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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All Male Fiction: Bob and the Soccer Team (Part 1)

By: amtibbs
Bob was angry. He wasn't a towel boy. He was a student manager at the college gym. More specifically, Bob managed the locker room used by many of the college's men's teams. Sure, the football and basketball teams were important enough to rate their own dedicated locker rooms, but when it came to the second tier sports like soccer, if you were on the team and wanted a clean towel, you came to Bob. Well, perhaps the towel was a bad example - he did much more than hand out towels.

I should probably first tell you a bit about Bob. I didn't meet him until after he had graduated from college. I've seen college photos of him and I would describe him as an average guy. He's currently about 5'10" and 160 pounds with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Back in college he was too busy with classes and working as a student manager at the college gym to work out on a regular basis. Nevertheless, he still had a toned, if not muscular, body and wouldn't be embarrassed to take off his shirt at the beach.

Bob grew up in a home where school was more important than sports. Consequently, while he played baseball, shot baskets and threw around a football with other kids in the neighborhood, he never played on a school team and his family didn't watch sports on TV. To this day, if you ask him sports trivia, like who played on some championship baseball team, he's at a total loss. His brain just wasn't wired to remember that stuff as he grew up.

Now you're probably wondering about Bob's sexuality. If you ask Bob, he'll tell you it's none of your damn business. I think you need to know a bit more to understand Bob. In my opinion, Bob is seventy to eighty percent heterosexual. I know he only dates women now, but I also know that Bob doesn't mind a bit of male on male body contact either. I was kidding him about being around all those naked guys in the locker room and he said he didn't think he could have worked there if he was gay. When I asked him why, he said "it would be like a diabetic working in a candy store" or something like that. On the other hand, Bob said the fact that he had always admired the body of a good looking guy made going to work at a place where he could observe them a pleasant experience, despite the crap that came with the job.

Bob didn't lose his virginity until he was a sophomore in college. He was shy in those days and his right hand was his best friend until the semester he took an evening class and met this girl. He told me he'd walk her to her car after class and they'd stand there and talk, sometimes for an hour or more. Then she would drive off and he'd walk back to his dorm. One cool, fall night they got into the back seat of her car to talk and, well, you probably don't want to hear about that.

Bob never really had a steady girlfriend while in college. His parents continually drilled the importance of studying over everything else and, since they were paying, he felt obligated to bring home the grades. But that wasn't all bad, and while Bob didn't get all the sex he wanted, "even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while" he jokes today.

Now that you know a little bit about Bob, let's continue.

It was Bob's second and last season managing the locker room for the soccer team. Bob hated soccer season. The 'pretty' boys on the soccer team seemed to thrive on harassing him. For players of a second tier sport at the college, they thought their dirty jockstraps didn't stink. But they did stink, especially when they'd grab him and pull their sweaty jocks over his head. Bob dreamed of payback. Unfortunately, every idea he came up with would result in him losing his job, his recommendation or getting beaten to a pulp.

Towards the end of the season, and after being thrown in the shower for the third time in his clothes, Bob decided that his best course of action would be something that the players might not even find out about but would follow them for the rest of their lives.

He had recently heard of some hidden camera videos taken of athletes in their locker room at another college. The guys at that college were livid that videos of their naked asses - and more - were loose on the Internet and that there was nothing they could do. Who knew what men might be doing while looking at them in a room lit only by the light of their computer screen. Bob grinned. He didn't have a video camera but he did have a nice digital still camera.

Bob carefully plotted his revenge. He experimented with different ways to conceal his camera before selecting one that would be undetectable, yet provide a clear view of the showers. But that was not enough. He wanted full nudity and he wanted as many of the team in the shot as possible. The team's calendar provided the answer. After the final home game of the season the team's booster club had scheduled a banquet at a nearby hotel. For a variety of reasons the team had very little time to shower and change before needing to board the bus to take them there.

He had his method and he had his time and place, but that was still not enough for Bob. He wanted the team packed into the shower. He wanted them dick to butt for his photo. His experience as the locker room manager provided the answer. He knew where the shower valves were located. When things went wrong with the showers, or they were intentionally broken, he'd have to turn valves and shut off the water. He decided if just one-third of the showers had hot water, the team would reach his desired density.

The day and time arrived and Bob was happy. The team yelled and screamed and cursed, but in the end they needed to shower. There was pushing and shoving and Bob got the body contact he desired for his photo. Jim, short but muscular and one of the more quiet guys on the team, actually appeared to be getting a hard-on and would have poked the guy in front of him if he hadn't grabbed his dick and held it. Bob was able to take a number of photos, choosing the best and posting it on the Internet. It wasn't long before he found it appearing on other sites as well. He considered sending a link anonymously to one of the players but in the end decided that he was satisfied with his payback. They would find out in time... pictures always come back to haunt you!

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