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Thursday, July 31, 2014

All Male True Experience: Playing Hooky

By: chicagobasil
I had decided to take the day off from work. I just didn't feel like going in that day, so I called in and took a personal day. I did some things around the house in the morning, then, in trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day, I got the urge to stop at a bookstore I used to go to every now and again. I figured at this time of the day I would find another horny guy on his lunch break or something.

When I got there I headed down to the basement, which is where the porn booths were located, and looked around. There was only one other guy lurking around, an older, not very hung nor very appealing guy. Since I didn't have to be anywhere all day I decided to hang out in a booth and wait, hoping that someone else would come in.

Soon I heard a few others moving around and I stepped out of the booth to check out the fresh meat. As I stepped into the main area a very nice looking guy was on his way down the stairs. He was wearing a pair of warm-up pants, a grey t-shirt, and a jacket. He had both ears pierced and I could see that he had a nice chest under his tight tee. When one of the lights that kept the stairs dimly lit caught his face, I could see that he was really hot, too!

He headed over to the token machine. I stepped up behind him to get a better look at his butt! I was not disappointed. He had a really nice bubble butt filling out the back of those pants!

I was so busy looking at his ass that I didn't notice that he was having trouble with the token machine, until suddenly he turned around and said, "Maybe you can get this thing to work," giving me a very charming smile.

"No problem," I said smiling back.

He stepped to the side and I looked at the machine, hoping to work some magic on it. I immediately saw the problem. The "Temporarily out of Service" light was on. We laughed and then headed upstairs to get some tokens from the clerk instead. He walked up to the counter ahead of me and in the full light of the bookstore I could see that this guy had a really nice build on him. He also had the most beautiful green eyes!

When he walked past me to head back downstairs, I caught him checking me out too. He looked back and smiled and I knew then that we were definitely going to have some fun together! I quickly purchased some tokens and headed back downstairs.

As I hit the bottom step, I saw the hot dude slightly hesitate as he headed into the first booth, looking around the door to be sure I was coming down the steps. He loaded his machine, and then I froze. Standing just a couple of feet away from a very hot guy, I fucking froze! I stood there looking at the half opened door, just hoping that he would push it open a little and invite me in. What if he was not really checking me out? What if I was wrong? I didn't know what had come over me. Why I was suddenly so doubtful of his interest in me? I backed down and headed to another booth at the end of the row.

A few minutes later my older 'friend' poked his head into my booth. I was pretty fed up with him by then and politely told him I wasn't looking for company. He left my booth, but hung around outside of it. I wanted that hot jock stud so bad!

Another minute or so passed, and then I saw him. He was standing outside my booth. Was he waiting for an invitation? Was the old guy's presence outside my door preventing him from getting up the nerve to enter my booth? I opened the door a little wider and gave him a nod to show that I was interested. That's all it took and he stepped inside my booth.

He immediately reached out and started to rub my stiffening cock through my pants. I reached out and felt his, too. He slipped his jacket off and I ran my other hand over his firm pecs. With his jacket off, I got a good look at his solid arms, and chest. He stood about five-foot-eleven, with blondish hair, a slight cleft in his chin, and a very sexy set of lips. My cock was quickly reaching its full hardness under the sensual pressure of his touch!

I reached into his pants and started to fondle him, and he pulled them down just below his balls to give me more access. His dick was about seven-and-a-half inches long. Not as thick as mine but the perfect size to make this top want to be his bottom! He undid my jeans and started rubbing mine through my red plaid boxers. I could tell he wanted to pull it out but knew that it was pretty confined. I pulled my jeans and boxers down for him and my cock sprang to attention. We started jacking each other.

Suddenly the older guy stuck his head in the booth and said, "Oh yeah, stroke those cocks," as he stroked his own. I reached around my hot stud and pulled on the door. The old guy quickly pulled his head back and I closed and locked the door.

My hot friend had continued to stroke my cock the whole time, and as soon as the door was closed I put my hand back on his dick and resumed stroking it while rubbing his chest again. I wanted to see that chest bare so I let go of his cock and pulled his t-shirt up and started licking one of his hard nipples and then the other. He pulled his shirt up over his head to give me full access.

I ran my tongue down his upper body and started sucking his cock. It was so hard, and dripping with pre-cum. I took him in right to the back of my throat as I reached around and cupped his hot ass in my hands, letting my fingers explore his deep hairy crack until I found his hot, tight hole. As I sucked I looked up at him and really was quite amazed at just how hot he was.

After working my hot stud's cock for a while, he pulled me up and went down on my mine. He worked my dick like a skilled master, taking all of my long shaft down his throat, no problem!

After taking turns sucking each other's cocks for a while, we jacked and fingered each other. We let go of each other's cocks and rubbed them against each other with our bodies. Feeling his hot body pressed against mine while we grinded our cocks against each other was getting me even hotter!

I started to play with my nipples and he took that as a cue and pulled up my shirt and took over for me. "Pinch them a little harder!" I told him. "Oh yeah! Just like that!"

I had to have that dick in my mouth again! I got down on my knees and started giving his cock a major workout. I took the head of his dick into my mouth and started licking it, then ran my tongue down the underside of his shaft to his balls. I licked his balls all over, then sucked one then the other into my mouth, giving him a really good ball washing with my tongue.

I let his balls pop out of my mouth and ran my tongue up the bottom of his shaft again, up to the head. I opened wide and impaled myself on his hard rod, taking him to the root in one shot. His dick felt so hot in my mouth, the feel of his ass in my hands, his scent, and his touches, all of it combined were driving me wild.

He pulled me up to return the favor and worked my cock with his mouth for a while. Then he stood up and said, "I want to see you cum," and started working my nipples again. That combined with the site of his hot body took me over the edge and threw me into orgasmic convulsions as my load shot out of my cock!

Once my orgasm had subsided I looked down and watched as he stroked his own cock to orgasm. He shot a nice big load all over the wall of the booth, and right after started to get dressed.

I stood there watching, and once he was dressed he simply flashed me a smile and let himself out of the booth. I looked at that hot stud's wad of cum running down the wall as I then got dressed myself.

I'll definitely have to start taking more personal days!
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  1. That was a very hot story..i wish I had that encounter. 😈😁