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Thursday, October 15, 2015

All Male True Experience: A Couple of Dicks

By: Unknown Author

I'd accepted an invitation from a couple of friends to go with them to a science-fiction convention in the city. I hadn't been to one in a while, and also hadn't seen these friends in a while, either, so I figured, what the hell. After being there for a bit, I needed to use the washroom, so I let my friends know and ventured off.

The washroom was not all that big, with only one sink, one urinal, and two stalls; all on the same wall. The urinal was disgusting, with some old, odorous piss sitting in the reservoir, and piss all over the rim and on the floor beneath it. I decided to check the conditions of the stalls instead.

It wasn't until I went over to the stalls that I noticed the second one was occupied. Opening the door to the first, I peered in and saw that it was fairly clean. I stepped in, and as I turned slightly to close and latch the door I immediately noticed a hole in the divider between the stalls. It wasn't a glory hole, though. It was much too small for that; basically just big enough to see through if you put your eye up to it. After latching the door, I turned to face the toilet, unzipped and hauled out my cock.

As I began to piss, curiosity got the better of me. I was sure if I held my head in a certain way I could get a good look at the guy in the next stall, more specifically, get a good look at his dick. So, I turned my head and leaned my upper body back, and was instead met with an eye peering through at me. My first instinct was to straighten back up and turn my head to face forward again, and as I did so, my piss done flowing, and my dick still in my hand, it started to grow just from knowing I was being watched.

Horned up now and wanting to put on a show, I began to stroke my cock to full hardness. Once I was fully erect, I looked back and the stranger in the next stall was still watching me, so I turned sideways and moved over a bit so that I was directly facing the hole where his eye was. He continued to watch, and I could hear that he was stroking his cock too.

After a minute or so, he removed his eye from the hole and stood up. I moved closer, bent my head down and put my eye up to it. He was now facing the hole like I had been. His cock was average in length, maybe six inches, circumcised and rock hard. He was stroking it up and down slowly, more to show it off than to get it off. It was a hot sight, but I also wanted to see what he looked like. Obviously, with the small diameter of the hole, my field of vision was rather limited, and, even though I tried to angle my eye upward, I couldn't see his face. All I could see was the bottom portion of a gray t-shirt above his dark pubes.

Pulling my eye away, I bent down to look under the stall wall to see if I could get a look up at his face that way, with the added possibility that when he saw my head down there he might drop down and let me suck his cock. No such luck. Unfortunately, the stall wall came down closer to the floor than most others do and I couldn't see anything other than a pair of jeans and underwear crumpled atop a pair of white high-top sneakers, and some leg.

When I stood up to watch him beat his meat through the hole again, his eye was now staring back through it once more. Stepping back to give him a good view, I wrapped my fist around my stiff prick and began pumping it for him. He watched longer this time, and after about three minutes of slowly stroking it for him I was really wishing that he would stand up and let me have another turn watching him work his cock.

I got my wish about thirty seconds later, when he finally withdrew his eye. I immediately moved closer and put my eye up to the hole. He was really pounding his dick now, but I only got to see for a second or two before he suddenly came forward and put the end of his dick right against the hole. I knew what he was planning to do – he was going to shoot his load right through the small hole!

That was fucking hot, and as much as I wanted to watch him cum, to see his cum shoot through that hole to my side, I just couldn't let a hot load of cum go to waste. So I very quickly opened my mouth and moved it in front of the hole, getting as close as I could without letting my lips physically contact the stall wall.

This was odd but so hot, too – no physical contact, no real look at the guy, and here I was close to getting off.

Feeling the guy's cum go into my mouth as he shot it through the hole like that was enough to send me over the edge, and I had to grab my shirt and hike it up real fast as I leaned back and blew my load all over my stomach.

As I was wiping up the cum and getting myself together, I heard his stall door slam open and sneakered feet heading toward the door.

Knowing I could identify his clothing, my curiosity got the better of me and I spent the rest of the afternoon looking for that combination of sneakers, jeans and gray shirt, but to no avail.

In retrospect, I'm glad I wasn't able to pick him out in the crowd – because just being a couple of dicks and nothing more was what had made the whole encounter such a hot fucking time anyway!

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