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Monday, January 5, 2015

All Male Fiction: Chris' Sex Adventures (Part 5)

"The Uninvited Guest"
By: samboi91 & Ryan Michaels

Laughter filled the now brightly lit hallway. "Nice pants!"
I turned around to meet my brother's gaze. "Uh, yeah, I sat in something over at Brad's."

Jeff laughed again. "Yeah, more like sat on something!"

"Oh come on, you know Brad has a girlfriend," I said, remembering the promise I had made to Brad.

"Yeah, so? I've had a few of those myself, but that still didn't stop me from fucking your ass."

"Look, Brad and I are just buddies."

"Yeah, butt-buddies," Jeff laughed. "Come on, I saw the back of your pants, can smell them too. I know what that big wet stain is. I know it's not your load back there, and you were with Brad all day, so who else could it be besides him?"

"Ok, ok. Brad fucked me." I noticed Jeff's cock beginning to slither down the left side of his jeans as I admitted it, and the idea of Jeff getting hard over me getting fucked started to get me hard too. "But you have to promise not to say anything, not even to him. He made me promise never to tell anyone, not even you."

"And you were really going to keep it a secret from me?" Jeff asked sounding a bit hurt.
"Yeah, I promised him… but I probably would have told you soon enough anyway," I grinned.

"So how'd it happen? What did you do, jump the poor guy and rape him or something?" Jeff laughed.

"No, I didn't have to. He came onto me."

"Really?" Jeff said sounding surprised.
"Well it's not that hard to believe," I scowled.

Jeff laughed. "I just meant, you said he made you promise not to tell anyone, so being that worried about people finding out, how did he even know you'd be into it? It's not like anyone would think you were gay just by looking at you."

"Well… he, uh… heard us fucking," I said, wondering how Jeff would react to that.

He didn't say anything for a minute and then said, "Hmm that explains it then, why he wanted to fuck you so bad."

"What does?" I asked.
"He must have heard me say how tight your ass was," Jeff said and then laughed. Then the smile and laughter quickly disappeared. "So, was he better than me?" he demanded to know with all seriousness.

At six-three, he towered over my six-foot self and was kind of intimidating. The fact that he was in just a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt with his perfect pecs showing through, and biceps bulging, and his deep blue eyes piercing my own made him even more so. But I wasn't scared of him. "Hell yeah, way better," I said. The look on Jeff's face was priceless and I busted out laughing.

"You asshole," Jeff said laughing now too, and then he grabbed me and pushed me to the floor and started wrestling with me, but I managed to get on top pretty quickly and pin him down.
As I sat on him, I could feel his cock pressing through his jeans against my wet ass. He grinned at me and started grinding into me. I let out a soft sigh, letting my guard down, and he pushed me up, flipped me over onto my back and had me pinned now. He held my arms above my head with one hand and started undoing my shirt.
Once all my buttons were undone, he started running his hand down my body as he continued to hold my arms above my head with the other. I released little moans as his tongue explored my nipples and his hand got lower until he started undoing my pants. He kissed his way down my body as he unzipped my fly and pulled my pants over my throbbing cock.
With my cock exposed, his tongue left my body momentarily and I could feel his hot breath on my dick. "Oh, fuck, Jeff, suck me off! Please!" I begged as I lifted my head slightly and looked down into his blue eyes, which were staring up at me.
A grin came over his face, and then, quick as a flash, he grabbed me and flipped me onto my stomach and pulled my pants down and off to expose my ass. Then I could hear his fly unzip and his jeans sliding down and off before feeling his big dick between my bare cheeks as he started grinding his cock against my ass.
"Damn, Brad really did a number on you. Your ass is so wet from his load. I'm not even gonna need lube for this."

He started pushing his thick cock into my ass. It started sliding in all the way until every inch was in me. Jeff lifted my ass up for better support and started fucking me hard.

"Fuck yeah little bro, Brad's cock must have been pretty thick to stretch you this much. But your ass feels amazing wrapped around my dick."

"Hello?" a muffled voice called out from the front.
Because we were only in the hallway, I knew we were going to get caught in just seconds. My head was down and my teeth clenched as my brother drove his cock all the way inside me and held it there, frozen.

There was a gasp and I looked up to see Brad standing there.

"I uh, I just came over to drop off your phone. I didn't mean to… shit... I'm just gonna go," Brad stuttered acting shocked by what he had walked in on. And I knew that's all it was, an act.

"You can cut the act, Brad," I said looking back at him. "Jeff knows everything."

"You told him? But you promised you wouldn't tell any…"

"He's my brother, and we're fucking each other. You had to know I would tell him. But somehow I don't really think you're too upset," I grinned.

"What do you mean?" Brad asked still trying to play innocent.

"We both know it wasn't just a coincidence that you came over when you did… or that you didn't knock."
Brad grinned. "Ok, you got me. I heard you guys going at it and wanted to watch."
"How did you get in anyway? I know I locked the door when I came in."
"Next time you might wanna check that the window is locked, too," Brad grinned.

"You always go around checking other people's windows at night?" Jeff asked still holding his cock in me.

Brad laughed. "No. But when I heard you two going at it, I came over to see if I could see through the window. When I leaned in on it with my hands, it moved, so I just slid it up and climbed on through. And let me tell you, I'm glad I did! What a hot fuckin' site; older brother fucking younger brother!" he said rubbing his cock through his pants.
"So why don't you come on over and get a closer look," Jeff said as he began to pump my ass again.

"Sure!" Brad said while he walked over to me, and stood with his crotch just inches from my face. "Damn I love seeing you like this Chris. Your ripped, muscled brother fucking your ass while your face is just inches from my dick. How's my cum feel is his ass, Jeff?"

"It feels great. My cock just slipped right inside him."

"I used his ass good. I didn't even have to touch his dick before he was blowing everywhere. And speaking of blowing, I could do with another blowjob right about now."

"I thought you just wanted to watch?" I grinned up at him.

"Shut up and suck my dick, cocksucker," Brad smirked.

I watched as Brad unzipped his fly slowly, and then reached in and pulled his hard cock out. I looked into his eyes and could see how much he really wanted me to suck his cock again. My mouth opened and he started pushing his dick into it, stopping before it reached my throat. Then he grabbed my head and held it in place before thrusting in and out.
Jeff kept fucking me while watching me suck Brad off. "That's hot Chris. Suck his dick like you suck mine. You love being used like this, don't you?" Jeff asked and Brad thrusted harder into my mouth while Jeff picked up the pace and fucked me harder, too.

"Mmhmm," I moaned. I really did love it and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming, and I wasn't the only one.
"Oh, uh, uh, uh, uh," Jeff groaned.

"You gonna blow, Jeff?" Brad asked.

"Yeah man. I can't hold back any longer," Jeff panted while pounding my ass harder. Seconds later he was moaning loudly and cumming deep inside me.
Feeling his hot cum spraying my insides sent me over the edge and I started spurting onto the floor, and my mouth slipped off Brad's cock as I groaned out, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming, too!"
Once Jeff finished pumping his load into me, he pulled out of me, slapped my ass and said, "Don't leave Brad hanging, bro. Finish him off."
"You're little brother is a damn good cocksucker, but how about we see if you are, too, Brad said to Jeff as he casually stroked his cock.

"Nah, Chris is the cocksucker in the family," Jeff replied.

"Yeah, ok," Brad said, the disappointment evident in his voice. "So then why don't you kneel beside your brother and watch from close up as I feed him my load."

Ok," Jeff agreed and then added, "But don't get any of your jizz on me."
"No problem. Every drop will be going down his throat. That's what cocksuckers are for, right?" Brad smiled as he patted my head.

"Right," Jeff replied and then moved around to kneel next to me.

Jeff put his head next to mine, and began pushing my head towards Brad's waiting cock, his own head moving in the same direction. I started licking all over Brad's big, hard cock, with my brother watching every flick of my tongue. Then Jeff pushed me down onto Brad's cock, and I began sucking him off with great enthusiasm.
Soon Brad was ready to cum and Jeff rested on his heels watching Brad force his cock down my throat, and said "Yeah swallow that fuckin' load, bro!" as Brad began to blow into my mouth.

"Fuck yeah, boys. That was great. We'll have to do this again sometime!" Brad said as he was shoving his spent cock back into his pants.

"For sure," Jeff agreed.
"Can't wait to fuck your little bro's tight ass again… in front of you," Brad grinned.

"Now that's something I'm definitely looking forward to as well!" Jeff grinned back.

The way they talked about me, right in front of me, like I was just a piece of meat, a cocksucker, a couple of holes for them to use to get off, really turned me on, and had my spent cock slowly rising again.

After Brad left, Jeff had me clean up the floor where we had sex while he went off to shower. When I finished cleaning up, I got in the shower with him and tried to suck his cock again, but he wasn't in the mood. Instead he said if I was still that horny, I should jack off, and then he handed me the soap and told me to do it in front of him. That turned me on, him wanting to watch me beat off.

When I came, Jeff shocked me when he moved his hand below my dick and caught my load. He then shoved his hand in my face and rubbed it all over before removing it. "Hey bro, you've got something on your face, better wash it," he laughed, tossing a wash cloth at me, and then he got out of the shower.

Brad did come over again, and fucked me in front of Jeff – and Jeff took his sloppy seconds again, fucking me in front of Brad, too - but when Brad realized that Jeff wasn't into sucking cock or getting fucked, he kind of lost interest in joining us or even getting with just me.

Jeff kind of lost interest, too, when he started getting some action from a couple of different girls. When he started dating one, my sex life pretty much came to a standstill. But I wasn't too worried. I'd managed to have quite a few sex adventures in just a relatively short amount of time, so I knew there were many, many more adventures still to come!


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