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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All Male Fiction: Kissing Cousins

HGTV's Kitchen Cousins Slash Fiction
By: Miss Meehan

John Colaneri walked up to his apartment on the top floor of the converted building he and his family had renovated. His slightly older cousin Anthony lived on the floor below him. Anthony's parents lived one floor below him. John was tired and didn't bother to stop in for whatever dish his aunt had cooked up for her work weary men. Instead, he dragged himself up the three flights of stairs and quickly began to strip as soon as he was safely inside his apartment.

With work boots and pants already stripped off, John ran a hand through his close-cropped hair and trudged over to the fridge to grab a beer. Leaving a trail of clothes behind him, he headed for his bathroom to shower, placing the beer on the vanity while he adjusted the water temperature and prepared to wash off the day's filth.

The warm water felt good on his skin. He lathered up several times and rinsed, enjoying the feel of the water washing away foam. After a few minutes more, John turned off the water and grabbed a fluffy white towel. Patting himself dry, he grabbed his forgotten beer and headed back out to his living room to decide what to do about dinner. He was startled by the presence of his cousin Anthony standing there with a foil covered plate in his hands.

"Mom sent dinner," he announced, his eyes taking in the sight of his cousin's body.

John smiled, grateful that he didn't have to worry about dinner after all. With everyone home, he wasn't sure his cousin would be paying him a visit this evening, but it looked like Tony had found an excuse to come see him. Not that they needed one. John and Anthony had been close since childhood, despite the fact that Anthony had brothers and sisters. Through the years, their friendship had blossomed into something more; something they'd kept secret from their friends and family.

John noticed his cousin giving him the once over and didn't bother to secure the towel he was holding around him. He loved that Tony still looked at him the same way he did the first time he'd noticed his cousin was all grown up.

John cleared his throat. That action seemed to jolt Anthony out of his trance. Anthony rubbed his scruffy beard and walked over to the kitchen island and placed the plate down.

"I'll leave it here," he said, stating the obvious.

"Thanks," John replied, drying his dark hair with his towel.

"So, long day huh?"

"Yeah," John agreed, hoping that the conversation portion of the evening would soon be over.

"How about a massage?"

The suggestion made John smile. Now his cousin was talking. After a day as hard as the one they'd just had, he wanted nothing more than to feel strong hands kneading his neck, and eventually other places as well.

Anthony did not disappoint. Pulling his cousin into his embrace, Tony's skillful hands began to rub and caress, and John wrapped his arms around the slightly taller man's waist and returned the favor, letting his hands wander up and down the t-shirt clad back and then eventually settling on the back pockets of his cousin's jeans.

"One of us is over dressed," John sighed.

Anthony laughed against John's neck, kissing it at intervals as he did so. "So what are you gonna do about it?"

John needed no further invitation. He untangled himself from his cousin and gripped the bottom of his t-shirt. He slowly and methodically relieved Tony of his shirt, before working on his jeans. He could tell Anthony was toeing off his own work boots, equally anxious to be out of his own clothes. Two trails of garments now lay scattered across John's floor as he took his cousin by the hand and led him towards the bedroom.

Once inside John's bedroom, the younger partner of Brunelleschi Construction pulled the older one down on top him and let nature take its course. Anthony explored familiar territory with the same eagerness he had the first time the two of them had been together. Only this time it was with the experience of a man who knew all the ways to please another man, and not with the fumbling curiosity of the teenagers they had been the first time they had sex.

John cherished every lick, every nibble, and every touch his cousin offered up. He raised his hips to meet and grind against his cousin's rock hard dick, and enjoyed each time their twin hard-ons collided and slid against each other.
Although he enjoyed the actual moment when Tony would enter and thrust deeper and deeper inside of him, John lived for the foreplay that preceded each of their encounters. Hot, passionate kisses, exploring touches, fingers all over and inside him, got John going.
Their partnership was on equal footing. Tonight he would let Anthony fuck him. Other times it would be John doing the fucking. There was no top or bottom with them. They fucked each other according to the other's needs. Both seemed to know instinctively who needed what and how to please the other.

John felt Anthony's mouth travelling lower and lower, stopping at his navel to take playful swipes with his tongue before travelling to his intended target. The younger man gasped out his older cousin's name when the hot mouth engulfed his cock and paid careful attention to it, licking and swirling up, down and around until John felt dizzy from desire.

Fingers teased at his hole, preparing him for Anthony's leaking cock. It seemed like an eternity before Tony pushed his cock into him but it was well worth the wait. John felt the thickness of his cousin's more than ample cock and found a rhythm to match each of his cousin's thrusts. They kissed fiercely before both came within seconds of the other. Spent and satisfied, John rolled over on his side and felt his cousin spoon in back of him.

"I'll get us cleaned up in a minute," Anthony promised lazily.

John smiled and caressed the arm that was wrapped around him, holding him protectively.

"We should invite the TV cameras in for one of our sessions," he joked.

"Um, I think that would be a show for a different network," Tony murmured against his neck.

John scooted in closer, hoping the few stolen moments they had together wouldn't end too soon.

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  1. A dream come true. The 2 hottest guys on TV!

  2. Don't get why Anthony was shortend to Tony... Kinda confusing.

    1. The author did this intentionally. As TV personalities, the cousins are known as John and Anthony, and he is referred to as such in the general narration of the story. However, family and friends almost always refer to someone by the shortened form of their name - i.e. If your name is Michael, most of your family and friends would probably call you Mike - and therefore it is more realistic for John to refer to his cousin as Tony.