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Thursday, July 31, 2014

All Male Fiction: I Spy (Part 2)

By: Unknown Author

Eric stumbled out of Coach Anson's equipment locker, nearly falling on the cement floor before his arms grabbed Coach Anson's desk chair. Alex and Coach Anson looked over in disbelief. Alex turned around so that his ass was against the Coach's desk, as he groped quickly for his pants and belt. Coach Anson slid his track pants quickly up to his waist and turned toward Eric.

For at least two seconds, no one said a word. Eric's heart was racing as Coach Anson finally spoke. "Eric Larson, what the hell are you doing in here?"

Coach Anson stared at Eric, who began to tremble. Eric backed up toward the Coach's equipment locker, hoping he could simply crawl back inside. Alex rushed toward Eric, but Coach Anson stopped him from grabbing Eric's shirt.

"All right, Diego. I've had my fill of you today. Get outta here. I'll handle this," Coach Anson ordered.

Alex stared Eric down before turning to exit the Coach's office. Eric couldn't help but stare at Alex's muscled ass, crisply defined by his slacks, as Alex walked through the door.

Coach Anson caught Eric staring. "So, Eric, you get your little stiffy all worked up watching grown men play?"

Eric remained silent, his mind trying to think of a good explanation, and a way to get out of the locker room in one piece. Coach Anson became even more ticked off and approached Eric for an answer. Coach Anson swaggered closer to Eric - so close that Eric could feel his hot breath on his shoulder and the Coach's thick, meaty legs pushed up against Eric's inner thighs.

Coach Anson again questioned, "So, you think you know what you saw. But there are still a couple of things you should know. You should know that no one will believe you. And you should know that you will have to pay a price to keep this piece of information."

Eric finally found a voice to reply. "What are you talking about? I'm not going to tell anyone."

Coach Anson got closer to Eric's face, so close the Coach could've kissed him. "Oh, I know you won't tell anyone what you saw, but I have to think of a way to guarantee it... to my satisfaction."

Eric's mind began to contemplate what Coach Anson was hinting at: Coach Anson would have to know something equally embarrassing about Eric. Eric had been a pretty straight-laced kid, and he knew Coach Anson didn't have any dirt on him.

At that moment Eric saw something flash across Coach Anson's mind, the idea showing in his face. Coach Anson grabbed his cell phone and hit one number. After a couple of rings, Coach bellowed into the phone, "Garner, get your ass over here. Do it now!" Coach Anson ended the call in a huff and threw the phone on his desk. He turned back around toward Eric.

Coach Anson continued, "Eric, if you weren't some dumb eighteen year old kid, I'd grab you and fuck you right here, just like I did Diego. But I can't. That kind of shit can get me fired, and, frankly, I think you'd enjoy it too much to see it as a punishment. But I know that you're interested in finding out what it's like, so I think I know a way to keep you quiet about all this."

Just then, Andy Garner, the wrestling Coach's son, ran into the locker room, wearing his wrestling singlet around his lower torso, exposing his bare muscular pecs, chiseled shoulders and pumped arms. As Andy stood in front of Coach Anson, he asked, "What do you need, Coach? My dad said not to take too long."

Coach Anson replied with a smile, "This won't take too long. Andy, meet Eric."

Eric looked at Andy's muscular frame. Andy stood five-foot-six, about the same height and olive skin tone as his dad, but his build was younger, leaner, but still meaty. Andy and Eric knew of each other but weren't friends. Andy always felt a little strange around Eric whenever they passed in the halls, as if Eric was mentally undressing him.

Coach Anson continued, "Eric's been in my equipment locker when I was out. He must have been in here snooping through my stuff. I think he needs to be taught a lesson. I'm going to leave you two boys alone, but it doesn't have to take long. Teach him how we treat guys who go through our stuff without our permission."

Coach Anson slapped Andy on the back of his bulging shoulder as he walked out the locker room door.

Andy walked quickly over to Eric and grabbed hold of his slender shoulders. He forced Eric's head down onto Coach Anson's desk and yelled, "So, you like going through other people's things, is that right?"

"No," Eric responded, but Andy banged Eric's head down on the desk and repeated the question.

"You like getting your hands on other people's stuff?"

Eric wanted to say no again, but the pain in his head told him to follow a different strategy.

Eric replied, "Yes, I do, especially when I get to see Coach Anson fuck one of the hottest male teachers in school."

Eric's comment caught Andy by surprise. Andy reeled backward, letting go of his grip on Eric. Eric spun around and pressed Andy up against the Coach's locker.

Andy threw off Eric's arms and stammered, "You're lying, you sack of shit. I knew you were a fag, always looking at me in the hallway like you wanted me to bend you over. And now you're trying to make Coach Anson your boyfriend."

Eric sensed Andy's anger and fear. Eric stated, "I saw Coach Anson bend him over his desk and fuck him hard. I was watching from his equipment locker."

Andy began to comprehend what Eric was saying. Andy grabbed Eric and pressed his arms against the equipment locker.

Andy whispered, "Well, I guess Coach Anson wants me to get you to shut up about it, and that's good enough for me. I bet you've always imagined what it would be like, taking my dick up your ass, so maybe it's time I show you for real."

Andy led Eric over to Coach Anson's desk chair. Andy sat down first and shrugged his singlet down to his ankles. His cock already stood erect. Andy then pulled Eric's shorts down and forced Eric to turn toward the locker, facing away from him.

Andy eyed the white cream on Coach Anson's desk, scooped some up, and smeared it over his cock. Andy then forced Eric to sit down on his cock, slowly but forcefully. Eric's breath hissed out of his chest and through his mouth as his tight, virgin ass accepted Andy Garner's hard cock. Andy didn't stop halfway; he pushed into Eric's warm, tight hole until his cock was buried to the root. Eric breathed cautiously as his semi-hard cock jumped of its own will.

Just as Eric was adjusting to the feeling of the thick Romanian meat in his ass, Andy pushed Eric up by the armpits, forcing his cock to exit Eric's ass slowly. Andy began to fuck Eric's tight hole. His pace quickened, shoving his cock into Eric's ass with increasing force and speed. Andy slapped Eric's ass and clamped down tightly on his neck, shoulders and arms. Andy fucked Eric double-time, causing Eric's cock to spew a thick stream of white cum into the air.

Andy's athletic hands clamped onto Eric's bubble butt, as he fucked him like all his other girlfriends. Andy didn't stop in time and deposited several volleys of white cum deep inside Eric's tight ass. As Andy withdrew his thick cock, he whacked his dick against Eric's bubble butt, depositing the remaining cum drippings on Eric's hairless ass cheek.

Andy slinked back into his wrestling singlet and ran out of Coach Anson's office and then out of the locker room. Eric ran a finger over his sweaty ass cheek, dragging a drop of Andy's cum. He sucked on his cum-soaked finger, thinking of how he'd just gotten fucked by one of Southfield's High's most powerful athletes.


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