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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Straight Fiction: Park Patrol

By: blvlcop
It was a beautiful summer night, and I was on patrol on the waterfront with my new partner, Reg, a 6' 6" all-muscle black guy who had just gotten home from the Marines.

We were checking out the big park on the river, which was closed at dusk, and I noticed a white minivan parked in one of the parking areas by the water. I've found hundreds of cars parked there at night and it was always a couple of kids fooling around, and we normally just scared them and sent them on their way.

I shut the lights off in the patrol car and quietly pulled up behind the van. My partner and I got out and slowly walked up on each side. The windows were down, but the front of the minivan was empty.

As I moved to the side of the vehicle to look through the open window of the sliding side door, I saw a blonde woman going to town on some guy's cock while he lay on his back, the back seats having been removed. She was around forty years old with a smoking body. I shone my light across the other side and noticed another boy banging the blonde doggy style. Both boys looked to be eighteen or nineteen, and became startled by the flashlight and jumped up with worried looks on their faces.

The blonde didn't look worried at all and instead just looked at me with lust filled eyes and began to pant as she jerked off the cock she had been sucking.

I had to admit that I was really turned on and my cock was well on its way to becoming rock hard. I looked over at Reg, who was standing near the back of the vehicle, and he just smiled an evil smile, and then I said, "You can continue, but we get to watch."

Reg had other ideas, though, and opened the rear door, hopped into the back of the vehicle, and shoved the boy who still had his cock buried in the blonde's pussy, causing his dick to slip out as he stumbled backwards. I saw Reg drop his uniform pants behind the blonde and saw at least ten inches of uncut black meat that had to be about six inches around about to pound this poor deprived housewife.

"Let me show you how to really fuck a cunt," he said to the boy and then slipped his huge cock inside her in one push. "Fuck! This horny slut's pussy is soaked!" he groaned as he began to fuck her.

I opened the sliding door and stepped in and told the other young guy to move out of the way as I pulled out my seven and a half by five inch uncut cock. My size may have been more modest compared to Reg's, but I was still quite a bit bigger than both of the young guys. The one that had been in her pussy had about five and a half inches, and was quite thin, thickness wise, while his friend that had been in her mouth was only about five inches, and was of average thickness. Unlike Reg and me, both of the young guys were cut. If she was enjoying their barely average cut dicks, she was going to really love our much bigger, thicker, uncut pieces of meat.

The blonde went down on my cock for all its worth, slobbering and sucking my nuts between sucking my shaft. As she blew me, I noticed the she was jerking the boys off with her free hands, while Reg was now pounding her fast and hard, burying all ten inches deep inside her with every forward thrust.

Pretty quickly one of the boys yelled he was going to cum and the blonde pulled her face from my cock and jerked the boy off all over her face and tits. It was too much for his friend, too, and he started to shoot and she jerked him off all over her, catching a most of his load on her tongue.

Pounding the blonde's dripping pussy while watching all that was going on around him had Reg ready to blow, too. He pulled out and she dropped down and took a huge load that covered her tits and stomach.

I was the only one left to cum and I began to fuck her face as hard as I could, then announced I was cumming and pulled out. I've always been a huge cummer and this one was no exception, covering her hair, face and tits. The blonde just lay on the floor of the van covered in cum.

I went to the car and got some wipes to clean myself off and gave some to the others, too. The blonde was having some difficultly in cleaning herself up, as there was way too much cum all over her body. I told her next time she came back, there was going to be a lot more where that came from.

Now she 'visits' the park after hours two or three times a week, and my partner and I are always there waiting, ready to teach her a lesson for being in the park after hours.
Author's Note: This fictional story is based on an actual event that I experienced in my job as a cop. Basically, I was on patrol, alone, came across a man and woman in a minivan smoking up in the park at night. The woman, about 40 and high, propositioned me with an offer of a blowjob to look the other way. I accepted (believe me, cops get propositioned all the time, and cops getting blowjobs on the job is way more common than you know). We got in the back of the minivan, she blew me, while the guy, about 18 or 19, watched, beating off, until she started jerking him off at one point. I've no idea what a 40 year old woman and an 18 or 19 year old guy were doing together. Maybe he was supplying her the weed. Don't know if they had ever had sexual contact prior to the hand job she gave him. Didn't really care. "Reg" is the guy I work with when partnered up, and he was in the Marines. I have seen him naked in the changing room before and he is hung long when soft. I've heard rumors that he's got ten inches, hard. Although I am straight, the idea of seeing a guy of his alleged size using his 'weapon' is something I would love to see live, and that is where that inspiration came from.
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