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Thursday, August 29, 2013

All Male Fiction: The Wrestler

By: MrCreamJeans & Ryan Michaels

Rich was at that age. His biological clock had reached the time in a guy's life when his cock stands to attention at the least provocation. He had never paid much attention to his cock before, except to notice in the school locker room that the other guys had all sprouted hair long before he finally did. His health class textbooks called him a "late bloomer" and tried to reassure him on things about which no boy his age is ever sure.

But one thing he was sure of, his cock had a mind of its own when it came to getting hard. All his life he had dressed UP, that is, he wore his cock pointing up inside his briefs. It never bothered him before, but now, with his prick's newfound sensitivity, it was a cause of some real problems. It was a vicious cycle - His cock would get hard, swelling his fly and poking against his underwear, then as it would (finally!) go soft, its extra weight would cause it to fall off to one side as he walked. It would get caught in his shorts, and he would reach down and give it the quick tug it needed to bring it upright.

But even that little extra stimulation would make it get hard again. As a result, he spent a lot of time adjusting his crotch and walking around school with a tent in his pants. And what a tent! His hard-on was exceptionally large for a guy his age, and made quite a bulge.

His buddies, most of who had already outgrown this stage, took the opportunity to poke fun at Rich quite frequently. They eventually came to know that even if Rich didn't have a boner, if they started talking to him about it, he would soon get one. Then they could laugh and point at the embarrassed Rich as he tried (usually in vain) to conceal his big, throbbing hard-on from their gaze. Of course, some of them would occasionally "lose control" and get hard, too, despite themselves. They were usually the ones making the most noise about Rich. Only one, Johnny, was ever caught, much to Rich's relief at the time.

But there didn't seem to be any long term relief in sight for Rich. Part of the problem was his parents - strict religious types who warned him about the dangers of "touching yourself down there," and who forced him to sleep with his bedroom door open. Frightened by their tales of what happened to wicked boys, Rich had never jacked off, and his only relief was through wet dreams. Rich loved the feeling of waking up with his hips grinding into the bed, and feeling his hot semen running and gushing into his briefs. He would always clean up very thoroughly afterwards, and hope his mom didn't spot the stains on his briefs. However, he always relished the relief he felt afterwards, even if he wasn't fully sure why.

Rich had joined the wrestling team before this problem started. Several of the guys on the team were now his chief tormentors, and among them was Johnny.

Johnny wasn't particularly large or strong, but he was very good-looking, and was known for his pranks and his way with the girls. It was Johnny who once announced to the other team members in the locker room that Rich had worn his jock all day in an attempt to restrain his boner. (Johnny had also done that but would never admit it, of course.) It was the last time Rich would try that.

And on this day, it was Johnny that the coach picked to wrestle against Rich in practice. The other boys on the team were paired off and the coach signaled them to take their positions. Rich went down on all fours at once, tacitly recognizing Johnny's dominant role, knowing it would end up this way even if he protested.

Johnny reached around Rich's waist and asked him, in a mocking tone, "You gonna pop a rod while we're wrestling, Richie?"

Rich's only response was, "Shut up," but just the question began his heart thumping. A tremor of near panic swept through him - wrestling class was the one place he had never gotten hard. Now that the thought had been planted, would he be able to restrain himself? He winced as, seconds before the coach blew his whistle for them to begin wrestling, his cock began to tingle. No, not NOW! he thought. He knew his wrestling tights would conceal nothing if he lost control.

"Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeee," the coach's whistle blew.

Before Rich knew what hit him, Johnny had flipped him over on his back. But rather than trying to pin his shoulders, which he should have been doing, Johnny had one leg planted between Rich's legs with his thigh pressing right into his dick.

"Ummmph," Rich grunted as he wriggled out of the ineffective hold. It may have been ineffective as a wrestling hold, but it was having another kind of effect that Rich definitely wanted to avoid. Seconds later, however, Johnny had him in another hold, this one a bit trickier to get out of, and one which allowed Johnny to grab Rich's balls from behind. Rich realized that Johnny was being very careful not to hurt him, and also suddenly realized that his cock was undeniably growing hard in his jock!

Rich quickly broke free, and managed to flip Johnny over and loop one arm behind Johnny's knee. The position had Rich laying with his pelvis on the mat, and as Johnny struggled, the shifting weight of Rich's body massaged his rapidly stiffening prick into the mat. Johnny broke free, and during the ensuing struggles he managed to plant a hand firmly in Rich's crotch. His hard-on had been discovered!

Both boys froze. Rich looked into Johnny's face and saw a smirk of recognition. Johnny wrapped his hand around Rich's boner and gave it a squeeze. Rich's heart sank, expecting his partner to stand up and announce his condition. Instead, Johnny went back to wrestling. Rich, not knowing what to expect anymore, followed suit.

Johnny's strategy soon became clear, however. He was rubbing Rich's cock at every opportunity. His holds always seemed to include some sort of pressure against the trapped, throbbing boner Rich so fervently wished would subside.

But soon, Rich was wishing for even more self-control as a certain tingle warned him of something potentially more embarrassing than just getting a hard-on. That feeling he got when he was lucky enough to wake up from a wet dream just before he began to shoot, that feeling of his balls contracting, his prick jumping, the tightness in his lower abdomen, all that was starting to happen.

Now Rich was wrestling with a new strategy, to keep his cock out of the reach of Johnny. He flipped over on his stomach, but immediately regretted the move. Johnny pounced on him, looping one arm under his, and the other in between his legs. Rich expected to be flipped over from this hold, but instead, Johnny was holding him on his stomach and grabbing his balls.

Rich was in a panic. He didn't want to have an accident right there on the mat, but his ability to hold back his semen was weakening. He suddenly remembered that his last wet dream had been several weeks ago.

He managed to grunt through clenched teeth, "Cut it out!"

Johnny paid no attention. Rich held himself stock-still, realizing that it would only take one move to trigger the explosion waiting to take place in his balls.

Just then, the coach blew his whistle, yelled, "Hit the showers!" and walked out of the gym.

Rich breathed a sigh of relief as he felt Johnny remove his hand and start to rise. His first priority was to get the pressure off his bucking hard-on. He tentatively lifted his body onto all fours, as in the original wrestling position. He was keenly aware of the feeling of his jock pouch straining to hold back his throbbing hard-on. While he debated with himself about standing up with a terribly obvious lump in his wrestling tights, suddenly Johnny was back on top of him, assuming the referee's wrestling position! But there was a difference. The arm wrapped around Rich's waist reached all the way around to his cock!

Johnny stroked the boner a couple of times and breathed in Rich's ear, "Ready to go again, Richie?" Then he laughed and stood up.

For Rich, it was all over. When Johnny stroked his cock, the first squirt of sperm came shooting out of his cockhead, right into his jock and tight wrestling gear. Unable to restrain himself, he emitted soft sobbing noises as his overheated rod released huge globs of jism. The hot white goo was shooting out in such copious amounts that it was soaking through the pouch of Rich's jock, through the spandex of his wrestling tights, and was dripping down onto the mat, making a milky puddle.

Johnny watched in amazement. He shouted, "Hey guys! Check this out! Rich is creaming in his gear!"

Soon he was surrounded by the whole team. They taunted Rich as they watched him, down on all fours, with cum dripping on the mat underneath him.

When he finished cumming, Rich raised his body up, still on his knees. The sight caused a tremendous roar of laughter from the team. There he was, with a huge wet splotch on his wrestling tights which covered the whole area around the prominent bulge of his still erect cock. There was a shiny white glob at the tip which now began dripping down the outside of the tights.

Rich was not laughing. He glared at Johnny in teary-eyed rage. Then he bolted from the gym, not wanting to add crying to the things the other guys could tease him about. He ran to the locker room, threw his clothes on over his cum soaked wrestling gear, and ran off the school grounds, heading for home.

He had to hang around the park for a while, to allow the wet spot that had soaked through his jeans to dry some before he could go home. Besides, he'd have a tough time explaining to his mother why he was home early.

That night, he was unable to convince his mother to do an extra load of laundry which was to include his wrestling outfit. So he laid out the tights on his chair and hoped the stain, which was still damp, would be less obvious by morning.

The next morning the outline of the stain was still detectable if you were looking for it, and his jock pouch was stiff and stained as well. Rich debated just not bringing them in to school at all. But even after what happened, he still did not want to jeopardize his place on the team, so he rolled them up and put them in a paper bag to take with him.

On his way to school, he heard running footsteps behind him. He turned around and it was Johnny!

"Hey, Rich..." he started.

"Fuck off! I don't want to talk to you!" Rich said angrily.

"Hey man, I just wanted to say I'm sorry, and I told all the guys to lay off you about what happened," Johnny said.

"Oh, yeah?" Rich still sounded bitter.

"I'm telling you, no one is going to say anything about it. And I really am sorry about making you do that, but I had no idea you had such a problem with self-control."

"Yeah, ok," Rich said, glumly. "I bet everyone at school already knows about it anyway."

"No man, we all agreed to keep it to ourselves," Johnny said.



"Well... thanks, I guess," Rich said, somewhat relieved.

"And listen, I'd like to help you with your control problem. Why don't you come by my house after school today?" Johnny asked.

"What do you know about it?" Rich asked skeptically.

"Hey, I used to get boners all the time too, until I found out how to control them," Johnny responded.

"Yeah? How?"

"I'll tell you tonight. See you in gym!" Johnny said as he headed for his first class.

Rich didn't know what to make of this development. Johnny had always been the first to tease him if he got hard, and now he was offering to help. But help from any source would be good, Rich reasoned, as he felt his dick start to tingle just before he walked into his first class. He managed to get to his seat before it swelled to complete hardness in his jeans.

In gym, Johnny was true to his word. Nothing was said about Rich cumming the day before, although he did catch a couple of guys staring at the jagged tracks of the cum stain on his gear.

After school, Rich and Johnny walked together to Johnny's house. As he opened the front door, Johnny explained that his parents weren't home, and weren't due back for several hours.

The boys went up to his room. There was a long, awkward silence.

"So... like... do you ever jack off?" Johnny finally asked.


"You know, beat off? Pull your pud?"

Rich still looked bewildered.

In exasperation, Johnny said, "Do you ever rub your cock up and down until you shoot off?"

Rich blushed hotly and denied ever having done it.

"Well, that's the first thing. You're gonna have to start jacking off whenever it starts getting hard a lot."

"But I can't! My folks told me it was dirty," Rich said.

"Awww, that's a bunch of bullshit! All the guys do it. I bet even your dad used to do it, probably still does," Johnny laughed.

Rich giggled at the thought, too.

"You've never made yourself cum?" Johnny asked.

"Not really, except... well..." Rich hesitated.

"C'mon, you can tell me. You want help don't you?"

"Yeah... well, sometimes I wake up from dreams and it happens then," Rich admitted.

"Well, that proves it. If you're having wet dreams, then it means your balls want to be emptied. So, do you know, like, how to do it?" Johnny asked.

"No, not really."

"You've got a boner, don't you?"

"Yeah..." Rich admitted sheepishly.

"Well, take it out of your pants," Johnny commanded, quite matter-of-factly.

Rich was shocked and just stared, wide eyed, at Johnny.

"C'mon!" Johnny said. Sensing Rich's hesitancy, he added, "I'll take mine out, too, if you want."

Now Rich's head was spinning. He had expected just to be told how to do it, but he didn't expect a "hands-on" training session. Finally, he started opening his pants.

Johnny, thinking that his own offer was what made Rich agree, opened his pants, too. After a short struggle with cloth-entrapped boners, both boys sat there with their hard-ons poking out of their flies.

"Now, wrap your hand around the shaft and slide it up and down like this," Johnny said as he demonstrated his own masturbation technique.

Rich made a clumsy attempt to follow his teammate's lead, but Johnny could see he wasn't getting it. Johnny reached over and took Rich's prick in his hand and began stroking it for him.

At first, Rich was shocked, but when he felt Johnny's expert hand rubbing his boner, he couldn't concentrate on anything but the feeling.

"Wow," he breathed.

"Now don't go shooting off without telling me, ok?" Johnny warned.

"Ok. Let me try it now," Rich said. Johnny released his hold, and Rich began stroking his hard-on the way Johnny had. It felt great.

"The other thing you ought to try," Johnny said as he resumed stroking his own cock, "is wearing different underwear. If you go around in Jockey shorts with your cock pointing up all the time, it's bound to get hard a lot."

"Those are the only kind of shorts I have," Rich replied.

"Well, I'll loan you one of mine."

Rich had seen Johnny in the locker room before and remembered that he usually wore trim boxer shorts. He had wondered what they would feel like against his cock, and decided that they would probably cause him even more hard-on problems. But he was willing to take Johnny's suggestion and try them.

Johnny's stroking was becoming faster. His breathing was becoming heavier, too. "If it feels good... you can do it... faster... like this," Johnny breathed.

Rich tried it. It did feel better. "I think it's gonna come out pretty soon," he said.

"Well, let me get you something to shoot into," Johnny said. He stood up and went to the other side of the room to get a towel, his boner wagging in front of him.

Seeing cool, good-looking Johnny walking around with a hard-on sticking out of his pants like that excited Rich tremendously. He suddenly sat straight up, grabbed his cock hard and said, "Oh wow!" Johnny turned around just in time to see his prick squirting a big glob of cum into the air, which landed on the floor next to his bed.

Johnny quickly grabbed a towel and threw it at his orgasming student. "Here, catch it with this!"

Rich caught the remainder of his jism with the towel. He was shooting huge wads of sperm as his hand steadily gripped his erupting cock.

Johnny stood in front of him, jacking his cock very fast in an effort to catch up with Rich. The last of Rich's cum was dribbling out of his cockhead when Johnny said, "Gimme the towel." Rich handed him the towel and watched Johnny's cock begin squirting, right at eye level! Johnny's back arched as he thrust his hips almost in Rich's face, shooting his load of boy-cream into the already cum-drenched towel.

When Johnny finished shooting, he sighed. "Well, that's what it's all about, Rich," he said. "Are you gonna try it?"

"Yeah!" he said, enthusiastically. "That was fun!"

Johnny stuffed his cock back into his pants and went over to his dresser. He opened a drawer, pulled out a pair of his boxer shorts and handed them to Rich. "Try wearing these tomorrow. See if that helps."

"But how am I going to get these home?" Rich asked as he took the shorts. "I can't just walk in carrying another guy's underwear."

"Well, why don't you put them on over your briefs and just wear them home?"

Rich took the advice and found himself walking home wearing two pairs of undershorts. The thought of it was very exciting as was the thought of wearing another guy's shorts at school tomorrow.

That night, before going to bed, Rich modeled Johnny's shorts in front of the bathroom mirror. As he did, he thought about that one time Johnny was caught with a boner. He imagined that these were the shorts he was wearing when it happened. Almost instantly his cock sprang into complete hardness inside Johnny's shorts. His cock was still pointing up, but now it was pointing out as well. Looking at his side view in the mirror, Rich could clearly see his cock shaft through the opened fly of the shorts. He flexed the muscles in his cock and watched it jump under the thin fabric.

He wrapped the fabric around his cock, and jiggled his hand up and down. As he pictured Johnny earlier that afternoon jacking his cock off in his face, he couldn't help stroking his cock more intensely through his friend's underwear. Before he massaged his prick enough to make the juice come out, though, he took his hand away. He wiggled his hips at the mirror, wagging his cock back and forth under the soft cloth. The teasing sensations against his cockhead were driving him crazy. He reached down and gripped his stiff dick in the shorts and gave it a couple more strokes. He hadn't realized how close he was to...

"Oh, no!" he muttered, as he watched his hard-on begin squirting jism into his friend's underwear. Syrupy white cum bubbled through and the light blue fabric around his cockhead turned dark. He was so surprised by his sudden ejaculation that it didn't occur to him to take his cock out until it was nearly finished. By that time, Johnny's shorts were a hopeless mess.

Rich wiped up as much as he could, then put his robe back on and went back to his bedroom. He knew he'd have to wear the shorts the next day, because Johnny was expecting to see them. But he couldn't leave them out to dry where his parents might see them. Finally, he laid them out on the floor on the far side of his bed, and resolved to put them on first thing when he got up, whether they were dry or not.

Johnny's boxer shorts were dry, stiff and stained when Rich put them on in the morning. He was horrified when he saw how obvious the stain really was. He quickly got into his pants and shirt.

School was hell that day. His cock got hard more than ever. His mind was whirling with the events of the last couple of days. And every time one came to mind, his cock would tingle and twitch and harden once again. And the boxers were no help, because now his cock was sliding around more, getting more and more sensitive.

Gym class is coming up and this boner won't go down, he thought. And then I'm gonna have to strip down to Johnny's shorts with my sperm stains on them. And what if Johnny sees? Oh, jeez... go down! Go down!

Rich was futilely trying to will his cock to go soft when Mrs. Schaeffer called on him to stand up and answer a question. She was an old woman, and had old-fashioned ideas about classroom procedure. Every student would stand when answering a question. Rich knew there was no use arguing with her. So, with his unyielding erection was poking violently at the front of his pants, he stood up to answer the question. Seconds later, he and the whole class heard a hoarse whisper from the far side of the room, "He's got a BONER!"

Rich blushed hotly and looked down at his pants. The strong upward curve of his stiff penis looped up next to the fly, while the looser boxer shorts allowed the tip of his prick to poke sharply into his pants. It was incredibly obvious. The class broke into assorted laughs and giggles, and Mrs. Schaeffer told him to sit back down, and that he was to stay after school today. Rich didn't even feel it. He knew in his gut the worst was yet to come.

It was time for gym, and his prick still hadn't gone soft. He hung around the entrance to the locker room as long as he dared. He wanted to have the locker room somewhat cleared out before he went in. He got a little anxious and went in too soon - everybody was still there. Now he began stripping very slowly, willing his cock to go down while he removed everything except his pants. Finally, most of the guys on his aisle cleared out, and he took off his pants. As he put them in his locker, standing there with a tent in those boxer shorts, Johnny's voice rang out in the locker room.

"Hey Rich! I see you got my... Holy shit!" he exclaimed when he saw the lump. His first instinct was to let everyone have a look, but he remembered his promise to help Rich, so he moved closer to shield Rich from view. "Sit down, man," he told Rich. "It'll help hide it."

Rich did as he said, and sat there nervously waiting for the rest of the guys to leave. Finally, there was no one in range, so he stood up and prepared to take off the shorts.

Johnny stopped him. "Wait a minute! What's this?" he demanded.

Rich wanted to die. He looked into Johnny's face in hopes that he was asking about something else, but it was as he feared. Johnny was looking straight at the stain Rich had made on his shorts.

"What'd you do, sperm off in my underwear? Those were my best shorts!"

Rich stood there, wringing his hands in front of his crotch, shifting his weight from side to side, looking like he had to pee in the worst way. His cock was aching, it was so hard.

"It was a wet dream, honest!" Rich invented. "I couldn't help it."

"It was, huh? So it happened in your sleep?"

Rich nodded his head.

"So if you were awake, you would be able to hold back your cum, right?"

"Yeah... sure I could!"

Johnny looked around quickly. The locker room was empty. He reached down and grabbed the end of Rich's hard-on through the material and began stroking it gently.

Rich gasped.

"Now remember, you said you could hold it back. You better not mess up my boxers again," Johnny said, stroking Rich's cock with more force.

"Uhh... I don't think you should do that!" Rich warned.

"What's the matter, you gonna shoot off or something?"

"Yeah. I will if you... keep that up," Rich gasped.

"I don't believe you'd cum in my underwear again on purpose, would you?" Johnny now had a driving, unstoppable rhythm going on Rich's boxer-clad cock.

"I-I'm gonna... UNNNGG! Aww! Noooooo! Unh! Unh! Unh!"

A powerful orgasm swept over Rich. The pent-up frustration of the entire day was shooting out through the tip of his cock as wet, white, gushing cream. He was once again drenching Johnny's shorts with cum.

Johnny kept playing with his squirting cock until the orgasm subsided. Then he ordered, "Get out of my boxers."

Chagrinned, Rich skinned down the shorts.

"Hand 'em over," Johnny demanded and Rich complied.

Then Rich saw something that blew his mind. Johnny quickly took off his gym clothes except for his jock. Rich noticed there was quite a bulge in the pouch of that jockstrap. Johnny whipped his hard cock out of the side of the pouch and then put on the cum soaked boxers Rich had just taken off!

Johnny jammed his hand inside the waistband of the shorts and began furiously jacking himself off, with the head of his cock pressing right into the sopping wet cum stain the other boy had just made. It wasn't long before he grunted, thrust his hips forward, and unloaded a huge wad of spunk in his shorts. Some of the cum ran down the inside of the front of the saturated boxers and dripped out the leg hole, landing on the locker room floor.

Rich watched in amazement. When Johnny was finally through, Rich looked at him quizzically.

Johnny looked down at the messy underwear he was wearing, looked up at Rich, then looked down at the floor. "I was hoping you'd cum in my shorts, Rich. That's really why I loaned them to you," he admitted.

When Johnny looked up again, Rich was grinning from ear to ear, for he realized that he had just bonded in a very special way with the very guy who used to torment him.

From then on the two were inseparable. Not only did they hang out after school jacking off, helping each other jack off, and cumming in each other's shorts, but they also groped, teased and stroked each other's cocks whenever they were teamed up during wresting practice, sometimes one or both even sperming their wresting gear.

They got teased at first, of course, but Johnny came up with a plan to put a stop to it. Just as he had done with Rich, Johnny would grope and grind each of the other wrestlers' cocks into the mat, eventually forcing them to cream in their gear. Most were too embarrassed to tease them after that, and some he had to blackmail with the threat of telling everyone at school about it. But he didn't stop there. He did the same thing to each guy every time he was paired up with him on the mats until eventually not only did his other teammates seem to enjoy it, but they also starting doing the same to him, and each other. Although they sounded much the same, the grunts and groans normally heard on the wrestling mats were now grunts and groans of guys happily spearming their gear.

Rich still gets hard-ons all the time, but no one ever teases him about it anymore, for they all get hard-ons all the time now, too… the minute they walk into the locker room for wrestling practice.
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  1. This is the hottest story I've read on here so far. Reminds me of my high school days with some of my jack buds. That was many years ago but I still enJOy it very much alone as well as with my partner of ten years.

  2. This was a real HOT HORNY story