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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All Male True Experience: Collecting Football Players Jocks

By: jockluver2000

Twenty years back, while going to college, I discovered one night that someone had neglected to fully close and lock the fire door from the men’s locker room, and took advantage of the oversight. (Back then, there were no security cameras in the gym, and the door to the locker room was on the back of the building where there were no cameras, so I knew I wouldn’t be seen or identified.) I was thrilled to discover I had private access to the entire place - locker room, showers, weight room. I entered and made sure the door was locked.

I love the locker room, coming in after a good sweaty workout, being proud of my naked body. So what if my flaccid cock isn’t that big, I know it measures up with most men just fine when erect. I get off watching other guys disrobe, getting down to their jock. I love it when a guy just stands there and plays with his cock under a nice sweaty jock.

I had worked out in this gym and beat off in its showers many times, but here I had the place to myself. I found an empty locker and disrobed. I started walking around, beating off to memories of the guys I’d seen dressing or showering or whatever; thinking of their hard bodies, their developed chests, their powerful arms and legs, their swinging cocks and balls.

I strode over to the scales while pounding my cock, my low hanging balls smacking against me with a loud popping sound. I got really excited hearing that, not having to try to hide the sound my balls make when I beat off real hard and furious. I like bringing myself to near climaxes and then stroking my fully engorged dick gently until my load settles before picking up the pace again. I stood in the chalk bed and thought of all those naked comrades I watched day in and day out.

As I moved about I noticed that the football players had their laundry pinned to the outside of their lockers. I found a nice sweaty jock hanging on about ten of them. I grabbed them all and took them to the weight room. There, in front of the mirror, I tried on each of the glorious sweaty jocks. One I could swear had the smell of cum distinct on its pouch.

By this time I decided I’d finish myself off. I got on a nice soiled jock, went out to the gym area, and got on a leg machine. I started working the plates up and down while my cock ached within this guy’s borrowed jock. One by one I hung the remaining jocks around my neck making the most wondrous sight and smell. When I got close, I got off the machine, moved close to the mirror, and shot four huge jets of cum upon it, which then slid down to the floor.

I cleaned up my load with one of the jocks, headed back to the locker room, and beat off a couple more times, once while shaving and the other while lying on the bench where the trainer tapes guys up. Then I got dressed, wearing as many of the jocks as I could comfortably wear, and put the remaining few in my pockets.

Of course the missing jocks were noticed, but it was just put down to some type of prank pulled on the Football players by a rival team. After that night all doors were securely locked and security patrolled the area regularly.

To this day I still have all those old jocks, and I occasionally get them out to remember that great night as I sniff them and jerk off.
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  1. i was to shy in gym class to take anyone's jockstrap but, i really wanted to