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Friday, June 27, 2014

All Male Fiction: A Couple of Amateurs

By: Tommyhawk1
The room was pitch black except for a square of white light. The window wasn't frosted, just a combination of outside lighting, indoor darkness and glazing produced that uniform, white, unrevealing light. It formed a perfect square, clean, unbroken.

An oval form disrupted the whiteness, someone's head was on the other side, perched atop a hint of neck, and then, there were two such ovals. Shadows danced along the floor of the square, not as delineated as the heads, they made triangles that overlapped and broke each other... hands and arms were working at the bottom of the sash. The heads bent together in consultation to the tune of scratching metal and fracturing wood.

"Come on, man, hit it good!" one voice hissed.

"I'm hitting it. The motherfucker's not turning loose!"

"Go on and hit it. Nobody's home."

"I know that!"

"So hit the mother!"


"Yeah, that's moving it. Hit it again!"

"You hit it. My hand's sore!"

"Pussy! Fine, move over."

Thud! "Yeowch!"

"Now who's the pussy… pussy!"

"Shut the fuck up! Help me with this."

Crunch-crack-crack-ka-thoomp, and then a vibrating tone of an aluminum rod humming itself into silence.

"Yeah! That got it."

"Come on, open the mother up!"

Scritch-scritch-scritch-whoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo! The window rose up, surrendering its duty to defend the home, but not quietly.

"Come on, get in."

"So give me a hand up!"


"Uh-uh-hoo-HOOPH!" And now the whiteness was blackened entirely, the body slithering inside like some arthritic snake, caught halfway, teetered, and then fell inside, landing on the carpeting which muffled the sound that should have been a resounding thud.

"Damn, dude, you didn't have to shove me in!"

"Shut up and give me a hand in."

"So give me your hand," the guy inside offered.

A sliding-scraping sound, and they were both inside, and the white light was back now, bearing a black line near the top where the window had been opened completely up.

"Where the fuck's the light switch?"

"How the hell would I know?"

"Well, find it."

"You find it."

"Let's both find it."

A flick of a switch being thrown and the room was filled with light. Now you could see that the room was well-furnished, a delicate green on the walls, the bedroom furnishings were of dark, rich maple wood, the sheets on the bed were of soft, white silk, not the more common cotton, there was a painting on the wall of a green-faced man, bearing the unmistakable trademark of being an original work of art... and the more common things, a simple alarm clock, some books and an ashtray on the dresser.

The two intruders were revealed as being young, both about eighteen. They were alike in their hairstyle, cut short on the sides and longer on the top. Both were on the thin side of muscular. Both wore blue jeans and t-shirts, one guy's was green, the other guy's was pale blue.

They were looking at each other.

"Hey, man, you found it!" the one in the green shirt said, before he noticed that neither were standing anywhere near to a light switch.

Kli-klick! The unmistakable, unforgettable sound of a gun being cocked filled the air.

They turned and looked to see there was a third man in the room.

Older, brown-haired, heavily muscled, and holding a shiny, silver-plated rifle with the muzzle aimed in their direction, along with a scowl of anger on his face, bordering on fury. You'd think the fact that there were two of them and only one of him would have made him less threatening, but that logic goes out the window when the 'one' is an armed, angry man with a gun pointing in your direction.

"Shit!" said green shirt.

That seemed to sum it up for both of them; they raised their hands.

"I thought this house was empty," blue shirt said sheepishly.

"Yeah, my sister said they were in Europe," green shirt said in a whisper. "She works here as a nanny."

The scowl barely moved enough to let the words part the armed man's lips. "You two never heard of a house sitter before?"

"Oh," the two boys said in unison.

"Yeah," the man sneered. "God, but you're a pair of dumb shits. Your sister told you this house was empty, huh?"

"Uh, she just told me that she had the week off because the owners were away in Europe," green shirt babbled. "She didn't know Kyle and me were going to break in here, though, honest!"

"God, Jake, tell him my name, why don't you?" blue shirt said in exasperation, not realizing in his fear that he had just done the same thing.

"Kyle and Jake," the man nodded. "Want to give me your home addresses while you're at it, you couple of damned amateurs?"

"No, sir," both boys chimed.

"Please don't call the cops on us! We'll pay for the window; we just broke the frame on it," Kyle offered. "Bent it, actually. You can nail it back up and it'll be good as new, honest."

"I'm not going to call the cops." But the steely look in his eyes told them he wasn't letting them go, either.

"Oh, God!" Kyle breathed.

"Shut up!" Jake hissed at him.

"We are screwed! We are both so totally screwed!" Kyle moaned. "He's going to kill us and then put a pistol in our hands and say it was self-defense!"

"Shut up!"

"We are so totally screwed!" Kyle groaned.

"Shut the fuck up!"

"Ah, fuck you!" Kyle turned instant rage onto his partner. "This was your idea. I just went along with it. I'll tell that to the cops and make a deal."

"He's not going to call the cops, remember?" Jake reminded him, snarling the words out.

"Oh, God!" Kyle was so pale, he looked like he was about to faint.

Jake looked at the gun again. "Man, please, just let us go," he said softly. "You don't want to kill us."

"Well, maybe I won't kill you," the man conceded.

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief.

"But I can't just let you two go, now can I?"

"Oh, god, we're so screwed!" Kyle said again. "We are both totally fucked."

"That's the idea," the man said.

"What's the idea?" Jake asked.

"Both of you totally fucked." The man's cock began to unfurl and snake down the leg of his pants.

Jake's eyes widened as he saw this. "No way," he breathed.

"Oh, God!" Kyle groaned. "He's going to rape us both, tie us up and fuck us. What are we going to do?"

"I'm not going to fuck you," the man clarified. "You are."


"You two are going to fuck each other," the man said. "Put on a good show, and earn your freedom."

"Man, we don't do that shit!" Jake scoffed.

"You do now," the man clarified by gesturing with the gun.

Kyle and Jake looked at each other.

"You're shitting us, right? Just trying to scare us?" Kyle asked hesitantly.

"Hell, no," the man said. "You two are bound for prison anyway, being two dumb bastards that break into people's homes. Just think of it as practice for when you're locked in a cell with some big bruiser who decides that you're his woman. Now, drop your pants," the man said. "First one with a full hard-on gets the first fuck." When neither boy moved, he gestured with the gun again, rougher. "Come on, drop 'em!"

Kyle's eyes moved from the barrel of the gun slowly to Jake and he whispered, "We can rush him. He can't shoot both of us."

"Wanna bet?" the man said. "This thing will punch a hole through a man this close up, and I can fire five times in eight seconds. How fast can you move?"

Jake showed his answer to that, his hands reached up and yanked at his fly.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Kyle asked when he saw this.

"Trying not to get shot."

"Your buddy's got it spot on," the man said and pointed the gun at Kyle.

Trembling, Kyle began fumbling with the button on his jeans.

"That's better." Now a grin appeared on the man's face, not a happy grin, the grin of a cat as it pounces on its prey, a shadow grin, a ghoulish grin.

Both boys dropped their pants and, after pausing just long enough to take another look at the gun pointing at them, they both slowly pulled down their underwear, and then reluctantly started fondling their cocks.

"No, don't play with them," the man ordered. "Just stand there and let me see them real good. First one with a full hard-on fucks the other one first."

Jake's soft, cut cock hung long. Kyle's soft, uncut dick hung about an inch and was like a turtle head peering from its shell.

"You ever thought of fucking another man?" the man taunted them. "Thought about what it's like, plunging your cock into a tight, hot, man's ass, the hairs around the asshole tickling your prick while it slides in."

Jake's cock writhed and filled. Kyle's "turtle" started to poke out, thought better of it, and withdrew.

"Your buddy will have to suck it for you first," the man went on. "Get down and get it all slicked up and wet so it'll go in easier. Can't fuck him with a dry dick, you know, so first you'll feel his warm, wet mouth on your cock, that tongue tasting the bottom of your cock. Yeah, you're getting there."

"Ah, gah!" Kyle half-said, as he saw Jake's cock was beginning to rise. He ignored the instructions, grabbed his dick and began to pump at it frantically. The man didn't reprove him.

"Just plunging into that boy's ass… feeling his hot, tight asshole gripping your big, hard cock." Now the man was talking directly to Jake.

"Uhhhh," Jake moaned.

"You're not going to fuck me!" Kyle said. "Here, look, it's hard!" He showed off his prick, now standing erect, six plump inches of uncut cock.

"It got that way after you pumped it," the man clarified. "You broke the rules. Your buddy kept his hands off… makes him the winner. He gets to fuck your butt first while I watch him."

"No," Kyle said, looking over at his buddy's thick, hard, eight inch cock, but it wasn't a shout, it was a whimpering, puppy-dog-like sound. "No, please!"

"Come on, man," Jake said. "We got to do it if we don't want to get shot. Come on and suck on it, and I'll do it as gentle as I can."

"And you get to fuck him when he's done," the other man pointed out. "Don't forget that."

"Just get down and get it over with, Kyle," Jake said. "We got no other choice."

Kyle had the look of a hunted animal, one trapped and unable to escape. Like a bird before a snake, he seemed to lose all his will. Like an automaton, he stepped the three steps it took to get over to Jake, lowered himself onto his knees as if floating. Kyle's fingers loosely, hesitantly gripped Jake's prick. The shaft bounced in his grip, slapped against his upper lip, and then Kyle guided it on in past his lips.

"Oh, ah, man!" Jake groaned.

"Yeah, that's it; suck your buddy's cock. Eat that big prick. Come on, eat it!"

Kyle's lips plied back and forth over the thick dick, small suckling sounds escaping his untrained mouth as he worked his buddy's cock. Lost in the sensation, forgetting for a moment that another guy, his buddy, was sucking his cock, Jake grunted and reached down, caught Kyle's head in his hands and hunched at Kyle's mouth, and Kyle choked, strangled, coughed, fought free and said, "Shit, man, what the hell are you doing?"

"Sorry." Jake's chest was heaving from the exercise.

"Alright, that's enough of that. Get on the bed," the man instructed. "You need to lube him up now so you can fuck that ass," he said to Jake.

"Oh, god!" Kyle groaned but he complied, after glancing at the gun again, crawling submissively onto the bed and onto his back, Jake climbing on after him.

"Get on your hands and knees," the man instructed Kyle.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Kyle breathed as he complied.

"You," he said to Jake, "get his asshole all lubed for your cock."

"With what?" Jake asked looking around the bedroom for any sign of some lube.

"With your fucking tongue, you dumb ass!"

"Shit, I'm not doing that!"

"I didn't realize I was asking," the man said, cocking the gun again and pointing it at Jake.

Jake gulped, squeezed his eyes shut, and moved his face to his Kyle's ass, stuck out his tongue, dug it between his buddy's crack, and flicked his tongue over his asshole.

Kyle, limp as a stuffed rag-doll, cringed when he felt his buddy's tongue licking his most private area, but soon he involuntarily began to moan. "Uh, uh, huh-uh!"

"I think he likes that," the man chuckled. "Now lick a finger and stick it up his butt."

Kyle let out a cry of panic and then Jake did as he was instructed and licked his finger and then stuck it between his buddy's ass crack and began to push it in. "Oh, ah, ah, oh god!" Kyle cried out as his virgin butt-hole was violated by his buddy's finger.

The man instructed Jake to stick a second finger in and then a third with Kyle writhing in discomfort. "That's nothing, just wait until you feel that big hard cock push into your butt!" the man laughed.

"Oh god, oh… fuck… me!" Kyle whimpered at the thought of that.

"What's that? Did you just say 'fuck me'?" the man chuckled.

"No, no! I didn't mean it like that…"

"Fuck him!" the man ordered.

"Oh, fuck!" Kyle hung his head, defeated, and Jake's hands moved on Kyle, holding onto to him by his waist, and then, hands-free, he began pushing that spit-greased prick up to the pucker of Kyle's ass.

It was when that cock pressed there that Kyle jerked, came back to life. "Uh, oh, God, no!" he groaned "No, man, no, please!" His eyes bugged out as Jake's prick pushed into him, and slowly, as if morphing, his expression changed from wide-eyed, open-mouthed astonishment into crumpled, creased, grimacing, groaning, pain-etched features. "Uh, gahhhhh!" he groaned out as Jake pressed in harder.

"Like that, huh?" the man said to him. "Like your buddy's prick going up your ass, punk?"

"Oh, nooooo!" Kyle groaned. "Please, take it out, take it out!"

"Sorry, man," Jake said, "got to do this to stay alive. Better to just get it in and over with," and then he shoved his cock in hard.

"Uuhhhh!" Kyle screamed. "Fuckin' hell," he then said softly and there was a submission, compliance, in his tone of voice. Jake took that as the invitation to begin to really fuck his buddy's butt, and the bedsprings began to creak as Jake sped up his tempo. Kyle's head was bobbing back and forth as Jake plowed into him, his body swaying to the thrusts, rocking to the tunes of the bedspring's squeak in perfect synchronization.

"Oh, fuck, uh, uh, uh, fuck, uh!" Jake groaned as Kyle whimpered at the assault. "Shit, man, I'm gonna shoot my load!" Jake moaned minutes later.

"As much as I'd love to make your buddy feel your hot cum fill his hole, I think it would be more fun to make you shoot it all over him. Pull out and cream on him," the man ordered.

Jake complied, pulled out his prick and fisted his cock. As his eyes closed, his teeth clenched, and his head went back, and his throat guttered out some deep, low syllables of pleasure as his cock began to squirt out a heavy stream of jizz. Then another and another just after that. A pause, and then three smaller ones in rapid-fire succession. Another pause, and then a few tepid bursts, the jism covering Kyle's back from the bottom of his neck down to his ass, lines of pearl-colored cream sinking into dark furrows of the boy's cheap cotton t-shirt.

Jake finished and, panting heavily, fell backwards to lay with his back against the headboard, with Kyle, a fucked, submissive form, across the bed.

Finally, as if he realized it was really over, Kyle breathed out, "Oh, God! That hurt!"

"First fucks always hurt," said the man with no sympathy. "Get used to them, because as dumb as you two are, you'll be taking pricks up your butt in prison on a regular basis, sure as the sun rises in the morning."

Kyle looked over at Jake, his anger focusing on his violator, forced or not. "You asshole!" he grunted to Jake. "You god damn fucking asshole!"

Jake now seemed somewhat contrite. "Hey, dude, I had no choice."

"Maybe not, but you're lying there like you enjoyed it, feeling all satisfied and shit! You could at least try to feign some sympathy for what I had to go through! Do you know how much that hurt?"

"Don't worry, he will," the man spoke up. "Your turn to fuck him now… give him as good as he gave you."

"Hey, yeah, that's right!" Kyle said and then looked at Jake. "Sorry man, I really don't want to fuck another dude, but, I have no choice."

"You best be sucking his cock, like he sucked yours, if you want it to hurt less. Although, it's gonna hurt like a motherfucker no matter how much spit you use on that dick," the man laughed. "Isn't that right?" he said to Kyle.

"Fuckin' right. You have no idea, Jake," Kyle said as he straddled Jake and pressed his cock to his lips. Kyle was moving on rage and his cock was a pole of fury in front of him now. "Fuck me, will you, you god-damned prick. I'll give you a hard dick. Come on, suck me you shithead, and get lots of spit on it because you got ten seconds and then I'm shoving it in you, like you did to me!"

"That's the spirit," the man said approvingly.

Jake must have known Kyle meant it, because he opened his mouth, and his lips worked in furious obedience. He slavered and slurped on Kyle's pole as quickly and as best he could for a first-timer, while Kyle counted, "Five, six, seven..."

Jake paused, hawked his throat, and drooled a wide splotch of spit onto Kyle's prick. "Eight, nine, ten… roll over prick!"

Jake glanced at the gun once again and then turned over, and he felt Kyle's cockhead brush his ass. "Hey, what about lubing me up?"

"No time for that," the man said. "I'm getting bored. Just be thankful your buddy's dick isn't as big as yours. Now get on with it."

Jake's face widened with fear hearing that and then feeling Kyle's prick digging at his ass crack. "Hey, come on, man, I went easy with you, you know that! I went easy with you... GUH-HUHHH!" Kyle had managed to get his cockhead through his buddy's ass crack and then just pushed his prick in fast and hard! "AGH, GAH, DAMN, FUCK, TAKE IT OUT, TAKE IT OUT, AH, GAH, UHHH, TAKE IT OUUUUUT!" Jake was practically crying.

"Hurts, doesn't it?" Kyle snarled. "Sorry, I don't have a choice, remember? Gotta do this to stay alive, remember? Easier just to get it in and over with, right, isn't that what you told me? Just fucking lie there and take it, like I had to take it!"

"UH, UH, GAH, UH, UH!" Jake's loud pained groans punctuated Kyle's thrusts into his body. Kyle was being rough, raping his buddy's ass, shoving it in hard and yanking it back out, stabbing him as if with a knife, and now, thoroughly violated, Jake's shouts ended and were replaced by whispering whimpers of anguish.

Kyle was roaring now atop Jake, his thrusts brutally rough into his friend's ass. He was growling with his outraged throat, violating his violator, plunging into him and making him take it, punishing him hard. Kyle's groans were so loud and rough, until the rage was overlaid with pleasure, and then Kyle yanked out his prick and pumped it and sprayed a wide-angled load onto Jake, Jake sobbing in relief now that it was over, while sperm dappled him like so many raindrops falling heavily onto his butt.

Kyle's rage dropped with his expended sperm and he fell down on the bed next to Jake. He lay there panting as Jake lay there sobbing, both their asses sore as hell. They couldn't look at each other, probably could never face each other again, their friendship likely ended by what they had been forced to do to each other.

It wasn't until they felt the bed move that they both lifted their heads. The man had climbed on the bed, his shirt pulled over his head, his pants down past his knees, and his cock rock hard and pointing at them. The two boys looked at him in fear, fearing that now he was going to fuck their asses. Instead, the man shifted the gun, one hand holding it, and the other went to his cock and he grabbed it, gave it a hard pump... and exploded!

Like the scatter-shot of a sawed-off shotgun, jizz flew everywhere and flew hard. It hit both the young men, widely scattered droplets landing on their naked lower bodies and their pants and underwear while the two lay there in shocked surprise.

Done, the man gasped, panted, and as Jake shifted, he caught himself and pulled the gun back in line. "Pull up your pants and get the fuck out of here, you fuckin' punks," he snarled.

The two frightened young men were quick to obey, pulling up their cum-splattered underwear and pants. Not trying for the door, which would have meant passing by the man with the gun, they retreated out the window through which they had entered. After they dropped onto the concrete area outside, you could hear the pat-pat-pat of their running, retreating feet.

Alone now, the man with the gun grinned. "Bet that taught those two little shits," he said aloud. "Couple of damned amateurs! They weren't ready for a job this big anyway."

He fastened his black jeans, pulled his black shirt back down, pulled his ski mask from his back pocket, pulled it over his head, and turned back to his job of leisurely gathering the valuables from around the house. After all, he had a week to finish the job… and those two wannabe burglars with their fingerprints all over everything to take the rap for it when he was done.

He chuckled again. "Couple of fucking amateurs."
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  1. well written, with an ironic twist of plot at the end.