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Thursday, July 31, 2014

All Male Fiction: Executive Break

By: Unknown Author
I do my best to avoid hanging around with business associates when I'm not at work. I'm an investment broker, and I deal with plenty of stress during the work week. My ideas of unwinding don't usually include spending weekends with my co-workers and their families, but there are times when it just can't be avoided.

This was one of those times. My boss was throwing his annual cocktail party and buffet. I knew from experience that the booze would be first-rate, the food would be from the best caterers in the city, and the conversation would all center on work and family matters. In a word, I knew I was in for a really dull Sunday afternoon.

Still, I had to go, so I put on a lightweight suit, chose a tie that was a little flashier than anything I'd wear at the office and drove to the boss's house in an exclusive suburb down by the lake. Actually, it was more of an estate than a house, fifteen wooded acres in the heart of the city, with a huge mansion, swimming pool, landscaped gardens and a lawn that swept right down to the edge of the lake and the boss's private dock. The party was in full swing when I got there, so I grabbed a drink and started to mingle.

A man can only listen to so many tales of how smart another man's children are, or hear about the little business the wife is starting, before thinking about joining the Foreign Legion. I was also starting to get the inevitable questions about why a handsome, successful man like me wasn't married. I could see nothing but embarrassment looming on the horizon, so I excused myself from the group and took a hike.

I ducked outside and crossed the lawn and took one of the paths that led through the wooded part of the property. It didn't look like anyone else was venturing too far from the bar or the food, so I wasn't likely to be disturbed. I shed my coat, loosened my tie and rolled up my sleeves, strolling along the paths, enjoying the beauty of the scene.

That beauty got even more intense when I rounded a bend in the path and stepped into a clearing that was bordered by flowering shrubs. Off to one side, a young gardener was doing some trimming. He was tall and dark haired, his lithe frame tautly muscled. He was wearing an old pair of khaki shorts and heavy work boots, leaving me with plenty of firm, tanned flesh to admire. Then I stepped on a pine cone, which exploded under my heel with a sharp crack, making the young man turn to look at me.

"Sorry," I said. "I just had to get away from the crowds for a while."

"No problem," he replied. "I don't blame you. Too many stuffed shirts here today to suit me, so I know how you feel."

"Mind if I hang around for a few minutes and soak up some sun?"

He shook his head and smiled again, then turned back to his pruning.

I stripped out of my shirt and reveled in the feel of the hot sun beaming down on my shoulders. I was also enjoying the view, watching the muscles in the gardener's back twitching and shifting as he manned the pruning shears. He was really a hot guy, and my fingers were twitching as I imagined the texture of his silky skin.

Naturally, I had a hard-on in nothing flat, my horniness level rapidly shooting up into the danger zone. I hadn't gotten laid in quite a while, what with work and all, and I couldn't think of anything I'd like more than a roll in the grass with the young stud in front of me. I leaned back on my elbows, closing my eyes, enjoying the slight breeze that had come up. My hard-on was clearly visible under my thin suit trousers, but he had his back to me and seemed very involved in what he was doing, so I wasn't too worried about it.

"Any chance I could be the cause of that?"

I opened my eyes and looked up, startled. I'd been a million miles away, mentally working the stud over. He had crossed the lawn and was staring down at me, hands on his hips, his legs planted wide apart.

"Any chance you want to find out?" I retorted, too horny to care that I was at a work function. Hell, I was far away from the house, and it was really none of the boss's business if a couple of his employees took a short break, especially on such a nice day in such a secluded spot.

He didn't waste any time after I spoke, and dropped to his knees and began unbuckling my belt. I let him do the work, idly rubbing my belly as he unzipped my pants and hauled my cock out to inspect it. He then started fisting the shaft and pulling it back until it pointed right up in his face.

"Nice dick, man," he said, looking up at me and flashing me a big grin. He squeezed hard and pulled his fist up along my shaft.

I leaned forward and unfastened his shorts and got his dick out into the open as well. I latched onto it and tugged him forward. He straightened up as our cocks came together.

I wrapped my fist around both our cocks and then started jacking them both off as if they were one very thick cock. He braced his hands on my thighs, damn near purring as my hand slid lazily back and forth.

We were both getting real juicy, pre-cum hanging off our joined pricks in clear strings. My new buddy's balls were swinging back and forth, slowly drawing up to hug the base of his shaft. All of a sudden, he gasped and the dripping juice turned white as he shot a hot load of cum all over my cock and hand.

"You didn't get off yet, huh?" he panted, falling back on the grass on his ass. I nodded and he wriggled out of his shorts and flipped over on his belly. "You can fuck me if you want to," he offered, his nicely tanned butt flexing provocatively.

He didn't have to ask twice. I knelt between his legs, and aimed my cock at his ass crack. My dick was covered with the stud's sticky load, so as I pushed through his crack and into his hole, my dick slid into him quite easily.

He groaned and squirmed as I began pounding his hot hole. I pumped in and out of him, wanting to make it last, but too horny to go slow. His ass was so tight and I was so turned on that I only got in about five minutes of hard riding before I let my load loose, filling his ass with my cum.

I got back to the party a short time later, and my boss was outside on the patio with some other guests. Soon he came over and started talking to me. At one point the young gardener appeared on the lawn, and my boss saw him and called him over.

"Jamie, I want you to meet someone," he shouted.

The guy trotted over and shook my hand as my boss made introductions. "Jamie is my eldest son," the boss announced, giving me quite a shock. "I want him to intern with you this summer, so he'll have a jump on the business before he heads off to college this fall. You'll like working under Dylan," he said to his son.

My boss never did figure why both Jamie and I burst out laughing when he said that. With any luck, he never will.
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  1. Beautiful story, and I suspect the relationship will last a lot longer than the summer! So it should!