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Friday, December 6, 2013

All Male Fiction: All You Need to Know

By: Tommyhawk1

I got back to my room, my face bright red, my shame complete. What kind of girl goes with you to a make-out party and doesn't want to make out? God, I'd struck out... again!

It sucks being me! Honest! My father was a corporate executive, and we moved around so much I never finished a single grade in school in the same place I'd started it. My test scores had been shuffled around so much that I'd lost so many credits, and now I was a year late graduating. And worst of all, I was a nineteen year old virgin!

I'd always been shy around strangers, and doubly so around girls when I hit puberty. It was so much easier to just go home and watch television and pretend I was someone else, someone cool; someone with a life!

Now I was in college, on my own, and ready to live the kind of life I'd never had.

And I knew zilch about girls. Nada, zip, nothing.

I was trying. And God, how I was striking out! I was getting a reputation in college, alright! And boy, was it a lousy one! I was the guy that the girls looked at and giggled to each other about. I was the guy who had fallen into the fountain when I tried to put my arm around one girl and she shrugged it off, I was the guy who had actually tried to sing to a girl in a park. I'd thought we were alone... but we weren't. I was the guy who... ah, to hell with it.

Now I had another embarrassment to my credit. The girl had wanted to go to the party and accepted my invitation. When we got there she sent me after a cola, and when I got back another guy was in my seat, and she was kissing him. I handed her the cola and got the fuck out of there.

And now, here I was, back in my room again, ashamed and alone. Jesus, what was I going to do?

I reached under the bed and pulled out the book I had bought. It was about relationships, what women want, how to communicate, and such. I couldn't figure girls out on my own, so I was trying to read up on them. But this book was leaving out so much! How do you know when a girl is interested? How can you know when to reach in for a kiss... and when you'd better settle for holding her hand, or just sitting there without touching? The book fucking assumed you knew! And I didn't!

"Hey, Mark, you're here," my roommate said as he walked in, and I shut the book and threw my pillow over it, like it had been a porno novel or something.

"Hi, Andy," I said.

"I thought you had a date?" Andy said as he bounced down onto the other bed.

I sat up, sheepishly smiling. As much as anyone ever had been, Andy was my friend. I'd only known him for a few short months, but it's a sign of my life that he was the longest friendship I'd ever had. "I thought I had a date, too," I admitted. "But I was wrong."

"What happened?"

"I was just her ticket there," I said. "The moment my back was turned another guy had her."

"Damn, that sucks," Andy said. "So you came back for a bit of inspirational reading," he said, implying that he thought I had been looking at porn.

I realized too late what Andy was doing, which was to reach under my pillow and pull out my book. I made a grab for it, but it was too late. He had it in his hand and was looking at the page, which was, unfortunately, nothing that could possibly be confused with a porn novel.

"Man, what is this?" Andy asked.

"I was trying to figure out how girls tick," I confessed. "I mean, how do you know when a girl is really interested in you?"

"This book isn't going to do that," Andy pointed out unhelpfully.

"I know that... now," I said. "It's just... we moved so much when I was young, I didn't have any of the chances to figure girls out little by little, like you did. I mean, people don't act the same in France as they do in Germany and they act even more different in Hong Kong. I don't know shit about girls. Okay, I said it! I suck at dating!"

"Hey, Mark, don't sweat it," Andy said, putting a hand on my shoulder. "You can't know what you don't know. Hell, that's what college is for, learning the stuff you didn't learn in high school."

"Thanks a lot," I said. "Which course teaches me how to know if a girl is interested in me?"

"Why that's Girls 101, of course," Andy teased. "All you need to know about how to make it with a girl."

"Cut it out."

But he continued, "Taught ably by one of the best professors, a Mr. Andrew Reinhardt."

That was Andy's name, so I turned and said, "Really?"

"Sure," Andy said. "Why not? I had to learn some stuff from my older sister. How to put my arm around a girl so she won't throw it off and such. I can show you some of that stuff, get you started off right."

"Well... great," I said. "God knows I need all the help I can get!"

"Class is now in session," Andy intoned. He plopped onto the bed next to me and said, "Now, you be the girl and I'll be the guy putting the make on you… the right way. Got it?"

"I got it," I said eagerly.

"Now the first thing a guy does is put his arm around the girl like this," he said wrapping his arm around me. "He doesn't grab her tits right away, he just puts his arm around her to start."

"Okay, got it," I said. Andy's arm felt kind of good there on my shoulders, but I didn't say that out loud.

"And if the girl is interested, she leans in and snuggles up some," Andy went on. "Go ahead," he said.

"Go ahead, what?"

"Snuggle into me."

 "Um, okay," I said and then fit myself so my neck was in his armpit and my cheek was resting partially on his chest. "Like this?"

"Yeah, like that, that's how she'll signal it," Andy replied.

"Signal what?"

"That she's interested stupid! If she wasn't, she wouldn't lean into you. So now that you know she's into you, you can try for a kiss."

"Yeah?" I said pulling away from him and lifting my head up.

"Yeah, but you gotta start off easy and see how far she goes."

"I don't get it," I frowned.

"Let me show you," Andy said and then started moving his face towards mine.

"Dude… what are you doing?" I said leaning back.

"I'm gonna show you how to kiss a girl once you know she wants you to."

"You're gonna kiss, me? But you're a guy," I protested.

"You ever kissed a girl before?"

"Well, no, but I've seen people kiss, it doesn't look that hard. You just put your lips together and, well, kiss."

Andy laughed. "Dude, there's so much more to kissing than that. And, you can't really explain how to do it, you gotta show someone how it's done."

"But…" I started.

"Hey, most guys learn from their buddies," Andy said. "I would have been too scared to approach a girl, like you are, if my buddy hadn't taught me what to do first, and this is how he taught me. And, look at me now. I've kissed lots of girls and I've had sex with lots of girls, too… what have you done with girls? That's right, nothing!" he said before letting me say anything. "Nineteen and a virgin, never even kissed a girl. So, you want to change all of that?"

I nodded and Andy began to lean into me again. "Wait!" I said pulling away again. "You won't tell anyone about this, will you?"

"Dude," Andy laughed. "Do you honestly think I'm gonna go around and tell all my buddies I made out with another guy? Don't worry, this will be our secret, I promise."

I took a deep breath in. "Okay… show me what to do."

Andy leaned in again, and this time, as my head moved back as he approached he put his hand behind my neck and gently held me still as he brought his lips to touch mine. He began to kiss me, closed-mouth at first, but then his lips parted some. I did the same, and when our mouths were open on each other's his tongue came in. I felt his tongue touch my own and I kind of moaned. Soon, we were playing our tongues over each other, and my inhibitions were vanishing fast. I had never considered sex with another man before, but now that I was being kissed by one... I kind of liked it!

Andy broke it off after a time, panting. "So now the girl is all loosened up and you know she's going to go along with just about anything you want. Long as you keep it a little at a time, you can go pretty damn far, even on a first date."

"Yeah?" I gasped. "Like what?"

"Like putting your hand on her leg," Andy said as he did just that. "And you leave it in place, and if she doesn't reach down to push it off you can move up further." And his hand slid up my inner thigh.

It felt like a flame of fire moving up my leg. Not burning fire, but fiery desire, and when he went up to the top, he stroked my balls with his fingers. I didn't freak out or push his hand away, instead I just groaned.

"Yeah, when you rub her pussy like that and the girl groans, you know she wants you, and bad," Andy hissed into one ear. "Now you can really put your moves on her."

"Really?" I whispered hoarsely.

"Yeah," Andy said. "You can do her like this, for example." Andy moved his arms to cup my shoulders, and then he pushed me down onto the bed, moving his own body over me, one knee between my legs, and the other foot on the floor. "And unless she screams or something you can go on and do this," he said as he laid his body down on top of me, and then lowered his face to mine and kissed me again as he ground his crotch against me. I could feel the hard rod in his jeans pressing against my thigh as he drove his tongue into my mouth.

When Andy pulled his mouth away, he stared into my eyes and said, "Now you look into her eyes to seek final approval. If she stares back at you, like you just did, now you know for sure she wants you to go further, and the next step is to get her clothes off. You don't have to get them all off, just enough to get busy."

Before I could even say anything, Andy was on the floor and his hands went to my jeans and he unfastened them with a speed and ease that I found astonishing. I mean, he was quicker than I was on myself! The bulge in my underwear was a hard, throbbing one, and I knew Andy could tell that I was hard, but by now I was beyond caring.

"Of course, next you would take her panties off, and once you do that she's not gonna go anywhere, so you can stop long enough to take your own clothes off. At that point, as I said, you can now pretty much do whatever you want to," Andy said. "And that's how you get a girl into bed with you."

"Cool," I said. "So after you have her panties off and get yourself naked you said you can do pretty much whatever you want to, but what do you do first?"

"Oh, that's an entirely different class," Andy laughed. "It's a pretty advanced class, with lots of demonstrations, and well, you didn't even want me to show you how to kiss, at first. Are you sure you want to sign up for it?"

"Is that how you learned? With a buddy?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's pretty common for guys to teach each other how to do it before they try to do it with a girl for the first time."

"Well, okay, if that's how you learned, then yeah, I want you to teach me, too," I said.

"All right then, but remember that you asked for it," he said.

"And this stays between us, right?" I asked.

"Of course," Andy said. "Ready?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Okay, when a guy and a girl are going to get it on, after they've made out and he's sucked her tits a bit, the first thing that usually happens is the girl gives the guy a blowjob. If he's gonna fuck her, then she usually just sucks him a bit to get his cock lubed, but he doesn't cum. Then the guy will usually eat her pussy, to get it lubed for the main event, and then he sticks it in her and goes to town until he cums."

"So, is there some sort of trick or technique to eating a pussy or do you just lick it up and down or something?" I asked.

"Don't worry, I'm gonna show you," Andy said.

"Show me? How? I don't have a pussy," I laughed.

"No, but I can still show you how to use your tongue on her cunt," Andy said, making me jump a bit as he suddenly lifted my legs up into the air and peeled my briefs away just as quickly as he had removed my jeans, leaving me completely naked below the waist except for my socks. He tossed them to the floor and then kicked his shoes off, pulled his shirt off, and then he yanked both pants and shorts off with one motion.

Naked now, he climbed on the bed and, kneeling between my legs, he reached his arms back, grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up in the air. "This is how you eat a pussy," he said as he leaned down and let my legs fall to his shoulders. I then felt his hands on my ass cheeks pulling them apart and then his tongue flicking my asshole! It all happened in seconds and instead of asking him, in my surprised state, what he was doing, a moan came out instead of words.

"Just close your eyes and visualize what my tongue is doing. Memorize every lick and flick of it, so you can copy it when you get your first girl in bed," he said and then went back between my cheeks.

I closed my eyes and tried to visualize and memorize, but, oh God, it felt so good that I couldn't concentrate on anything but the sensations he was giving me in my most private place!

"Okay, that's how you eat pussy," Andy said as he came up from my ass and let my legs fall from his shoulders to rest on the bed. "Except that, if you were doing that to a real girl, you'd concentrate your tongue on her clit a lot, and use your fingers, sticking them in her twat while you lick her clit."

"So, just lick her clit the way you just licked me like it was her slit?" I asked.

"Yeah, like this," Andy said and I flinched in surprise again as his tongue came down and licked my cockhead in little circles. No one had ever been near my dick before except for me and that was just my hand. I felt like I was going to cum right then, just from what he was doing! And then Andy pulled his mouth away.

"So, we did things a bit backwards, eating the pussy first and then the blowjob, but sometimes people do it like that, too… or sometimes people will do a sixty-nine instead. You do know what a sixty-nine is, don't you?"

"Of course I do!" I exclaimed. "I may be a virgin, but even I have heard of that!"

"Okay, okay, calm down," Andy laughed. "I don't know what you know or don't know, and I'm here to teach you, so I have to ask questions. Now, even though you know what a sixty-nine is, you still need to learn how to do it," he said as he got off the bed and then he grabbed both my legs and pulled me further down on it.

The next thing I knew he had scooted his body back on the bed so that he was lying next to me, on his side, feet to head, and then his mouth landed on my cock and I just sort of moaned. His body then suddenly swung up off the bed and his legs landed on either side of my head and I had his cock knocking at my face. All I had to do was open my mouth and it would go right in.

I opened, and it did. Andy was slurping on me with a competence that told me he was no virgin to any of this. Me, I was as raw as I told you, but I had all the inspiration anyone could need to work on this. I was awkward a little, but the feel of his mouth on my own dick told me most of what I needed. Like get it wet and keep those teeth away!

I could have spent the rest of my life just like that, the warmth of Andy's mouth on my dick and the hot shaft of his dick steaming within my own lips. His cock fit into my throat like it was form-fitted, and Andy was giving me the sort of deep-throat I'd only dreamed about before then.

But Andy was in control here, and when we'd sucked a while and my passion was in overdrive and common sense had, sensibly, packed up and left for the evening, I felt his lips pull off my cock with an audible pop of sound and then my prick was slapping down on my stomach. And he pulled his own out of my sucking mouth, though I fought to no avail to keep hold of it.

"Another thing you can do is this." And Andy got between my legs and I saw that missile of his dong aimed at the crease underneath my balls and I gasped.
"If the girl doesn't want you to do it, she'd better speak up in a hurry," Andy panted.

I gasped, and then murmured, "No, do it! Do it!"

"You sure?" Andy asked.

"Yeah. I never would have considered this would be something I'd ever want to do before today, but I do want this. Do it, Andy! Show me how to fuck!"

Andy grinned and then hopped off the bed. He went over to his dresser and pulled out a bottle. It was lube, and he began to pour some on his cock. Then he got back on the bed and poured some more on his fingers, then he moved his hand to my ass.

"Uh. Uh," I moaned as his finger slipped up inside me. It burned a bit, but wasn't too bad.

He pulled his finger out a few times, applying more lube, and he actually managed to put two fingers inside me. It didn't hurt at all. I was surprised, and then… "Aaaahh! Hahhh!" The head of his cock was pushing into me, and he continued to slowly push more of it into me.

Andy's cock was stretching me to the very limit. If I hadn't been so completely turned on I think it would have ripped me apart, but I wanted him, I wanted all of him, and my body would take him any way it could get him! A moment of tension, a moment of resistance, and then my body acquiesced and my sphincter unclenched and parted for him, and then I was a strand of limp spaghetti, my body laid out for his use. A few more hunches got the rest of it in.

"Once you get it all the way inside her," Andy said, "You have to watch her face, see if anything you do hurts her. If it does, you stop. If it doesn't, you don't."

"Stop. Don't," I said, not in protest but in comprehension. "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!"

And with liquid flowing thrusts of his hips, Andy's body began to push his cock in and out of me. I felt the hard shaft within me, and it wasn't at all foreign or obscene or unnatural. It fit, God, it all fit, and the pain was only a way of marking the transition from virgin to experienced fuck-receptacle.

I used my legs and arms to envelop Andy's body and I was then helping him drive into me. Not just holding on, not just clinging, but using the leverage to thrust him deeper into me, and we were a pair of lovers moving in harmony and common need. All of this was so simple, so elemental. I had made it something complex and arcane in my mind and it wasn't, it was all just being human, and accepting the other as human, and when you do, the joy pours forth!

I felt Andy begin to tire and knew my own activity was pulling on his body, and I rolled us over and straddled him. Now I could ride my roommate's body while the joy coursed through my body.

"And that's the sorts of things you can do in bed with a girl," Andy gasped out as I bucked and thrashed atop him. "Nothing left now but the finishing up. And that's going to be soon, buddy, real soon!"

"Me, too!" I gasped. "Cum when I do! Hold out until I jizz, Andy!"

"Hurry up!" was Andy's only qualification. "I gotta shoot this nut-cream of mine! It's boiling, man, fucking boiling!"

"I can feel it," I said. "You're so fucking hard and so fucking hot in my ass, I can feel it in there, ready to spray right up into me."

"Oh, fuck, I'm cumming, Mark! I'm cumming, now! Fuck, now!" Andy crooned, his eyes closed, his teeth clenched.

My own cock was sparking like a lit Roman candle, I felt it hissing much the same way and then it was there, it was there... "AAAHHH-AHH-GAHHH-HUHHNNN-KUHHH!" I yelped as my load squirted onto Andy's stomach.

"Oh, God, oh, oh, GAAAH-UHHHH, KUUHHH-KNNNNHHHH!" Andy groaned in ecstasy as he began shooting his hot load into my ass.

Salty spunk poured into me as it sprayed out of me, and I was plastering Andy's body with my wads, a huge load, one built up over the long day and evening of anticipation - the time at the party, afterwards, even - all of that came out of me at one time.

And I felt the hot splashes inside of me, too. Andy dumped a heavy load into me as well, I think. Maybe he'd always wanted me since our first meeting, and this time, tonight, had given him the opening he'd been waiting for. But we shared our climax and we were a pair of orgasming young men, and then it was over and I fell into the soft cushion of Andy's body and arms, and the hot sperm I'd squirted in between us bonded us together.

"Congratulations," Andy whispered to me. "Now you know all you need to know about how to make it with a girl. Armed with this knowledge, you can now go out into the world and have no problem getting girls into bed."

"Maybe I could," I admitted. "But why should I?" And my kiss told Andy I wasn't going to be dropping any of his other classes any time soon. Heck, I was going for a double-major now!
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