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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Straight Fiction: Up in the Air

By: Unknown Author

The last month had been hell. It all started a little over four weeks ago in New York. My boss was supposed to go to Paris to help get our partner company up and running with our new system. A few days before he was supposed to leave, he came to me and said, "You're going to Paris in my place. The top guys think you know the system better and they want me here for other things. I have booked the flight already. You leave Monday, for a month."

He wasn't giving me a choice, and I can't say that I was that thrilled. My girlfriend and I had been kind of on the rocks for the last month, so taking off to Paris, the 'city of love,' especially without her, wasn't exactly the best timing and would not go over very well with her, that I knew.

But then he continued and said, "I was planning to take my wife, so I paid out-of-pocket and upgraded my business class ticket to first class and purchased another first class ticket for her."

Hearing that, I suddenly started to like the idea of going to Paris for a month. After all, with two already paid for tickets I could take my girlfriend with me. This could be just the thing I needed to resolve our current 'disagreement.' I mean, what woman wouldn't love her boyfriend to death if he took her to Paris for a month, flying there in first class no less!

But then, my boss kept on talking and said, "But since I won't be going now, I changed those two tickets back over to one business class ticket for you."

"Great," I said feigning a smile. He slapped the ticket down on my desk and then left my office.

As my door closed, the smile disappeared and I became sullen. How the hell am I going to tell my girlfriend that I am going away for an entire month… to Paris... and, without her? I thought, and then it hit me: I'd just call the airport and change the one business class ticket into two coach tickets. Even if I had to pay a bit, it wouldn't be much, and would be well worth it to bring my girlfriend along and keep the peace.

After being on hold forever, I finally got through to an agent and was promptly told that that the ticket couldn't be changed. "I don't understand. It was already changed once from two first class tickets into one business class ticket. Why can't you change it to two coach tickets? I understand I may have to pay something," I replied.

"It's not that easy, sir," I was told. "The entire coach section on that flight is booked."

"I see," I grumbled. "Well, can I get another business class ticket, then?"

There was clicking on a keyboard. "I'm sorry sir, business class is all booked now as well." More clicking. "I can exchange your ticket for two first class tickets on that flight, if you'd like."

"How much would that be?" I asked. She told me and you'd have to be rich to afford those… but I guess that is why they call it first class. "Out of my budget," I grumbled.

"Well, let me see," she said as she worked her keyboard again. "I can exchange your business class ticket for two coach tickets on our next flight, which departs Tuesday morning at 10am."

"Tuesday morning? That's no good. I have to leave Monday. Are you sure there is nothing available, other than first class, on any flight departing on Monday?"

"I'm sorry sir, Tuesday morning is the first flight to Paris we have that still has available seats in coach and business class. But you will have to book right now before all the seats are sold."

"No, that's ok. I'm going there on business, and, as I said, I have to leave Monday. Thanks anyway," I said and hung up.

When I told my girlfriend that evening that I was going to Paris without her, and tried to explain what had happened and how I had tried to get her a ticket but couldn't, she exploded. "It is so indicative of our whole relationship! You probably didn't even try to get me a ticket! Have a great time by yourself!" she screamed and slammed down the phone in my ear.

She wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the weekend, refusing to take my calls or answer my emails. I even tried to explain again through emails and on her voicemail, but obviously all she heard was 'I'm going to Paris for a month and I don't want you to come with me.' It wasn't like I had any choice in the matter. If I had refused, I surely would have been fired, so, angry girlfriend or not, I left for Paris on Monday morning as planned.

You would think that a twenty-eight-year-old American guy could have a good time in Paris, but the people were rude. The people I went there to help were rude; the people in the hotel where I stayed were rude; the people in the restaurants, coffee houses, and even on the street were rude; because I could not speak a word of French, and because I was obviously American, they were rude. When it came time to go home, I was so ready.

And now, here I sat, in a chair at the airport, waiting for my flight to board and take me home, finally. There were a handful of other people sitting and waiting too, chatting, or napping… and one guy playing a video game on his phone – a game that had the most annoying sound effects and was driving me nuts.

About fifteen minutes later, as I was concentrating all my will power to stay seated and not go over and smash the guy's phone, two more people walked in and sat directly across from me. There was a man, older, about fifty, and he was all business. He had a cell phone glued to one ear and a handheld in his other hand. He sat down and talked to whomever it was on the phone. They were obviously discussing some sort of business deal and it was very intense. The other person was a woman, whom I quickly figured to be his wife given the closeness to which they sat… and the wedding rings they both wore. She looked to be in her late thirties and was very pretty.

Moments after they sat down, she stood and removed her coat, sat again, and laid it across her lap. Since she was the only remotely interesting thing around, and a nice distraction from the din of that video game, I studied her closely. She had long wavy brown hair and gorgeous green eyes that would drive men wild, not to mention the sexiest, full, pouty lips coated in a lustrous, glossy red lipstick. She was wearing a blood red satin blouse that buttoned down the front, which matched her lipstick, and a black skirt that came to just above the knee with a generous slit up one side. There was a matching black patent leather wide belt around her waist. She looked amazing!

After several minutes of casually studying her, I expected her husband to get up and come over and hit me at any second, but he was turned away from her, talking intently on his phone. He had papers spread out on the seat next to him and was completely captivated by it all. He was in another world, so I kept on checking her out. It was then that I noticed a button on her blouse had popped open, and a black lacy bra was now partially visible through the opening. I always was a sucker for a woman in black lace lingerie, and I was getting so terribly horny. Perhaps that was because it had been almost two months since my last sexual encounter with my girlfriend, and no sex with anyone else in that time period, either, but I think it had more to do with the 34DD tits I was looking at.

Then it happened! She caught me looking! Instead of being angry and telling her husband, she just smiled. I smiled and turned away, feeling embarrassed… but that didn't last long. My eyes soon drifted back to her sexy mouth and those great, black lace covered tits! The more I looked, the harder I got. I was sitting there in a pair of 501 jeans and they were getting tighter and tighter in the front. She busted me again... and again... and again, and each time she did I would keep looking a little bit longer before looking away for a moment or two… it was starting to become a game.

She looked down finally and I figured she would button her blouse, but she didn't. Instead, she opened the only button above it and pulled her blouse a little further open. My cock throbbed in excitement and I swallowed hard. She smiled seductively and scanned my body. I was trying to hide my rapidly growing hard-on, but it was almost pointless. My jeans left little room for adjustment. Then she reached down, lifted her coat from her lap and placed it in the chair next to her. She sat there with her legs crossed and her outstretched foot lightly bouncing up and down. I drank her in and knew that my masturbation fantasy when I got home would be centered on her.

About ten minutes later she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs in the opposite direction. When she did this, her legs parted enough to show me, just for a fleeting moment, a pair of black lace panties. That was the final straw. I was now rock hard. My cock was literally aching with pent up frustration and desire, and I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until I got home to give it the relief it was crying out for. So, I stood, holding my carry-on bag in front of myself, and began to head to the washroom.

I hadn't walked but a few feet when there was an overhead announcement that my flight was boarding. I initially cursed in my head when I heard it, but as I kept thinking about what to do, I figured I'd probably have time to go in the washroom and beat a quick load out before the final boarding call, so I continued on my way.

Well, wouldn't you just know it: when I got to the washroom, there was an out-of-order sign on the door to the men's room! "Do you know where there is another washroom?" I asked one of the airport personnel that was nearby.

She told me where one was, but then asked to see my ticket. "Oh, you won't have time to make your way all the way there and back before final boarding," she said after she looked at it. "But, don't worry sir, there is a washroom on the plane you can use as soon as you board," she smiled.

I smiled back, thanked her and made my way to the gate. There was no way I was going to jerk off in the small airplane washroom with all those people around. Horny as hell and unable to get off, the icing on the cake of this horrible trip! God, this flight is going to seem extra-long, I just know it!  I thought as my cock still ached for relief.

As I took my seat on the plane, I looked around for the sexy woman from the airport but did not see her. My bad luck continued as the guy from the airport who had been playing his annoying video game took a seat one row over and one seat up from me. He obviously had a phone with 'airport mode' on it, because as soon as the flight was in the air he was playing that damn game again!

I tried to tune out the game, tried to forget about the woman, but I couldn't do either. My cock was now soft, but I was still horny as hell, and that video game was driving me insane. I had to get away from it! So, even though I didn't think I would want to jerk off in the airplane washroom, I decided to do just that. Perhaps if I did, that video game would be less irritating.

As I started to walk down the aisle I noticed the woman I had been ogling in the airport sitting several rows back. She looked up as I passed and smiled at me, and then glanced at my crotch. I could have sworn I saw her subtly lick her lips! I felt my cock stir and now couldn't wait to get in that washroom!

As I stepped into the small washroom and started to pull the door shut, there was some resistance. By the time I had looked behind me at the door to see what or who the problem was, the lady in red was pushing me forward and closing the door.

As I maneuvered myself around in the small space to face her, she smiled at me seductively. I went to speak, but she placed a single index finger on my lips. Was this really happening, or did I fall asleep in my seat and was just dreaming all of this? When she then moved her other hand down and caressed my cock through my jeans, I knew this was not a dream!

She said nothing, just smiled seductively as she then opened my belt with a certain determination that gave me the impression she wanted this as much, if not more than I did. She grabbed my pants on either hip and yanked them down. My briefs definitely showed off my now fully engorged cock, and her fingers lipped into the waistband and slid them down my legs. My cock fell toward her and stood straight out. She smiled and took it in her hand, caressed it. A wave of pleasure shot up my spine.

I looked at those exquisite lips as she stroked me gently, and only wanted to feel them wrapped around my cock. She must have wanted the same thing, because she licked her lips and patted the counter I was leaning against. Hoisting my ass, I rested it on the edge of the small sink area and put one foot on the toilet and my one hand on the wall across from me to brace myself and allow her access in the cramped space.

"You have a really nice cock. It is so much bigger than my husband's," she said softly, speaking for the first time. Then she managed to get her head down and her tongue shot out and flicked just the very end of it. Then she took the head in her mouth and slowly began to slide down on it.

As I looked down to see the sexiest lips I had ever seen sliding up and down my cock, I wanted this to go on forever! But things were about to get even better.

When my cock was generously coated with her saliva, she swallowed the entire length of it into her mouth. I had never had a woman take me all the way down her throat before! The feeling was unimaginable! My eyes closed and I fought not to groan, given our location.

After deep-throating me a few times, she backed off and wrapped her fingers around my cock and began to stroke me in unison with her sucking mouth.

A few minutes later she pulled off.

"Why'd you stop?" I panted.

"We haven't much time before someone figures out we're in her together."

"I know, but I wasn't too far off. Keep going, please!" I practically begged her.

But she had other ideas.

"My husband hasn't fucked me in forever. I think he is banging the blonde slut he hired as an assistant. I really need it; I need that big cock of yours in me, right now."

Call it nerves, but instead of just hiking up her skirt and giving it to her, instead I replied to her compliment and said, "It's not that big, just average."

"Compared to my husband's little four-incher, it's big, and I want it in me!"

I chuckled when she said her husband's cock was just four inches. I don't know why. I guess I liked the idea that, even though I wasn't huge - my cock was seven inches - I was a lot bigger than the man who usually fucked her. And, fuck her is what I was going to do!

Grabbing her, I maneuvered us around until she was standing in front of the sink. I lifted her gently and sat her on the edge of counter. She then hiked her skirt up, removed her black lace panties, spread her legs, moved one on either side of my body and placed her feet on the wall on behind me. I wanted to get down and taste that pussy that was staring at me, but there was just no room, or time.

Grabbing my cock by the base and taking a step forward, I slowly rubbed it across her pussy lips and felt the warm wetness. She moaned softly. I pulled back and aimed my cock at her opening, and then I slowly slid it in about two inches. She moaned again, and I pulled back until I was barely still between her lips, then I slowly pushed forward until my balls made contact with her ass. Her pussy was not only hot and wet, but amazingly tight. The feeling was a hundred times better than my girlfriend's pussy, even on her best night!

"Oh god, that feels so good!" she groaned.

I pulled almost all the way back and then pushed forward again, all the way in, then all the way out until just the very tip of my rock hard cock was wedged between her pussy lips before I slid back in once more. My hands caressed her silky thighs as I slowly fucked my cock in and out of her, and as I increased my pace slightly she grabbed a handful of towels and bit into them to muffle her moans.

She was leaning back against the mirror, those tits jiggling beneath her blouse as I fucked her, those large, sensuous breasts which had so perfectly lured me to her in the first place. I had to have them, too. I removed my hands from her thighs and then my hands were finally caressing and squeezing them. They were so big, and so soft. I opened her blouse quickly and my face immediately dove into them. She moaned softly as I bathed them with kisses. I pulled the cups of her sexy bra down and found her erect nipples and began gently pinching and twisting them.

I soon replaced my fingers with my mouth and began to suck on her tits and flick my tongue across the nipples. Then I bit down lightly onto one of her nipples and then pulled it with my teeth. A long low groan escaped her mouth into the towels, and I grabbed her hips and started putting slightly faster strokes into her, one after another, deep into her hot pussy, as I ravished her tits with my mouth.

After ten or twelve of these strokes we heard the bathroom door handle rattle and I froze in mid thrust. "Honey, are you still in there?" The voice was unmistakable. It was her husband!

She removed the towels from her mouth and said, "Yes dear. I think that shrimp I had earlier was bad. I won't be too much longer."

"Do you want me to get the flight attendant?"

"No, no, I'm ok. I'll be back to my seat shortly."

"Ok," he replied casually and then added, "Well, I may as well take the opportunity while I'm up," and then we heard the door to the next washroom open and close.

We heard him begin to urinate as I stood there with the head of my cock still inside his wife's pussy. When he flushed and turned the water on at the sink, I rammed my cock all the way into her, balls deep. She fought off her scream and shoved the towels back in her mouth as her husband stood washing his hands on the other side of the wall.

As the door to his washroom opened and then closed, our fuck continued, but after the close call we'd just had, and aware again of the limited time we had, my thrusts were now deep and firm.

My speed continued to increase, until I was fucking her hard and fast. I couldn't help myself. My hips were on auto-pilot now, slapping my body against hers. I was fucking her so hard and fast now that we were making a soft thumping sound, but I didn't care and neither did she.

Suddenly her eyes rolled back and she bit into the towels extremely hard. I could feel her pussy clamping onto my cock and knew she was near having an orgasm. She began to shudder and her head began to roll from side to side as I continued to fuck deep into her. Then her body began contorting and she was flopping around like a rag doll being fucked to death as she exploded into a very powerful orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, I continued to fuck her, but at a slower pace now. Deep into her I slid, then out… in... out... in... out... in… "I'm gonna cum!" I said in a hoarse whisper.

She placed her hand firmly on my stomach and pushed me out of her cunt. She stood and twisted us around and pushed me against the sink. I instinctively hopped up. She swallowed my hard, aching cock whole and I felt my load surging deep within me.

My cock swelled in her mouth and she sucked harder and pumped faster with her hand, while her lips tightly gripped around the sensitive lower edge of the fat tip, and then my cock exploded and shot stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth and throat. I could feel her sucking and swallowing as she drained me. My body was shaking as I bucked and shot my load into her mouth.

When I had stopped cumming she pulled off, smiled at me and said, "My husband has never cum like that before... for that matter, neither have I!" Then she grabbed her panties and slipped them back on, fixed her skirt, then her bra, and began to button her blouse.

There wasn't enough moving room for us both to dress at the same time, so once she had finished I was just pulling up my briefs when we heard a noise outside the door. Fuck, not her husband again! I thought as I quickly pulled up my pants.

Then we heard a light tap followed by a female voice, "Are you okay in there?"

"Yes, fine," my anonymous companion answered.

"Ok, your husband said you were not feeling well and asked me to check on you."

"Thank you. Tell him I'm fine and I will be back to join him in our seats in just a few minutes."

We then both cleaned up as best we could. She sprayed some perfume on herself and then slipped out the door. I waited a moment. I smelled of sex, but there was little I could do about it. When I stepped out, there was a flight attendant standing some eight feet away. She gave me a knowing smile and turned away. I went back to my seat.

When our plane landed in New York, I gazed at my mystery woman as I walked down the aisle towards the exit. She gazed back while her husband, who, as usual, didn't notice at all, fiddled with his things.

As I was passing her seat, she spoke. "Excuse me sir, I think you dropped this," she smiled and handed me a white business card.

"Thank you," I smiled back as I took it from her and continued on my way.

The business card was her husband's, and on it she had written a phone number and the words: My private cell number. Call me… soon!

I didn't even know her name... but I certainly intended to find out! I guess my trip to Paris didn't turn out to be all that bad after all!

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