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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bisexual Fiction: Driven by Desire (Part 2)

By: Ryan Michaels

My hand was almost shaking with anticipation and excitement as I reached out to knock on the door of 1203 Ridgeburn Crescent.

"Hey come on in buddy," Rob said after opening the door.

I stepped inside and took my shoes off.

"My girlfriend's in the living room." I followed him into the living room. "Ryan this is Michelle. Michelle, Ryan."

"Nice to meet you," I said.

"Nice to meet you too," she replied smiling.

"So what do you think? You wanna fuck him or what?" Rob asked.

"Rob!" Michelle said blushing. "Jesus Christ!"

"What? That's why we invited him over isn't it?"

"Yes, but he just walked in the door and you didn't have to just blurt it out in that way. There's such a thing as tact."

"Women!" Rob said rolling his eyes. Michelle swatted him across the arm.

"It's ok. He's right. He did tell me I was coming over to see if you approved and if so we were all gonna have sex together. It's cool if you two want to get right to it," I said.

"Oh, um, well did Rob mention certain details about what we wanted to do?" Michelle asked me.

"You mean about you wanting to see another guy suck his dick? Yes, he mentioned it."

"And you are comfortable with that? I mean if you aren't, it's ok, but I need to know now because that's a stipulation in my agreeing to have a threesome," Michelle replied.

"Yes, I am cool with it."

"Rob told me you are straight, so do you mind if I ask why you want to suck another guy's cock? Doesn't that mean you are least bi?"

I had no idea Rob was going to tell his girlfriend I was straight but I figured I had better play along, and I was a quick thinker so it was no big deal.

"Well, even though it's embarrassing to admit, it's been quite a while since I've been with a woman, and when Rob asked me about the threesome I was really excited about it. Then he mentioned the whole dick sucking thing and I was like, no way!"

"So why did you finally agree to do it?" Michelle asked inquisitively.

"Well honestly, and I hope I don't offend you, but Rob started describing your pussy, telling me how it was shaved and how tight it was and how good it feels. When you've gone without for so long and you have the opportunity to get some, the little head starts to take over. I've also never had a threesome before and it's always been a fantasy of mine. I'm totally straight but also pretty open-minded and I figured I could try it in order to get some pussy, and to finally get to have a threesome."

"And that's all it took to get you to agree to suck dick, the promise of some pussy?"

"Well yeah, and I mean I have some gay friends and never understood what they got out of sucking other guys dicks, and the more I thought about it I guess I was a bit curious to see what it's like. And, as I said, I am open-minded too and I just look at it as a new experience; One that I'll probably never repeat, but it's kind of cool to at least say and know that I tried it." Everything I was telling her was the truth. Except that I was actually talking about being with a woman, but she didn't need to know that.

"That's really cool, and you're right, very open-minded of you."

"Great! So you wanna fuck or what?" Rob asked getting impatient and perhaps feeling a bit ignored.

"Jeez keep your pants on Rob, we're just talking," Michelle scowled.

"That's just it, I don't want to keep my pants on. I want to take them off and fuck some pussy and have a couple of bitches suck my cock!"

"Classy isn't he?" Michelle said smiling at me.

"Yeah," I said chuckling. "But I would like to get started too, if you want to do this."

"Oh yes. I like you, and I definitely can't wait to see you sucking my straight, macho boyfriend's cock."

"Great! Then let's go upstairs and get naked," Rob said motioning to the stairs.

There was no argument from Michelle or from me, and we headed up the stairs to their bedroom.

Once we arrived, Rob and Michelle stood by the side of the bed and started kissing. Rob soon took Michelle's top and bra off and shoved his hand down her pants. Michelle had managed to undo Rob's jeans and pull his cock out, stroking and massaging it as they continued to kiss. I just stood there watching Rob's cock grow hard in her hand, rubbing my own cock through my pants.

"Take your clothes off, buddy. She wants to see your dick," Rob said breaking the kiss just long enough to say it.

I quickly undressed and went and stood beside them. Michelle broke the kiss and glanced down at my cock, which was already hard from seeing Rob's hard cock again, and she smiled, which I assumed was her approval of what god gave me, and then she resumed kissing Rob.

Seconds later her hand found my cock and she started squeezing it and gently stroking it. It felt really strange having a woman's hand on my dick, but it felt good regardless. As they continued to kiss, the three of us were emitting low moans, Michelle from the pussy rub Rob was giving her, and he and I from the hand jobs she was giving us.

Michelle's mouth left Rob's mouth and found my ear as Rob continued to pleasure her. "Suck his cock. I want to see another guy's mouth licking, sucking and swallowing my boyfriend's hard cock," she whispered in my ear.

I dropped to my knees and stuck my head between their bodies, and although I wanted to gobble his cock right up, I had to try to act like a curious but hesitant straight guy. So I just stared at it.

"Go ahead, man. It's cool. I'm willing to do anything for my girl and you said you were curious, so go ahead and give my girl what we promised her. There's no turning back now."

I leaned forward and 'hesitantly' took the head of his cock in my mouth. Michelle reached down and gently pushed on my head, forcing more of his cock into my mouth. As I sucked she continued to push my head down farther on it and I purposely gagged to conform to my straight but curious role. Letting go of my head, Michelle squatted down next to me.

"You like that baby?" she asked looking up at Rob.

"Yeah, it feels good. But not too sure how I feel about a guy doing it."

"Just enjoy it. I know I am." Michelle leaned in and started running her tongue along the long shaft of Rob's cock as I continued to suck it. Rob started letting out low moans. "How do you like it now baby?"

"It feels good, but he doesn't give head as good as you do."

Fucking bastard! I thought. I know I was trying to fake inexperience a bit but he knew I gave damn good head, and even this toned down blowjob I was giving him was probably way better than any head his girlfriend ever gave him, and probably way better than she ever could. But I guess he had to pretend he wasn't enjoying it and just doing it for her pleasure so she wouldn't think he was a switch hitter or anything.

"Can you suck it instead?" he asked Michelle.

"You know that I only agreed to do this if you let another guy suck your cock, but I didn't mean for only two minutes. Just let him get used to sucking dick and he'll probably get a bit better. I'll give you a blowjob later while he's fucking me."

"Ok, sounds good!"

I continued to suck Rob's cock, with Michelle licking his shaft and balls, for probably a good five minutes or more when Rob suddenly leaned forward and lifted Michelle under the arms to a standing position.

Still on my knees, I watched as he took her pants off and then slid her panties down and off. Her pussy was pretty nice as far as pussies go, I guess. It was shaved just like he said and looked like it really would be pretty tight.

Rob had Michelle lay across the bed with her feet on the floor. "Stand up, dude," Rob said looking down at me. I got up off my knees and Rob leaned in and whispered "Eat her pussy, man."

"I told you I don't like to do that," I whispered back.

"If you let me watch you eat her out, I'd be willing to find out if that ass really is tighter than her pussy."

"What are you two whispering about?" Michelle asked, raising herself up on her elbows.

"Oh I was just asking if he was ok after sucking his first cock and telling him if he wanted to opt out of the threesome, he could."

"Oh, and what did he say?" she asked Rob as if I wasn't even in the room.

"He said it was a little weird at first but he's fine with it and that what he really wants to do now is eat your pussy. He said he really loves eating pussy and was just asking if it was ok with me, and if you'd go for the idea."

"You know what, Ryan?" Michelle said looking at me and smiling. "I really like you now. A guy who is not afraid to try sucking cock without worrying he will turn gay, and who is also not only willing but loves to eat pussy. God, I think I am in love."

"Hey! I love eating your pussy," Rob said sounding almost hurt.

"No, you will eat my pussy so I will return the favor and give you head, but you don't love doing it and never do it just to please me."

"Oh yeah! Well as soon as Ryan eats you out for a bit, I'm gonna dive between your legs and show you how a real man eats pussy."

"Yeah right, only because you want me to give you a blowjob."

"Nope. Isn't a factor tonight, because we have Ryan here, and if I want a blowjob I don't have to eat your pussy to get one, I can just get Ryan to give me one. When I eat your pussy, I'll be doing it just for you and I'll love every minute my tongue is lapping at your wet, juicy cunt."

"Ohhh, now you've really got me turned on," Michelle said rubbing her pussy.

"See, she knows I love it and that gets her hot."

"No it doesn't. I am turned on because you said you were going to have Ryan suck your cock again. I loved seeing that and want to see more."

"Oh yeah, well..." Rob started but I interrupted.

"Would you two like me to leave? I don't want to get in the middle of an argument about your sex life."

"Don't be stupid, man. Let's get back to what we started. Just get down between my girlfriend's legs and lick some pussy like you wanted."

I didn't really want to, that was what he told her; In fact I was quite terrified. I had never done it before and had heard all of the 'horror' stories about the nasty ways a woman's pussy can smell or taste. I didn't even know if he was serious about fucking me up the ass or not, but just in case he was I had to do it. I wanted his cock up my ass so bad and this was the only way I was possibly going to get it. Besides, he already told her I loved to do it so I had to act enthused and try to be 'good' at it. That would be difficult since I had never done it before, but I have seen enough straight porn and read enough about sex to probably get a passing grade.

"Come on, man, what are you waiting for?"

I moved between Michelle's legs and got down on my knees. I knew I couldn't hesitate, so I just took a deep breath and leaned forward and took a lick. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Her pussy didn't taste or smell bad at all. I took another lick over the surface of her pussy but knew I would have to do a more 'expert' job than that. I started licking and probing like crazy and then concentrating on her clit. I guess I was doing a good job, because she was moaning.

All of a sudden I could start to taste something I had never tasted before and realized the wetness of her pussy wasn't just from my spit. Not only was I actually eating pussy but I was lapping up and swallowing pussy juice! I couldn't believe I was doing this, but oddly I was kind of enjoying it too.

Rob had moved onto the bed and was working over her tits with his tongue and hands. Taking a cue from straight porn I had watched, I licked my finger and stuck it up her twat, finger-fucking her while watching Rob chew on her tits.

"Mmm, eat my pussy some more!" I pulled my finger out and started munching on her pussy again. "Oh yeah, that's it. Yeah like that. Mmm, yeah!" she moaned pushing on the back of my head.

"Yeah buddy, eat that pussy! Fuck she loves your tongue in there, man. Yeah, eat her out good! Get her all nice and wet so I can jam my big cock in there!" Rob urged as he slid a finger into her pussy while I kept lapping away, doing my best to get it nice and wet for his cock. I could feel her pussy juices on my face as well.

"Ok man," Rob said as he yanked his finger out of his girlfriend's cunt. "I think she's wet enough for me now. Move out the way, I'm gonna fuck that pussy now."

"Not yet you aren't! You said you were going to eat my pussy after Ryan finished and 'show us how a real man eats pussy,' remember?"

"Yeah, yeah, I remember," Rob groaned.

I removed my face from Michelle's pussy and stood up. Rob took my place and immediately dove in and started eating her out like a wild man. He was just being a goof and 'showing off' and seconds later started eating her out properly.

"Come over here," Michelle said to me. "Let me stroke your dick while you watch my boyfriend eat my pussy."

I climbed onto the bed and knelt beside her. She grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it, as I watched Rob chowing down on her tight, wet pussy. My eyes were drawn away suddenly when I felt Michelle grab my hand, and I looked down just in time to see her place it on her tit. I began to rub, and she then moved forward and took my cock into her mouth. I let out of groan of delight as I felt the warmth of her mouth and her lips sliding over the head and down the shaft. Even though she was a woman it was like Rob said: a blowjob's a blowjob, a mouth's a mouth. And it felt good.

I refocused my eyes back on Rob while his girlfriend blew me and, as he ate, Rob was looking up and watching his girlfriend's mouth pumping on my cock. It was so hot seeing his face buried between her legs and only seeing the bridge of his nose, and his eyes peering up at me as he licked her out. Occasionally he would dart his eyes from my cock to my eyes, and even though I couldn't see his mouth, I could tell he was smiling because his cheeks moved up a bit.

Rob pulled his face out of Michelle's cunt and grabbed his throbbing cock at its base. My cock suddenly popped out of his girlfriend's mouth. "Wait Rob. Suck his cock again," she said to me. "Get it all soaked with your spit so he can slide it into me."

Without hesitating this time, and not moving from where I was kneeling, I twisted my body around, leaned forward and sucked Rob's cock into my mouth.

As I sucked, being sure to get it nice and wet, I shocked myself when I slid a finger into Michelle's pussy without even really thinking about it. Michelle moaned her approval and quickly gobbled up my cock again.

Since Michelle was busy on my cock and couldn't see me working her boyfriend's cock with my mouth, this time I did an expert job on his rod. He started to moan, which only added to the moans already filling the room by me and Michelle.

"Fuck! Oh yeah, suck that cock!" Rob moaned.

"You like it baby?" Michelle asked, pulling off my cock.

"Yeah, he's getting better."

"Good. I'm glad he's making your cock feel good baby. He's making my pussy feel real good too." Then she went back to working on my dick.

We continued in this fashion until Rob announced that he had to fuck some pussy before he exploded. I pulled my finger from Michelle's pussy and slipped my mouth off of Rob's cock and without even stopping to think about it or worrying what Michelle might think, I grabbed it firmly by the base and guided it into his girlfriend's wet, waiting pussy. I watched as he drove it in all the way to the root in one hard push. Michelle's body lurched a bit and she let out a muffled moan.

Rob held his cock inside her for a second then slowly withdrew it just a bit and pushed it back it. After he had gotten to the point of pulling about half way out before going back in, he suddenly started pumping her pussy fast and hard, pulling out until just the head remained inside and then driving it back in hard.

Michelle was writhing and moaning on the bed as Rob pounded her cunt. The sight of Rob's big cock going deep into that pussy, and seeing how it had to stretch so wide to accommodate his girth, had me incredibly turned on as well, so much so that I just couldn't contain my arousal and broke out into a verbal rant: "Yeah! Fuck her, man! Oh yeah give it to her good! Mmm, yeah, ram that pussy! Fill her up with that humongous cock! Fuck yeah, she loves it! Feel good, buddy?"

"Oh yeah! Fucking amazing! My girl's so tight, man. My cock loves being in her pussy."

"Yeah? Do it, man! Show me how you fuck your girl!" I said urging him on, and I reached down and slid my finger into Michelle's pussy again as he continued to fuck her.

"Oh yeah! Finger that pussy while I fuck it, man! Yeah finger-fuck her good while I fill her with my big cock. Oh fuck, buddy, so fuckin' hot, isn't it?"

"Oh Yeah! I love feeling your cock inside her pussy as I finger her. Yeah giving her what she wants - two guys working her pussy!"

"Yeah buddy! Oh yeah, she loves it!"

As much as I was enjoying it, my finger was getting tired so I pulled it out, and Rob grabbed my hand and pulled it towards him. I had no clue what he was doing. Suddenly he drew my hand to his face and started inhaling the scent of his girlfriend's pussy by sniffing my finger, while he kept pounding her cunt. I was a bit taken aback at first, but it was hot.

Suddenly we heard Michelle's voice filling the room. "Lick it! Lick his finger. I want to see you clean my pussy juices off his finger!"

I was really quite shocked when Rob started licking then sucking my finger. Talk about giving a whole new meaning to the term 'hand job.'

"Oh, that's so hot, watching my boyfriend lick my juices off another guy's finger. Oh yeah, clean that finger real good baby."

Suddenly Rob pulled out and said, "Fuck her, man! Fuck my girl's pussy!"

I moved between her legs and sank my cock into her cunt and started pumping in and out. It felt a bit different from an ass, and definitely not as tight as an asshole, but it still felt really good. Meanwhile, Rob had shoved his cock into Michelle's mouth, getting the blowjob from her that she had promised to give him when it came time for me to fuck her.

He soon pulled his cock out of her mouth and then did something I never knew straight couples did: He turned around and sat on Michelle's face. He was facing me and got a look of sheer pleasure on his face as his girlfriend started licking his asshole, and began stroking his cock while watching my cock going in and out of his girlfriend's pussy. All three of us were moaning.

"Oh yeah, fuck her! Fuck that pussy hard!" he urged, and I started fucking his girl for all I was worth.

He let go of his cock and grabbed my arm. I almost lost my balance but managed to support myself before falling down. He put my hand on his cock and I began stroking it as his girl ate his ass and I fucked her pussy.

Rob got up off of her face and, standing, moved forward and put his cock in front of my face. I opened wide and he shoved it in. I was in heaven - my cock in a hole, and a hard cock in my mouth. I could feel the cum stirring in my balls and pulled off of Rob's cock.

"Uhhh, I'm gonna cum!" I moaned.

"Me too, man! Pull out! Pull out and get on the other side of Michelle just like me," he said as he moved from above her to a kneeling position beside her chest. I did the same.

"Cum on her tit, man! Yeah, let's cum on her tits together!"

I would have preferred him to cum in my mouth instead, but I wasn't about to suggest it given I was supposed to be a straight guy, so I just went along with his plan. I shot first, my load splattering on Michelle's right tit and, watching that, Rob came almost immediately, all over her left tit.

As we both knelt there panting, gently massaging our dripping cocks and looking down at our loads, Rob said, "Watch this!" and then Michelle grabbed her tits, raised them, and then, lowering her chin to her body, began to lick, first his load, and then mine off of them. "Oh, that's fucking hot!" Rob said as he watched her cleaning our loads off her own tits.

After she was done, Rob fell to his side and lay beside her. I did the same, unsure as to what would happen next. I was hoping that once we had recovered for a bit that we would go at it again, and this time Rob would fuck me up the ass like he had promised. After all, I did eat pussy on that condition. It wasn't to happen though, at least not then, not in front of his girlfriend. Ten minutes later I was dressed and out the door.

On Monday, I had another envelope on my desk with a note inside from Rob telling me to meet him after work, at the park again. After having me suck his cock, I was happily surprised when Rob proceeded to make good on his promise, instructing me to pull down my pants and bend over a fallen tree trunk, where he then went about pushing his big cock into my tight little asshole and giving me one hell of a fuck. Afterwards, he agreed that my hole was tighter than his girlfriend's pussy, and I knew right then and there that he'd be coming back for more.

And I was right. We would never play with his girlfriend again, but that fuck in the woods was the first of many over the next year or so, until Rob got promoted and started to ignore me, just nodding hello whenever we occasionally passed each other in the building's corridors. I wanted his cock again so bad, and got hard every time I did see him, remembering how his big, thick cock felt up my hole.

I soon got over him, however, when I walked into the men's room and caught a new employee in my department, an attractive twenty-one-year-old guy named Adam, who was also the boyfriend of another female employee, beating off at the urinal. If I'd learned anything from my encounters with Rob, it was that just because a guy is straight and has a girlfriend, it doesn't necessarily mean his cock is off limits, especially if he's hard, horny and in need of some relief! And, if I had my way, I was going to get my hands (and hopefully more) on this hot new co-worker's cock, too!

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