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Saturday, August 31, 2013

All Male True Experience: Blown Away

By: Antonio C.
I regularly go jogging down by a river that borders some woods, always commando and in wide leg soccer shorts. The feel of the fabric rubbing on my jiggling cock as I jog always makes me semi hard. This usually results in my making a detour into the woods for a quick jack off session.

Recently, I found a small clearing near the river's edge, which was hidden from view by some bushes. The grass was untouched and hadn't been trampled, which indicated that this clearing wasn't really used by anyone. It was a great private and secluded spot for some unhurried dick stroking. Being that it was also open to the sky, it made for a good place to sunbathe naked as well.

One hot afternoon, I stopped at my spot and was soon naked and enjoying a nice, slow jack off session. Since I knew I didn't have to rush, and not wanting to cum just yet, I took a break, closing my eyes and enjoying the warmth of the hot sun on my naked body.

I must have fallen asleep at some point because suddenly I was opening my eyes to a wonderful sensation. Raising myself onto my elbows, what I saw left me blown away. A hot, young, tanned guy was on his knees in between my legs and was sucking my cock.

Moments later he noticed that I had awoken, and removed his mouth from my dick. He began stroking my spit-slicked dick, saying what a nice cock I had. His other hand was massaging my balls, and moments later he slipped a finger into my asshole.

This put me over the edge and, with a gasp, I started shooting my load. He quickly leaned forward and swallowed my cock, catching it all in his mouth as he fingering my ass more rapidly.

After licking me clean he just smiled and walked away. I felt satisfied beyond belief, but I was still rock hard and began to gently stroke my cock again.

I still stop at that clearing almost every time I go jogging, for a nice, slow stroke session, always hoping I will run in to him again or maybe get caught naked and jacking by another guy, but I haven't seen him or anyone else since.

I have, however, left lots of cum loads in that grassy clearing in the woods.
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1 comment:

  1. I wish I were the guy sucking. Great story.