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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Straight Fiction: Room with a View

By: Dougnchris

She finished her dinner, keeping an eye on the window at the end of her kitchen table. She liked having the furniture arranged this way because it gave her a great view while eating, and she knew it would be perfect for later. It was not quite dark yet... it would probably be another half hour or so. She rinsed her bowl and put it in the dishwasher, wiped off the table and took a last look around to make sure things were neat.

He stabbed at the button in the elevator for his floor. He was pissed that he had to work overtime, but he had managed to get things wrapped up so he could get home before dark. Anyway, working overtime was a good excuse not to go out with the guys for a beer. For the last week or so, getting home quickly had been a priority.

She opened the box from Victoria's Secret and admired the cream-colored silk camisole and the matching thong, and then went off to shower.

He hurriedly unlocked his apartment door, walked in, and threw his briefcase on the chair. He looked out the window… still about twenty minutes of daylight left. That gave him enough time to gobble down pizza from last night and go through the mail.

She lathered herself with the luxurious French milled soap she received years ago as a gift, but had been keeping for a special occasion. She loved the feel of the hot water unwinding her muscles, and her fingers on her body.

He had thrown most of his mail in the garbage, put the cable bill on the desk, and tossed his plate in the sink with the others. He peered across the street - an alley really - and noticed that she had moved the furniture in her kitchen. Strange for the kitchen table to be up against the window, but he remembered that he too had recently changed his furniture around as well, and his big leather chair also faced the window.

She stepped out of the shower and toweled off. She released the clip that had held her long blonde hair out of the water, and brushed her hair with long, luxurious strokes. She stepped into the thong and brought it up to her damp mound. Was she still wet from the shower or already wet for what awaited her? She didn't know, and frankly didn't care. She slipped the camisole over her head and looked at herself in the mirror. Her ample breasts filled out the camisole nicely and her nipples were more than visible through the thin fabric. She turned to her closet and considered her shoes.

He untied his tie and hung it on the rack. Next was his white shirt, and then he hung his trousers in the closet and removed his socks, leaving him in only his black boxer briefs.

Her stiletto heels clicked across the hardwood floor of her living room as she moved to extinguish the lights. It had been dark for about ten minutes, but with the drapes drawn it was tough to tell.

He turned off the lights in his apartment, except for the floor lamp next to his chair. He settled in facing the open window, put his drink on the end table and waited with anticipation. He only had to wait a few minutes.

She walked into the kitchen and switched on the light to the ceiling fan directly over the table.

As the light came on in the kitchen across the street, he sat up and began paying attention, knowing he was in for a treat.

As she headed to the fridge, she peeked from the corner of her eye and noticed that he was in his usual spot, under a single light in an otherwise dark apartment. She knew that with the fridge directly opposite the window he had a perfect view of her as she opened the door. With her feet about two feet apart she bent over at the waist to reach the produce drawer. She hesitated for a moment as though she were picking just the right snack, giving him a good view. She separated a banana from the bunch and closed the door.

He could feel himself getting harder, and he slipped the head of his growing cock through the fly of his BVD's, giving him easy access and allowing plenty of room for expansion.

She playfully bit through the end of the banana peel and headed for the window. Opening it provided a gentle breeze and removed the glare from her light… the better to see into the apartment across the alley.

He admired her from his seat not more than thirty feet away, but far enough to provide all of the anonymity that a pair of sensible, professional twenty-somethings needed to unleash their fantasies without worrying about commitments. In each of the three or four episodes they had shared, each got more interesting, and seeing her with that banana between her teeth told him that this was going to be no different.

She looked directly at him as she slowly unpeeled the fruit, giving him a mental image of something far more alluring. She lightly licked the tip of the banana, starting to experience its taste and texture between her lips and teeth.

He was now fully erect, his cock now protruding even more out of his BVD's. He ran his hand over his chest, his fingertips providing the sensation of light touch over his hard nipples and firm pecs.

She was pleased to see that she was making him fully hard, and nearly as long as the fruit she was enjoying. As she focused on the circle of light across the street she eased the banana into her mouth. She was totally relaxed and easily allowed the entire six or seven inches of fruit into her mouth and throat.

He allowed his fingers to wander lazily down the line of hair to his navel, and began gently stroking the tip of one long finger under his exposed cockhead, heightening his arousal without moving too quickly.
She watched his hand move across himself and imagined her own hand, her own tongue making that same route. She felt her mound continue to swell and a bit of dampness on the front of her thong. As she sat on the edge of the table directly next to the window, she let the wet fruit trace her jawline and closed her eyes, imagining it was his tongue. She guided it down her neck to the lace-trimmed edge of her camisole.

He had to catch his breath as he watched her slip the banana between her breasts, a place he had often imagined his cock. He stood from his chair and slipped the briefs off of his hips and, with some difficulty, over his erect cock. With his left hand he leaned on the window frame as he took his hardness in his right hand and stroked slowly, showing her how effective her seduction was.

Following his lead, she raised the camisole over her head revealing her large white breasts against her dark sun-tanned skin. She slipped a hand into the waistband of her thong and began to explore, remembering to keep her body in front of the window and her legs spread wide to give him the best view.

He rubbed a finger along the thick vein on the bottom of his cock. He felt it grow another fraction and began to stroke its length up and down again.
The sight of his handful of hard cock had a predictable effect on her and she quickly slipped the thong down to her ankles. She lay back on the table, propping herself on one elbow so that she could still see him, while giving him a perfect view of her hot, wet, very swollen pussy. Her fingers explored her lips, slowly opening her throbbing cunt.

Knowing he would be unable to stand during climax, he sat back in his chair, watching her move and imagining that it was her stroking his cock. He saw her body jump and knew that her fingers had found her clit.

As her fingers moved quickly on her swollen clit, she resisted the temptation to close her eyes. His pace had increased and she knew that he did not have much longer. Her breathing became a series of moans as she watched him pleasure himself.

His hips began to buck as he enjoyed the visual sensation as well as the touch of his hand. His cock was turning a bright purple under his grip. He loosened his hand and pumped a few more times. The hot semen jumped to his chest in thick gobs.

The sight of him cumming sent her over the edge and she felt a hard orgasm come from deep within her. Her entire body lurched, and the fingernails of her left hand dug into the edge of the table.

He milked the last of his jizz from his cock as he watched her climax.

She lay still on the table, catching her breath and enjoying the blissful post-orgasmic feeling throughout her body. Eventually she sat up and smiled at her 'partner.' She mouthed to him, "Tomorrow?"

He nodded enthusiastically, turned off the lamp and headed to the shower to clean up.

She got off the table, threw the banana in the trash, turned out the light and headed to her bedroom to dress.

Up and down both sides of the alley, all their neighbors turned their lights back on.

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