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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All Male Fiction: The Initiation

By: Stu Walker

We'd selected our pledges at the frat. After interviewing over fifty applicants we'd all narrowed the field down to five choices, the cream of the crop. The requirements to join our frat were pretty specific, and potential applicants were only told of certain requirements once they had been chosen as pledges. Our frat was the frat that every guy wanted to join, and even after they were told what they would have to entail and given the opportunity to withdraw, no guy, most of them straight, ever chose to withdraw. They knew what they would have to do and were willing to do it, just to be a member of the top fraternity on campus.

All the officers were down in the basement of our house, getting ready for the final test. There were Rudy, Ben, Al, Pete and myself. We were all buck naked except for black leather masks and cock straps cinched around our equipment, tight enough to highlight four rods that collectively measured over four feet of lean, mean, horny manhood.

"Send 'em in!" Rudy signaled one of the frat brothers who was in charge of the equipment we'd need.

He opened the doors and our five pledges walked in, hands bound behind their backs, studded dog collars around their necks. They were all naked, their bodies oiled and gleaming in the dim light of the meeting room.

"Turn around," Pete barked when the pledges had lined up.

They obediently spun around, showing five hot glistening asses, bare and defenseless. A couple of them were trying to splay their fingers over their butts, but that didn't offer much protection. It helped them even less when Al walked over and threaded the ends of the ropes tied around their wrists through a steel hoop in the back of their collars, forcing their hands damn near up to their shoulder blades. There were a couple of moans, but not one word of protest. So far, so good. Maybe these guys would have what it takes to be members.

"Bend over," Pete ordered, and five assholes winked into view. They ranged in shade from rosy pink and totally bare to dark brown and ringed with fur, all different, and all equally desirable. "Legs spread," Pete continued and ten balls dangled down, some hanging low and heavy, others already drawn up tight, either out of horniness or fear. I went down the row, tying leather thongs around each set.

After they'd all been ball-tied, Ben strolled along the row, randomly fingering any hole that caught his interest. The one he liked best belonged to a well-built blond with a cherub's face and a construction worker's body. He packed the dude's hole with three fat fingers, but he couldn't get a sound of either pleasure or complaint out of him.

While Ben was doing this, I worked my way down the line, loading the initiates for the next phase of the game. I packed each tight little hole with a six-inch dildo, ramming it in to the hilt.

Once I had them all loaded, I stepped back and Rudy barked out more orders. "Point all assholes at the target and fire on signal."

A light went on across the room and a target appeared on the wall. The pledges pointed their butts in the right direction and when the whistle blew they started to strain. A couple just plopped on the floor, but a couple sailed several feet across the room. I was waiting for number five when the dark-haired pledge with a really hot ass suddenly blasted his missile. It arced high and smashed against the wall with a loud thud. Great muscle control… I wanted to handle his final initiation personally!

For the next step Al hauled out five more dildos, each one a fat nine incher. He wedged them about halfway into each hole, and then we all grabbed our leather covered paddles and stepped up to our chosen targets. There was a whole lot of groaning and whimpering and squealing going on, but every one of the new men proved his merit. We packed those rubber cocks into their holes, and then paddled their well-stuffed butts until they glowed crimson.

Naturally, I chose hot butt. Every time I'd pound the rubber stake in his hole, his balls would jiggle up and down, and I noticed that, even with a three pound weight pulling them down, his nuts were soon pulled up tight between his strong thighs. I reached in between his legs and his cock was wedged up tight against his abs.

By the time all of them were howling we moved on to the final test of our new pledges. Each man chose a hole (guess which was mine) and got ready to put them through their paces.

First, they had to take a butt plug, and then hunker down on their haunches and duck walk across the room without losing their pegs.

That accomplished, we had them back on their feet, and each pledge took turns standing while the other ones pounded them in the gut with their heads, trying to dislodge their butt plugs. Hot butt kept his the longest, making me even more anxious to sample his tight manhole with my own probe.

When it came time for each officer to choose a pledge, I motioned him over to me and made him suck me until my seven inch prick glistened with spit. Then he had to turn around and back onto my spike and get my rocks off with his hole. My only job was to be sure I didn't move a muscle to help him out.

Damn, but that guy knew how to use his asshole! He slid back on me in one smooth move, grabbed my prick with his silky channel like it was a fist and started writhing against me, his sweaty shoulders grazing my tits and getting me really worked up.

When he had me trembling on the edge, the little shit decided to tease me, staying real still until my dick had stopped flexing, then slowly wiggling his hips and going up and down onto his toes, taking me for a long, easy ride.

Once I'd relaxed into that he got to bucking, obviously relishing all the feelings my dick was giving him. I could feel the bump of his joy button and he got my knob on it and kept it there, poking himself right over the top.

His whole body tensed up when he came, tripping my trigger as well. We both pumped until he was drained out the front and dripping from the rear.

Even before the final vote I knew he'd passed the test and was in… but little did he know his training had only just begun!
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