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Friday, May 17, 2013

Bisexual Fiction: What's Good for the Goose...

Unknown Author
My husband, Brian, and I are very much in love. Our sex life was great, very active, and fulfilling. We were both very adventurous when it came to sex, and although we had so far confined our sex life to the marriage bed, we had, on many occasions, discussed having a ménage a trois. My husband of course, like most red-blooded heterosexual men, wanted it to be with another woman. After quite a bit of persisting from my husband we finally decided to turn the fantasy into a reality, and after quite a while of searching for just the right person, my husband and I invited another woman into our bed.

Brian and I talked in great detail before it happened, and we had agreed that he would not penetrate her pussy with his cock unless I asked him to. Furthermore, Brian asked me to allow myself to pleasure and be pleasured by the other woman... as that would be much more exciting, he thought, for everyone. I wasn't bisexual at all - the thought of another woman didn't really do it for me - but I acquiesced, and we promised each other that if either of us felt uncomfortable we would stop without any drama and just end the session.

We needn't have worried so much. It turned out to be very exciting and extremely satisfying. It was wonderful for everyone. I tasted my first pussy that night, and actually placed Brian's cock at another woman's pussy and asked him to fuck her slowly. He did, of course, while she kissed and licked my pouting pussy lips, nibbling on my clit like no man has ever done. I had multiple orgasms that night; I just quit counting at three. Finally Brian finished me off with his hard cock. I must admit, I enjoyed the bisexual aspect of the evening, but I still preferred a stiff cock to a wet pussy.

After that evening, Brian and I discussed the event many times. It fueled our sex life and we seemed even closer, if that was possible. We both agreed that it was something we wanted to do again, but not something we would do often. Maybe like an exotic vacation, something you do once every few years - maybe.

Well, a couple of years went by. Brian and I remained very happy and sexually active - often in our fantasies we would invoke a threesome, or even a foursome. We talked about making our fantasy a reality again. This time I suggested we should invite another man to join us. I expected strong resistance from Brian to that idea, but surprisingly he didn't object at all. In fact he seemed perfectly ok with it. I was pretty sure he was just doing it for me since I had agreed to a woman, for him, during our first experience. Still, I had to admit, to me, the thought of two rock hard cocks at my beck and call made me flushed and started my juices flowing. Just talking about it got my pussy wet... and Brian and I fucked like a couple of horny teenagers that night.

We agreed it would be best if it was someone we didn't know, and even better if this someone was from out of town - that was Brian's suggestion.

"I don't think either of us would ever betray or cheat on the other," Brian said. "But if we chose someone local, we would kind of know them after the fact, and we wouldn't necessarily want to see the person around town after or have them trying to start a friendship with us, or even simply gossiping about what they did with us." He made a very good point.

So, together, we sat down at the computer to look through some sites.

"There are so many ads, so many to choose from," I said as we entered the first site on our search. "How are we ever going to choose?"

"Well, he needs to be good-looking, obviously. I don't want to watch some ugly guy giving it to my wife," Brian laughed. "And, I would be comfortable choosing a guy with a really big cock."

That kind of surprised me. "Why would you want the guy we choose to be bigger than you?" I asked.

"I want you to enjoy yourself. After only having my 6-incher in you for all these years, if you are going to experience another cock in you, it may as well be a really big one," he smirked.

"And you wouldn't be jealous or anything, you know with the whole male ego thing and all?"

"Nope, not at all. After all, if we're gonna do this, we may as well do it right," he grinned.

Now I knew why he hadn't even tried to object to the idea of it being another man. He wanted to see me getting fucked by a big cock. That gave me an idea. What would he do for me in return?

"Well, I appreciate that, but, what was good for the goose is also good for the gander." Now I was the one smirking.
"Huh?" Brian said looking away from the computer to me.

"Well, you and the other guy will have to enjoy each other as well."

Brain balked at that idea. "I don't think I could do that!"

"It doesn't have to be anything hard core, but you can't be homophobic either. After all, if we were all engaged with each other sexually it would be much more fun. That was pretty much the same thing you told me when we had that first threesome and I didn't think I could do something with another woman, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, but…" Brian started.

"…but nothing," I interrupted. "I did that for you because I love you and you said it would turn you on immensely, and it did. This will turn me on and is what I want. Fair is fair," I said kissing him on the cheek.

"Yeah, but…"

"…or we could just call the whole thing off," I sighed.

"No, I really want to see a good-looking guy with a huge cock fuck you," Brian said.

"So then you'll do stuff with him, too?" I asked.

"I dunno…"

"That's the deal breaker, just like it was for you, honey," I said.

"Well… maybe… I don't know."

I clicked the browser window shut.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Brian exclaimed.

"You obviously don't want to do this anymore, so there is no point in looking at the ads."

"Wait! Just exactly what would I have to do… with him?"
"I don't know… play with his dick?"

Brian gave a quiet groan of uneasiness. "I guess I could do that… if I had to."

"Maybe let him suck your cock?"

Another quiet groan of uneasiness. "I… I suppose I could get through that if that's what it will take to make this happen."

"Maybe suck his cock? Get it all ready to go in my pussy."

"Uh-uh, no way! I'm not sucking another guy's cock! Not even to see a really big cock fuck you!"

"Ok, ok, calm down! As long as you are ok with jerking him off and letting him suck you, that's fine. It's more than I ever thought would happen."

"I'm not exactly ok with it, but I'll do it… for you. Oh, and I'm not kissing another guy or taking anything up my butt!"

I laughed and reminded him that he was very often anxious to have anal sex with me.

"That's different!" Brian objected.

"But you'll do those other things?"

Brian nodded reluctantly.

"Thanks, honey," I smiled, kissed him on the cheek and then opened the browser again.

Just like with the woman, it took us quite a bit of time and searching to finally find just the right guy, one that we both agreed on. He had a full body, shirtless pic in his ad. He was a handsome guy, and looked to be in really good shape, too. Among other things, his ad stated that he was 28 years old, and that he was hung, but it didn't give a measurement. We exchanged emails and asked some questions.

The name he gave was David, and we found out that he was from out of town, but didn't mind making the hour drive to meet us, if we decided to do so. It was perfect!

We asked about his size. He told us he was nine inches and thick. He offered to send a picture of his erect cock and we readily accepted. He seemed to be telling the truth, and I couldn't have been happier. Brian was pretty happy, too.

He then asked for a picture in return so he could see what we looked like, so we sent him a few G-rated ones. Brian and I are both attractive and in great shape, and he must have thought so too, because he agreed to meet with us. So we arranged a meeting at a dark and cozy bar near our home for the following Saturday night.

When the night arrived, I was fairly nervous. I could tell Brain was too, although it was undoubtedly for a different reason. He was likely thinking about the things he'd have to do with another guy, while mine was more of a nervous excitement. We dressed for the evening; I wore a low cut dress that showed off my ample but firm breasts. I thought about not wearing panties, but then decided that would be too slutty, so I picked out a pair of lacy purple Victoria Secret thongs I particularly liked.

We arrived at the bar about seven-thirty. David was already waiting for us in a corner booth. The bar was not very crowded. We all smiled when we saw one another, and we went over to the booth and slid in, me first and then Brian, leaving me sandwiched between the two men. We ordered drinks and started talking.

We hit if off right away. David said he had a hotel room just a few blocks from the bar - we knew the place, it was really nice - and said if we all decided we wanted to go ahead with our plan we could go to his room. Brian and I had discussed earlier whether or not we should bring a strange man into our home. We had a nice place - the weather was really warm and we had an outdoor Jacuzzi - so we let that remain an option as we sipped our drinks and chatted.

We ordered another round of drinks. Brian suggested perhaps David and I dance. I looked at the dance floor and nobody was on it. I felt a little self-conscious but David held out his hand and we got up and danced.

I wasn't a big drinker, so even though I had only had one and a half drinks, I was already feeling a little tipsy. David took me in his arms and held me close. He pushed his hips against me, and for the first time I allowed myself to feel another man's cock pressing against me. He was very much a gentleman but the atmosphere was really sexually charged and I couldn't stop myself from thinking about his cock. I wanted to see it. I wanted to touch it. He ground his hips against me and I was sure I could feel his cock growing hard. I looked over at Brian, and was surprised to see a big grin on his face. I was willing to bet my husband's cock was getting hard too!

When the song was over, David and I sat back down. Brian had another round of drinks waiting for us, so I finished my half-full drink and started on the third. I felt Brian's hand on my leg, and I saw David look down and notice. Then Brian nodded to David and he put his hand on my leg too. Both of them massaged my leg under my skirt and started to slowly rub my thighs.

I think I let out a little moan, and I felt my body arch just a little toward the advancing hands. What the hell, I thought, it was dark, I was getting horny, and this was our plan. So I put my right hand on Brian's lap and my left hand on David's. I could feel both their cocks were semi-hard, and I felt them both stiffen as I sensually rubbed them.

Both their hands were now way up under my dress. I felt Brian's hand touch my pussy lips, and then suddenly David's hand on the other side. It sent a small bolt of electricity through me and I moaned and arched again.

I felt Brian take David's hand and press it palm down against my pussy. "Slide a finger in her pussy," he urged in a whispered voice.

I was getting hot, really hot! I slammed down the rest of my drink and panted, "I think we need to get out of here and go somewhere more private."

"Should we go to our place?" Brian asked.

We all agreed. Brian and I let David know that we felt it would be best if he left before morning, no matter how late things might go. His hotel was literally less than ten minutes from our house, so it wasn't a problem.

As David followed behind us in his car, I wanted to make sure Brian was ok with this still. I didn't want him to feel insecure or like he was being forced in any way.

He didn't on either account. "I just want you to have a really fun night," he said.

"I plan too," I grinned. "But you have to have a good night, too."

Believe me, when I see him sticking that huge cock of his in your pussy, I'll be having a great night, don't you worry."

"That's good, honey, I'm glad that will turn you on, but don't forget what will turn me on, what we discussed, what you promised you'd do."

"I haven't," Brian spit out reluctantly. "But I'm gonna need a lot more booze in me first!"

We got to the house quickly. Just in case, Brian and I had stocked the liquor cabinet with good booze, which was obviously a good idea, based on Brian's comment in the car.

The Jacuzzi was warm, but not hot. I told the guys to get comfortable in the Jacuzzi and that I would bring out some drinks. Brian said he'd take care of the drinks, but I insisted. So, the two of them headed outside.

Through the window I could see them talking, and watched them undress. I was so anxious to have both those cocks I could hardly stand it! Both of them got naked and climbed in. I made one drink for each of us and then filled a bucket with ice and placed it, our drinks, along with the liquor bottle and a bunch of soft drinks on a tray, grabbed some towels, and went out to join them.

Setting the large tray down, I handed them their drinks, and then I started to undress, taking off my dress, slowly, like a strip tease, and then whipped off my panties and climbed in the Jacuzzi between them.

We sat very closely in the Jacuzzi, me in the middle of course, and just drank and chatted for a bit while hands were on legs and thighs under the water. The two guys drank way more than me and were soon feeling no pain.

When David stood to cool off a bit, it was the first time I had seen his cock in the flesh, so to speak. It was already semi-erect, and already larger than Brian's hard cock. It already looked to be about seven inches and it wasn't all the way hard yet! Brian was about three quarters stiff too.

I didn't waste any time. I took Brian's cock in one of my hands, and David's cock in the other. David's cock continued to grow in my hand. The head of his cock was big and purple and I licked the tip of it. I gently pulled Brian forward by his cock, bringing him up out of the water and over to stand in front of me. I then pulled David over in front of me in the same fashion.

With both men standing naked in front of me, I turned and licked the tip of Brian's beautiful prick. This cock I knew well. Then I pulled them closer until I could put both cocks in my mouth at the same time, but, instead, I rubbed their cockheads together. Neither objected, and I licked the two cocks at the same time.

I sucked them both momentarily, both cocks squeezed together in my mouth. Both grew all the way hard quite rapidly now, and David had told the truth about his size. He was definitely about nine inches long, no bones about it, and the difference in size between he and my husband was very evident. David was not only bigger, but thicker, too. I put David as deep into my mouth as I could, and licked his rock hard shaft while I was pumping Brian's steel rod with my other hand.

Brain started massaging the back of my head and neck while I was sucking on David, urging me to take him slow and deep, while David reached down and started massaging my breasts. I continued to pump Brian's cock with my free hand while I started using my other to play with David's balls as I sucked his cock.

Brian leaned over and kissed the top of my head, and then he kissed my neck, and then nibbled my ear while I was sucking David's cock. David moaned loudly and leaned over and started nibbling my other ear. Brian then threw me for a momentary loop when he kissed on my lips while they were wrapped around David's cock! I had asked Brian to participate, but I wasn't sure he would actually follow through, and I certainly never expected him to do something like that! I guess the booze helped him lose any inhibitions he had, even more than he expected. It got me hornier than I already was, which I didn't even think possible!

Brian pulled away and said, "Why don't we all go inside where it's more comfortable?"

We got out of the Jacuzzi, hot and very horny. I kept my hand wrapped around David's thick, long cock as we walked into the house while Brian massaged my neck and shoulders. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass as we walked.

We got to the bedroom rather quickly, and Brian told me to lie down in the middle of the bed. I did so and Brian climbed up on one side and David climbed up on the other. They both started rubbing my breasts. My nipples were so hard and sensitive it sent shock waves through my body. David was kneeling near my head, and Brian soon moved to lie down in a sixty-nine position and started to slowly lick my pussy. I was so wet already. I felt his tongue circle my clit and I took David's cock as deep in my mouth as I could. I was in heaven.

Brian's cock was poking me in the back of the head while he was eating me and I was sucking David, so I turned and took Brian in my mouth.

David looked down at me with lust in his eyes. "Do you want to help me," I asked.

"Sure, if that's ok with Brian."

"It's ok with Brian, isn't it honey,"

"Yeff," Brian answered into my cunt.

David wasted no time and leaned over and started licking Brian's cock on one side while I licked the other. I took David's cock in my hand and started pumping. Brian looked up when he felt both tongues on his cock, and just moaned and buried his face in my pussy again.

I turned my attention back to David's huge cock as he swallowed my husband's rock hard prick. I have never seen a man suck another man's cock and that, in combination with Brian expertly licking my pussy, brought me quickly to orgasm.
Brian stopped licking and got up on his knees. He grabbed David's cock around the base while the rest of it was still in my mouth – another shocker for me - pulled it out, and guided David's body between my spread legs. He positioned David so that he could rub David's cock between my pussy lips. Back and forth, slowly, sensually he rubbed that big hard cock between the lips of my hot, dripping, horny pussy, painting the big knob with my juices. Then Brian started licking my pussy again while he pushed David's cock into me, just the head at first, but a little deeper each time. My pussy was aching to have him deep inside of me, and while I did arch my back and push my hips and pussy against Brain's face and David's cock, Brian wouldn't let it go all the way in.

Brian shocked me yet again as he began licking David's cock and my pussy at the same time, and then I felt him guide David's cock deeper inside me. Three inches... four inches... five... then Brian got behind David and held his hips as he pushed David all the way into me. I felt David's big hard cock penetrate me deeper than my husband or anyone ever had. Brian was cool with it and started moving David's hips, causing David to start fucking me slowly, deeply. It was as if my husband was fucking me with another man's cock! It was hot but only lasted a few moments before Brian crawled back up to my head and gave me his cock to suck. I swallowed it eagerly.

I couldn't take all of David's cock in my mouth but I knew I could take Brian's.
Watching me deep-throat my husband, David started to fuck me harder and deeper. I was crazy with desire. I had another orgasm - a big deep orgasm - and I felt the walls of my pussy grab David's cock, contracting over and over, pumping his tool. I felt his cock swell even larger as he sped up his pace and pounded me deep and hard, until he let out a loud grunt as I felt his cock spurt loads of hot cum deep inside me. Over and over his cock contracted and sent festoons of jism deep within me.

Brian started to fuck my mouth now as he watched David get off inside my pussy.

Knowing that big cock was filling me up with hot cum was too much for Brian. His cock swelled too as he emptied his balls down my throat. I eagerly drank spurt after spurt of Brian's cum while David was still slowly grinding his softening cock into my wet, dripping pussy.

We all collapsed on the bed for a bit, and then decided we'd clean up, have a bite to eat, another drink, and then maybe climb back into the Jacuzzi… we never made it out of the bed.

After David left, Brian said he didn't want to wait a couple of years to do this again. He wasn't exactly drunk anymore, either.

"I suppose the next time, you'll want it to be with another woman again," I said.

"Yup, definitely want another woman there next time… and another man, too," he grinned.

The next day we were already looking at ads on the computer for a likeminded couple to help us experience our very first bisexual foursome!

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