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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Straight Fiction: The Wrestling Match

By: Unknown Author
"What a joke," Dean yelled derisively at the screen. "If he was trying he'd kick her fuckin' ass!"

"Oh really, Mr. Smarty Pants," Shelby snapped. "I'll bet she could whip your wimpy ass any day of the week!"

"Give me a break, Shel," he replied while rolling his eyes. "I don't care how bulked up she is, no female wrestling freak could beat me up!"

Shelby and Dean had been going together for about six months now, and while she was a workout-aholic, he was much more the couch potato of the two, so watching pro wrestling on television was about as much exercise as he normally got, but he was convinced that he could whip any woman in a wrestling match and nothing Shelby said could change his mind.

While Shelby normally didn't let much get under her skin, Dean's constant needling about the lack of prowess of the female of the species was starting to nag at her, and in a fit of anger she spat, "I'll bet I could pin your butt, big mouth. The heaviest thing you can curl is a can of beer!"

"You're serious, aren't you?" he replied incredulously.

"Damn right I am!" she shot back quickly. "Are you afraid of me?"

"You gotta be kidding," he said with a laugh. "Shel, you wouldn't have a prayer!"

"You are afraid, aren't you?" she replied. "I can tell, you're a fraidy cat!"

"Let it go, Shel," he said irritably, "I'm not in the mood."

"Dean is a fraidy cat! Dean is a fraidy cat!" she sang teasingly.

"You know what," he said evenly, "you're asking for it, babe!"

"Ohhhhhhh noooooooo," she replied in a mocking tone, "I'm soooooooooooo scared. Please kind sir, don't hurt little ole' me, I'm just a woman!"

"You really want some of this?" he asked while flexing his bicep muscle to impress her.

She was about to make another wise crack at him, but seeing him flexing his pitiful arm muscle made her burst out with a laugh that left no doubt what she thought of him.

"Okay, baby," he snapped while hopping out of his easy chair, "that's it, let's get it on!"

Both protagonists helped in sliding the sofa, chairs, and end table to the edge of the carpeting, leaving a large matt like surface suitable for their battle.

"This is gonna hurt me more than it is you," Dean said with a little smirk before finishing off his beer with one long swig.

"In your dreams," she replied evenly while pulling off her jeans and t-shirt, leaving her in just her bra and panties.

"Why are you taking off your clothes?" he asked warily.

"Ha, if you think I'm gonna let you grab a handful of clothing, you're nuts. Now get ready to get your ass whipped, jerko!"

That did it. She knew exactly how much he hated it when she called him jerko, so in a fit of temper he raced across the carpet at her, diving for her ankles.

"Like a bull in a china shop," she chortled while easily evading him, and then with cat like quickness, she dropped, coming down hard on his unprotected back with her elbow, whistling all the air right out of his lungs.

"Ooooomph," he gasped while trying to catch his breath. "W-why you little bitch. You're gonna pay for that!" At least that was the plan, but as he tried to get up, Shelby knocked his legs out from under him, dropping him back down to the floor.

"C'mon, get up," she taunted while dancing around her him. "You want some more of this or have you had enough?"

Dazed and confused he struggled to his feet only to have her catch him with a cross body block that sent him flying to the floor while landing with a sickening thud. This time she wasn't giving him any mercy, and in a fit of pure anger she leaped on top of him while hooking his neck in a powerful scissor lock, and while she began crushing the life out of him she asked evilly, "So, you think we're pussies, huh? Well take this jerko!"

Dean struggled helplessly while Shelby held his neck between her powerful thighs, and in a moment of pure inspiration, and with a little chuckle gurgling up from her throat, she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and forced her gaping pussy down onto his open mouth while asking, "Are you hungry, bitch-boy? I hope so 'cuz you're gonna eat whether you like it or not!"

The overpowering aroma and taste of Shelby's hot pussy was more than a match for any man, but in this situation they were absolutely intoxicating as her swollen clit snapped back and forth over his lips and tongue. "You like eating pussy don't you, bitch." she panted. "Well you're gonna eat me until I cum all over your fucking face, you little prick!"

While Dean's mouth was busily doing her hot clit and cunt, Shelby literally tore off her bra as she crushed her cunt down hard onto his open mouth. "You suck so well for a wimp," she said through gritted teeth. "Do a good job and maybe I won't hurt you anymore!"

The sensation of having Dean trapped between her legs coupled with his ever vigilant tongue was more than she could stand, and just as her clit dragged over his front teeth her entire body shuddered while it was being wracked with an orgasm that left her quivering and shaking in disbelief at is ferocity.

She just sat there panting like a dog caught in the heat of a summer's day, when the incredible urge to be filled with cock overwhelmed her to the point where she actually ripped open the front of Dean's jeans to get at his fat cock. Dean had his faults, but a small cock wasn't one of them.

After giving him a fast suck to get him wet, she mounted him quickly and settled her drooling pussy on his thick prick. "Ohhhhhh, yeah," she moaned while grinding her cunt down harder and harder. "Now I know why I keep you around!"

He reached up to grab her huge tits, but with a hard slap she batted his hands away. If there was one thing Dean loved about Shelby's body it was her fantastic chest, and the thought of not being able to have it almost panicked him to the point that he pleaded, "Please, Shel, you've made your point, can I please touch them?"

"Why should I let you?" she asked evenly. "I can suck them myself, I don't need you for that anymore," she finished as she casually hefted one of her boobs to her lips and started sucking it softly.

Dean's eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he watched her nurse on her own breast, and in a hurt dazed voice begged, "Please, Shel, I admit it, I was wrong, women are just as tough as men. Now, please, let me have it!"

"I think that you're lying to me," she said sweetly as she gently shook her chest back and forth inches from his face.

The tension in their groins was now almost at the breaking point, and then Dean's pecker spasmed hard several times as it jettisoned load after load of hot cum into Shelby's convulsing pussy.

"Wow," Dean sighed as his pecker slipped from Shelby's now satisfied pussy, "that was something!"

"Nope, that was just the first round," she replied as she pulled herself off his cock, pinned him down, and then lowered her cum-filled pussy over his mouth. "Eat, bitch!"

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