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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

All Male True Experience: Cock Service

By: GloryHoleCockWorship

The one thing you need to know about me is that I love to suck cock! I get my greatest pleasure from orally servicing men. So much so that the need or desire to have my own cock sucked is pretty much non-existent. Just as long as I have a hard cock in my mouth, I'm satisfied. My hand can and does take care of my own when I want or need to cum.

Earlier today, I was at a place I visit almost every single day to satisfy my oral lust: a local porno shop with glory hole booths. In one cubicle amongst a maze of dark cubicles, I was in my usual position: on my knees, waiting for the cock of a stranger in need of servicing to appear through the hole in the wall.

That stranger soon arrived, just like I knew he would, and quickly offered his cock and balls to me through the glory hole. I immediately began gliding the wet tip of my tongue over every inch of his cock and balls. His cock soon swelled, becoming fully erect in no time.

I licked my lips, making them wet and ready to serve. Then, placing them around the tip of his cockhead, I slowly began to suck, gradually drawing in more and more of the cockhead into my warm, wet mouth. I began running my tongue in slow circles around the cockhead. Discovering a few prized drops of pre-cum, I gratefully swallowed them.

I cupped his large balls in my hands and began massaging them gently in their sack, as I moved my head forward, accepting the first of his shaft across my moist wet lips and into my mouth. I continued moving slowly inch by inch up the shaft, his cockhead sliding along my tongue and downward into my willing throat. I kept my lips wrapped tight around his shaft until I had engulfed his entire cock and my lips were pressed up against his pelvis.

I heard a deep long low groan released from the back of the anonymous stranger's throat, a sound which always pleased me. I swallowed deeply, flexing the muscles in the back of my throat to massage his hard cock. I let a few inches of his shaft slide out of my mouth before moving back up the shaft and sending the cockhead back down my throat. Again and again I repeated this up and down motion, never letting more than a few inches of his cock escape from my mouth.

The muscles in the depths of my throat tightened and released as his cockhead traveled up and down. I wrapped my thumb and finger around the base of his shaft to restrict the blood flow and cause his cock to become as hard as rock. Non-stop I repeated my up and down motion along his shaft, continually accepting him deep down my willing throat.

I released a small moan as I became completely and totally engaged in my oral service. My whole body moved in rhythm to support my oral actions. I took on a wonderful feeling of complete supplication and devotion in the moment, just as I always did when sucking a cock.

I felt his hips push forward, an indication to me he wished to take control. I opened my mouth and throat allowing him full control as he began to face-fuck me. I gladly became his oral fuck hole. His rock hard cock rushed in and out of my mouth, the speed building with his passion. I was in heaven.

The speed of his cock’s thrusts down my throat altered, the thrusts became shorter and harder. I understood his climax was close.

I felt his cock begin to pulsate, and then he grunted out in pleasure as the eruption of his seed began. His cock began squirting his nectar into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, as his body shuddered against the other side of the plywood partition at the same time. I swallowed again and again, accepting every warm squirt of cum as a precious offering. I dared not gag or lose focus. I devoted my complete attention to his cock’s needs. For me my oral service is a symbol of my adoration of the male member. It is like taking communion when a man erupts in my mouth.

The spurting subsided and after a quiet moment I felt his cock starting to soften in my mouth. I gently sucked him clean, being careful to lick up any remaining sperm. With unspoken thanks, I reluctantly set the cock free from my mouth and watched it disappear back through the hole.

I remained on my knees in front of the glory hole as the stranger, having gotten what he came for, zipped up and left his cubicle.

I stayed where I was, waiting for another needy cock to come through the glory hole, but no cock came. Some days were like that. I exited my cubicle a short while later, and then went home and took care of my own as I relived the memory of my latest oral encounter, the taste of the stranger's cock and semen still lingering on my tongue.

Tomorrow, I will enter one of the cubicles again, eager to service more cock at the glory hole!

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