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Monday, January 5, 2015

All Male Fiction: The Trouble with Twins

By: nevada_gavin & Ryan Michaels

There's one thing about having twin brothers - you're always in the minority. The twins were just a year younger than me, and they'd kept me on guard ever since my dad married their mom when I was just a kid. They were always up to something, usually at my expense. I hated it while I was growing up, but after I went off to college and got away from them for a few years, I was actually looking forward to seeing them again. We were all getting together for a family holiday at the folks, and I was wondering what kind of a stunt they were going to pull on me now that we were all adults. I had no doubt they were still as full of mischief as they had been when we were growing up. Boy, was I ever right about that!

They arrived home about an hour after I did and started razzing me right away, just like they had done years before. They'd grown up to be good-looking guys, their dark hair cut short and their builds solid. They'd both gotten into lifting weights, and it was showing up in their heavily muscled arms and thick chests. I was tall and slender, more a runner than a weightlifter.

After dinner, they put their heads together and kept looking over at me and nudging each other, laughing like they were plotting trouble. As I sat there watching them, I couldn't help but noticing that if I saw them in a bar, I'd be attracted to them. I'd never told them I was gay growing up, figuring it would just give them something else to razz me about, but once I went off to college I came out to my family. Everyone took it well and was very accepting. Oh, the twins still razzed me when we were all home, but they never razzed me about that.

I turned in shortly before midnight, and the twins followed suit. It was just like old times - me in my room, the twins across the hall, making a hell of a racket while getting ready for bed, and mom and dad in the master bedroom on the main floor.

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard my door creak. I started to sit up, but the guys were on top of me before I could get my head off the pillow. I struggled, but I didn't have a chance in hell against them.

The lights were off, so I couldn't tell who was who, but one of the twins was pinning my arms and the other was sitting across my thighs. It took only a couple of seconds to realize that they were both stark naked and sporting twin hard-ons. Then, one twin plopped his hot little ass down on my face, and I no longer doubted what they had in mind.

I'd fantasized about having twins before, but never my own brothers! Still, here they were, obviously ready to romp. There was a juicy asshole pulsing against my lips, so I speared it with my tongue. He wriggled and twitched, his hole opening up wide and letting me slide right in. The other twin then started sucking me off, getting my dick hard in nothing flat, his hot technique leaving no doubt that he'd swung on many a cock besides mine in the past.

Once my prick was pumped up to the butt-busting stage, they both grabbed at it, squeezing and stroking it like pros. The one whose ass I'd been eating pushed his brother's head aside and took a turn as well. It was obvious that he'd had just as much experience at sucking cock as his twin.

I was feeling really good about this reunion when things got even better. My brothers released me, and by the time I'd sat up they were piled one on top of the other, displaying two hot asses, stacked two-deep.

"Fuck us, bro," they begged in unison, asses wiggling excitedly.

Well, I wasn't going to miss this opportunity. I spit on my palm, got my pry bar good and wet, and then climbed up onto the pile of hot bodies. I punched the lower ass first, sinking in to the balls. I plunged in and out, stretching his hole out deep and wide. I fucked him until he was squealing, then jerked my prick out of him and went for the twin on top. He squirmed and bucked, but he took it like a man, letting me in all the way. I went back and forth between their two asses until I didn't know which hole was which. Then I figured a way to really put them to the test.

With my cock still buried up the ass of the twin on the bottom, I reached down to my overnight bag that was sitting on the floor beside the bed, and fished out my fat, nine inch long dildo. Putting it in my mouth, I slobbered on it, then crammed it up the other twin's butt. He let out a yelp and whimpered a bit, but then he started to moan and enjoy every inch of it. I double-fucked them like this for a few minutes, then made the twins trade places.

I was really going to town when the twin on top being dildo-fucked really started groaning, and then I saw a river of cum streaming down the curve of his twin's ass, some of it dripping on my cock as I fucked in and out of his brother's butt. Just seconds later I felt a splash of cum hit my leg as the twin on the bottom began to cum, too, thrashing his cock about in his pumping hand as he shot off. His spasming ass milked the cum out of my cock and right up his butt. But I was nowhere near done.

I kept the two of them there half the night, fingering, rimming, fucking and generally working them over until they were totally exhausted. The next morning, both bastards looked like they'd been in the saddle too long.

That night as I got into bed, I started to play with myself as I started recalling the events of the previous night. But I wanted more than just my hand on my dick, I wanted a cock up my hole, and I reached down and grabbed my dildo from my bag.

I had only just placed it against my hole when the door creaked open, and once again the twins were on top of me in nothing flat. "Let us do that for you, bro," the twins spoke in unison as they latched onto the dildo. But they didn't work it into my ass. Instead they tossed it to the floor and gave me exactly what I needed… times two!

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