. I wanted him to gently kiss me while his hands moved over my body. And I would let him do whatever he wanted.

I could not think of one person who could fill that void. My roommate, Russell, didn't seem to fit. He was a bit of a geek. He hardly ever left the room. He was either studying or playing video games. I don't even remember seeing him without his shirt. In fact, he always went to the showers very early in the morning or late at night when it was empty. He would go fully dressed and come back fully dressed. How odd. I wonder if he has some massive birthmark that he doesn't want someone to know about.

Russell and I rarely spoke. I knew that he was from Virginia and had an older brother who graduated a year ago from the same college, and that his parents were divorced. Russell never spoke of current or previous friends, and shared close to nothing about what he enjoyed doing (reading and playing video games).

When I arrived at the dorm, it was a little after ten at night. I was tired after the long trip and just wanted to just get into bed and start fresh the next day. Fortunately, Russell had had the same idea. He was already in bed when I opened up the door. He lifted his head slightly and grunted a "hello."

I tossed my stuff on the floor by my bed, undressed to my boxers and got into bed. I couldn't fall asleep, though. I laid awake for over an hour. Russell was quiet in his bed. He had the covers pulled tightly up to his neck. I again wondered what he was hiding under his sheets and clothing.

Around midnight, Russell suddenly moved about in his bed. I could see that he was facing me and appeared to be looking directly at me. I pretended like I was asleep, and shortly after he got up and went to his desk. I heard him take a couple of tissues out of the box on the desk and return to bed.

I slowly opened my eyes. With the covers pulled back up to his chest, he turned away from me. I heard the rustling of clothing and a waistband snap softly. Was he going to jerk off? Good 'ole Russell actually had a libido!

He was very quiet about it, but I knew he was jerking off. The covers moved with a quiet swish as his right arm and hand went to work at bringing himself off. I don't think I had ever been as quiet as that.

About ten minutes after he had started, Russell's breath began to get heavier. His arm was moving more quickly now, and beneath the sheets his body was becoming more rigid. He was definitely very close now.

Despite the fact that I couldn't see anything except an occasional silhouette, I was also getting very aroused. Without realizing it, my hand had slipped inside my boxers and I was running my fingers over my hard cock. I didn't know what was making me more excited: the idea that my roommate was masturbating only a few feet from me or that Russell was exposing flesh that he never showed in the daylight.

There was a low grunt from Russell's bed, followed by another less obvious one. His arm had slowed down considerably and his body appeared more relaxed. Then he pulled his clothes back on and he got up again. I heard him drop the tissues in the trash and get back into bed.

My hand never left my cock. It was still very hard and it would not permit to just leave it that way. I started stroking it, trying to be as quiet as Russell was. I kept looking over at his bed. He didn't seem to be facing me.

Although I considered giving him a show, I decided I didn't want to embarrass him. He obviously thought I was asleep, so my strokes were short and concentrated around the head of my cock for the most pleasure.

But my mind drifted. I thought of Josh and his hands on my cock. I pictured him moving down in the bed and stroking my hard cock as he ran his fingers over my balls. He was naked and I was naked. Marc was sitting by the bed undressing. He got down to his underwear, and I saw that they were my boxers. In my mind, he kept them on as he rubbed his cock through the cloth.

Josh was becoming more forceful with my cock and balls. He had a tighter grip on my shaft and was pulling at my nuts. Sweat was running down my face and chest. I was getting close. I wanted Josh to put his mouth on my cock, and I wanted to taste Marc's sweet prick.

But the fantasy was interrupted. Russell turned his lamp on and was looking at me sternly. "What the hell are you doing?"

I couldn't lie. My cock wasn't exposed. I still had a sheet covering my waist, but it was painfully obvious as to what I was doing. "Jerking off," I replied as casually as I could, trying to catch my breath.

"With me right in the room? How about some respect!"

He did look horrified and I was about to apologize, but I couldn't. "Respect?" I said sitting up in the bed. "This is about respect?" I tucked my shrinking cock into my boxers. "You just did the same thing a few minutes ago."

"I did not!"

I got out of bed and walked to the wastebasket. "Yes you did. You just did it quietly, which is strange to begin with. Who masturbates without letting out a few moans?"

"I wasn't masturbating!" His horror was replaced with fear. "I was just getting comfortable."

I reached into the wastebasket and pulled out the bundle of tissues he had used. "Then what's this?"

"I had to blow my nose."

I had to chuckle at that one. "Well, does your nose drip jizz?" He was taken aback by this and I decided to just let him off the hook. "Listen, I don't care if you jerk off. We all do, but don't fuckin' get pissed off at me for doing it too."

"Can we just go to bed? We're going to wake the entire dorm." He laid down defeated.

I dropped the tissues back in the wastebasket and returned to bed. I waited for him to turn off the light, but he didn't. Instead he was looking over at me nervously. "Is there something else, Russell?" I was thinking that this was the longest conversation we had ever had.

He spoke quietly. "Sorry. You're right. I was masturbating and I shouldn't get mad because you were doing the same."

"Really Russell, it's okay. I hope I didn't embarrass you."

"Well, a little, but I'm okay. If you want you can finish what you started. I can go down to the bathroom while you finish."

"You don't have to leave, Russell. I've lost the mood anyway. Thanks, though."

Russell went to turn off the light, but I thought since we were having such a long talk I could take the opportunity to ask him some other things.

"Before we go back to sleep, Russell, can I ask you a question?"

He looked nervous again. "Uh, okay, I guess."

"Why don't you let anyone see you without your shirt or pants?"

His eyes got wide and I thought he was going to either pass out or die of a heart attack.

"Hey, Russell, you don't have to answer. It's not my business, but I do think it's strange. I mean, it's not like you have a bad body. I guess you're just shy or something."

I laid down thinking Russell was going to just ignore the question and bashfully turn out the light. Instead he looked at me for a few seconds then answered. "Maybe it is because I'm shy. I don't know. I guess I'm just afraid of what people might think of me if they see me, you know, naked."

"You've never been naked in front of other people?"

"Not really, no. I did change for gym class in high school, and, of course, I've gone to the doctor."

"Have you always been afraid to show people your body?"

"No, I guess it started a couple of years ago. I just started to become self-conscious about it."

"What don't you like about your body?"

He thought a moment then replied, "I don't know." He smiled at how ridiculous the answer was. "I really don't know." He shook his head at his own confusion.

"Well, let's see it."


"Come on, it's just the two of us. You see me nearly naked all the time. Hell, I'm almost naked now."

He scanned my body, chewed the inside of his cheek for a few seconds then got out of bed. "Okay, but you can't tell anyone."

"What would I tell them? That you take off and put on your clothes in your dorm room? How scandalous!"

He grinned and stood up. Without any more prompting he was taking off his clothes. All hesitation was gone. The shirt and sweat pants were off before he could reconsider. As he stood only in a pair of white briefs and socks his eyes searched mine for some criticism.

"How does it feel?" I asked.

"Besides a little cold, okay I guess," he said.

He had a nice body, not muscular but he was trim. His chest and abdomen was smooth. His legs and arms also had little hair. I wanted to see all of him, though. "You're not done, yet."

I thought he would protest, but his hands went to his waist, but didn't remove his briefs.

"Come on, Russell, this is liberation day. Drop your underwear and be comfortably naked in front of another person."

He took a moment to think about it, then placed his fingers in the waistband of his briefs, and in one quick motion pulled them down.

My eyes went straight to his penis and I couldn't believe what I saw. He really did have something to hide. Russell must have sensed my surprise and covered himself up… or tried to.

"Holy shit, Russell! That's what you've been covering up all this time?"

"What's wrong? Why are you looking at me that way?"

"Move your hand for a second." He did, shyly, and I got a better look at his cock. Soft, it was about five inches long and pretty thick. He had a set of matching large balls to go with it. "You're huge!"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

I got up off my bed and walked over to him. "Russell, your dick is really big. You're hung!"


"Yes. It's almost as big as mine is when it's hard." This seemed to make him happy as he looked down at himself. "That's something that shouldn't stay hidden."

"Is it really that big or are you just messing with me?"

To prove my point, I dropped my boxers and showed him my semi-erect cock. "See, Russell. My dick is not quite hard, but I'm still not as big as you are completely soft." I was stunned by this bookworm's package. "How big does it get when you're hard?"

"I don't know. I never measured it."

"Well, today is measuring day!" I went to my desk and pulled out a ruler. My cock was completely erect by now, and, turning toward Russell, I saw that his cock was starting to rise also. I walked over to him and without thinking took his cock in my hand.

"What are you doing?" he asked, but didn't try to push my hand away. His cock was growing in my hand.

"We need to get it hard before we can measure it." I stroked his thick cock and it continued to get wider and longer. "You're a lucky man, Russell." Soon his cock was at its hardest and I put the ruler to it. It almost doubled in size, measuring a little over nine inches. When I told him, he smiled proudly. "You are a very lucky man!"

"Let's see how big yours is," he said grabbing my prick. He copied some of the motions I had made to make him hard, but it didn't matter because I was already as hard as I was ever going to be.

What he managed to do, however, was send a jolt of pleasure throughout my body. Images of Josh and Marc passed before me. When Russell held the ruler to my pulsing cock, it touched the mushroom head, and before Russell could get an accurate measurement I was shooting my load. Most of it hit his arm. Some landed on his cock and stomach, though.

When it was over, I was worried. My intention wasn't to have a sexual relationship with Russell. It was the farthest thing from my mind. We crossed a boundary, however, and I was nervous about how he would react.

He didn't react at all, though.

"Sorry, Russell. I was already close to cumming before you turned on the light. I guess my dick has a mind of its own. I hope…" but before I could finish my sentence Russell grabbed his cock, and seconds later let out a quiet groan and his own cock exploded. For just jerking off, he came pretty quickly and easily, and shot a large load.

I watched in quiet awe as his enormous cock spurted its cream all over the place. When he was done we looked at each in shock. It was Russell who broke the silence. "I think we need more tissues."

The following day Russell was a liberated man. Upon discovering that his cock wasn't a source of shame, but a massive prize, his attitude changed greatly. He had learned to be proud of his body and was now basking in this new found appreciation, walking around the dorm half-naked, almost showing off for me.

I didn't think Russell was gay, though. What happened the night before wasn't the beginning of a new life for him like it had been for me when I visited Josh, but it had been an awakening. For so many years he had been teased by his classmates, but what Russell had seen as rejection was actually jealousy. He had a great cock that few guys had.

But I wasn't attracted to him. As strange as that sounds, I didn't want to have any more sexual contact with him. Yes, he had a nice cock, but it was too big for me. I had learned my lesson with Carl behind the garage that a dick of that size could be painful. I could not imagine stretching my mouth over it like I had done with Carl, and there was absolutely no way I was going to have that thing in my ass.

But having Russell around now worked in my favor. The day following our encounter he went to the showers around nine o'clock in the morning, one of the busiest times. I followed him and watched the other guys give quick looks at his cock. Russell strutted through the halls and into the bathroom as if he was on parade. He was enjoying all of the attention. He seemed like a different person. He no longer hid his body from others and, in fact, was now flaunting it in front of them.

In the showers, I continued to watch the expressions on all the other guys' faces. There was jealousy on some of them, but most seemed to enjoy what they were seeing. They liked this new, revealing Russell. Some liked him more than others.

I was able to pick out those guys who were looking at Russell's cock and hoping to get a piece of it. I made a mental note of some of them. There was Brian, an overweight black guy with a nice size cock, too. Then there was Paul, a dark-haired freshman. He was thin and with a nearly hairless body. He had a subtle attractiveness about it him. I watched as his cock started to swell, then he turned away and wrapped a towel around his waist.

I continued to scan the room and noticed that Trey was also looking over at Russell. He was still in his briefs, but there was a noticeable bulge in them. I think Trey was a junior. He didn't talk much to anyone, and he was the only one on the floor who didn't have a roommate. I watched as his hand went down to his crotch and unconsciously rubbed it for a moment as he gazed at Russell.

As I said, Russell loved the attention. He wasn't trying to turn anyone on. He just wanted to show off, but the effect on some of the guys was very apparent. I appreciated this display and continued to take in the reactions from the other guys. But my attention continually went back to Trey. He appeared fascinated by Russell's prick and I could see his internal struggle to stop himself from staring.

From the looks of the bulge in his briefs, I would have guessed that he was almost completely erect. His hand occasionally dropped back down and sometimes lingered long enough to stroke the entire stretched cotton. Then he broke his gaze, wrapped a towel around his waist and went toward the bathroom stalls.

Without a second thought I followed him. He reached the last stall and dashed inside. There weren't a lot of guys in this area. A couple of guys were shaving at the sinks and one or two were at the urinals. I don't think anyone saw me move right behind Trey and follow him into the stall.

There was a look of shock on his face and he was about to say something, but I covered his mouth with my hand. My other hand removed his towel and grabbed his cock through his briefs. He almost bit my hand at my touch.

I put my lips to his ear and whispered, "Do you want me to suck your cock?"

There was still some fear in his blue eyes.

"No one will ever know," I whispered.

He nodded and I guided him backward to the toilet. I had him sit on the back of it and place his feet on the toilet seat. He closed his eyes as I rubbed his cock through his briefs. He fought to keep from moaning aloud.

I knew if I waited too much longer that he would cum in his underwear, so I pulled his briefs down past his balls. It was a beautiful seven-inch cock. It stood straight out and had a spearhead-like tip to it. Its slit was already dripping a fair amount of pre-cum. I put my finger to it and smeared the juices all over the sensitive head.

My fingers explored its entire length, starting from its tip to the base. There was a thin vein that ran its entire length and I could almost see its blood pumping into the cock making it harder. At the base of his cock was a thick, brown bush of pubic hair, and farther down a nice set of balls.

Trey had lost patience with me. He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed it towards his awaiting cock. I opened my mouth to receive him, and when my tongue touched its tip he did moan out loud. But he continued to push my head down farther. I hoped that his moans could not be heard over the talking and other general noise outside the stall.

My mouth slowly moved farther down on his cock as my tongue swirled around. Soon my nose was touching his pubic hair and I pulled away until I was back at the warm, wet tip. My fingers lightly ran over his balls, feeling the tiny hairs on them. Trey was trembling and I could sense him getting closer.

A part of me wanted to continue with teasing him and holding off his inevitable orgasm, but the longer we remained in the stall the more likely we would get caught. So, I moved back down on his pulsing cock. My mouth had a tighter grip on it this time. When I reached the base, I grabbed his balls and brought my mouth quickly up to the head of his cock. I didn't waste a lot of time there, though. I took his entire cock into my mouth in one fast motion, then pressed my lips against the shaft, and this time slowly brought it back up. By the time I reached the head, he was shooting his load in my mouth. The tightness of my lips on his cock acted as a suction, pulling the cum out of him.

He emptied his balls in my mouth, but I continued to run my tongue around the expanded head. He was nearly crying with pleasure. I looked up and he had stuffed his towel in his mouth to muffle the unstoppable grunts and moans.

My mouth held onto his cock until his trembling had subsided and he had removed the towel from his mouth. He was beginning to gain some composure and I pulled away from him. I stood up, leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Wait a few minutes before leaving." With that I walked casually out of the stall and back into the shower area.

Russell wasn't to be found. I undressed, grabbed my towel, and, with a smile on my face, headed into the showers.

Maybe the old life I had returned to wasn't going to be so bad after all!


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