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Monday, April 15, 2013

Straight Fiction: Poke-Her Night

Unknown Author
Usually the first Friday night of the month is Poker Night. I invite several of the guys over to play cards while the wife goes out with her friends, and by the time she comes home the game has wrapped up and the guys are heading home.

A couple of months ago my wife came home early, explaining that she had an argument with one of her friends. I was a little annoyed by her early arrival... when the women are not around us guys tend to talk about our wives and sex and many topics that now would be taboo in front of a lady. But, since my wife was well endowed, and her short skirt and braless tits where on display, the other guys didn't seem to care too much.

Carla was already a bit tipsy when she came home and it wasn't long before she fixed herself a drink and joined us at the table. After a couple of hands of cards she was starting to get drunk. When Carla got drunk she got horny. Before long she was leaning on me and groping me and talking raunchy. I could tell by looking around the table at the other five guys that they were getting horny themselves.

Seeing the guys devouring my wife with their eyes really made me hard. I couldn't believe the thought running through my head! I began to tease her and rub her legs and pussy through her stockings under the table.

After a while I left the table to go to the restroom. When I returned she gave me an impish grin and I noticed her stockings were sitting on the table in front of my chair. Looking around the table I could tell the others were really getting worked up and were having a hard time controlling themselves. I smiled, and as I walked to my seat I realized that Joe, sitting right beside her, and Jimmy on the other side of me, must have gotten quite a show as my drunk wife took off her hosiery. I looked over at Joe after I sat down and gave him a wink.

While Bill, across the table, dealt the next hand I reached down under her skirt and began fingering her wet pussy. In seconds she was so wet that her cunt was making a wet smacking sound as my finger moved in and out of her.

Carla - in ecstasy - asked me quite loudly to take her upstairs to our bedroom and fuck the shit out of her. I thought the guys were going to lose it right then and there.

Instead I told her to get on the table and strip for us. Her eyes widened and she looked at me in disbelief.

She thought about it for a moment, realized what I was suggesting, and then slurred, "There's no way I can take all of you on in one night." She then gave a drunken giggle and continued, "And, I'm sure that is what would happen if I took the rest of my clothes off." She winked at me and giggled again.

"So, how many of us do you think you could take on at once?" I asked with a grin. Each and every one of my buddies sat with their mouths gaping open in disbelief at what was going on.

She shocked me when she replied, "No more than three, I think."

I was momentarily speechless.

It had just been a bit of fun, as far as I was concerned, but I could tell she was serious in her reply. I hadn't expected that at all, and as I tried to think of what to do next I looked around the table at the guys and could tell they were more than eager to fuck my wife.

'Why the fuck not,' I thought. This would be a fantasy come true for me and, since she was drunk out of her skull, and all of us guys had been downing beers all night, we could blame it all on the booze if need be.

So, I went along with it and simply proposed that we play one hand of cards and the top three hands would get the chance to fuck my wife. I don't know if the guys thought it was all a joke, but they weren't willing to risk that it wasn't, and I didn't have to propose my idea twice. All agreed without hesitation, including Carla.

The hand was tense and the excitement was thick enough to cut with a knife. When the hand was over Fred, Bill, and Joe had the top hands. It was gonna be hot to watch her with three of my buddies! Jim and Tony looked a little disappointed, but hey, watching was better than nothing.

Before things began I got assurances that they would all keep their mouths shut and then I ran for the camcorder! I figured if I wasn't gonna be in the orgy, I was gonna record it for posterity… and masturbation!

When I returned to the game room Carla was already sitting on the card table with her top off and her skirt hiked up. Fred and Joe were already naked and were bent over, each with one of my wife's tits in their mouth. Bill, naked as well, already had his face buried in her wet pussy, while Jim and Tony stood off to the side with their cocks sticking out of their pants, slowly stroking them.

In seconds my wife transformed from a conservative house wife to a wanton slut. With her hips thrusting into Bills face she grabbed Joe's cock. Joe straightened up and she pulled him closer and began sucking the head of his dick. Fred moved in and began rubbing and squeezing both her tits now. Carla cried out and I knew she had just had an orgasm all over Bill's face and fingers.

As she sat there on the edge of the table trembling, she inhaled Joe's nine inch cock, taking him all the way into her throat. Joe's eye bulged when he felt that she was actually deep-throating his rather large member, and nearly popped out as he exploded almost instantly. Carla gagged on the huge load but swallowed nearly all of it, just a small stream oozing down her chin.

I quickly told her how hot this was and asked what she wanted next. She looked at me with a blank expression so I quickly took on the role of director and began setting things up.

I had her lay on the table face down and had Bill position his cock in her face. "Suck his cock!" I directed and she opened her mouth like a slut and took his hard seven inch prick in.

"You get behind her," I said to Fred. "Her pussy is all yours. Fuck her and fuck her hard! She likes that."

Looking at Joe I said, "You just shot off, but I want to see you fuck her too, in a bit, so play with it while you watch these two go at her, try to get it up again."

Fred stuck his six-and-a-half inch cock in her cunt and started giving it to her hard right from the get go, just like I had requested. Bill started thrusting in and out of her mouth, while Joe was slowly stroking his now semi-hard cock. Jim and Tony of course were vigorously pumping their hard dicks as they watched.

My own five-and-a-half-incher was rock hard and now in my hand while I held the camera with the other. With my wife being pounded in the pussy and being throat fucked at the same time, I could barely hold the cam steady.

After several minutes Bill pulled his dick out of her mouth and shot his thick stream of cum all over her face. This was more than enough to send her over the edge and she violently came all over Fred's thrusting cock. Fred's cock couldn't take the squeezing orgasm and he whipped his cock out of her pussy and shot his wad all over her ass and back.

While the two of them shivered and panted, Joe, with his cock fully revived, asked if it was his turn. I nodded and motioned at my wife's back end. Joe scrambled over and placed the head of his cock against her cunt and she thrust back on it. In one fast move, he was balls deep. She moaned loudly and I thought she was gonna cum right then and there from that huge cock fucking her.

I was the one with my mouth hanging open this time when Carla asked Jim if he wanted to fuck her ass while Joe was in her pussy. Jim looked at her in disbelief, since he thought he'd only be watching, and then looked at Tony as if to say, 'sorry buddy.'

Jim stripped out of his clothes, and as he approached the action Joe pulled his cock out of Carla's cunt and told Jim to sit in a chair. Once seated, Joe guided her to sit on Jim's eight inch cock with her back to him. It took some time, but with Jim's cock now deep in her ass Joe grabbed some seat cushions, placed them in front of the chair, and dropped to his knees, bringing his fat cock to the perfect height to enter my wife's pussy.

With two cocks in her, my wife let out a moan that nearly ended as a scream. I asked if she was ok and she replied by telling Tony to come over and fuck her face. Tony didn't hesitate. He stripped out of his clothes, moved over and planted his feet on the seat of the chair and shoved his cock in her mouth. With all the lead up, stroking his cock to the action, Tony couldn't take much and ended up cumming in her mouth fairly quickly, and then pulling out and finishing the last spurts on her face.

Bill, who was now fully recuperated, wasted no time in taking Tony's place, grabbing my wife by the hair and ramming his cock down her throat. She never missed a beat as she sucked his cock and bobbed up and down rhythmically on Jim's cock while being pounded in her pussy by Joe.

Joe finally shot his load in her dripping cunt and she screamed with the orgasm his load brought on. Jim wasn't far behind and soon shot his load up her ass.

Joe pulled his dripping cock out of her and Jim pushed on my wife to get his spent cock out of her ass. This in turn caused Bill to have to pull out of her mouth. Fred lay on the floor and grabbed my wife's arm, pulling her downward. Without hesitation she straddled him and lowered her ass onto his prick.

Tony needed no encouragement. He got in front of her, and as my wife lay back on top of Fred, Tony shoved his cock in her well used pussy. I handed the cam to Bill and straddled her face.

Tony came first, right in her pussy, and pulled out. With the position he was in Fred couldn't really fuck with Tony thrusting, so once Tony was out, Fred pushed my wife up onto her knees, making me leave her mouth, and began to pummel her ass until he blew his wad in her.

I took the cam back from Bill and, seeing that he was boned again, told him to pick a hole and fuck her again. Bill, without hesitation, dropped to his knees and began fucking Carla's pussy. She convulsed and trembled and moaned as Bill pumped the hell out of her. He pulled out, flipped her over and rammed it into her ass, hard and fast. In seconds she was bouncing off the floor in orgasm and he was moaning in ecstasy as he filled her ass with cum.

Hard again, Joe picked my wife up and put her on the poker table so that her pussy was at the edge and her legs were spread. Carla arched her back and let out a scream of pleasure as his nine-incher once again rammed into her. Everyone else, including me, was stroking their cocks, watching, some hard, some getting there again.

Soon Jim was tapping on Joe's shoulder. Joe pulled out before he had cum again, and Jim slipped his cock into my wife's cunt. He pumped her for just a few moments and then pulled out as Bill moved in and stuck his cock in her. A few moments later he was out and Tony was in her, then Fred took his turn.

For the next five minutes or so all five of them took turns, each just giving her several thrusts before switching places. Then each one of the guys fucked her continually until they shot their loads into her sloppy cunt.

As soon they were all done, we all sat around just relaxing in the moment and couldn't believe what had just happened. Carla was still on the table, either passed out or asleep. Just talking about it eventually got us all hard again.

When Carla sat up about twenty minutes later, she saw all of our hard cocks in the air. I figured she was done for the night, but instead she said she was gonna give all the guys a blowjob before they left!

Bill was first and it took several long minutes before he was able to shoot off in her mouth. To her credit she moaned and swallowed every drop.

Her lips had to be sore by this point but she kept right on going and moved over to Joe's cock. She sucked and massaged and sucked but, to Joe's dismay, he was completely drained and couldn't even manage to spurt, and soon lost his erection. Carla shrugged off his embarrassment and took it as a compliment that she had fucked him so completely.

Fred was next, then Jim, both cumming after not too long. Then it was Tony's turn. He seemed to last forever but finally relented and shot another load down her throat.

Carla grinned at me and said, "Your turn!"

Grinning back, I pointed the camera down at my cock and waited for my blowjob. But Carla had something else in mind. Instead of moving in to suck my cock, she lay down on her back on the floor, spread her legs, rubbed her pussy and said, "Fuck me, baby!"

Handing the camera to one of the guys I knelt down and entered her pussy for the first time that night, giving her abused ass a rest. I couldn't believe how sloppy her pussy felt with the cum of five other guys in her. For the first time in my life I truly understood the term sloppy seconds! The more I thought of it the harder I pumped her wet, dripping pussy. I hammered her so hard that she was crying out in pleasure and the cum filling her cunt was splashing out.

I continued to pound her until I shot what had to be one of the biggest loads I have ever shot deep into her sloppy cunt. I nearly lost control as I whipped her around and pushed my cum soaked cock into her mouth. She giggled and sucked my cock clean.

As she finished up on my soft cock I looked around and saw that all the guys had encircled us, stroking their dicks as they watched, but all were still soft, totally drained.

As Carla staggered off to the bathroom to clean herself up the guys started to get dressed. There was lots of chatter about the night's event again, as well as big smiles and fist bumps! When the guys got to the door, there was much thanks put upon me.

The next morning my inbox was full of emails from all of the guys, all asking if Carla was ok with everything that happened once she had sobered up.

Carla was reading the emails over my shoulder. She had been ok with everything that had happened, more than ok, and said, "Tell them that I'll see them all at next month's game."

I passed along her message to all the guys, and the very next month we didn't even open the cards. She took us all on again, sober this time, and loved every minute of it!

Who would have thought my conservative wife would become the gang bang slut she is today!

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  1. Omg that's soooo hot!! Minus the anal n swallowing I wana do this!! Always been a fantasy ;) I love giving head n fucking!!!!