"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Monday, June 30, 2014

All Male Fiction: Chris' Sex Adventures (Part 2)

"Getting Pumped"

By: samboi91 & Ryan Michaels
After sucking my first cock, I craved to do it again. It was all I could think about. Luckily my best friend Adam - the recipient of that first blowjob - was only too happy to help me satisfy my craving. He had a home gym set up in his basement and I'd been going to his place a few times a week for the last couple of years to work out with him. We'd work out, hang out for a bit after, and then I'd go home.

Now, those workout sessions usually ended with Adam wanting a blowjob and, since one or both of his parents were always around, we'd scurry up to his bedroom and I'd suck him off. I loved sucking him off and always took care of myself later on.

Sucking his big cock and taking his load down my throat was so hot for me, but I wanted to try more things with him, too. Little did I know at the time, but I would get my wish.

It happened about six months after I had started sucking Adam's cock. We were both working out in his basement, both of us shirtless, just in shorts. I was doing bench presses while he spotted me. During my third set on the barbell, I noticed a bulge starting to appear in Adam's shorts. We looked into each other's eyes and I knew it was time to stop working out with weights and give his cock a workout instead. But this time, instead of heading up to his room, he just pulled his cock out through the leg of his shorts while still standing over me and placed it at my lips.

I was surprised at first, but then remembered that his mother had gone out a little while after I had arrived and no one was there but us. I opened wide and took it into my mouth as he grabbed the barbell for support.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, he held it upwards and then bent his knees and lowered his balls down onto my nose and mouth. "Smell my sweaty balls! Yeah, smell good?"


"I bet they taste good, too. Let's find out. Open your mouth and lick them with your tongue. Yeah, that's it!" he said, and moaned as I repeatedly lapped at them, "Suck my fuckin' sweaty balls!"

I sucked them, one by one, and then I got both in my mouth at the same time.

"Oh yeah, fuck yeah! Wash the sweat off with your tongue until they're all clean!"

Soon his balls were being pulled from my mouth and replaced with his cock again. While I worked my mouth on his cock, I reached both hands around him and grabbed his ass. It felt rock hard and toned.

"Whoa man. Don't get too friendly back there. That's an exit only. Yours on the other hand…"

Yanking his cock out of my mouth, he told me to stand up. As soon as I was on my feet, he instructed me to turn around so that my back was to him. In one quick move he pulled my shorts and underwear to my ankles. I could feel his eyes on my bare ass and then I felt his hands. They were kneading my cheeks, and my crack was opening and closing as a result. I heard a slurping sound and knew what was coming next and I wasn't wrong. I moaned as he slid a finger in me.

"Fuck, you're tight! Have you ever been fucked before?" he asked as he slowly moved it in and out.

"No, never. You're the only guy I've ever sucked, too."

"Well you're gonna get fucked today. That ass is so tight; I just gotta stick my cock in it! Man, I can't wait break it in."

Before I could respond, he was already running up the stairs. I turned and stood there, my shorts and underwear around my feet, completely naked with a hard-on, waiting for him to come back.

When he returned, he was completely naked now too, and he was stroking his cock as he walked across the room. It was slick and shiny with lube. He was holding the bottle in his hand, which he handed to me.

"Squirt a bunch of this up your ass," he said as I took it from him. "Make sure you put lots up there and work it up inside with your fingers. Try to get at least two fingers in there and work them in and out to loosen things up."

I did as he said, first kicking my pulled down shorts and underwear free from my feet to allow me to spread them apart a bit, and actually managed to get two of my fingers inside me. It hurt a bit at first but quickly started to feel really good. I was even starting to quietly moan a little bit.

When Adam heard this, he lay down on the bench, holding his thick cock in the air and said, "Ride my cock, Chris. Then you can decide how slow you want it to slide in."

I was nervous, but I wasn't scared. I wanted this and I walked over to him and put one of my legs over him so that I was standing above his cock. I put my hands on his defined chest for support as I lowered myself onto his cock. I felt the big head push against my hole as it started to slide in, and the pain hit me.


"It's ok man. Just relax. Stay like that and let your hole adjust."

I did as he told me and the pain started to go away. Then I started to slowly lower myself further and further down onto his cock. Once it was all the way in me, and I had sat still on it to let my hole adjust, it felt so good. We both let out a moan.

"Fuck man. Your tight ass feels so good. Ride my big dick!"

I started moving up and down on a few inches of his cock, very slowly. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting gently into me. Both of us were moaning. It was my first fuck and it was amazing; getting fucked by my best friend's eight point five inch cock.

"Stand up man. I want you to lie down on here," he said after a minute or so, indicating the bench.

I obeyed him and felt his cock sliding out of me inch by inch as I raised myself up. It made me feel empty and I wanted it back in me. He stood up while I took his place on the bench. He moved around to my legs and lifted them. His biceps bulged as he put my legs onto his shoulders and grabbed my hips. Sitting on the bench with his cock pressed at my hole, he started to push in. I was thankful it didn't hurt as much this time.

He began to rock, making his cock slide in me. It felt great having it back in my ass. He started thrusting a bit harder, so I reached my hands above my head and grabbed onto the barbell to hold me there. He pushed my legs forward a bit, making my ass lift up so he could thrust deeper. He began to thrust even harder, which was starting to hurt.

"Adam. Stop. It's starting to hurt," I whined.

"Fuck no, man. Your ass is feeling great wrapped around my cock. I'm gonna fuck you so good." He grabbed my ankles and started thrusting fast and deep. "Fuck yeah. Take my big dick. I'm gonna blow deep in your ass, man."

It was obvious he was going to keep fucking me incessantly, despite my plea of discomfort. All I could do was lay back and take his cock in me. He was in control; he was using my body to pleasure himself. In that moment I was just a tight hole for him to use to get off, and those thoughts aroused me even more, made the discomfort well worth it, and I closed my eyes and moaned louder than I think I ever had before.

"Oh fuck, Alex, so tight!"

Alex? He just moaned the name of another buddy of ours. Alex was the same age as us, a jock, and had a typical jock body; muscular from playing sports and working out. He had huge biceps and always sported a pretty big bulge. His face was pretty nice to look at, too. But why would my straight friend moan the name of another guy while he was using my hole just to get off? It didn't make sense for him to be thinking about him, or any guy, just then.

"You should get your cock sucked," Adam panted as he continued to ram in and out of my ass.

I thought he was talking to me, and as I went to open my mouth to tell him I'd rather that he keeps on fucking me, I heard another voice say, "Yeah, you're right, I should."

My eyes shot open and were met with a rather large cock looming over my face, the tip mere millimeters away from my mouth. Above it I could see its owner's face. It was Alex! Adam hadn't mistakenly called out his name; Alex was there, in the room with us, naked, hard… and horny.

"What the…" I started.

"Adam told me you give pretty good head," Alex said.

"He saw you blowing me at my party," Adam explained. "Came up to me later and told me he'd seen, and was shocked to find out that I was gay, like you. Told him I wasn't, but that you give great head, no gag reflex, and why wouldn't I use your mouth to get great head all the time. I invited him to come over and use your mouth when I went to get the lube."

"That's right," Alex said. "And now it's your turn to blow me, so open up and suck my cock!"

I found all of what I just heard really hot. I was even hornier now, if that was possible, and only too happy to open my mouth and let him in. He wasted no time in starting to push it into my mouth and grew hard quickly. I was amazed to find that he was almost as big as Adam, measuring about eight inches.

I could tell Adam was getting turned on by all of this, because his slowed down thrusting became rapid as he watched Alex's cock expand and fill my mouth. I could feel his cock get even harder before he started moaning, and I felt every shot as he came deep inside me. He pulled out of me and wiped sweat from his forehead as he panted.

Alex wasted no time in pulling his dick out of my mouth and moving around to my ass. He lifted my legs and pulled on them a bit. That caused my hands to slip from the barbell and I grabbed the sides of the bench in preparation to take his cock in my sore butt. But instead of sticking it in my ass, he pulled on my legs again, and kept pulling me forward until he had pulled my ass past the end of the bench.

"Service my cock!" he demanded as I fell off the end of the bench and landed on my knees in front of him.

"Don't you want to fuck me?" I asked hopefully, sore as I was.

"Nope. I don't take sloppy seconds. Maybe next time."

Next time? That sounds promising! I thought as I stared at his cock. It was so hard; you could see the veins sticking out.

"Well?" he said impatiently, pointing at his throbbing dick.

Seconds later his cock was down my throat.

Minutes later I felt a hand on the back of my head. It grabbed my hair and pulled me off Alex's cock.

"Watching you suck Alex's big cock has got me all horny again," Adam said. "Suck my dick some more," he finished and forced his cock in my mouth.

My cock throbbed as they both went about taking turns using my mouth, each grabbing my head and pulling it off the other's cock and onto theirs when they wanted more.

After a while of sucking them off, they both stood over me jerking off. I was laying back stroking my dick, watching these two muscled studs stroke their big cocks. Alex was the first to cum. He shot all over my face. His load was huge. Adam began shooting not long after, and he too deposited a good-sized load in my face.

As they stood over me, both gently fondling their spent, dripping cocks, Alex leaned over and whispered something to Adam. Adam grinned and then they both stuck out their hands and brought them down to my face, wiping their fingers over it. They then began to force their cum-covered fingers into my mouth, one at a time at first and then both at the same time.

I started jerking myself off more quickly as they did this, and it wasn't long before I felt myself getting there, ready to shoot my own load. "I'm gonna cum!" I said around their fingers in my mouth.

Alex yanked his fingers out of my mouth and Adam then did the same. Alex then bent down and grabbed my ankles, pulled me forward so that I ended up falling onto my back and then he bent my legs back over my head, Adam reaching over and helping him with my one leg. "Cum in your own fuckin' mouth, cocksucker!" Alex said.

I opened my mouth and, after just a few more pumps on my dick, I started to cum, my load shooting out in jets right into my mouth.

After my cock stopped shooting, Alex let go of my leg and Adam then let go of the other. My legs fell to the floor with a thud as I lay there panting, both their loads, and my own, now in my stomach, the taste of all three lingering on my tongue.

"Thanks, man," Alex said to Adam as he pulled up his pants. "He does give good head. And, you were right, if you've got a good cocksucker at your disposal, might as well use his mouth in between getting sex from girls."

"Yeah, definitely," Adam grinned.

"Well, I got off, got what I came over for, so I'm outta here."

"Ok, man. Let me know when you want to use his mouth again sometime… or his tight hole. I'll even let you fuck him first next time."

"Sounds good. I'll call you. Really soon."

Alex then left, and Adam saw him to the door.

When Adam came back a short while later, he was dressed again. "You better get going. My mom will be home soon."

"Ok," I said and got up and began to put my clothes back on. A few minutes later I was walking out the door, fully aware of my sore, cum-filled hole as I walked home.

After that encounter, I saw less and less of Adam. He met a girl right after who quickly became his girlfriend, and all his time and interests – sexual interest as well – went to her. But Alex got in touch with me and was always coming around. He was always horny and I sucked him off every time he told me to. He even fucked me, too, but just once, not long before the end of that summer.

When we graduated from high school, college took Adam and Alex out of my life altogether. They were the only two people I had ever had sex with, and with them both gone, I didn't really have any outlets for sex – not my kind anyway - which left me getting hornier and hornier with each passing day. I was jacking my cock like crazy, always fantasizing about naked men.

Then, just a few days ago, I accidentally walked in on my step-brother in the shower. Even just glimpsing another guy naked had me running to my room to whack off. I had so much pent up horniness at that point that anything would set me off. It had nothing to do with it being my brother I saw naked… or did it?

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