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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All Male Fiction: Chris' Sex Adventures (Part 1)

"Adam's Birthday"

By: samboi91 & Ryan Michaels
As a typical horny, gay teenager, there was a lot of stuff out there that kept me locked in my room whacking one off whenever I could – which was pretty much several times a day. Magazines with male models, the hot skater boys on my street, the buff guys at the gym, it was all enough to keep me going. Being eighteen years old, sex was a big part of my life. I wanted to try everything.

I watched a lot of porn from when I was young so I already knew a lot about sex before I even started having it. Certain things would get me hornier than others, like seeing athletic guys in tight fitting tank tops or a Singlet. It made them look so manly and like they would take control. That was a big turn on of mine, a man that could take control. Not someone who would tie me down to a bed and have his way with me, but someone who would tell me what to do, be a little forceful and know what he wanted.

I saw this quality in my step-brother Jeff a few times, and will admit I got slightly turned on when we would play wrestle and he would pin me down. He was a twenty-one year old Personal Trainer who was in amazing shape. He didn't care who was watching when he came out of the bathroom in just a pair of boxer shorts. He had ripped abs, perfect, hard pecs and biceps that bulged from his arms, even when he wasn't tensing. He had trained me a few times, which got me to my athletic self that I am now. Defined pecs that weren't as big as his, but they were noticeable, abs that you could see the outline of, and small biceps.

He had mostly looked after me when we were growing up. My mother died giving birth to me, and his mom, whom my dad married a couple of years after my mom's death, was killed in a car accident when we were both still kids, and our father was always away on business. So Jeff had taken care of me all these years, which made me respect him. He'd always barge into my room at eight in the morning yelling, "Get up Chris or you're going to be late!"

Luckily I was good enough to hide all my gay porn from him over the years. It came as a shock to him when I finally came out at the age of seventeen. He was fine with it all, though. He respected me a lot more for having the guts to come out, and protected me anytime someone would give me shit about being gay. The next year was the year I had my first experience with a guy.

That first time happened on my best friend Adam's birthday. A bunch of us guys went over to his place to have a few drinks and party. Some of the guys brought girls with them. He had the house to himself that weekend as his parents were away. Altogether, including Adam and myself, there were ten people there, three of them girls.

Once the party started to die down, about half the people had left by that point, and of the three others that were left, a guy named Tim was passed out in a chair, and the other guy, Matt, and the girl he'd brought with him, had just gone off to one of the bedrooms to have sex. And that left me and Adam standing together behind the couch talking.

As the two of us chatted, he told me about one of the girls at school he was fucking and what it was like. Even though I preferred dick, I still always had an interest in what it would be like with a girl.

After he finished telling me all the dirty details, we stood there in silence for a moment, and as we did we heard Matt suddenly moan from the nearby bedroom and say, "Yeah, suck it!"

Adam and I smiled at each other and giggled quietly, and then Adam spoke. "Man, I could really use one of those right about now, too."

"Yeah, who couldn't," I laughed.

"Yeah, but, I mean it's my birthday. I should at least get a blowjob on my birthday, dontcha think?"

"For sure," I laughed.

"So… wanna give me one?"

I started laughing again but Adam didn't laugh and suddenly I wasn't entirely sure if it was a joke. Then, in a completely serious tone, he said, "No, really, you wanna blow me?"

"I dunno… I thought you were straight?"

"I am."

"Then why are you asking me to blow you?"

"Because I'm horny, and Lisa (the girl he was fucking) couldn't make it. Every guy deserves a blowjob on his birthday, and I figured since you're gay, you'd be willing to take her place on my dick."

"Oh really, you think just because I'm gay I'll suck any guy's dick?"

"Not any guy's dick, but I know you'll suck mine. I've seen the way you look at me sometimes." Then he grabbed my hand and said, "You want to, don't you Chris?" as he put my hand straight onto his crotch.

I could feel his already hard cock in his pants and that got mine growing, too. "But, what if someone catches us?" I asked pulling my hand away from his crotch and looking to Tim passed out in the chair, and then over towards the hall that led to the bedrooms.

"No one's gonna catch us. He's out for the night, and Matt and his girl will probably just crash in the bed after they finish fucking," he said. "It's been a week since I've been blown. (A week for an always horny eighteen year old that was having regular sex was a long time!) Hell, it's even been three days now since I pumped one out myself. C'mon man, I need it!"

As he said this, he was undoing his belt, and then in a flash he had his jeans open and had pulled his cock out through the fly of his underwear. It was hard as a rock.

I was speechless for a moment. Partly because my straight best friend wanted me to suck him off, and partly because of the size of his dick – about eight really thick inches of cut cock right there for the taking. He wasn't that much bigger than me - mine was seven inches cut and not as thick as his – but that extra inch and thickness made him look so much bigger than me.

"It's… big," was all I could manage to get out.

"Yeah, I know," he grinned proudly. "It's eight-and-a-half inches long, bigger than most guys, probably bigger than yours, too. All the chicks I've been with struggle to suck it. So, think you can handle it?"

All I could do was stare in awe at his dick sticking out through the opening in his underwear, with a drop of pre-cum on the tip. He reached his arm out and put his hand on my shoulder. "Don't just stare at it with your mouth open. Put that mouth to use and suck my dick."

His hand on my shoulder then pushed me down onto my knees, and then moved from my shoulder to the back of my head and pushed my head towards his big cock. The only thing I could do now was open my mouth wide and go down on him, and I wanted to!

His cock filled my mouth after four inches as I started to suck on it. The feeling of it in my mouth was amazing. I could taste his sweet pre-cum as more came gushing out. He moved his free hand to the back of the couch and began to moan while my lips tightened around his throbbing dick.

After a few moments he let go of my head and let out soft moans as I licked all the way up his shaft and circled my tongue around the head. But he was impatient, obviously wanting more, and both his hands went to the back of my head and pushed firmly on it, trying to get as much of his cock into my mouth as he could. Once his cock hit the back of my throat, I gagged.

"Ha-ha. That's just what all the chicks do the first time they suck my cock. But don't worry Chris, I know you will eventually learn to take it all."

At that moment, I knew I was his. The way he talked, forcing his cock in my mouth until I gagged on it, and then basically telling me I'd be doing this regularly – whether I liked it or not. He was in control and it made me hornier than ever, my cock aching in my pants to be let free, and I unzipped my fly and pulled my hard-on out.

Adam looked down at my cock while I stroked it. "Wow, Chris. You're pretty big yourself. Stand up, let me take a look at what you're packin'."

I obeyed him and stood up in front of him. He looked at my dick for a minute, and then said, "Ok, get back down on your knees and get your mouth back on my cock."

His authority was a huge turn on for me. I did as I was told and got back on my knees. My lips slowly engulfed his throbbing cock until it hit the back of my throat and made me gag again. This time, before I could pull back, Adam put both hands on the back of my head again and pushed me further down on it. My eyes started tearing up from my gag reflex but he kept forcing more of his dick down my throat, and before I knew it, his whole cock was down my throat and my chin was touching his balls.

"Fuck man. You're a natural. You're deep-throating my cock! No one has ever been able to do that before," he groaned. "Suck it, suck my big fuckin' cock!"

I slowly sucked him off, doing my best to imitate what I had only seen in porn. I must have been doing something right, as he was moaning and groaning, seemingly enjoying every moment of my mouth working his cock.

After a while, I noticed that he was slowly thrusting into my mouth. His hands returned to my head and he started thrusting harder, filling my mouth with every inch of his cock.

"You love suckin' my dick, don't you Chris?"

I looked into his eyes to see that he was in total control of me. I tried to say 'yes' but it was muffled by his massive cock.

"Yeah, you love it. Suck my cock, bitch! You're gonna take my huge load!"

He was still thrusting while I was jerking my cock. I felt his cock get even harder and I knew he was about to blow. One final thrust and a long, deep moan from him and he was flooding my throat with his cum. Three days of cum filling me while I swallowed every drop. He started sliding his cock out but held the end in my mouth. I knew he wanted me to suck every drop of cum from his cock, so I obeyed.

As his dick began to soften, he pulled it out of my mouth, and we remained silent as we caught our breath.

"Damn, you're a good cocksucker, Chris," he panted a few moments later.

"Thanks," I said, still down on my knees in front of him. I felt proud hearing that, especially being that it was my first time sucking a dick, and also from hearing him call me a cocksucker. I liked that.

"Now it's your turn," he said.

"My turn? You mean you're gonna do me now?" I asked looking up at him with surprise.

Adam laughed and said, "No, I told you, I'm straight. You couldn't get me drunk enough or pay me enough to ever get down on my knees and suck another guy's dick. But I know you're horny from sucking my cock, so, go ahead, finish yourself off."

I didn't need any convincing, and reached down between my legs and wrapped my hand around my stiff cock and started stroking it. It was kind of hot jerking off in front of another guy, in front of my best friend, my straight friend, and it didn't take long before I felt the cum building up for my climax. My balls drew up and my cock twitched, and I began to jerk faster. Then I moaned before leaning my upper body back, lifting my t-shirt up under my chin and blowing my load all over my chest and abs.

"Shit! That was a pretty big load, Chris! Been a few days since you've cum, too?"

"Actually, I came earlier today, twice."

"Wow! And you blew that much and shot that far? Impressive!"

I smiled, felt proud. Adam may have had a bigger cock, but I shot a bigger load after cumming twice already that day, and I really liked how impressed, perhaps envious he was of that.

"Uh, you got a towel or something?" I asked as I looked down at my cum splattered torso and chest.

"A towel? Lick it up. Wipe it off with your fingers and eat your own load, cocksucker," he grinned but said it like he meant it and I liked his tone, liked that he was coming across as ordering me to do it, and so I did.

Adam watched as I scooped up my load and stuck my fingers in my mouth. "That's gross, man," he laughed, and then went about shoving his flaccid dick back inside his underwear and then pulling up and refastening his jeans, not paying any attention to me as I consumed my own ejaculate.

With both our balls drained – and both our loads in my stomach - we decided that we should probably go to bed.

As I got up from my knees and pulled up my pants, Adam grinned at me and said, "Thanks for the birthday present, Chris."

"It was my pleasure, Adam. Happy Birthday!"
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