"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Saturday, December 21, 2013

All Male Fiction: The J.O.C.K. Club (Part 3)

By: MrCreamJeans & Ryan Michaels
Tuesday couldn't come fast enough for either boy. Kenny had called the J.O.C.K. meeting for the morning break – right after second period, when Kenny and Jon shared a class. Kenny had something special planned for Jon.

Social Studies, as usual, was a crashing bore. The teacher droned on and on about different forms of government while most of the class tried to stay awake. Jon and Kenny were definitely up – in more ways than one. Kenny had hoped that he'd be able to watch Jon doing it in class this time. But while Jon's seat was just in the next row, it was two behind Kenny's, so Kenny couldn't really check out the action without calling attention to his friend.

But that was ok today, because Kenny was out to give Jon an extra turn-on. As they sat in class, with each boy steadily fingering his boner through his pocket, Kenny tried to time his surprise for maximum effect. He decided to cum quickly, at least ten minutes before the end of class. And, of course, he positioned himself so Jon would see the wet spot forming.

After jacking most of the period, with twelve minutes to go, Kenny quietly began releasing his cum into his pants. He didn't bother sitting up the way he did the last two times. He just remained slouched in his seat, his hand deep in his pocket, with his squirting boner poking straight up into the fabric of his loosest, baggiest jeans. The stain was shiny and very, very obvious. He was sure Jon could see it very clearly.

Suddenly, Kenny sat up and leaned over, resting his elbows on his desk. He had worn a shorter-than-usual t-shirt over his baggy pants. When he leaned forward like that, several inches of his boxers were exposed in the back – right where Jon could see them. He was sure Jon would notice.

Jon noticed all right. He had been on the verge of orgasm as he watched the hot cum soaking through Kenny's jeans. But when he saw Kenny's boxers showing, that took him way over the edge. What Kenny didn't know, though, was that Jon was wearing Kenny's cum-stained boxers! Poor Jon was so intensely turned on by seeing Kenny cum, and then feeling his own juice soaking into the same boxers Kenny squirted in, he couldn't control his orgasm the way he usually could.

Kenny heard a small grunt, followed by a cough, and he knew Jon was totally getting off in the next row. It was everything he could do not to turn around and look.

Jon's gaze was riveted on his buddy's boxer display as spurt after spurt of his creamy load literally filled Kenny's soft, old boxers. He was having trouble keeping his hips from thrusting with each wad. He finally sat up and took his hand out of his pocket, but his balls weren't going to stop until they had completely emptied themselves inside his pants.

After about a minute Kenny thought he heard Jon breathing again, so he risked turning around and looking. Even with Jon sitting Kenny could tell it had been a massive orgasm. He looked into Jon's face and grinned. Jon just shook his head slowly.

When the bell rang, both boys stood up and clutched their books to their laps. When they were out in the hall, Kenny said, "Well?"

Jon feigned anger. "You did that on purpose, leaned forward and showed off your boxers to me."

Kenny couldn't help giggling. "Yup, I thought you'd like that."

"Well, the joke's on you, dude," Jon said. He pulled his books away just enough for Kenny to see the really big wet spot, and then he pulled his t-shirt up so Kenny could see that the mess of cum was in Kenny's own shorts!

"Fuck! You jizzed my boxers," Kenny said, sounding incredulous.

Before Jon could respond they had turned the corner to see the J.O.C.K group. Jon dropped his t-shirt and put his books back in front of him. As they approached they were seen by some of the other guys, and the guys parted their protective circle and Kenny and Jon saw Rod, the usual winner of the wet spot contest – and he was jacking off through his pants! This meant that Rod had been unable to get off in his last class and was being forced to do it in front of the group.

"Whoa," Jon said. "Let's check this out." He began walking quickly toward the group. Kenny followed.

They arrived just in time to hear someone say, "There it goes!" And with that, Rod was ejaculating in his pants, to full view of all the guys.

Rod looked up and the first thing he saw was Jon and Kenny staring at the front of his pants. Summoning his will power, he released his cock and did his best to stand up straight. But his rigid cock was still spilling his milky load inside his pants, and powerful contractions kept him from standing straight for long. He squeezed his legs together like a five-year-old who had to pee, but nothing could stop the flow. Wet streamers appeared down his leg, the final embarrassment for a J.O.C.K. member.

Laughter and taunts erupted from the rest of the guys. Rod looked down at his pants to see a collection of wet blobs and streamers, not the usual big cum stain he usually made. He definitely wasn't going to win this week.

Kenny scanned the rest of the guys looking for exceptional wet spots. There were a few that approached his own, but none even close to Jon's. "Guys," he said. "Take a look at this week's winner." He then gestured to Jon, who moved his books out of the way. Somebody whistled, but most of them stood in stunned silence.

"No way," someone said. "He must've spilled some water on it or something!"

"Nope," Kenny said. "I can vouch for him. He did this in Social Studies class."

"He must've been freeballing then!"

Jon just smiled and lifted the bottom of his t-shirt. A quick moment of anxiety flashed across both Jon's and Kenny's face when they realized that Jon was exposing the very same shorts that Kenny creamed last week! Jon quickly dropped his shirt hoping nobody noticed.

"Jon's the winner," someone proclaimed. A round of "all rights" and "way-to-go's" followed.

But one guy in the group did notice that Jon was wearing Kenny's shorts. It was Rod. After everyone compared spots and Jon set the meeting for next week (after second period, of course), the group split up. Jon and Kenny went their separate ways, but Rod followed Kenny.

"Hey, Kenny," he called. Kenny slowed to let Rod catch up. "Those were pretty cool boxers that Jon had on, don't you think?"

Kenny didn't know what to think. "I guess so," was all he could say.

"You guess so? Man, those were the same boxers you won in last week," Rod challenged.

"No they weren't! Maybe Jon just has boxers with the same design, you ever think of that?"

"Hey man, I don't give a shit if Jon borrowed your boxers. But if they're that good, I was wondering if I could borrow them, too?" Rod said.

Kenny was dumbfounded. "Uh... I don't…"

"I mean, I'm sure you don't want the other guys… or everyone in school for that matter… finding out that your buddy likes to wear your creamed-in boxer shorts. You think about it, ok?" And with that, Rod turned down a different hall.

Kenny spotted Jon just as school was letting out for the day.

"Hey Jon! Wait up!"

Jon turned around to see Kenny running toward him. He smiled.

"Hey man, never got a chance to talk after the meeting," Kenny said as soon as he caught up to Jon. "I just wanted to say sorry for making you cream so much, making you win this week. I know you don't like actually winning."

"Hey, don't worry about it. I couldn't control myself, so now I have to deal with the consequences," Jon said lightheartedly. "After what Rod went through in front of all the guys today, I'm not too worried about him causing me any shit."

"I wouldn't be too sure of that," Kenny said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well that's the other thing I've been waiting all day to tell you. Dude! Rod figured out that you creamed in my boxers this morning!"

The expression on Jon's face changed to one of anxiety. "Oh, shit!"

Both boys were afraid someone might have noticed that the boxers Jon showed the club that morning were the same ones Kenny showed last week. Rod had not only figured that out, but he also knew that both boys won the wet spot contest - creaming more than any of the other guys - in the same shorts.

"And the really weird thing is," Kenny continued as they began walking home, "he wants to borrow those boxers next week!"

"No way!" Jon shouted in amazement. Then, lowering his voice, he said, "He must think they're really cool boxers."

"I think he thinks they're like magic boxers or something," Kenny said.

Jon giggled.

"I mean, he figures we both won wearing them, so they must feel really good or... hell, I don't know. But he wants to borrow them so much that he said if I didn't let him use them, he'd tell everyone you wore them after I creamed in them!"

Jon got serious. "Shit, I don't want everyone knowing about that, and you really don't want to mess with Rod. I mean, he doesn't like to lose, and remember how I said he can get kinda mean if he doesn't like you? What are you going to do?"

"Fuck, I don't know," Kenny replied. "It's like, well, I like those boxers, and I lent them to you just because you really seemed to be into them and stuff, but I had no idea you were going to cream in them, and I don't know if I want Rod wearing my shorts to cream in, too. But I also don't want Rod telling the other guys, so maybe I should let him borrow them to buy his silence, you know?"

The boys walked in silence for a short while, both going over the Rod dilemma in their heads. Out of the corner of his eye Kenny caught Jon adjusting his crotch. When he looked down it was pretty clear that Jon had a boner.

Jon saw Kenny grinning at his bulge. "Hey, I just can't help it, ok," Jon said defensively.

"Did I say anything?" Kenny asked innocently.

"It's just that these are really cool shorts, and all the guys have seen them, and they've got three cum loads in them already..."

"Three?" Kenny interrupted. "What do you mean three? I only shot in them once. You mean you jacked off in my boxers once already before doing it in class today?"

Jon looked really scared. "Oh fuck, I'm sorry Kenny. I tried not to, man. But every time I thought about that big stain you made right through them, and how stiff they were when you first handed them to me..."

Kenny figured he needed to calm his friend down. "Don't worry about it. I guess we're just a couple of horny bastards," he smirked at Jon.

"Just thinking about Rod adding a load to them is just such a turn-on, man," Jon replied. His hard-on was making an obvious tent just to the right of his fly. In his baggy jeans and Kenny's loose boxers there was little to hold back his bone.

"So you think I should let Rod shoot a load in them, too?" Kenny asked, taunting Jon with the image. "Let him take them home, then wear them to school for a meeting? Make him shoot his load right through them?"

"Oh fuck, man, that'd be so hot!" Jon said enthusiastically. "Rod always shoots a big load on contest day." His cock was wagging crazily as he walked, the head being caressed and rubbed by his jeans and Kenny's special boxers. A small pre-cum spot appeared at the tip of the bulge.

"Yeah, he'd be sitting in class, feeling those boxers through his pocket, sliding his dick against them, getting them all juicy with pre-cum, until he couldn't take it anymore…"

Kenny paused for a moment and then continued, trying to see how turned on he could make his horny buddy. "He'd think about how you and I creamed the shorts he was wearing, and how we both made such big spots, big spots that we won the contest. His stiff cock would be rubbing against our stiff dried loads, and then his cock would start letting out his load, and there'd be no way he could stop it..."

Kenny sensed that Jon was actually close to ejaculating in his pants just from his fantasy description. Jon's walking had become stiff and awkward. The pre-cum spot on his jeans had been joined by several others as his cock bounced wildly in his pants. Kenny decided to try to take it all the way.

"It would just keep spurting and spurting, getting the boxers all wet, making a big spot on his pants, just juicing and juicing until his balls were totally drained inside those boxers..."

Jon was gazing straight ahead with a pained expression on his face.

"...the same boxers you're wearing right now. All Rod's jizz will be pumping right into them, right where you shot your load this morning."

That did it. With a muffled cry Jon began ejaculating in his pants for the second time that day. Kenny looked around quickly and saw that the street was deserted.

"Go for it, Jon!" he urged. "Cream my boxers real good!"

Jon cried out again and doubled over. Barely managing to remain standing he grasped his spurting boner through his jeans and milked even more cum from it. The stain spread quickly down his leg.

Kenny had his own boner by now. Watching Jon spontaneously cum in his pants was incredibly erotic.

When Jon finished, he stood up slowly and wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed. "I don't remember the last time I came in my pants without touching it." Then, grinning at Kenny, he added, "Thanks."

"Hey, that's right. You never did touch it until after you started shooting. Wow man, I've gotten close without stroking it, but I've never been able to do that," Kenny said.

"I've done it a few times, but that was back in junior high," Jon remembered. "Back then I just couldn't control it, and it would happen at really weird times."

"It's still really hot! I bet none of the other guys in the J.O.C.K. club can do that," Kenny said as they approached his house. "Hey, that gives me an idea. C'mon inside."

"Uhh..." Jon looked apprehensively at his cum stained jeans. A big, dark patch covered his crotch and the upper part of his thigh.

"Don't worry, my mom's not home. I can even give you some dry shorts," Kenny teased. Jon's face lit up as he followed Kenny into the deserted house.

Once they were in Kenny's bedroom, Kenny pointed to the second drawer in his dresser and told Jon, "Go ahead and pick out whichever pair you want."

Jon was like a kid in a candy store. He pawed through the dozen or so pairs of boxers and finally picked out the one on the bottom. They were very faded and worn.

"You sure, man?" Kenny asked. "Those are about ready for the rag bag."

Jon's eyes twinkled. "Oh yeah, these will be great."

"Ok," Kenny said.

Jon began to undo his pants and Kenny turned to open up and switch on his laptop.

A minute or so later Kenny was online and Jon came over, wearing just his t-shirt and Kenny's clean boxers, and holding Kenny's cum-soaked boxers in his hand, "Uh, where do you want these?" he asked.

"Just throw them in the hamper," Kenny replied, pointing to the floor of his closet. Jon tossed them in, and when he returned to the desk Kenny started describing his idea.

"Ok, so Rod wants to borrow my boxers because he thinks they'll help him win the contest. I don't really want to lend them to him, but you're saying I should keep Rod happy, and neither of us wants him to tell anyone you wore my dirty boxers, right?"

"Right," Jon agreed. "I don't want anyone else knowing."

"So check this out. We make Rod earn the boxers… and we guarantee that he'll lose."

"How?" Jon asked, taking the bait.

"We have our own contest. You against him. The first one to cream his jeans without touching his cock wins," Kenny said, grinning. "We'll tell him if he loses he doesn't get to wear my boxers for the contest, and that he can't tell anyone you did or we'll tell everyone he tried to win them in a contest so he could wear them, too."

"I dunno, man," Jon said. "I have to be pretty horny to do that. How can we guarantee that he'll lose?"

"All the porno you can handle," Kenny said, punctuating his promise by clicking on a hot porn site. "And, you don't jack off for the next four days. It should be pretty easy for you to shoot off hands free after four days of not cumming."

"Fuck, I can't go four days without jerking off," Jon said.

"Sure you can. You gotta cum first or Rod will win and tell everyone you wore my dirty boxers and creamed in them when you won the contest."

"Wait a minute. Wouldn't it be better to let him win? I mean, if he wins wearing them then he wouldn't tell the other guys that I did, if he did, too, right?" Jon questioned.

"A-ha! But no one would know he wore them if he didn't lift his t-shirt a bit and show anyone his boxers. I mean that's the only reason he knows about you, because you did that, but have you ever seen him do that? No. He just always proudly shows off the big spot on his jeans. So he could still tell about you and no one would know he did the same thing. When he loses, though, he wouldn't dare tell the other guys he tried to win my cum-stained shorts, and he knows we'll tell that he did if he mentions that you wore them."

"That's true," Jon nodded. "But what if I can't make myself cum without touching my dick and he ends up winning? How will that keep him from telling people, when he has nothing to hide?" Jon demanded to know.

Kenny laughed. "Trust me, he won't tell anyone either way. I've got this all figured out."

"I dunno…" Jon said nervously.

"Look at it this way. You get to see Rod cream in his boxers," Kenny started and then waited for Jon's response. Seeing in Jon's face and his silence that this wasn't enough, he continued, "If we don't do it, he will probably tell everyone, whether I lend him my boxers or not. But if we do my idea, even in the off chance that he wins, he's not gonna tell anyone. It's the only way to make sure he keeps quiet." Still seeing that Jon wasn't quite convinced, Kenny added, "And if you can keep your hands off your dick for the next four days, practically guaranteeing your win, instead of just borrowing, you can keep any pair of my boxers you want… even the ones you and I creamed in."

Jon thought it over for about five seconds. "Ok!"

"Cool. We can do it this Saturday. My folks are going to my aunt's house first thing in the morning," Kenny said. "Now, remember, we want Rod to lose… so no jacking off from now until Saturday!"

"Oh fuck! I want to win so badly, but I don't think I can keep from doing it for four fucking days, dude," Jon groaned.

"You've got to, dude! Look, anytime you wanna do it find something to do to keep you busy, or take a cold shower… or just think about Rod telling everyone at school that you wore my cum-stained boxers." Kenny suggested.

"Oh, fuck, I'll try, but it's gonna be a challenge," Jon said as he reached to put his now dry jeans back on, his cock rock hard again, and then left a few moments later.

The next day at school Kenny presented the contest idea to Rod. He agreed to the challenge right away, which kind of surprised Kenny. He had expected some hesitancy or at least some questions first. What Kenny didn't know, because he had never been in a class where Rod creamed his pants, was that Rod was well-practiced in cumming without touching himself. In fact, that's how he usually did it in class.

They had agreed to have the contest on Saturday morning, when both boys would be horny after waking up with morning wood not too long before the meeting. In preparation Kenny started up his laptop and had brought another chair from the kitchen and put it next to his desk chair.

Jon arrived at Kenny's house first, already sporting a major boner.

"Jeez, Jon," Kenny remarked. "How long have you had that boner?"

"Ever since I woke up," Jon replied. "Fuck, man, I've wanted to jack off so bad!"

"You didn't do it though, did you, over the last four days?"

"Miraculously, no… I almost gave in last night, though. It was so hard that I couldn't get to sleep!"

"So how did you keep from giving in?"

"I just thought about Rod telling, like you said," Jon smiled.

"Yeah, I knew that would work for you," Kenny grinned.

"Yeah, I'm just lucky I didn't have a wet dream or anything."

"Yeah, for sure," Kenny said. "You gotta win this, and you will now, guaranteed!"

"Yeah, well, I just hope Rod gets here soon," Jon said giving his boner a rub through his pants.

"Hey, hey, no touching," Kenny scolded. "My computer's on. Why don't you go upstairs and get a head start at letting your bone rub against your shorts."

"Cool," Jon said, grinning. "A head start couldn't hurt."

Both boys laughed and then Jon turned and bounded up the stairs two steps at a time.

Several minutes later the doorbell rang. It was Rod.

"Hey, Kenny. How's it going?" Rod said as he walked in the house.

"Great! You ready?" Kenny asked, looking at Rod's pants for any sign of arousal. There was none. Kenny was getting more confident of the outcome.

"Sure," Rod replied.

"Ok, follow me," Kenny said as he moved toward the stairs.

Rod and Kenny joined Jon in the bedroom. Kenny smiled when he saw that Jon's boner was still very obvious. But Rod objected.

"Hey, he got a head start!" Rod shouted.

"No way!" Jon shot back. "I never touched it."

"He's been holding off for four days, man," Kenny explained.

"Ha," Rod snorted. "That's not going to help you, man."

Kenny explained the rules. "Ok, you guys sit in these chairs in just your t-shirts and boxers. I'm going to run a slide show…"

"Hey, what do you mean in our boxers?" Rod interrupted. "Why do we have to take our jeans off?"

"Because you can't touch yourself, and don't need your pockets, so why mess up your jeans?"

"Good point," Rod said.

"Well I'm glad you agree," Kenny said sarcastically. "Now, may I continue?"

Rod nodded.

"Ok, as I was saying… I'm going to run a slide show of all the hot porn pictures I've saved on my hard drive. You guys can move however you want, but you can't use your hands, and you can't rub your prick against anything except your boxers. The size of your wet spot doesn't matter this time. The first guy to cream a load wins. Everyone understand?"

"Yeah we got it," Rod said. "But pictures? How about some porn clips, you know, movies?"

"That would make it too easy," Kenny laughed. "Pictures will have to do. Ready?"

Both contestants nodded.


And with that, Kenny clicked the mouse, starting the on-screen slide show. It was a pretty hot collection – some girls alone, others more hard core, with guys getting blowjobs and fucking hot chicks.

Jon sat with both feet on the floor and began thrusting his hips. Kenny could see the ridge of his cockhead as it slid against the fabric.

When Kenny looked at Rod's pants, there was no sign of a hard-on. Suddenly, though, something in his pants jumped, and Rod's cock began hardening before Kenny's eyes. First it started pushing down his right leg, but then Rod crossed his legs, placing his right ankle on his left thigh. This created a fold of fabric that pushed his boner up along his thigh until it was pointed upward. He then began a slow, practiced thrusting of his hips that caused his hard cock to slide rhythmically against the soft cotton of his boxers.

"Ohhh, yeahhh," Rod sighed.

In the other chair, Jon was panicked. His cock wasn't about to go down, but he wasn't sure if he could get off this way. He looked over at Rod.

Rod was gazing intently at the computer monitor, smoothly and quietly thrusting his hips. Jon could see the full outline of Rod's hard cock, and he shifted his gaze back and forth between Rod's pants and Kenny's screen, hoping he could release his pent-up load soon.

Kenny realized that this was not going as planned. With Jon having a constant boner for many hours, Kenny figured it would be over by now. But Rod seemed to be taking the lead. Kenny decided to become Jon's cheering section.

"C'mon Jon, don't let Rod cream his boxers first, man," Kenny started. "Don't let him get them all wet and sticky before you do."

The hot talk worked, heightening Jon's arousal. His eyes returned to Rod's pants. There was a pre-cum spot on them. Rod was getting his boxers wet with fuck juice! Jon began thrusting his hips more energetically.

"That's the way, Jon," Kenny continued. "Jizz your boxers real good… get them all messed up."

What Kenny didn't realize was that his encouragement of Jon was having an effect on Rod as well. Rod's thrusting became faster the more Kenny talked.

"He's getting close, Jon," Kenny said. "Don't let him wet his shorts first. Do it, Jon! Cream your pants!"

Jon's thrusting was wild and uncontrolled. His cock jerked and throbbed inside his boxers. He wanted to shoot off so badly he could taste it. And after four days, he could have if he could touch himself. But without touching his dick the pent up load just wouldn't come.

Rod just kept his steady rhythm going. He was moments away from letting go.

"Well guys," Rod said calmly. "This is it."

Breathing heavily, Jon tried redoubling his hip movements in an effort to catch his opponent. But it was no use. Everyone was staring at Rod's pants as the first dark, wet patch appeared alongside the much fainter pre-cum spot.

"Ahhh," Rod sighed. Over the hum of the computer fan and Jon's ragged breathing, the boys heard sloshing wet noises coming from Rod's jeans. Spurt after spurt of creamy dick-juice hit his boxers and soaked through to make them shiny-wet.

The sight of Rod creaming his shorts was finally enough to take Jon over the top without touching himself.

"AWHHHH!" he cried as his long-delayed load shot forcefully into his underwear. His whole body was wracked with spasms, as it seemed like his entire life force was flowing through his overheated cock. The inside of his boxers became hyper-slippery, making the sensations against Jon's cockhead almost too much to bear. But the release would not be stopped. It was undoubtedly the biggest orgasm of Jon's young life.

Rod's cock was still dribbling the last of his big load as he watched Jon in amazement. Even Kenny was taken aback by the intensity of Jon's climax.

Realizing he'd lost anyway, Jon reached down and grasped his boner to finish off the orgasm. Several more big globs of cum puddled inside the saturated shorts. His squeezing forced some of the white stuff to bubble through the fabric. Finally he began to go limp.

"Well, I won!" Rod said, gloating. "I'll take those shorts now."

Kenny got up and went to his closet, pulling out the boxers that both he and Jon had stained with cum, and reluctantly handed them over.

Rod held them up, inspecting them for telltale stains, and smiled when he saw the stiffness of the fabric in front. Both boys were taken by complete surprise as Rod turned his back to them and then slipped off his wet boxers, affording them a nice view of his ass, and pulled on Kenny's prized boxers.

"Can't wait to tell all the guys that Jon wore your cum-stained shorts and shot off in them in class," Rod laughed as he pulled his jeans on.

"You wouldn't, would you?" Jon blurted in a panicked voice.

"Of course he wouldn't," Kenny said matter-of-factly.

"Oh yeah, what makes you so sure?" Rod challenged.

"Because if you tell anyone, we'll tell everyone what happened here today and that you did it because you desperately wanted to wear my boxers, too. My boxers that are covered with Jon's dried cum-loads and mine… my boxers that you couldn't even wait to get home to put on," Kenny replied confidentially.

"Relax, dude, I was only kidding. Of course I'm not going to tell anyone," Rod covered to look cool after Kenny's threat. "Your secret is safe with me."

"Our secret," Kenny corrected.

"Our?" Rod questioned.

"Yup, you're gonna do the same thing, so the secret involves all three of us now, not just me and Jon," Kenny said.

"Right. Our secret. Cool. Well, see you guys on Tuesday… you'll want to congratulate the winner," Rod said pointing at himself.

"What makes you so sure you are going to win?" Jon asked. "You couldn't even cum last time, let alone make the biggest wet spot, and had to jack off in front of all the guys in the club," Jon laughed.

"Yeah, but now I have these lucky boxers," Rod grinned. "Wearing them for the next three days I'm guaranteed to win. Sorry guys," he smirked.

Kenny and Jon worked hard to conceal their laughter, as Rod turned to leave the room.

"Hey Rod, what about…" Kenny started, pointing out Rod's wet underwear on the floor, but Jon grabbed his arm and gave Kenny a silent shushing face.

"What about what?" Rod asked turning around to look at Kenny.

"Um, what about a rematch, me and you face off for custody of my boxers," Kenny came up with quickly.

"Yeah, that would be real fair, after I just creamed my shorts and you haven't even cum," Rod laughed. "Just accept that I won your lucky shorts fair and square and now I'm gonna win on Tuesday, too." He then gave a sly grin to Kenny and Jon and headed out of the room.

Kenny followed to see him out.

"Aw fuck, man, I'm sorry," Jon said as soon as Kenny came back into the bedroom.

"Don't worry about it, man," Kenny consoled as he sat next to Jon. "He won't say a word, and I'll just have to win on Tuesday so he'll know the boxers aren't lucky or magical or anything."

Jon looked at him with a mischievous smirk. "Think you can hold off 'til Tuesday?" Both boys looked down at Kenny's crotch. It was pretty obvious that watching the two boys' cream their shorts had aroused Kenny. There was a big ridge going right up along the fly of his pants.

"I don't know, man," Kenny said, shaking his head. "Maybe I should take care of this one and then start saving up for Tuesday." He looked up at his computer. The porno slide show was still flashing on the screen. The program had reached a point in the file list that Kenny rarely saw because he usually shot his load before then. His boner jumped at the less familiar shots.

"Can I help?" Jon asked tentatively, his trembling hand reaching slowly toward Kenny's crotch.

"Hey, I don't know, man," Kenny answered warily. "I don't really do stuff with guys."

"I'll just rub it through your pants, man, ok?"

Kenny didn't know what to say to his friend's request and so said nothing as he mulled it over, and Jon took that as his cue. Leaning forward, his fingertips grazed Kenny's cock bulge. It jumped powerfully in response.

Kenny looked at Jon. Not a word was spoken, and with the amazing feeling Jon's hand was bringing his cock he couldn't have protested even if he wanted to. Instead, he just gave the slightest, nervous nod. Jon's gaze returned to Kenny's pants. He began to lovingly and carefully stroke Kenny's cock, feeling it throb in response. He used his fingertips to slide the fabric over the sensitive ridge.

Kenny's gaze returned to the screen where a guy was getting a blowjob from a really hot girl. He moaned quietly at the combination of erotic imagery and Jon's cock massage. A big blob of pre-cum leaked into his shorts, signaling that a full-blown orgasm wasn't far behind.

Jon was completely engrossed in rubbing his friend's encased boner. This was more than he could have hoped for. He had never touched another guy's cock, so he wasn't really sure what he was doing, but he tried to pretend it was his own, and he did all the things that made his own cock squirt its juice. He loved feeling Kenny's boner throb under his touch, and he soon found exactly which strokes made it throb the most.

Kenny realized that he was about to cum, but he also remembered that he didn't have any more clean jeans. The rest were in the laundry.

"Uh... Jon," Kenny said, trying to control his breathing.

"Yeah?" Jon said with leeriness, hoping Kenny wasn't chickening out and about to make him stop what he was doing.

"I'm not sure I want to mess up these jeans. They're the only clean pair I've got."

Jon never stopped his stroking. "Well, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know," Kenny replied. "It's just that... fuck! I'm getting really close. Maybe you better cut it out," Kenny said.

Jon wasn't about to stop. He was intent on making Kenny cum.

Kenny's breathing was getting ragged. "Hoh..." he gasped desperately, "It's gonna shoot! Mmph!"

Kenny started frantically fumbling with the button on his jeans. A quarter-sized wet spot was visible on his boxers. Pushing Jon's hand aside he ripped open his jeans and shoved them down. His cock jumped into the new looseness of his boxers.

Before Kenny could push his boxers down and finish himself off, Jon reached in and grasped Kenny's boner. Kenny tried to protest but instead gasped and writhed as Jon pulled Kenny's boxers down under his balls and began to expertly pump his cock.

Less than thirty seconds later, Kenny's friend was milking several big spurts of hot cum out of his cock. The tension drained from his body as he unloaded his balls all over his belly, and then he slouched in the chair, breathless.

As disappointed as Jon was earlier from having lost the contest, he was now as happy as could be as he held Kenny's shrinking cock in his hand. Not only had he rubbed another guy's cock through his boxers, but he'd actually touched another guy's bare cock and made it shoot its juice. Even better, he got to feel his buddy's hot cum run over his fingers.

"Uh, I better clean up," Kenny said feeling a bit awkward now, and interrupting Jon's reverie.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, sure," Jon said, gingerly releasing Kenny's cock.

Kenny carefully stood up, holding up his jeans with one hand. He then headed toward the door, "Right back."

When Kenny returned to the bedroom after cleaning up in the bathroom, he saw Jon inspecting the mess in Rod's boxers. "You think he forgot these on purpose?" Jon asked when he saw Kenny standing there.

"I don't fuckin' know," Kenny mumbled, still feeling a little awkward about what had happened with Jon now that he wasn't horny anymore.

Jon didn't notice Kenny's change in mood and looked down at his own boxers. There was no way he could go out in public with a wet spot that large. Almost four days' worth of spunk had soaked into the faded fabric, making the patch big, dark, and shiny, and it would definitely soak through his jeans once he put them back on.

"Got any more boxers?" Jon asked sheepishly.

Kenny shook his head in wonder and pulled a new-looking pair of boxers from his underwear drawer. "Pretty soon, I'm not going to have any boxers left! My mom's sure gonna wonder how come there aren't as many to wash," he said as he handed them over.

"Cool, thanks," Jon smiled as he took the boxers from Kenny. He then quickly took his wet boxers off and put Kenny's clean ones on, followed by his jeans. "Well, I guess I better get home, man," he said as he shoved his wet boxers in his pocket.

Kenny noticed that Jon had bunched up Rod's wet boxers in his own when he picked them up. He had thought, when Jon stopped him from reminding Rod that he forgot his boxers that Jon wanted to keep them as blackmail, in case Rod decided to talk. He should have known better, but didn't say a word about what he saw.

"Hey, good luck on Tuesday," Jon grinned as the guys arrived downstairs at the front door. "Remember, no jacking off until then."

"Yeah, I know," Kenny kind of snapped in response.

As soon as Jon was gone, Kenny began to think about everything that had just happened between the two of them. Instead of feeling awkward about it, like before, now he was getting horny again. He decided to take the same advice he had given Jon, and he ran upstairs to take a cold shower to calm his newly boned cock down a bit. Kenny definitely planned to win the contest on Tuesday, no matter what… even if it killed him!


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