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Friday, July 31, 2015

All Male True Experience: Rest Stop Pick-up

By: Unknown Author

In the years since graduation, my college buddy and I have kept in regular touch through emails, instant messages/texting and the occasional phone calls. We had fucked around in college – just trading blowjobs - and continue to do so each and every summer when we spend a week together at his cottage.

The drive to his cottage was long, about seven hours, but I enjoyed driving, and it was worth it to get away for a week every summer to do some fishing… not to mention some cocksucking! There was one summer years ago that will always stick in my memory, and I'd like to share it with all of you.

This particular year, I couldn't get a full week off of work when I needed it, so I was only going to be staying at my friend's cottage for four days.

The trip required the use of a combination of roads and highways. I had been driving for about five hours and had another two hours to go before I arrived at my destination, and needed to piss really badly. Since I was on the highway at this point, I was praying that a rest stop would be coming up very soon. I was also a bit hungry, so the rest stop would provide a place to grab a quick bite to eat as well.

Besides needing to piss and get something in my stomach, I was also feeling very tired. Even though I had made this trip before, I hadn't slept very well the night before and thought that perhaps I just might take a little catnap at the rest stop before making the last leg of my trip.

I pulled into the rest area and pumped some gas into the tank of my car, paid for it, and then moved my car into a parking spot and headed across the lot to the cafeteria-style restaurant to grab something to eat. Before going to the food counter, I headed for the men's room to relieve about a half a gallon of piss.

I walked into the men's room and headed to the urinals. I went to the closest one, pulled down my fly and reached in and pulled out my cock to drain the hog. As I began to piss, another dude came in and took up at a urinal two down from me, leaving one urinal between us. I glanced at him and he glanced at me as well, and I nodded and he returned the nod and then his eyes darted down and focused on what I was holding in my hand.

Now, I have picked up guys in a men's room before, but this was the first time I was not on the prowl and just draining an over worked bladder, so I ignored his obvious interest and returned my eyes to my own cock and finished pissing.

As I shook my dick a few times to get the last few drops of piss off the head, I heard him sigh. At first I thought it was a sigh of relief as he began to relieve himself, but there was no sound of piss hitting the porcelain of his urinal so I glanced over. He smiled and then looked down at my dick and licked his lips, making it obvious what he was after. At this point though, all I really wanted was to get some food in my belly and take a catnap in my car so I could get back on the road again and make it to my buddy's cottage.

Even so, the interest was nice so I thought I'd give the guy a little thrill before I tucked my cock back into my shorts. I backed away from the urinal a bit and turned my head towards him to make sure he was getting a good look, and of course he was looking and again was licking his lips. I gave my cock a few shakes and then one loving stroke. I was going to give him a few more seconds of a show but someone else came in.

I tucked my cock back into my shorts and, since I was going commando, I very carefully tugged my zipper up so as not to catch any skin. Been there, done that, and there is no fucking way I ever want to repeat that stunt, believe you me.

With my cock now tucked back in my pants, and hanging down the leg of my shorts, I walked over to the sink to wash my hands. His eyes followed me and kept watching me like a jungle cat on the prowl, having already seen its prey and just waiting to pounce on it. I dried my hands, left the men's room and headed for the food counter to get something to eat.

After telling the server what I wanted, and her handing me the foil wrapped hamburger, I slid my tray down the counter to grab some dessert, and as I stopped in front of the dessert display and began reaching, the person behind me bumped into me. I ignored it figuring it was just an accident, but then, as I moved the dessert from the display to my tray, they bumped me again. This time I turned to say something and I saw that it was the same horny fucker that had been drooling over my cock in the men's room.

"Excuse me, man. I'm moving as fast as I can down the line. Can you back off just a little?" I said to him.

Instead of apologizing, he smiled and said, "I was just looking for a dessert to follow my supper."

I turned towards him and quietly and sarcastically said, "So let me guess, you're looking to chow down on something cream-filled?"

He just smiled back at me and said, "Mmm, yeah!"

I just shook my head and chuckled at his persistence, moved along the line to the cash, paid and, rather than sitting in the cafeteria seating area, headed out the door to my vehicle instead. When I reached it, and was unlocking the door, I noticed that he was coming out of the building and was watching me as he headed for his own vehicle.

I got in my car and ignored the attention of this voyeur. I had two things that were more pressing than this guy's eyes: food in my belly, and some sleep so I could make it to my friend's cottage without falling asleep behind the wheel.

Once I had finished my food, I started my car and moved it over to the area where the campers park so I could take that catnap.

I reclined my seat some and leaned back and put my head against the headrest. It seemed like I had only closed my eyes for about five minutes, but when I opened them I was shocked to learn that three hours had passed. I brought the seat back to the upright position and turned to open the window a crack to let in some fresh air. Damned if that voyeur was not parked right beside me, leaning back against his reclined seat with his eyes closed, trying, or at least pretending to catch a little shut-eye himself.

I had to take another leak by now, and when I opened my door and started to head back to the building to use the facilities, I heard the neighbor's car door open and close a few moments later. I looked over my shoulder and saw him exiting his vehicle and walking behind me, heading towards the men's room as well.

I opened the door to the men's room, entered and let it close behind me. I heard it open again almost as fast as it closed. I was at that same urinal, and didn't this dude walk up to the one right beside me and say, "I am so hungry for some of that creamy dessert now."

What the hell, I thought. I had gotten some rest and could use a good blowjob. What guy couldn't? And I guess this guy had earned it with all his persistence. I looked over my shoulder to make sure no one was in any of the stalls. Seemed the place was deserted, so instead of answering him I turned to let him get a good look at my uncut cock while retracting the ample foreskin back over the head of it. This fucker wanted my cock so badly that he dropped to his knees right there in the men's room and lunged at it. "Not here," I said, yanking my cock back. "Too risky."

He licked his lips and asked, "Your car or mine?"

"Yours," I replied.

He got up off his knees and the two of us left the men's room and made our way back outside.

When we got back to where our two cars were parked, he said, "Let's move over there," pointing so I would know where he meant. We both got in his car and he backed out of his spot and moved it towards the darkened area of the lot he had pointed out.

He turned the car off and immediately reached for my zipper, opened it and pulled my semi-hard cock out. This guy was one horny fucker and swooped down on my cock and took it fully to the root in one swallow, which got me fully hard instantly. He then slid his hand into my shorts and pulled my nuts out and began fondling them as he sucked up and down on my cock, going right down to the base for one or two pumps and then for the next three or four, just working the head and the ridge under it.

After just a few moments, he came completely off my cock and took my nuts into his mouth, rubbing the head of my cock in a circular motion as he licked and sucked on them. He then took his mouth off my balls, returned his hand to them, and pulled my foreskin back and began to work the head with his mouth again, before quickly plunging all the way back down to the base, going up and down a few times. Then, backing off some, he pulled my foreskin forward over the head of my cock and fucked it with his tongue like it was a cunt.

This guy was a pro at cocksucking, giving me head like I'd never experienced before, and I could feel my nuts beginning to tighten up very quickly. I moaned, loudly, and as I did he shoved his hand down into my shorts and tickled my rosebud. That was all it took to make me blast off, and he forced his head down on my cock, all the way down, and took my load down his throat, withdrawing his hand from my ass crack at the same time and giving my nuts a nice gentle tug to stretch them out as he sucked the cum from my cock.

After I had finished unloading my nuts, he slurped on the head a couple of times to make sure there was no residual cum dripping off it, lightly tickling the sweet, now very sensitive spot on the underside of the head with his tongue as he did so.

When he pulled his mouth off my cock and sat back up, I asked him if he wanted me to return the favor as I went about tucking my cock and nuts back into my shorts. I was a bit relieved when he said that it was not necessary - I wasn't feeling horny anymore after shooting my wad and didn't really feel like sucking dick right then. He then said he had to get going and started the car to move it back over to where I had left mine.

Once he was parked next to my car, I thanked him for the blowjob and got out of his vehicle. As I pushed the door closed, he told me through the partially open passenger-side window what a great cock I had and how much he had enjoyed sucking it, and then he drove off. A few moments later I was back on the highway, continuing on my journey to my friend's cottage.

The four days I then spent with my friend involved a lot of mutual cocksucking, as expected. He gives decent head, and has even gotten a bit better over the years, but his oral skills don't even come close to those of the horny cocksucker who picked me up at that rest stop! To this day (almost fourteen years later) I can honestly say it is the best fucking blowjob I've ever had!

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