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Monday, June 30, 2014

All Male Fiction: I Spy (Part 1)

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels
Eric slipped into Coach Anson's office at the back of the boys' high school locker room. Eric, who was five-nine, weighed one hundred and sixty five pounds, with dark hair, brown eyes, and who was muscular and fit and had a bubble butt was one of Southfield High's up and-coming athletes. He had just turned eighteen and, like most guys his age, was horny all the time. Which is why he was in Coach Anson's office snooping around. He was looking for the key to the Coach's desk. Rumors abounded that the Coach kept porno magazines locked in the bottom drawer, and Eric desperately needed to get off right then and wanted to go into a stall and pump out a load of sperm while looking at porn.

Before he had managed to locate the key, though, Eric suddenly heard voices entering the locker room. It sounded like two voices - a man and a woman – and as the voices got closer, with no way to escape without being seen, Eric ducked inside a locker housed inside Coach Anson's office that held the Coach's clothes as well as some personal hygiene products on the top shelf.

Looking through the slats in the locker door, Eric recognized Mr. Diego, along with a sexy young brunette woman he hadn't ever seen before as they entered Coach Anson's office.

Mr. Diego was Eric's geometry teacher, but to everyone else he was "Alex." Alex was in his mid-twenties and made all the girls at Southfield swoon. He was Hispanic and handsome, stood five foot eleven, with dark hair, dark eyes, and a muscular frame that rippled when he walked. The cut of his pants showed off every finely sculpted muscle of his ass, and his arms and chest popped out of his short-sleeved polo shirts.

As Alex and the young woman entered Coach Anson's office, Alex's hand was wrapped around the young woman's ass. They were laughing and hanging on each other. Then Alex spoke. "We'll have some privacy in here."

The young woman replied with a smile and her hand reached around Alex's sturdy torso and cupped his luscious ass firmly. Her hand then darted back to the front of Alex's pants and began unbuckling his belt. Eric watched as they began to undress, standing only ten feet away from his hideout in the locker.

Alex's pants dropped to the floor. He was not wearing any underwear, and his cock, which was fat and uncut, was semi-aroused already, jutting out slightly. She handled Alex's cock as he reached to unzip her skirt, and Alex's cock became harder and thicker as she played with it, and got rock hard in no time. Alex's cock wasn't only thick, it was also pretty long. It had to be at least eight inches.

Alex hiked up her skirt over her abdomen, and turned her around and bent her over Coach Anson's desk. She was now facing away from the locker, but Alex blocked her view from Eric when he came up close behind her. His ass cheeks faced Eric; they were hairless and bronzed. They hung like cantaloupes, tight and bouncy at the same time.

The next thing Eric witnessed from his hiding spot was Alex entering the young woman from behind. Alex slipped inside skillfully, and began to buck faster and faster, holding on to her shoulders for support. He then grabbed her hips and fucked her harder and harder.

Alex's bucking quickened and then he withdrew as he began to cum. Eric soon saw Alex's cum running down her leg. Alex stepped aside and trailed his finger through the little rivers of cum, drawing his finger upwards, and then inserted his cum-coated finger into her mouth. He smiled and whispered, "Just want to leave you something to remember me by."

With that, Alex and the young woman quickly dressed and moved towards the door of Coach Anson's office. They were both stunned when they realized Coach Anson had been standing there quietly for several minutes, observing their fuck session. Eric had been so involved in watching Alex and the woman fucking that he hadn't heard or noticed the Coach come up to the door, either.

Alex, the woman, and Eric all stood silently looking at the coach, wondering what was going to happen next as he eyed both of them.

After an awkward pause, Alex spoke first. "Hey, Coach, didn't see you standing there."

Coach Anson motioned for the young woman to leave, and she scrambled through the door, but his arm moved across the doorframe and blocked Alex's path when he moved to follow her out.

Coach Anson was in his mid-thirties, with dark blond hair and brown eyes, stood five-ten, and weighed about one hundred and ninety pounds. He was fit and built; his hairy muscular forearms stretching the arms of his light-colored t-shirt, his bulging pecs straining the thin t-shirt across his chest. Coach Anson's ass was a muscular silhouette filling out his navy track pants. He was pumped like he'd just completed a strenuous workout.

Coach Anson retorted, "That's because you were too busy banging that chick. How many times do I have to come in here to find you slamming your meat into one of the substitute teachers?"

"Just trying to make her feel welcome," Alex joked trying to break the tension, moving backwards as Coach Anson stepped forward.

Coach Anson followed as Alex backed toward his desk and spoke sternly, "I already caught you in here once this week, and once a couple of weeks ago." He then asked, "What did I say, Diego?" as the back of Alex's legs bumped into Coach Anson's desk.

Alex thought for a moment, his face showing a thought crossing his mind. He didn't say a word.

Coach Anson followed up. "I said, I would teach you to keep your dick in your pants, and I guess that's what it's come down to."

Eric watched in awe as Coach Anson swiftly grabbed Alex's left hand and twisted it behind Alex's muscled back. Alex tried to squirm away but was trapped. Coach Anson wrenched Alex's hand tighter against his back until Eric could see the pain visible on his face.

Alex winced and breathed in quickly, whispering, "What do you want, Coach?"

Coach Anson kept Alex's left hand pinned while his free hand reached around Alex's waist and undid Alex's belt. With one swift move, Alex's pants fell to the ground again, exposing his soft cock and naked ass.

"Shit! Let go of me! You've totally humiliated me, made your point! Let me go!"

"I told you if I ever caught you in here screwing again, I'd teach you a lesson you wouldn't soon forget. And I've only just started to make my point!"

Still pinning Alex's left arm, Coach slid his track pants to the floor, exposing his cock that was already standing up straight from his small bush of golden pubic hair, and below that, a pair of shaved balls. Coach Anson's cock looked to be about six inches or so, reasonably thick, and cut.

Eric's mouth hung open as he watched the scene unfolding before his eyes.

Coach Anson wasted no time. He removed his grip on Alex's left arm but simultaneously locked both of his masculine hands on Alex's shoulder. Coach pushed Alex's upper body down on the desk, automatically forcing Alex's ass to back up into his erect cock.

"Oh, god!" Alex called out in horror as he felt another man's hard cock touch his ass. "What are you doing, Coach? This isn't funny. The joke's gone too far."

"Who said I'm joking?" Coach Anson said calmly as he removed one hand from Alex's shoulder and again pinned his left arm behind his back, and then reached with his free hand and grabbed a small tub of cream. The cream was white and slid over Coach Anson's fingers. Coach Anson's fingers found Alex's man-hole and dug deep inside. Alex cried out, winced in pain, greater than what he now felt in his pinned left arm.

"Ahhh! Ohhh! No! Please! Let me go! Let me go, Coach! I won't do it again, ever, I promise! Ahhh, oh fuck, ow, oh! Please, Coach, stop, let me up!" Alex pleaded.

Coach Anson withdrew his finger from Alex's asshole, and Alex sighed with relief, but it was short lived. Coach Anson returned his hands to Alex's shoulders and, without touching his prick, guided his stiff meat into Alex's greased up muscle ass. Coach pushed straight in, solidly and quickly.

Alex's head shot up and back in response as he drew in a long, shallow breath and then cried out. "Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhuhhuhhuh! Oh, please, stop! Take it out! Take it out, Coach! Oh god, please! I've learned my lesson!"

Just as quickly as Coach Anson had forced his cock into Alex's ass, he bucked his massive hips backward and withdrew all but his cockhead from Alex's tight hole. Once again Alex sighed with relief, and again it was short lived as Coach Anson pushed forward again, his impact with Alex's muscular thighs causing a loud slapping sound.

Coach Anson showed no mercy now, bucking back and forth like a dominant animal fucking its passive mate. Alex had relented, quieted down, given in. His head was in his hands, but by the sounds he was making it was clear that Eric's handsome, muscular, masculine young teacher was crying. His cock, however, was now hard despite his tears and all that he was enduring in that moment.

Coach Anson chuckled. "Don't cry, stud, I'll be through with you in a sec."

Coach Anson pumped Alex's ass and held onto Alex's shoulders. Alex's hard cock bobbed up and down in response to getting fucked. And then, Eric's eyes widened as Alex raised his head, arched it back, and cried out, shooting a huge stream of cum across Coach Anson's desk.

Coach Anson responded by removing his grip from Alex's shoulders and grabbing onto his hips. He pumped a few fast, hard, deep thrusts and withdrew, and Eric watched Coach Anson's cock shoot a long stream of creamy white cum up Alex's muscular back, almost up to where the Coach had restrained him by the shoulders.

As the two regained their composure, the Coach spoke. "You take it well. And, if I were you, I wouldn't even think about telling anyone about what just happened here. For one, I'll deny it, and I'll be believed, and everyone, teachers, students, the principal, would all think that you like to bend over and take it up the ass. What would that do to your reputation as a ladies man? You'd never get any pussy again," Coach Anson laughed at the thought of that. "And one more thing, if I ever catch you fucking some chick over my desk again, I'm going to invite Randy Garner, and we're both going to fuck you up your ass, hard! Got it?"

"Yes, Coach, got it," Alex replied, his face tear stained.

Eric pictured Randy Garner, the five foot six, one hundred and eighty pound Romanian wrestling coach, standing naked alongside Coach Anson and Alex, when Eric suddenly fell out of the locker in which he'd been hiding.

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