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Thursday, July 31, 2014

All Male True Experience: Smooth Fucker

By: Unknown Author

An ex-lover always insisted that I trim my pubic hair. Since it was a simple request, I went along. He wasn't asking for some sculptured design worked into the pubes surrounding my thick slab, just a clip and a snip of the wiry rebels that curled up out of the mass. A pair of scissors did the trick.

After we broke up, I continued to keep myself trimmed, since it had become a part of my morning routine. Always in a hurry, I decided that scissors were much too slow. I got the bright idea to use the trimmer on my electric razor instead. A quick race around my dick and the job would be done.

The electric razor worked just fine until I overslept one morning. I found myself trying to do three things at once as I hurriedly got ready for work. The next thing I knew, I was staring at a bald spot half way up the center of my pubes. Horror consumed me. What was I to do? How could I explain a hairless patch? There was only one thing to be done.

One hand grabbed my dick to protect my tender skin as the razor moved across my nervous crotch. I felt like Samson in Delilah's clutches, my strength failing with the loss of my hair. I had to pay close attention as I switched to the triple heads and removed the last evidence of a hairy groin. I almost cried. I did in fact cry when I splashed shaving lotion into my naked crotch. I was convinced the intense burning would never end.

I stared into the mirror, my cock a stranger. It looked completely different, bigger and whiter. I wasn't sure I liked my new look but felt I'd get used to it in time. Besides, it would eventually grow back. I dressed and rushed off to work, trying to put my hairless crotch out of my mind. That proved to be impossible.

All day long I felt my underwear hug my flesh like never before. I felt it kiss my raw skin every time I moved. At first it felt good, but then the elastic leg bands started chafing my crotch. I'd have to switch to boxer shorts.

A good friend had lined me up with a blind date for that night, and I wasn't sure I wanted to go through with it. What if we ended up in bed? I feared a round of laughter when he saw my dick erupt out of naked flesh. I didn't find the situation funny, but someone else easily could.

As luck would have it, he was gorgeous. There was no way I was going to turn him down when he suggested we get comfortable in the bedroom. To my horror, he insisted that the lights remain on. I faced my dreadful problem like a man, swallowed my pride, and stripped in front of him. I let him look at my totally shaved crotch. His reaction was not at all what I had expected.

His face lit up and his tongue raced around his lips. I discovered the reason behind his excitement when he slipped out of his Jockeys. I stared at another shaved crotch. There wasn't one hair in sight. His cock hung down in naked splendor. I was the one who laughed, nervous tension easing out of my muscles and forcing a short chuckle out of my throat.

We raced into bed and attacked each other with fevered passion. I needed to know how his mouth would feel on my crotch, and mine on his. Our hands groped and played on our bare flesh before our mouths licked and sucked on hairless skin. But he had outdone me. Even his asshole had been shaved. I shortened my stay on his dick and suddenly wanted to fuck him in the worst way.

I worked my cock into his butt and began to pump through his gripping asshole. My crotch slapped against his buns and there was nothing to interfere with total feeling. With my dick buried to the hilt, I rubbed my naked flesh over his smooth buns. My nerves tingled with the intensity of the stimulation flying out of my trembling pelvis. I couldn't believe that no hair made that much difference.

I stroked my stiff dick faster than ever. Sensuously swamping sensations thrilled my muscles and drove my cock deeper and harder. His ass slammed into me with equal fervor. I pumped my hips up and down and my bare crotch squeaked against his butt.

My resounding ejaculation was quick and shocking. I had never cum that quickly before. My climax usually takes awhile, but I blasted my hot load in barely minutes. I climbed off his ass and lay down beside him.

He rolled onto his back and started pumping his pulsing erection. But he was soon kneeling over my crotch with his swollen shaft pointed down at my cock. A few swift strokes later, his cum spilled onto my cock. His splattering semen was felt more keenly as large drops of pearly cream spread directly over my bald crotch.

Then his mouth closed over my cock. He sucked my dick fully into his throat to place his lips against my shaved skin. He munched around the base of my prick and his lips were heavenly on my naked flesh. He then removed his mouth from my cock and began running his tongue over my bare crotch, licking up his cum. It felt amazing!

From then on I've kept my crotch completely shaved. Not all mistakes are bad, and, for me, this one has dramatically increased my sexual pleasure.
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  1. So hard after reading will have to mastabate now oh so hard and whating it

  2. Such an intense story! Love every single detail!