"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All Male Fiction: The True Meaning of Fuck

By: xxcole

Kevin and Pete had gotten back to the hotel room a little worse for wear after an evening of beer at the 'Beer Festival'. The two buddies both tumbled into the one double bed in the room, exhausted and drunk, more than disappointed that they hadn't scored any tasty women to finish the night off with a good fucking. But then they thought that maybe the following night would perhaps be a little more productive. Both passed out almost immediately.

After a couple of hours sleep, Kevin started to come around, and his movement roused his friend Pete. Both lying on top of the bedding, fully dressed, it was clearly evident both had awoken sporting a couple of hard-ons in their jeans. This, of course, was a normal occurrence for sleeping males, but in this case both guys were also extremely horny after having scoped out all the scantily clad women at the beer festival.

"Oh! Fuck, Pete, I'm so fucking horny! Why the hell couldn't we get some pussy tonight?
Pete, half awake, rubbed his straining crotch and agreed that a juicy cunt would be something of a treat, as he was already oozing a copious amount of pre-cum.

"I'm gonna have to get off," Kevin said struggling to get his cock out, right there in front of his buddy. "My balls are fucking full of spunk."

Pete propped himself on one elbow to watch as Kevin pulled his thick, long, rigid cock from his jeans. "That's a pretty nasty fucking hard-on, buddy," he said. "I pity the poor cunt you'd have pounded with that fucker, if we'd gotten any."

Kevin was stroking his cock in his right hand as he used his left to help him wriggle his ass out of his jeans, so that he could grasp his balls at the same time. "Fuck, Pete, this feels fucking great."

Pete, unable to contain himself any longer, pulled down his own jeans and started stroking his juicy cock to full stiffness.

"Nice dick," Kevin said, smiling from ear to ear.

Their drunken state was surely the reason behind their lack of caring that they were jacking off their cocks right next to each other. It was also likely a major factor as to why they hadn't scored any pussy, as they were both good looking guys. Both about six foot, though Kevin was perhaps the bigger built. He had muscle, which was shown off by his totally smooth body, including his crotch, and a firm ass. Pete had a very smooth, defined body, but a hairy cock and balls, and a real bubble butt of an ass.

"Fuck, Pete," Kevin said again, stroking his cock back and forth slowly, "if I was a fucking queer I'd be gobbling on that juicy cock of yours right about now."

Pete was quick to answer. "Yeah? You horny fucker, I bet you'd fuck me stupid too, wouldn't you?"

"You wish!" Kevin chuckled.

The more the boys stroked the more they talked, and at last Pete suggested a mutual jerk off, which, after further discussion, Kevin said he was willing to try.

It was Pete who took Kevin's heavy cock in his hand first. It felt hot and meaty; he grasped the base and then moved his hand right to the knob, squeezing it gently before starting to stroke the shaft back and forth. Kevin began to sigh with pleasure and grabbed Pete's cock to give him the same treatment. They pumped each other for some minutes, each stopping the other if they feared cumming.

"This is so fucking good," Kevin said. "We're fuckin' cock whores now, fuckin' queer boys, but I don't fuckin' care."

"Bet you'd love me to suck your cock now, wouldn't you?" asked Pete, already moving his head down to Kevin's rampant prick.

Before Kevin could answer, his cock was in Pete's mouth and was being tongue lashed and slurped over good and proper.

"Oh! Shit, Pete… that feels soooo fucking fantastic, you fucking horny cunt. Suck it hard, suck it fuckin' hard!"

The cock was hard alright, and Pete loved the feel of it against his tongue, hot and juicy and stiff as a poker. Pete had never sucked a cock before, but had often wondered what it would be like. Now he was finding out for himself, and he loved the taste of his buddy's cock and was wondering why he'd never tried it before.

"Kev," he said between slurps, "your cock tastes fucking great, so fucking great."

Kevin was wriggling his toes in pleasure as Pete managed to deep-throat his cock down. "Fuck! Fuck! Let me try it, too!" Kevin panted and turned on the bed so that they were in a sixty-nine position. He took Pete's cock into his mouth, sucking at it frantically.

"That makes us both fuckin' queer boys now," Pete said, grabbing Kevin's cock and deep-throating it again.

Kevin came up for air. "Not quite, buddy," he gasped, jerking Pete's cock, "It's not queer unless you stick it in a guy's butt," he said reaching a hand over his buddy and fondling his ass.

"Yeah?" Pete said withdrawing the saliva dipped knob from his mouth. "In your fucking dreams!" he laughed.

The two best friends then got back to some sixty-nine slurping again, and both were getting very close to cumming.

"You better not fuckin' cum in my mouth," Kevin said around Pete's cock, trying to wrench the swollen dick free, but it was too late. Pete was already pumping a ball sac of seed onto Kevin's tongue.

"Fuck!" screamed Pete. "I can't stop cumming!"

Kevin, unable to avoid the surge of spunk coating his tongue, let loose his own stream of man-juice, which Pete immediately took into his mouth, greedily.

Pulling the cock from his mouth, Kevin looked down at Pete, who was gulping his cum down and smiling from ear to ear. "You are a fuckin' queer, Pete… a total fuckin' queer."

"No I'm not," Pete said pulling off the now drained cock. "I haven't fucked your ass yet," he grinned.

"Yeah, you keep dreaming," Kevin laughed in response, and then got up to take a shower.

After Pete had showered as well, the two of them were extremely quiet and a little embarrassed about the whole cocksucking session. Soon they both fell back to sleep.

The next day, each took another shower and then they made off into town for the second day of beer swilling at the famous Belgium festival.

The day seemed to fly by and it was well into the evening now, and neither of them had mentioned what had taken place the night before, but it was obvious that it was still very much on their minds. Their attempts at picking up some women for a midnight fuck were at most 'feeble', and it was the walk back to the hotel, and the vast amount of alcohol they had consumed, that finally loosened up their tongues.

"You know what happened earlier?" began Pete at last. "Well… I kind of liked it," he admitted.

Kevin remained silent for a few paces before he responded to his friend's confession. "I thought it was the fuckin' best blowjob I've ever had."

They walked on a few paces more before Pete spoke again. "Yeah, I can't explain why, but I loved how that fuckin' hard cock of yours felt in my mouth."

Kevin suddenly pulled Pete into a dark alleyway and kissed him full on the lips, pushing his tongue into Pete's mouth.

Pete, although surprised, responded to the deep tongue, pulling Kevin's body close and clinging on to him tightly. "We don't need pussy to get laid," he said breathlessly as he guided Kevin's hands to the back of his jeans to feel his ass. "I want to feel your cock in me, fucking me."

"Oh! Fuck!" Kevin panted, nibbling around Pete's neck. "I want to fuck you so bad!"

The two of them almost ran back to the hotel room, and once inside began tearing at each other's clothes in a frenzy. Pete threw himself ass up on the bed and spread his ass cheeks wide. Kevin frantically spit in his hand and greased his hard cock, and then shoved his saliva prepared knob towards Pete's willing crack.

"Fuck me Kev! Fuck me like you mean it!"

Kevin's prick stretched Pete's tight hole, slowly edging its way past the sphincter. "What a fucking tight fit, Pete! This is so much better than a sloppy cunt! God it feels fuckin' great!"

Pete was groaning softly as his buddy's big cock finally made the journey up his asshole. He wanted it so bad, it didn't even hurt all that much. "Oh! Kev. It feels so fuckin' big, but so fuckin' good… so fuckin' good!"

Kevin pulled his cock back and shoved it forward again. Pete sighed with delight, and so Kevin began shunting his cock back and forth deep into his best buddy's tight man-hole.

"That's it… oh! It feels so good. Yeah, so good. Yeah, fuck me! I wanna feel truly fucked, like a queer boy. Fuck me with all your might. Give me that big cock!"

Kevin was only too pleased to oblige. He'd never had such a good fuck or such a tight hole gripping his shaft. "We should have done this before. We just had no idea what we were fuckin' missing," Kevin said, picking up a faster pace.

"Yeah!" Pete agreed, "Who needs women when you can have so much fuckin' fun without them. Oh, god, you're making my ass throb and my balls tingle. Yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Kevin reached around for Pete's stiff dick; he found it and began fisting it in rhythm with his fucking. "You like that?" he asked.

Pete was beside himself with lust, wriggling his butt towards the advancing cock, milking it with his ass muscles, and working his cock in the hand that now enveloped it. "Yeah, oh fuck yeah! I love it! I want your cum! I want it so much! You gotta shoot all your cum in me. I want all of that hot spunk in my ass. Please cream my fuckin' hole!"

Kevin was ready to give Pete his cum alright, and he began fucking his buddy's hole faster, harder, his balls slamming against Pete's eager nuts, until at last he let loose a stream of creamy hot cum deep inside Pete's asshole.

Pete was also creaming, his own cock jerking madly beneath him in Kevin's stroking hand, sending jolts of cum across the bedspread.

The two of them were bucking out the jizz in the last throes of a frantic fucking. Kevin's cock must have tossed eight streams of man-cream up Pete's hole, while Pete's reckless cock was flying jets of jizz like a pulled 'party popper'.

At last Kevin settled down heavily on Pete's back, his cock slipping out of him. They lay like that for a few minutes, each catching their breath, as rivulets of cum trickled from Pete's battered fuck hole.

Kevin finally rolled off of Pete, collapsing to the bed, with Pete crashing down beside him. "That was fucking hot!" Kevin smiled. "Maybe we can forget the beer tonight and you can fuck me, too."

Pete, ass throbbing, smiled back. "Why wait until tonight. Twenty minutes and I'll be fuckin' stiff as a board again."

The two good friends rolled together in an embrace, and Pete found Kevin's puckered asshole and slid a finger in. It felt hot and tight. "I need something bigger than that," Kevin grinned.

Pete kissed him, their tongues lapping together. They kissed and fiddled around for some minutes before Pete's prick gave in to another fine erection.

Kevin was eager to feel the cock in his ass, and used his mouth to soak it with lots of spit. Then he positioned himself over it, lowering himself down slowly, until the full length was embedded deep inside him. It felt good. He wanted Pete's cock and he wanted it fuckin' hard. He grabbed hold of Pete and pulled him on top, making sure that the hard cock up his ass didn't slip out. He wrapped his legs around him, and grabbed his ass cheeks. "Fuck me! Fuck me like I gave it to you, buddy," Kevin urged.

The resulting fuck was frantic to say the least. It was a rabbit fuck, a fast blitz of a fuck, burning Kevin's greedy asshole until the cum came again. And even then, Pete continued to pound his buddy's asshole, almost as if punishing him, fucking his cum-load deep into Kevin's pummeled ass, but Kevin loved every thrust, every inch of that cock tearing into his gut. They kissed, they rolled from one position to another, but the fucking was relentless. Pete's stamina was something else. He just kept going long after the last jolt of spunk had shot, creaming Kevin's asshole into a thick mush of cum.

At last it was over, and the pair of them separated, panting like a couple of randy bulls. The bedcover was a mess of cum splatters, both assholes were spunk splattered, too, and the sweat of two hungry fuck hounds trickled around emptied balls.

Were they queer now? It was a question neither could answer; they only knew that they had at last found the true meaning of fuck!

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  1. Very hot!
    Especially their reciprocating -- they both give, they both take.