"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Thursday, August 8, 2013

All Male Fiction: Security Hole

By: Ryan Michaels
Based on the popularity of "Birthday Surprise" at time of posting, I wrote this story with a similar theme. Enjoy. ~Ryan 
As a security guard on the graveyard shift at the local hospital, part of Evan's job was to do security checks throughout the entire building. As he made his rounds, Evan had initially walked into the men's room for no other reason than to take a leak. But as he gave his rod a couple of shakes after draining his bladder, he felt that familiar tingle and thought about whether or not he should jerk it off while he was there.

That thought lasted only about a second as his hand almost absent mindedly began to slowly work his cock. He wasn't the least bit worried about doing it in a washroom at work, let alone right at the urinal, despite the fact that it was a public washroom used by both visitors and staff.

The reason for his lack of concern over being caught in the act of self-pleasure while at work was simple: this particular washroom was in an older part of the building, a part of the building that was currently under renovation. Due to this, the number of male visitors using that particular washroom had greatly declined, and that was during the day. It was the middle of the night now. There was no staff working in the area at night and, obviously, no visitors in the area, either.

With no concerns of being caught, and the knowledge that he wouldn't be missed, as staff simply called his phone if they needed him rather than coming to look for him, he began to think about that hot nurse that worked on the fourth floor, imaging what his cock would feel like shoved deep inside her pussy. That got him hard almost immediately… not that it ever took him very long to get hard anyway.

As he began to work his now hard cock at a steady rhythm, he started to get that feeling like someone was watching him. He shrugged it off, chalking it up to being in an old, dingy, eerily quiet washroom in the middle of the night. But the feeling remained, got stronger. He looked over his left shoulder and then his right. No one was there. Of course he knew no one would be.

As he quietly laughed out loud to himself over how jumpy he was acting, he saw something move out of the corner of his eye. He immediately turned his head to the left and saw a round hole about the size of a doughnut in the wooden divider that enclosed the toilet stall. It was at crotch level. Evan knew exactly what it was, and was surprised he hadn't seen it until this moment. He knew it was never there before, when the washroom was used much more before the renovations. But he didn't have time to go over why he hadn't noticed it when he'd walked in, or when it was put there, for through the hole he could see an eye, unblinking and staring hard.

As a security guard, his first thought should have been that no one should be in that area of the building at that time of night and to find out who it was. But instead his thoughts were focused on whether or not he should yank up his pants to hide his hard-on from the voyeur that was staring at it in all its glory, or if he should just go back to stroking it and put on a show for the anonymous watcher.

Evan was hung, and like most hung guys, he was damn proud of his equipment, and he got off on other guys checking out his big, uncut cock. Although, that was always when he was soft, like in a locker room, not when he had a full-on boner! Showing your hard cock to another guy was gay, and Evan was straight. Still, almost as though he couldn't control himself, he started getting aroused by the idea of a nameless, faceless stranger watching him jerking off. He had unconsciously kept his hand on his meat this entire time and slowly began stroking himself again. All the time, the eye stayed firmly fixed on Evan's large prick.

What the fuck am I doing? Evan wondered to himself a few minutes later. Here he was, jacking his big dick for another dude!

As this thought ran through his mind, a drop of pre-cum dripped from the end of his cock into the urinal. When this happened Evan heard movement and looked over at the hole. There he saw that the eye had moved away and had been replaced by a pair of lips being licked by a tongue. The mouth then opened wide, almost as wide as the hole itself.

Evan's first reaction was to pull up his pants and run out of there, but his feet stayed firmly planted in front of the urinal, his face staring at the hole, his hand pumping his big cock.

Oh man, a blowjob would feel so good right now, Evan thought. But it's a guy. If only it were a girl. Ha-ha what would a girl be doing in the men's room?

Evan stared almost longingly at that open mouth imaging how good it would feel wrapped around his hard, throbbing piece of meat. If it wasn't a guy on the other side he'd have his cock shoved in that mouth so fast… then it hit him.

It is just a mouth. It's not like I can see him or like I'd have to do anything to him. It would really be no different than sticking it in a girl's mouth under the circumstances, he thought. And if it is just a mouth, and I'm not doing anything to him, then it's not gay.

As these thoughts went through Evan's head the open mouth at the hole closed and whispered, "Come on, let me suck it for you," and then went back to its wide open position.

After justifying why it was ok for him to do it, hearing those words was all the further invitation Evan needed. He stepped over to the stall divider and put the tip of his dick to the hole. A tongue flicked out expertly and began swirling around the head.

"Oh fuck," Evan muttered in response to the instant pleasure that tongue was delivering to his cockhead.

"Closer," he heard the other guy say. "Move closer. Give me all of that cock."

"You got it, man," Evan replied. All hesitation was gone the minute he felt that tongue swipe across his swollen cockhead.

He thrust his hips forward and shoved his stiff prick all the way through the glory hole. It was instantly engulfed by the hot, wet mouth on the other side of the wall. Evan was lunging faster now and the tip of his cock was ramming against the back of the guy's hungry throat. The blowjob, the location, the taboo, it was all too much for him.

"Yeah, cocksucker!" Evan moaned. "Take it. Take my fuckin' load! All of it! Right down your fuckin' throat! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Moaning loudly, Evan shot his heavy load into the anonymous cocksucker's eager mouth, spewing jet after jet of hot cum between the guy's lips as he rammed himself hard against the wooden partition. The hungry cocksucker swallowed greedily, draining every drop of Evan's big load out of his big cock.

Like most guys, after emptying his nuts Evan didn't feel all that horny anymore. He just wanted to get the hell out of there before the guy came out of the stall. He quickly pulled up his pants and bolted for the door.

As he sat in the security office, he didn't really regret letting another guy suck his cock. After all, the reasoning's he went over in his head were still true. What worried him was that the guy who sucked him off knew what Evan looked like. And, given that it was late at night, it had to have been an employee. For the remainder of his shift, every time he saw a male employee he would wonder if he was the one who had sucked his cock, and that made him feel a bit uneasy. He vowed that he would never go back to that washroom again.

However, as he did his rounds the very next night, his cock began to twitch as he neared that washroom. Without any hesitation, he pushed through the door hoping that hungry little faceless cocksucker would be there again. He wasn't. And, the reason was obvious the minute Evan stepped into the washroom – the hole that just last night had a hot, wet willing mouth pressed up against it had now been boarded up. Evan was more than disappointed, but still horny as hell, and he went to the urinal and pumped his big cock until he shot a load all over the porcelain.

For a long time afterwards, Evan went back to that washroom on a nightly basis, hoping to find the hole uncovered again, and the cocksucker waiting for him. Deep down, though, he knew that would never happen. So, instead, he would jerk off at the urinal each and every night, thinking about how good that blowjob had felt, and longing for another one.

That wish came true just a short while later, when Evan found out, through alcohol induced revelations, that his good friend Ryan was bisexual. He felt that as a straight man with an over active libido, a man who was always in need of a dick sucking, and after his experience in that washroom, this news could be of great benefit to him. And so he asked his friend if he'd be into sucking his cock, explaining that he was straight and the limitations of the request. And, of course, being a cocksucker, his buddy readily, and very excitedly, agreed. Seconds later Evan's big, uncut cock was down his buddy's throat.

Evan was worried that when his buddy sobered up he'd pretend it never happened, or that the friendship would be strained or ruined. But that wasn't the case. Ryan was still very eager to suck his cock again, and Evan quickly turned his buddy into his own personal cocksucker, using his mouth whenever he wanted a blowjob.

What Evan didn't know is that long before the two co-workers had become friends, it was Ryan's hot, wet mouth wrapped around Evan's big prick on the other side of that stall wall in that old, dingy washroom.
©2013 by Ryan Michaels

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  1. Great story, I had a few encounters with co-workers that were bi and str8 back when I was working 3rd shift.

  2. Hot I miss glory holes

  3. good glory hole story...all the right mix...horny str8 guy, big cock, public sex, a little dirty talk and keeping the cocksucker in his place...oh yeah!