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Friday, January 31, 2014

Bisexual Fiction: All Tied Up

By: Abberation & Ryan Michaels
"Time for a little fun," she said with a clever smile. Pulling a pair of leather cuffs out from the bottom dresser drawer, she turned, looked at me appraisingly, as if to say, "Are you ready."

It had been a long time since they had come out. It had always been her wearing them, but I wasn't too into it, so they just never really got used again. Now it seemed that it was going to be my turn.

I smiled back, wondering where this was going, but ready for a change from our normal routine. I slid back against the black steel bars of our headboard, holding my hands against it.

She quickly straddled me, buckling the cuffs tightly and clipping them to the headboard above my head. The buckles were tighter than I ever put them on her. I was pretty trapped. I got a bit of a chill, but it was followed by a strange quiver in my stomach, and I could feel my cock quickly hardening.

Her smile was even larger as she began to kiss my stomach, leading down to my jeans. Reaching up, she slid her hands under my shirt and ran her nails down my side, bringing them all the way down to the button on my pants, opening it and pulling down the zipper in one smooth movement. Grabbing them by my hips, she pulled my jeans and boxers off at the same time, dragging them across my hard cock, letting it flip out like a spring.

Finally, after they were all the way off, she walked across the room, dropping them carelessly on the floor, and opened a drawer on her dresser. Reaching in, she pulled out two long cotton scarves and slowly turned around; her appraising looks suddenly a bit more serious.

The feeling of being tied down kept that quiver of excitement running through me. This was completely new. I hadn't seen her like this before. Reaching across the footboard, she softly touched my right ankle. I extended it out for her, offering it with a smile. She tied it pretty tight, a bit more than I expected, but not enough to hurt. She tied the other just as tight. Pulling them even tighter against the corners of the footboard, I was left spread-eagle on the bed, tightly tied. I could hardly struggle. As she stripped off her clothes, doing a bit of a striptease, I waited in anticipation.

Crawling up on the bed, she reached for my cock, holding it tight as she kissed and licked my waist and inner thighs. Slowly, she brought her tongue up the side of my cock and then, in one smooth motion, engulfed it, bringing her lips all the way to the base, the head flowing right past the back of her mouth and all the way down her throat. Grabbing my balls with one hand and supporting herself with her other, her head bobbed up and down on my cock. Faster and faster, stroking with her fist, running her hand under my balls and stroking up and down my inner cheeks, pulling her face to the base of my cock, slamming her lips to my body.

I slammed back, trying to keep up, until I felt myself ready to cum, and then I pulled back. I told her to stop, that I couldn't hold back any longer and didn't want to cum yet. But she didn't stop. Instead she sucked faster, harder, my cock passing into her throat over and over, until I convulsed, and then came, jerking in my restraints as she continued to suck it hard as she swallowed it all down.

Slowly, she allowed my cock to slide out of her mouth, falling off of her extended tongue. I felt both wonderfully good and quite guilty; all of this preparation and she didn't even get my cock in her. Then again, it isn't my fault she couldn't stop sucking my cock like that, I thought as I leaned back and shut my eyes, my cock falling to the side, shrinking back to its normal size as I drifted into an exhausted, post orgasmic sleep.

I had no idea how long I'd been asleep when I awoke to the feel of a mouth on my cock. I smiled, not opening my eyes. I soon felt kisses on my neck, but the blowjob didn't stop. My gut did a quick flip as I opened my eyes, startled. My wife was kissing my neck, blocking my view. Who the hell was sucking my cock?

She pulled back, a huge grin on her face, and moved to show me. It was her best friend, Lisa, naked, slowly sucking up and down my cock. Fuck! That was a hell of a surprise. She was so hot it was just crazy. My semi-hard cock got a sudden burst of energy. My wife leaned over and dangled her tit over my mouth. I sucked furiously, bucking my hips into Lisa's mouth.

Pulling her tit from my sucking mouth, my wife rolled over onto the side of the bed and slid under Lisa's chest, pulled her tits down to her, sucking like crazy. That was a first! She then reached between her legs and began kneading her mound at the same time. Lisa lifted one knee onto the bed, the other foot on the floor, and I watched as my wife slid a finger into her, then two. Lisa began to fuck her fingers, sucking and fucking. I struggled, arching my back as I took in the sexual fantasy, wishing I could feel Lisa's tits, wishing I had a better view.

What seemed only a moment later, my wife suddenly got off the bed and went into the en suite, Lisa continuing to suck my cock.

My eyes shifted to my wife as she re-entered the room. I couldn't believe my eyes! She was wearing a strap-on. I got worried for a second, until I saw her climb on the bed behind Lisa, then my worries were gone, replaced by pure sexual excitement as my wife positioned the artificial cock at Lisa's pussy.

Lisa shifted back, not stopping her blowjob, pushing the dildo into her. My wife leaned forward, put her hands on Lisa's hips, and began thrusting the dildo into her with... with a practiced deftness. This wasn't a first. This wasn't new. Oh god, I was so fucking turned on!

My wrists were straining against the cuffs, desperately wanting to touch my wife, touch Lisa, when Lisa suddenly pulled of my cock and, pressing both hands against the bed, pushed against my wife as she pounded against her, both moaning like animals.

Pulling apart, Lisa swung her legs over me, dropping herself directly onto my cock. Oh my god she was soaking wet! Her pussy was like a pool of hot liquid, squeezing me, pulsing with her convulsions and thrusts. My wife pulled herself up onto me as well, straddling me, her back to Lisa, the dildo wavering ominously in front of me, slapping against my chest as Lisa bounced up and down on me.

Lisa reached her hands around my wife and grabbed her tits, kneading them, pinging and twisting her nipples, my wife's cunt oozing across my chest. Lisa leaned farther and farther forward, pushing my wife forward as well, the dildo sliding up, too, now pressing itself against my neck. I struggled at my bonds as their slamming rhythm gyrated on top of me.

My wife reached forward, grabbing the headboard, the dildo now hitting my cheek, my eyes looking down on it apprehensively. Somehow it was turning me on. This dildo, sliding against me, the wet coating from Lisa's pussy coating my face.

My wife looked down at me, "Suck it."

I paused, barely being able to keep up with Lisa.

"Suck it!" she repeated more sternly and reached down and pressed the cock against my lips.

It was hot, soft, wet. I opened my mouth and let it slide on my tongue, the taste of pussy overwhelming.

She pressed it in and out of my mouth. It was so real. I knew it was just rubber, but I could feel the veins, the head, the heat, the firm softness as she pushed harder.

My eyes were tearing as it hit the back of my throat. I gagged, but she kept pushing. "Swallow it! Swallow that cock!"

I don't know how, but I managed to start to swallow. She pushed it right down my throat. I gagged again, but no sound came out. The cock was filling my throat. She pulled back, but pressed it right back in. Over and over. My eyes were tearing so much I couldn't see. The gagging had stopped. I began to push into it. I began to suck, pounding right back.

She pulled back. "Did you like that? Did you like sucking cock?"

I stared up, my eyes streaming, unfocused, "Y-yes."

"Say it, tell me what you like," she said firmly.

"I-I like it..."

She reached down, grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head off the headboard. "SAY IT! Say, 'I like to suck COCK.'"

"I like it! I liked sucking cock," I stammered.

My wife then sidled back, and moved down to the end of the bed and began to untie my leg bonds.

"Oh god, I'm getting close!" I moaned, and Lisa immediately climbed off my cock. I figured she didn't want me to cum inside her and expected she would finish me off with her mouth, or maybe her hand, but she did neither. Instead she just lay back and started playing with her pussy.

With my legs free, my wife moved between them and lifted one in the air, and then leaned forward and pressed the head of that strap-on against my ass.

Holy shit... no, that wasn't gonna happen!

I pulled back as far as I could, but the bonds on my wrists held me. She pressed harder, Lisa frigging her clit even faster as she watched.

"Just deal with it," my wife said with a grin. "You know you want it."

She knows I want it? Why would she think that? Oh no! Had she seen that I had looked at some bisexual porn online? But that was just simple curiosity. I didn't want to be with a man, didn't want to get fucked up the ass, even with a dildo. Or did I?

As much as I felt I didn't want to do this, I found myself pushing my ass forward again, right onto the dildo. It hurt like hell. I pulled back again. "Fuck! That hurts."

"You can take it," she said, giving it a sudden push.

"Oh! Ahhh! Fuck!"

"Just relax and let it in."

I concentrated on relaxing, and my asshole actually loosened up and allowed it in. The cock pressed in farther. She pulled back, but pushed in again. I tried to pull back, but she followed. Now I had to let it in further. She was forcing me to fuck it. Forcing me to push it into myself.

In it slid, further and further. Lisa's clit rubbing began to speed up even more as I pressed myself onto the cock. All the way in. I let it in. I allowed it to fuck me. I fucked back. I closed my eyes, pretending it wasn't happening while fucking back into it, enjoying it. Fucking, thrusting, bucking.

Suddenly a blindfold came across my eyes and was tied tight. The fucking had continued, so I knew it was Lisa who had put it on me. Then, a heavy body got onto the bed and straddled me. It was masculine. It was no woman. I couldn't move. He was to fucking heavy. His cock slapped my cheek.

"Suck it! Suck that cock!" It was my wife's voice.

I was confused, not wanting to do it, but at the same time feeling overwhelmingly willing to do it, and I just opened my mouth and let this real cock slide in. It rode up along my tongue, filling my mouth, hitting my throat and I gagged.

He started to gently thrust a few inches of his cock in and out of my mouth, as my wife pushed every inch of that strap-on cock in and out of my ass. I could hear the sounds of Lisa rubbing her pussy right beside me, and then I heard her moan and the bed shook a bit as she brought herself off.

Minutes later the dildo slid out of my ass, and just seconds later the cock slipped out of my mouth. Then the bed shifted again. Strong arms latched onto my legs and hoisted them up, pulling me until I felt something touch my asshole. I knew it wasn't the dildo, I knew it was a real cock, and that I was about to get fucked by it, get fucked by another man, whether I liked it or not.

My wife's tits tickled my lips and I began to lick and lap at them as my legs landed on a pair of masculine shoulders, and then the cock began to push in. After being loosened up by the dildo, it entered somewhat easily, but it still hurt, being that it was fatter around than the dildo, and longer, too. This nameless, faceless male kept pushing, putting more and more of his length into me as I gritted my teeth and tried to relax my hole to accommodate his girth. Soon I felt his balls against my ass. It was long. Oh god, it was so long. And I had every last inch of it stuffed up my ass! I couldn't believe it!

He held it in me for a moment and then slowly began to withdraw. Then he pushed back in, gradually increasing how much of his cock he pulled out before sliding back in, as well as his speed. My wife removed her tits from my face and began to suck my cock as I got fucked.

As he began fucking my ass at a good pace, it wasn't pleasurable at all. It burned and it hurt. "Oh fuck!" I cried out in discomfort, but he must've thought I liked it and was encouraging him to fuck me faster, because that's just what he did.

"Ah, ah, ah, oh god, fuck!" I groaned, and then, all of a sudden, the discomfort in my ass turned into immense pleasure and my groans turned to moans. "Oh, oh, yeah, oh god, yeah!" And then I heard myself say something I never thought I'd ever say: "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck mwhhh," the last 'me' muffled as a sopping wet pussy made contact with my mouth.

With my wife busy on my cock, I knew it was Lisa's and I went bat shit crazy on her pussy. She was so hot, and I couldn't believe I was actually eating her cunt. It was soaked with the juices of her orgasm and I sucked and lapped them up like I was dying of thirst, as the cock started fucking me harder just like I had begged.

My wife's mouth left my cock and I felt the bed move again and could tell that she had moved to straddle my head. Then I heard slurping sounds and my wife started to moan and I knew that Lisa was licking her cunt. God, I would've given anything to be able to see that!

Then my body tensed for a second as a rough, masculine hand grasped my cock and squeezed it. My body relaxed and a moan escaped my lips into Lisa's pussy as the hand began to pump my prick.

There I was, naked, blindfolded and cuffed to the bed, with a pussy on my face, a hand on my cock, and a cock up my ass. And I couldn't see any of it. I felt so used. My wife had made me her bitch, made me Lisa's bitch, too, and made me another man's bitch… and I was loving every minute of it!

"Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhh," my wife moaned and I knew she was having an orgasm all over Lisa's face.

Lisa began grinding her cunt on my face at the same time and then she began to moan out as she reached orgasm on my face.

At this same moment, the hand on my dick let it go and both hands wrapped tightly around my legs as the cock in my ass thrusted harder, and then hot liquid was spraying my insides, cum was filling me.

The pussy left my face as the now drained cock pulled slowly out of my well-fucked ass. And then the bed shifted as people got off. I lay there, soaked with sweat, pussy juices and a load of cum oozing from my previously virgin asshole. And then I was alone on the bed, still tied down, still blindfolded, cock still hard, balls still full, not even realizing that they weren't done. They were just taking a break.

"Sorry for leaving you here for so long," I heard my wife say a short while later. "I was just showing Lisa and her friends those websites you visit that led me to discover you were bisexual, or at least bi-curious."

So I was right, she had seen that I had visited those types of porn sites, and that is why she felt she could set this evening up without discussing it with me first, and feel confident I would like it… wait a minute, friends, plural?

"Ready for some more?" my wife asked, and before I could answer, a cock pressed against my lips, and then a cock pressed between my legs… and it wasn't the dildo. There were two men in bed with us now!

And as those two cocks entered me, my moans were echoed by my wife, who was quite obviously getting fucked by Lisa with the strap-on right next to me.

It was definitely going to be a very long night… and just the start to a new and exciting sex life!
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