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Monday, June 23, 2014

All Male Fiction: Pleasing the Boss

By: Unknown Author

I work for the federal government. My job isn't all that exciting, but it pays well and has a great benefit package. Good money aside, I still found myself needing to apply for a company loan, to replace my car, which was on its last legs.

Mr. Harlow, my boss, came up to my desk one day and said he needed to talk to me about my loan application. He instructed me to come with him, and led me to one of the boardrooms.

"Well, Peter," he started out, as he motioned for me to take a seat, and took a seat himself. "As you know, when an employee applies for a company loan, we still do a credit check."

I didn't know that. I figured that since the company paid us, if an employee applied for a loan, and didn't make payments, they would just take it off your pay check. Even so, I just nodded.

"We are like any bank that loans money," he continued. "Before we hand out large sums of cash, we check out the applicant thoroughly."

"Ok," I said. My credit was good, I wasn't worried.

"After doing a check on you, I understand that besides working for the federal government, you also have another source of income."

In checking me out, he had discovered my secret. You see, I make extra money doing amateur gay porn. I don't make much from it, but it gives me a little extra spending money. Being that I worked for the government, they had easy access to any income information on me, something I never thought about when applying for my loan. As I said, I never even thought that they would check me out before granting my loan. I just figured the paperwork was a formality.

"Huh?" was my unplanned reaction to his statement.

"Peter, I know you do porn videos."

Doing amateur gay porn was not something I advertised to my family, friends or co-workers, but he knew, so there was no sense in even trying to deny it. "So what," I blustered. "It's not against the law. What does that have to do with my loan application? If you checked me out, you must know I don't make much money from that, and I still need the loan."

"Think about it, Peter. If I sign off on your loan application, when the paperwork goes upstairs to the big wigs for final approval, and they see what you do, you'll be out of here in a week."

"You can't fire me for making porn videos; it's totally legal and has no bearing on my job here!" I said almost shouting.

"It won't be for making pornography. The men upstairs are from a different generation Peter. They would probably understand if it was straight porn. Maybe. But this type of porn, no they won't agree with that, and won't want you here."

"Is that a threat?" I shouted. "You do that, and I'll sue you for discrimination based on sexual orientation!" I said standing and slamming my fist on the table. I was pissed!

"Calm down Peter. They won't fire you for being gay or making gay porn. They'll say you are being let go for some other reason. I don't agree with any of that, but you'll be gone just the same."

I sat back in the chair and looked across the table at him. "So then, you called me in here to tell me that I'm not getting the loan, or to tell me I'm fired?"

"No, I didn't say that."

"Well, that's what it sounds like to me. I mean, from what you are saying, if you approve my loan, upper management will then have to sign off, read about my other source of income, and, according to you, fire me. And, if you don't sign off on it, they won't find out, I'll get to keep my job, but won't get the loan. So I lose either way."

"No, I think there is a way we can get around this so they won't find out, you'll be able to keep your job, and still get your loan."

"How?" I asked.

"Well, there are some things that can be done to make the info about your other job disappear before they receive the paperwork. You're a good worker, Peter. I don't want to see you lose your job, and I want to help you get the loan you need, but you'll need to help me with some things to make sure the paperwork on your other career disappears."

"I'm just an employee, not management. What can I do?"

He smiled. "I'm a simple man. How about letting me give you a good fuck, like those guys do in your videos?"

I'm sure my mouth must of fell open when he said that. In fact, I know it did.

"What?" I blurted. "Do you honestly think that I would agree to have sex with my boss, all in order to get a loan?" I spat.

"Yes." he said matter of factly. "You do porn, Peter. You have sex with strangers for money all the time."

"Yes, for money, and that's just a job. There's a difference," I said and then thought: And those guys are all young and hot, not middle aged slugs like you.

"Not really. You'll get your loan if you give me what I want, so essentially you will be getting paid for it."

He wasn't all that much to look at - straight hair cut conservatively short, grey eyes, and a round face that looked every one of his fifty-something years. He was built okay, healthy but nothing spectacular.

He stood up from his chair, smiling at me, and pulled down his zipper. He dug inside the fly of his suit pants and pulled out his cock! I couldn't believe what he was doing, and so casually! It was already almost fully hard, and it was a fairly big one, and fat. I was impressed.

"Come on, Peter. You do this type of thing all the time with strangers. Is it really too much to ask in order for you to get your loan approved, and, keep your secret?"

He really was something, a long, sad sort of face, the eyes of a cow. But I really needed that loan. Once my car went off to the big junkyard in the sky I would be fucked without a vehicle, so was getting fucked by my boss better than being without a new car, and being fucked anyway?

"Well, Peter?" he said wagging his dick at me. "How badly do you want that loan?"

I've always found it hard to resist a hard cock in front of my face, even if I wasn't attracted to the guy it was attached to, and he seemed to know this by the way I was focused on his cock. To look at him, you wouldn't think he would hurt a fly. But, he was evil.

"Well…" I said, staring at his hard thick cock, weakening.

"C'mon," he said, "we'll do it right on this table. The door is locked, and my secretary knows not to interrupt me for anything. Come on, all you gotta do is please the boss, and I lose all the stuff about you doing gay porn and you get your loan."

Although he didn't mention it while trying to convince me, everyone knew that the boardrooms were soundproofed. When you're dealing with private government information in meetings, it's not the kind of stuff you want overheard by the employees.

I was beginning to salivate as I watched him play with his hard cock, tempting me with it. I was also beginning to get turned on by the idea that I was being 'forced' to have sex with a guy I was not attracted to, a man who had authority over me, a man who, besides his cock, held my career in his hands, a guy who actually, appearance wise, turned me off, just to get my loan and keep my secret from getting out, from losing my job.

"Well, what's it going to be Peter, a nice fuck and approval of your loan, or no loan and the unemployment line? I need your answer; I'm a busy man and can't stay here all day while you decide."

"Well… I do really need that loan, and… I do like to get fucked," I said falteringly.

"I thought you might feel that way," he said grinning at me, and then he walked around the table to stand behind me. "Stand up, Peter," he said touching my shoulder, "and let me see that tool I've watched you play with in your porn videos."

I knew that he knew I made porn after checking on my sources of income, but that was the first time he had indicated that he had actually watched them. Up until then I hadn't even imagined that he had actually sourced them out and sat and viewed them!

I stood, my legs a bit wobbly, turned to face him, my eyes immediately focusing on his cock again as I unfastened my belt and then undid my dress pants. I hadn't gotten any further than that when he thrust his arm out toward me and grasped my zipper, drew it down quickly, and then yanked my pants down, quickly followed by my underwear. He then pushed me back against the table so that my ass cheeks were being pressed into the hard edge of its surface.

He dropped his head to my crotch, and his tongue sent licks of fire over my cockhead. "Ah, yeah," he said, "Gonna suck your cock, and then I'm gonna fuck your ass so hard you won't be able to walk straight or sit for a week!"

I like it when guys talk dirty. It drives me wild and only serves to make me hornier. And, in this situation, being with a guy I wasn't attracted to, it helped a lot.

As he sank his mouth down the length of my shaft, I gasped in lust. His mouth was making me delirious, crazy with craving. I was overheated, and the pre-cum flowed copiously out of my prick.

Every time he sank my cock into his mouth I felt like I was fucking a boiling tunnel. His tongue writhed around it like a whip, and I couldn't keep from moaning out. It was a good thing the room was soundproofed!

"Yeah, you like it, don't you?" he grunted. "Can't keep your fuckin' whore mouth shut, can you?" he said in response to my loud moaning and groaning.

His dirty speak just made my cock throb even more, and, as he slurped at my dick, a climax flared in me like a flash-fire. Just when I thought I was going to blow my load, he backed off.

"Okay, let's do it! I want my big cock in there!" he said, reaching around and giving my ass a quick squeeze. "You suck mine now and get it nice and wet and then I'm gonna shove it up your ass!"

Down to my knees I fell, without hesitation, and I took his big dick into my mouth. He only let out a low moan as my wet mouth first enveloped his cock, and then fell silent.

As I sucked, he began to emit low moans again, and then he said, "Suck on your finger and work it in your hole. Get your ass all wet and loosened for my big cock. I'm gonna be ready to fuck you really soon."

I pulled off his cock for a second or two, sucked, licked and drooled on my finger, and then moved from my knees into a squatting position. As I took his cock back into my mouth, I stuck my wet finger underneath myself and started working it into my hole.

After a few minutes it was all too much for me, my finger pumping my ass, while I mouthed, slurped, and sucked at his cock, and I just couldn't take it anymore. "Fuck me!" I gasped. At that point my body didn't care what my brain thought about him or his looks. All I wanted was a big hard cock up my ass, any cock, even his.

In response, he shoved his hands under my pits and pulled me to my feet. He then grasped my shoulder rather firmly and twisted me around, and then pushed me forward so that I was leaning bent in half onto the table with my ass jutting out toward him. With my legs spread in a big Y and my eyes glassy with lust, he moved up close behind me, and I felt his dick brushing against my ass.

He rubbed his throbbing rod back and forth against my ass and said, "You're a real fucker, aren't you, a real whore?"

He was right, when it came to a hard cock; I guess I was just a whore. Then I felt that big, hard dick push between my crack and press against my hole.

When he bumped it into me it stretched my hole, and it hurt. There was only a bit of spit back there after all, not any lube, but I couldn't do anything but groan. I couldn't have spoken at that point even if I had wanted to. He wasn't about to stop either. He just kept pushing it into me, slowly, pushing a bit, and then stopping for a few seconds before pushing in some more.

"Mmm, fuck, so tight! How can a slut like you who gets pounded up the ass for a living be so tight?" It was a rhetorical question of course, and his filthy words made my cock twitch and spill a glob of pre-cum onto the table top.

Once he got in about three quarters of the way he began to withdraw slightly, and then pushed back in again, going a little further. Soon I was feeling his balls against my ass, and soon after that he was pounding my hole at full speed. It didn't hurt anymore. Far from it. I was in heaven.

Out of control with extreme pleasure racking my body, I began contorting and shaking, hissing and screeching all the way to the very peak of the sweet, sweet rush. I almost felt like I was going to pass out, but I didn't. I did get really light headed though.

As I felt my cum getting ready to rise up and shoot its way out of my dick, I writhed even more in his grip, raged with lust and feeling deliriously happy.

"Uhhh, I'm gonna cum! Don't stop! Please, don't stop!" I gasped.

He began to fuck me even harder after I said that, almost violently, with slurping wet, juicy power-drives. I knew he was going for a climax, too.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I was going insane as he slid in and out so hard. The friction was intense, impossible to withstand. I was there, ready to cum!

With a few more strokes on my cock, I spewed my hot seed all over the boardroom table. My ass clenched down on his pistoning cock, making my orgasm that much more intense.

My asshole squeezing his cock put him over the edge, too. He pulled almost all the way out one last time, and then buried the entire length of his shaft into my hole with one hard shove and whispered, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" as he held his rod deep inside me.

When he jolted his load into me, and I felt the cum filling my ass, my own spent cock lurched upward and spit another drop of oozing cum onto the table. He held his cock inside me after he came while he caught his breath.

When he pulled out, he simply tucked his dick back in his pants, told me to get dressed, and get back to work.

Once I was dressed, he opened the door and let me pass through first. I went back to my desk and busied myself with my work. He was right about one thing though, it was uncomfortable to sit in that chair after he'd fucked my ass!

A few days later I received a memo stating that my loan had been approved. And a few months later I received another memo stating that my boss had been fired. Apparently, he swung both ways and had relentlessly sexually harassed a female employee, eventually threatening her with termination if she didn't have sex with him. There was an investigation, and he was fired.

His sexual indiscretions cost him his job in the end, but my own indiscretion didn't cost me a thing, except a fuck!

That fuck got me a brand new car, allowed me to keep my good paying job, and, continue doing porn, which helped me make extra money to pay back the loan that Mr. Harlow helped me get!

I don't know what Mr. Harlow is doing now, but life could not be better for me, and I owe it all to him… and his big cock!

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