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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All Male Fiction: The Sailor in 1-C

By: Unknown Author
My mom passed away when I was seventeen. It was hard to handle, but I was kind of relieved that the suffering of her long bout with cancer was over for her. My dad went totally to pieces, though, and his drinking got worse.

Dad wanted to sell the house, more to escape the memories than for the profit. I begged him not to. I'd lived my whole life in the rambling old house with the big front yard. When dad was approached by a contractor about building some rental units on the lot, I was all for it. The contractor and I both worked on dad, and, to my surprise, he finally agreed.

By the time we got the bank loan, and the contractor had laid the foundation and slapped up the six terra cotta apartment units, I was eighteen and a high school senior. With dad still drinking, I got involved in some of the chores. Since we lived close to the Naval Air Station, I called and listed the rental units with them. I managed to get all of the units rented out fairly quickly after that.

My favorite tenant, though, was Tom, a young sailor. I had rented 1-C to him and his wife. Tom was twenty-two, and about the best-looking man I'd ever seen. I became infatuated with him. He was tall and had a solid, muscular body and the most beautiful blue eyes. Unlike the stereotypical image of the blonde, blue-eyed sailor, Tom had dark brown hair.

Not too long after they moved in, at night, when I was home alone, I heard a lot of noise coming from their apartment. It sounded like lovers' quarrels. I listened in sometimes - he called her a slut and she called him a queer.

Despite his obvious marriage troubles, Tom was always friendly whenever I saw him. My crush on him grew. He was so damn good-looking! I'd recently started to really notice guys, especially some of the jocks in the showers at school. A part of me wondered if I was turning queer, but the larger part of me denied it. I told myself I was just checking out the other guys, making comparisons. Of course I was lying to myself, and I knew it. Guys aroused me.

I knew guys aroused me, because when I whacked off at night I wasn't thinking about getting in to girls' pants, my thoughts had been about naked jocks. But, since I'd met Tom, he was the one I beat off over. If I lived a thousand years, I never thought I'd ever get a shot at him. He was so macho, I was sure he was a hundred percent straight… but there are no boundaries on dreams.

One night while I was beating off, fantasizing about Tom, I heard a loud noise coming from their apartment. Not just yelling and screaming - they were throwing things at each other.

A taxi pulled up out front. Peeking out the window I saw Tom's wife get into the cab with a suitcase. Tom stood at the door in his white t-shirt and white boxer shorts, telling her to go and not come back.

"Fuck you, faggot!" she yelled back.

I'm basically kind of shy, but I got the urge to go to Tom to try to console him. I pulled on my t-shirt and jeans. Truth was, I really wanted to look at him in his underwear up close. Barefoot, I walked up to Tom's apartment and knocked on the door.

"Get lost, bitch!" he yelled.

"Tom, it's me, the landlord's son."

He opened the door. "What's up, kid?"

"Uh, I heard the noise, just wondered if you were okay."

"It's Wendy. She left me."

"She'll be back. I'm sure she loves you."

"No way. Besides, I don't want her back. The whole marriage bit was a big mistake. C'mon in."

I sat on the couch beside my idol and got a real stir in my crotch, seeing his hairy legs and the slit in his boxers. Minutes ago I'd been beating off over the sailor. "Wanna talk about it?"

"You're just a kid. Ah, what the hell. I had to marry her, or at least someone. The Navy was investigating me. Remember that scandal about the sailors making porno movies? Well, I did that for the money and fun… although they never showed my face."

"You fucked girls in videos?"

"No, it was guys."

I was dumbfounded. Tom fucked other guys? Unbelievable.

"All kinds of people in the world, kid. I figured if I got married, that would get me off the hook. Wendy used to work at the bar near the base."

Was he trying to tell me something, that he was queer? Just thinking about Tom fucking some guy in a porno movie made me horny and jealous at the same time. I wanted him all to myself. With Wendy out of the way, maybe it was possible; maybe my dreams would come true. "You could have anybody you wanted, with your hot looks," I said.

"And with my big cock," he grinned. He grabbed his crotch, and my cock raged in my pants.

"I figured you had a big one." I don't know why I said that.

"You wanna see it, kid?"

"Yeah!" I replied excitedly.

Next thing I knew Tom took my hand and placed it right on his crotch. I could feel the heat from his cock. The mound was huge, rigid, and palpably throbbing. I let my hand rest on that slab of meat, wondering what it looked like, getting shivers from the thought.

"Take it out."

I freed his soft, fat, uncut cock from his boxers. It started to grow. Soon it was a fat eight inches long and about five inches around. I'd never seen another hard cock besides my own. My hands yearned to touch it, to trace the veins that snaked along the surface, to intimately know all the contours. My fingers twitched.

"Play with it. Go ahead, it's cool. Don't think I ain't had my eye on your cute little butt ever since I moved in."

I jacked the young sailor, and he closed his eyes and moaned. "Oh yeah, jack that big cock. Like it, don't you?"

I nodded, and my fingers fell naturally into the rhythm they used on my own slab; quick, tight motions that rapidly pulled at the taut-stretched skin and made the piss-silt dilate farther as the cock itself grew even fatter in my hand. The swollen shaft burned under my touch, and the heat seemed to travel into my hand and right up my arm.

He opened his lust-glazed eyes. "Let's see what you're packing, kid."

The sailor ripped open the fly of my jeans, and my boner sprang out. It wasn't as big as his, but almost.

"Jeez, big things come in small packages." Tom then pulled me down on the floor into a sixty-nine position.

He showed me things I'd only dreamed of before. His swirling tongue deftly swabbed my tender cockhead and I mimicked his actions. He licked my cock; I licked his. He gobbled up my meat, I gobbled up his. The only difference was that I gagged a little, but I was determined to follow his lead and pleasure him. He sure pleasured me. The excitement alone was enough to get me off… my first blowjob, giving and getting.

I licked eagerly at his massive meat, tightening my lips around the bloated cockhead and sucking, harder then I needed to, at first. Gradually I got the hang of it, as well as getting the hang of taking him to the back of my mouth without gagging. I loved feeling that swollen monster surging in and out of my mouth while his hot mouth worked me over.

Lord knows I wanted my first blowjob to last, but I was too excited, and I blew my load pronto. Feeling me get off, he popped his own load.

I was ready to go back home and beat off all night long, remembering every detail of my very first blowjob, a blowjob given to me by a hot sailor, but he wasn't through with me yet, not by a long shot.

I'd been sucking his cock through his fly, but now he shucked his underwear, and then he stripped me naked, and took me into the bedroom. He laid me on my belly and greased me up with lube. When he fingered my hole, I nearly creamed again. Then I yelled out when he stretched open my hole with his cockhead. The pain was searing, and that was just the head of his cock! Yet at the same time, it was the best thing I'd ever felt. I wanted that sailor cock up my ass like I'd never wanted anything before in my life, and it was then that I told him I was a virgin and asked him to go slow. He assured me that he would, and he did.

Soon he was giving one final push and was all the way inside of me. It hurt like hell! He just lay there, holding it in me and moved his head to my ear and said, "I just took your cherry, kid, and once you get used to it in you, I'm gonna ride you so hard you won't be able to walk straight for a week!"

I was scared and turned on by that all at the same time. However, I took comfort in knowing that he hadn't said it in a malicious way, but more as a kind of raunchy warning to a virgin that he was about to experience what man-sex was all about… and that made me hotter, made me want it even more, despite the great discomfort I was feeling in my ass at that moment.

When Tom began to slowly pull his cock out, I squeezed my eyes shut tight and bit my lip to keep from vocally giving in to the pain. But, as he slid back in, pulling out a bit more each time before going back in again, something strange and wonderful happened. The pain started to go away and was being replaced by a feeling that goes beyond words! I let out a moan for the first time, and Tom must have taken that as his cue that I had adjusted to his meat in my ass, because he began to fuck me a bit faster, taking deeper strokes. I loved it and soon found myself bucking my ass back eagerly at him.

"You like that dick in your ass, huh?" he said.

"Yes," I panted. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Yeah, are you sure you're ready for me to really give it to you?"

"Yes! Show me what it's like to really be fucked!"

"Okay, you asked for it, kid!" he said and then, throwing aside his early caution, he began to power-drive his big cock in and out of my churning guts.

I loved it, and my newly initiated asshole was begging for more. As Tom thrust into me, twisting his hips as he skewered inward, I ground my ass up at him. He long-dicked me with insistent strokes, and my asshole took everything he had to offer.

Suddenly I knew I was about to cream. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum!" I screamed out, and then continued with a thought I had planned to keep to myself but, in the sheer excitement of the moment, I blurted it out loud instead, "I can't believe I'm gonna shoot my wad with a big cock up my ass!" Tom chuckled at that and then I gushed and gushed all over the sheet underneath me.

I could feel my hole spasming around the sailor's cock as I came, and obviously he could too, because as my balls were draining, he yelled out, "Oh fuck, milk that big cock with your ass, work for your first load up your hole! Oh, fuck yeah! I'm shooting my hot fucking jizz up your cherry asshole. Take it! Take it all! Unghhhhhhhhhhhh!"

I felt the hot cum flood the inside of my ass, and it felt incredible! Then I felt his cock come out. Tom flopped to the bed beside me and I too lay down on my back. Panting, he told me how he'd wanted to fuck my tight ass from the first time he saw me.

I didn't want to go back home to my bed, I wanted to stay with Tom all night long, but my dad would be getting home before long, and he'd check to make sure I was okay. I couldn't let him find me in bed with another guy! So, I said my goodbyes – and my thank yous – and headed back to the house.

I was floating on cloud nine when I got back to my bed. My bare feet were freezing from the cold, but my heart was warm with dreamy thoughts of the hunky sailor stud that had screwed my virgin butt.

Nothing is forever, though. It didn't end the way I'd hoped. I don't know if Tom and Wendy ever patched up their differences, but he put in for a transfer and was assigned to the U.S.S. Coral Sea, an aircraft carrier in the Seventh Fleet. He broke my heart when he left.

But my neighbor the sailor gave me a great start into gay life, as well as leaving me with lots of hot memories for use on those horny nights when my hand was my only companion.

My dad's gone now - too much of the bottle did him in - and I own the apartment building. Along with screening potential tenants for their ability to pay the rent, I also give them the once-over visually. I give preference to humpy single males, especially if they're sailors from the base… but none yet have measured up to my sweet memories of Tom.
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  1. Oh yes I can Only dream of things like that!

  2. Wow! ..wish I was that sailor (I did work for US NOAA working with the Navy whilst in uni; and, deployed as a civilian on a carrier [got2 fuck a marine and had a 3way with him and his navy bf]) ;-P