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Friday, January 31, 2014

All Male Fiction: Bob and the Lacrosse Team (Part 2)

By: amtibbs
Note: This chapter contains bisexual sex, however, being that the main theme of this multi-part story is all-male, I have listed this as such to keep all parts in the same category.
Spring was a tricky time for Bob. Many sports schedules overlapped, and the soccer and lacrosse teams shared the same locker room. Between practice times and games the locker room was very busy. Some days the ventilation system couldn't keep up and the smell of ripe athletes permeated the room. Bob scheduled his classes so he could work the locker room on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He'd also worked either Saturday or Sunday, or both if really needed.

Bob liked the lacrosse team and the lacrosse team liked Bob. They were a bunch of fun loving guys. Bob still likes to refer to them as the "Double-A J's" (All-American Jocks). Even when faced with do or die situations they managed to stay loose.

The lacrosse team players were not shy dudes in the locker room. They would come in early before a game and strip naked or pull on just a jockstrap and sit around and bullshit and share the latest music they'd discovered and talk about the girls they'd fucked. They'd grab and hold or push and shove each other around with a surprising amount of body contact for hetero guys. As the season progressed there would be more and more flashes from cameras as some of the players took photos to document the experience, or perhaps, if I was a cynic, for blackmailing at a later date.

The players, or at least most of them, didn't seem to mind being photographed naked. Bob thought that it actually emboldened them to behave sillier. After all, they could brush it off as just acting for the camera. A number of times guys would bring in sets of photos and pass them around the locker room and the team would gather and laugh and razz their teammates shown in each photo.

More than once, some of these photos were left behind in the locker room - photos that could cause problems for the lacrosse players, photos that Bob carefully picked up and kept safe. After all, unlike the soccer team, who as Bob felt, got what they deserved, he liked these guys, thought of them as his friends, and would never let those photos be seen all over the Internet.

Never during the season did Bob let the team's actions in the locker room come back to embarrass them, and they knew it. They liked Bob. Sure they'd mess up the locker room when upset or raging, but they knew they caused extra work for Bob – and they tried to make up for it. They invited Bob to a number of their off-campus private parties during the season. We've all heard about the Duke Lacrosse team and their infamous party and that was mild compared to Bob's stories.

The lacrosse team parties were always wild with the music loud, the alcohol flowing and the women very, very hot and loose. It was at one of those parties that Bob's eyes were opened to possibilities he had not imagined.

The party that night was held at a house rented by four of the lacrosse team players. It was a four bedroom house so each guy could have his own room. The party was winding down and the girl that Bob had hoped to take home that night had disappeared. Bob thought she might have gone to the bathroom and headed off in that direction.
As he approached, the bathroom door opened and Nick, a midfielder on the team, walked out wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. Bob rated Nick in the top third of the team in terms of looks. He was 6'2", lean and muscular. Bob's most vivid memory was that he had a naturally smooth body with a light brown happy trail that led to an above average size cock and low hanging nuts.

When Nick saw Bob, he said, "Bob! I need your help! Get in here." The somewhat inebriated Nick didn't give him time to move and grabbed, then pushed the smaller Bob through his slightly ajar bedroom door.

There was a tacky lava lamp on the table next to the bed, and as Bob's eyes adjusted in the dim light he could see a naked girl, most likely drunk, lying on her back across a twin-size bed. Her head was hanging over the side that was furthest from the door and her legs were spread such that her pussy was pointed right at him.

Bob was confused so the first words out of his mouth were, "What the fuck?"

In a soft voice, and with a slightly drunken slur, Nick told him that he'd banged her and she didn't cum. Then he went muff diving for what seemed like an hour and she still didn't cum. He wanted Bob to see if he could make her cum.

Bob, horny and figuring a sure thing was better than continuing the search for the girl he hoped to take back to the dorm, quickly agreed. Nick urged him to get undressed and get on with it. Bob felt a little funny having sex in front of another guy but as his hormones took over, he quickly stripped. Nick pulled his desk chair around and sat down like a spectator in the stands at a game.

Bob decided to start with a bit of oral. From her position on the bed, Nick obviously liked to eat pussy while kneeling beside the bed. Bob got down on his knees and gave Nick one more glance, as if to ask "are you sure?" He got no answer as Nick had opened his towel and had started to jack off. In the dim light that night, Bob learned that Nick was a 'shower' and a 'grower'.

Bob began eating the girl's pussy and was rewarded with moans of pleasure. This positive feedback got Bob focused entirely on his efforts and he quickly forgot he had a spectator.

"Something's changed!" Bob thought suddenly. He was so into going down on the girl, gaging her every reaction to his actions that it took a full minute to realize that his cock was being sucked.

Bob jerked his head away from the pussy in front of him and to moans of displeasure, looked down. There was Nick, lying on his side with his head between Bob and the bed with Bob's dick in his mouth. Bob was confused. A million things flashed through his head in a split second but it all came down to two facts. Fact one, he was determined to make this girl cum. Fact two; he was going to cum himself tonight, and not by his own hand.

It wasn't the best blowjob Bob had ever received, even in his limited experience. From time to time he felt the scratch of Nick's teeth and his cock was bent at a somewhat uncomfortable angle. Though now unable to fully focus on the pleasure he was trying to give, it seemed to Bob as if the pleasure he was experiencing flowed through him and out his tongue into the girl as she moaned loud enough to be heard through the walls.

In response, there came three thumps and a muffled "Hit it Nick!" from the next room. This seemed to set off an inevitable chain of events and as the girl suddenly clasped her legs tightly around Bob's head, both she and Bob came.

It was more than a few moments before Bob's head was released, or I should say, Bob's 'heads' were released. The girl released Bob from a headlock worthy of any scripted pro-wrestling match and seemed to drift off to sleep - or at least into unconsciousness. Meanwhile, Bob's other head popped from Nick's mouth having delivered its load.

Bob leaned back and looked down. Nick was looking back up at him with a goofy look on his face and some of Bob's cum running down his cheek. Bob realized at that instant that Nick had positioned himself – hell - he had also positioned the girl, so that only he and Bob knew what had just happened.

Nick slowly sat up and pulled Bob's face close to his. Asking in an almost pleading whisper, he said to Bob, "Nobody needs to know about this, right?"

Bob said nothing but slowly nodded.

Nick gave a little grin and watched as Bob found his clothes, dressed, and then snuck quietly out of the room and back to the party.


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  1. I Like It Very Much Im Gay But Dam It Was A Turn On :)