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Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Male Fiction: Selling My Soul

By: Tommyhawk1 & Ryan Michaels

Tonight, one of the local gay bars was having a Halloween party. Costumes were optional so I thought I'd go for a few drinks and check things out. I had just gotten a drink at the bar, turned around, and nearly ran right into Adam. I goggled at the tousled blond hair that my fingers longed to run through, the eyes that my longings dove into every time I looked into them, the smile that tore my heart out without ever leaving those lovely, languid, luscious lips... okay, that's not the best alliterative poetic phrase ever concocted, but god, that's how I felt about Adam.

But I was now confronted with Adam, dressed in a football uniform, his costume complete with shoulder pads, those tight football pants and it appeared he was even wearing a jock with a cup.

"Hey Scott, how you doing?" Adam put one hand on my shoulder. God, those shoulders of his, those magnificent bulges of the man who worked out just enough to give his body that perfect amount of definition, the rounded shoulders, the bulging biceps…

"Muh-uh?" I mumbled. My lips were numb, because all my blood, all my passion, all my desires, had pooled underneath that hand, throbbing there, wanting only to be with him, only him, always.

"Well, catch you later," Adam said and, withdrawing that hand and sending my heart down into my shoes, he smiled at me and then turned and walked away. My eyes fed upon the sight of that perfect pair of ovals that were being hugged tightly by those football pants, until the press of other people's bodies closed it off from my sight, and when it did, all I could do was sigh.

"You missed out on him again, didn't you?" came an exasperated sound.

"Yeah," I agreed.

"You want him that much, why don't you go get him?"

"I've tried," I protested. "I... I just can't. God, I'd... I'd sell my soul for a chance with him, a real chance!"

"Your terms are accepted," the voice said.

"Huh?" I turned around at that. I'd been carrying on a heck of a conversation with this guy who had come up behind me, a stranger come to think about it.

Black hair, dark eyes, a goatee that came to an excruciating painful looking point at the end, with heavy eyebrows and dark brown skin above a suit of black with a dark gray sweater under the jacket. He was dressed as the Devil.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm the answer to your problems," the man smiled at me, and it was an evil smile, befitting of his Devil costume.

"Oh really, how's that?" I asked.

"It's simple really, I just grant your wish."

"My wish?"

"Yes, your wish, your desire to be with Adam."

"And how would you make that wish come true?" I asked with a laugh.

"It's quite easy. You just stated you'd sell your soul to the Devil in exchange for a chance with that boy."

"Oh, and let me guess, you are really the Devil, right?" I laughed.

Without answering my question, he simply responded with, "Of course, if you didn't really mean what you said, I won't hold you to it."

"Sure, whatever you say buddy!" I replied and turned to walk off.

"Wait!" he exclaimed and I turned to look at him once more. "Maybe this will convince you that I have the power to give you what your heart desires."

He waved a hand and the crowd parted like Moses had parted the Red Sea. They weren't knocked aside; it was like they all decided to move at the same time, a coincidence that happens now and then. Only this coincidence put Adam and me in plain view of each other. Adam looked at me from across the room, scanning my body, and then he locked his eyes on mine and smiled.

"How did… That's impossible… You-you can't really be…" I babbled unable to form full sentences.

"So what do you say? Have we got a deal?"

I swallowed hard. "I don't know what's going on here, I must be dreaming or hallucinating, but yeah, you've got yourself a deal! You get me Adam and you can have my soul!"

"The bargain is confirmed," the Devil said, and I looked at him puzzled. "It's what we do instead of having people sign their name in blood," he assured me. "Now that we have a binding agreement, I'll just fetch Adam over here and you can take it from there."

The Devil wiggled a finger at Adam, a 'come here' wiggle of the index finger, and Adam immediately began to walk forward, through that aisle of people who had kindly stepped out of the way.

As Adam made his approach, I turned to look behind me and the Devil was nowhere to be seen now. Out somewhere poisoning kittens and pushing little old ladies into the paths of 18-wheeled trucks, I guess.

When I turned back around Adam was right in front of me. "Hey Scott, you're looking good. Have you been working out?"

It was a cheesy line but at least it was a line, and Adam was using it on me! "No, not really," I mumbled nervously.

"Oh, well your body looks great. You should have worn a costume to the party, maybe like a Tarzan costume, you know, just a loin cloth, show off that hot body of yours."

I couldn't believe the words coming out of Adam's mouth, or better yet, that they were being said to me. I didn't know how to respond and just blurted, "You too… I mean your body looks great, too."

"Thanks," he replied with a smile. "I work out regularly."

"It shows," I replied bashfully.

"Well what you see isn't all me. I mean these are shoulder pads," he said touching his shoulders, "and this," he said knocking on his crotch and laughing, "isn't all me making this obscenely large bulge. That's all just my cup," he said, looking down at it and cupping his hands around it to show off the sizable mound protruding from his crotch.

Seeing him tapping on his cup covered crotch and then looking at it and groping it made my cock twitch in my pants. And then he let go of it, chuckled and look back up at me. "Not that I need a cup to make a big bulge, believe me I don't. It's just part of the costume; I wanted to make the look as authentic as possible." That remark made my cock do more than twitch, and made my mouth salivate.

I knew I wasn't drunk, for I hadn't even had a chance to take a single sip from my first drink of the night yet, and I hadn't done any drugs, so I literally pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, and it was then that I knew, as unbelievable as it sounded, that the man in the devil costume had to have really been the actual Devil. There was no other explanation for what I had seen or for how Adam was acting towards me.

"Hello?" Adam said waving his hands in front of my face. I had gone into a daze, talking to myself in my own head, trying to comprehend things. I looked up at him. "Am I boring you?" he asked with a smile.

Before I could answer I heard a voice in my ear saying, "You've already sold your soul, so don't blow it now if you want to blow it later." I whipped my head over my shoulder and then looked behind me; no one was there. If I didn't believe that man was really the Devil before, I believed it now.

"Everything okay?" Adam asked looking puzzled by my strange behavior.

Uh, yeah, everything is great," I said. Better stop acting strange and just talk to him. I've sold my soul to the Devil for this chance so, like he said, I better not blow it, if I want to blow Adam! I said in my head. "Uh just caught up in the atmosphere of Halloween I guess. Thought there was someone behind me," I replied to cover up my strange behavior. It's not like I could tell him the Devil was just whispering in my ear!

Adam laughed. "Yeah, Halloween can play some weird tricks on the imagination." I just smiled and nodded, even though I knew that it was not just my imagination. "Hey, you wanna dance?" Adam asked.

"Well I don't really dance, but I see the pool table is free. You want to play a round?"

"Sure," Adam agreed.

"And maybe after that, we can find some other way to play around," I punned. God, did I really just say that to Adam? I had! Not only was I no longer tongue-tied around him, but I was also flirting with him.

Adam laughed. "Let's see how well you handle your stick first and then we'll decide on that."

So we headed over and played a game. Adam won and so I offered to buy him a drink for winning the game. The conversation flowed freely now, and after downing a few drinks each Adam looked at his watch and said that he had to be going.

"Do you have to?" I blurted.

"Yeah, I came with my friend and he told me he had to leave by a certain time, and he's my ride." Adam excused himself to go and find his friend, and as he walked away I cursed the Devil for playing his evil games on me.

Adam came back about five minutes later. "I couldn't find him anywhere. I guess he found some action," Adam said with a disgruntled look.

"Is that a good thing?" I asked.

Adam looked at me, smiling and furrowing his brow. "How can getting some action not be a good thing?"

"It's just that you just looked bummed out when you said it, that's all. I thought that since you came with him, that maybe by friend you meant he was your boyfriend, or a friend with benefits or something."

"Nah, Jay isn't my boyfriend. We've never had sex, either; we're just friends, that's all. If I looked bummed when I said that it's because he was my ride home and now I'll have to take the bus."

What luck! Now I could offer to give Adam a ride home. Or was it luck? Maybe Adam's ride disappearing was arranged by the Devil. I quickly offered to drive Adam home and he accepted my offer just as quickly.

When we got to his place, Adam looked at me and said, "You want to come in for a bit?"

I looked at him and Adam was smiling at me, and when my eyes met his, his eyes dropped to my crotch. It was my dream come true, what I had been wishing and hoping for, but when I finally heard those words come out of his mouth I became extremely nervous. Any other time I would have been tongue-tied for sure, made a fool of myself and would have ended up going home and having to use my own hand, but the price I'd paid here was too damned high for that! I had to get what I had always wanted, get what I had sold my soul for, be a man and not a pathetic tongue-tied wimp, so I took a deep breath and said, "I'd love to!"

"My place is on the second floor," Adam said, and I followed him, my heart pounding. My dream, my wish, god, it was finally coming true!

I stepped through the door behind Adam and closed it behind me. As soon as I turned around, Adam lunged at me. Those beautiful arms went around me, those majestic lips sought out mine and those eyes were burning into me. I was rock hard in an instant and my dick was throbbing and already tingling in that way it does when you are about to... Oh god, I'm going to cream in my shorts! I thought.

I fought it off, and as my lips struggled with Adam's, my hands were touching him, touching him everywhere I could. I felt out the body that had haunted my dreams and it was so firm and hard, so muscular, and it was going to be mine, all mine, finally!

Adam's hands found my ass and he grunted as he pulled my hips roughly up against his and he rutted against my crotch, with the hard cup of his jockstrap pressing and rubbing against my leg.

My fingers were trembling as I pulled on the hem of his football jersey. Adam lifted his arms and I pulled the jersey up over his head and tossed it to the floor. He instantly lifted the large shoulder pad gear over his head and let it drop to the floor. His upper body was now exposed to me, all golden and gleaming.

As he kicked off his shoes, I knelt at the altar of his body and I kissed that small indentation at the bottom of his ribcage and just above the muscles of his abdomen. Then, I reached up and began to pull on the laces of his football pants. When I did that, Adam's eyes closed and he moaned quietly.

Adam bent over me as I continued to undo the laces, grabbing my own top, a pullover, and he shucked it from me and I was now as bare from the waist up as he was. His hands caught me under my armpits and he tugged and I rose again and his hands began to unfasten my belt and then fumble with the button and the zipper of my pants. I kicked off my own shoes and my pants fell to my knees as his hands slipped in the back of my underwear and began to fondle my butt cheeks.

Adam's hands were smooth as they moved all over my bare ass, and then he removed them, pulled on the front of my briefs and looked inside. My cock was not huge by any means, it was slightly above average, and kind of on the thin side, and when he saw it he nodded, which I assumed was his approval of its size, and then he looked up at me, smiled, and then shoved my underwear down.

I followed by tugging on either side of his football pants, spreading the laces I had previously unlaced, and then gave them a yank, sending them to his ankles.

There we stood, me naked, save for my socks, and he in nothing but his socks and that jockstrap, that jockstrap that had a cup in the pouch hiding from me any detail of what was inside, doing its job, protecting his pride and joy. It was time to relieve that jockstrap of its duties, for I was there now, and I wanted to be the one to protect Adam's balls with my hands and mouth and his cock with the warm folds of my mouth and the darkness and warmth of my asshole. It would be just as safe in me as it would be in that cup. I grabbed the elastic waistband and pulled it forward and then down.

Like mine, his cock was already hard, and it was magnificent - Larger than my own by about an inch, and a lot thicker too. Now, wearing only socks, we stepped away from our clothing and went to the bed. Adam sat down on it and held up his arms toward me, his cock a hard pillar beckoning me toward it.

Adam meant for me to go into his arms, but I couldn't resist that marvelous tower of manhood before me. I knelt instead and my mouth sunk over his cockhead and down his shaft.

"Oh, god, Scott, oh, oh fuck!" Adam moaned as I pulled back up again and was rewarded by a pearl of pre-cum upon my tongue. "Oh, shit, oh, fuck, mmm!" And now my mouth was sliding easily; his cock fit so well, so perfectly, like it belonged there, and had all along.

"Scott, please, get up here with me," Adam groaned after a minute or so of this. I was blissfully sucking on him and his moan caused me to look up. "Come on, get up on the bed so I can give you a little of what you're giving me!"

My stomach was performing flip-flops as I complied, getting on the bed with my head toward the foot of the bed, and Adam moved his position so his head was at the top of the bed and scooted down to place his face at my crotch and put his own legs nearly all off the bottom of the bed. He got his hard-as-steel dick back to my level, and as I happily crammed it back inside my mouth I felt the warm moisture of his mouth encircle my cock and coat it with his hot saliva. 

Adam's actions on my prick after that can only be described as ravenous; he was sucking me with a frantic edge that sent me reeling. Shit, I was close to creaming again. "Adam, Adam, stop, please stop!" I begged him.

Adam reluctantly released my cock. "Why?" he whined. "I've been waiting for this for so long, Scott. I always tried to talk to you, tried to get something going, but you would never talk to me, just mumble and look away, so I thought you weren't interested. When you agreed to come up here, I thought, wow, I'm finally going to get to sleep with him, and now that it is actually happening, you're asking me to stop? Why, am I not doing a good job? Doesn't it feel good?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Adam had wanted me the entire time I had wanted him? This must be true; it couldn't have been the Devil making him say that, for I could tell his words were sincere, that there had been a real longing there, just as I had longed for him; I could see it in his eyes. "It feels so good, and I have wanted this for a very long time, too," I hastily assured him. "I only asked you to stop because… well… it's just that... I want you to fuck me, Adam. Please fuck me."

"But I was going to get you to fuck me," Adam protested.

"Later," I promised him. "But for now, please, I've got to have this inside me," I said gazing at his hard cock and squeezing it gently. "I'm on the edge, and I'd never last if I was to put my cock in your ass right now." My cock jerked angrily at even the mention of the possibility.

"Okay," Adam panted. "But I'm not going to last very long either!"

"That's okay, just put it in me," I groaned. "That's all I need. Please!"

Adam nodded and grabbed a bottle of lube from his bedside table. He squeezed some on his cock and then handed the bottle to me. He spread the lube on his cock as he watched me lube my hole for him.

As soon as we were both lubed up, he got my legs up and got in between them and he pressed his cock against my asshole. "Oh fuck, push it in, push it in!" I moaned.

"I'm about to cum!" Adam warned me. His face was mere inches away from mine, flushed with desire, eyes glazed, mouth open, skin twinkling with sweat.

"I don't care, push it in, cream in me even if you don't thrust it in and out first! Please, Adam, please!"

Adam gritted his teeth and lunged with his hips, and in one sleek shove he had his cock all the way in me. "Ohhhhh fuuuuuck! So tight! Oh, shit, I'm... uhh, uhh, uhh, AH-GAH-AH-HAHHH-GAHHH!" Adam's cock exploded inside of me as soon as it had entered me, just as he had feared it would. I could feel the hot spunk as it shot deep into my ass. Adam hadn't even fucked me, just stuck it in and came right away, but I didn't care - I had Adam's cock, and his load, deep inside me and that's all that mattered.

"GUH-GUH-HUUNNNH-KUHHHH!" I moaned right after I felt his load flow inside me and I began squirting both of us with a heavy flood of cum, a load that had been building up ever since I'd first met Adam over a year ago. A year's worth of desire and need and yearning, it all blasted out of me and coated both of our stomachs with my jizz.

When I was done, Adam lay down on me, his cock still in my ass, and my cum glued us together as one. We were one, and this was all I'd ever wanted - Adam was in my arms and his cock was in my ass and my life was complete and my soul was... no longer mine to give to him!

We lay like that for just a few brief moments, and then Adam rolled off me, still panting hard, and said, "I told you I wouldn't last."

"It's okay," I chuckled ruefully. "I didn't either, you may have noticed."

Adam's fingers went to his stomach and I watched his fingertips play in the slick cum I'd layered onto him. "I noticed," he grinned.

"Sorry about that. I wanted to last, I wanted to fuck you, too."

"I wanted that too," Adam said. "And you will; I figure you and I rest for a couple of hours and then we can go at it again. I mean, if you don't mind spending the night," he said with a grin.

"I don't mind at all," I beamed at him.

Adam and I fucked twice more that night, the first time with me fucking him and the second with him giving me a proper fucking this time around.

When I woke up later, it was getting light outside. I went to the bathroom quietly, and then I leaned against the doorway wearing only my briefs, looking at Adam lying on the bed, the sheets all rumpled and his hair in disarray. His face bore a smile even in slumber.

I decided I'd check out his kitchen and see if I could make him a bit of breakfast without making a racket or a mess.

The man of the night before was sitting at the kitchen table, a plate of food in front of him and a newspaper before him. "Ah, there you are," he said to me. "I was wondering if I'd have to come get you."

"Already?" I gulped.

"But of course," the man said, putting the paper aside as casually as if he were a businessman about to leave for work. "Now, if you're ready to fulfill your part of the bargain..."

"I guess so," I said. "But I had hoped to have some more time with Adam."

"And why wouldn't you have more time with Adam?"

I looked at him. His hair, it wasn't black; it was more of a brown, a brown that lightened by the minute, it seemed. His skin, too, was lighter-toned. Well, the Devil can look like anything he wants to. "I assumed you were coming to take me to Hell," I admitted.

"Hell? Oh, I don't have anything to do with Hell. Nasty place, I assure you; you don't want to go there."

"But... but you bought my soul."

"In exchange for giving you a chance with the love of your life," the man agreed. Now his hair was very light brown, and his skin was totally Caucasian pale. "Now, I ask you, what would the Devil know about love? Ask him to give you power or cause trouble for someone, he's the go-to guy, I admit. But love? He couldn't make a boy pigeon fall in love with a girl pigeon, much less people."

"So… who are you, then?"

"Who am I?" The hair was now completely blond, even blonder than Adam's. "I'm the poor angel assigned to you, who's been trying to do his job right for the longest time. But you've been too busy wetting your pants every time Adam came by to give me the slightest chance to put the two of you together."

"You're my guardian angel?"

"In the flesh," the man agreed. "I kept pushing Adam your way, the perfect man for you, and every time he got near enough to see you, you blew it. So when you made that offer of your soul for the chance with him, I grabbed it. I agree that's more a tactic used by the other side, but since it worked, I'm not complaining."

"Me, neither," I agreed, with a great deal of relief. "So... now what?"

"Now what? I own you, Scott," the man said. "You have to do exactly what I tell you from now on. I bought your soul at a fair price, remember?"

Uh-oh. This didn't sound good. Was my guardian angel about to join the forces of Darkness? "So what do you want me to do?"

"I want you to go back to Adam and love him," my angel said. "I want you to love him for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others until death do you part, that's what I want. You think you can manage that?"

I had to smile at that. "I sure hope so," I agreed. "I'll try my best."

"Good, then that's settled," the angel said. "Now get hopping. I've got a busy and very happy life planned for you, and since I own you now, you'd better get started on it. Why don't you take Adam out for breakfast instead of breaking eggs and burning toast for him like you usually do when you try to cook? And on Monday, we're signing you up for a couple of cooking classes so you can fix breakfast in bed for him from time to time."

"Yes Master," I said playfully and went off to wake Adam to make the suggestion.

I had sold my soul for love. And from the look of things, I had just made the best bargain of my life!

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  1. Interesting twist on the usual deal-with-the-devil story.
    Very imaginative.
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