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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All Male Fiction: Civil Lessons

By: Unknown Author
Okay, I'll admit it—I was acting like a damned kid. There was no reason for a twenty-year-old man to behave like such a jerk to his sister and her new boyfriend. Still, I'd had a bad time at college the past couple of months, and I wasn't too happy about coming home on break and finding that I'd been ousted from my room by one of Susan's prospective husbands. Hell, she'd been engaged more times than I could count, for fucks sakes!
So I wasn't very nice to her—or to him, for that matter. Pete wasn't bad, but he had a shitty haircut and lousy taste in clothes. I was the big, bad college sophisticate, don't you know, so I was very concerned about things like that. I made some remarks and reduced my sister to tears more than once. Pete hadn't said much at the time, but I could tell that he was doing a slow burn. What I didn't suspect was what he was going to do about it.
The evening of the third day I'd been at home, Mom and Susan went out shopping. Dad was working late, so it was just Pete and me, all alone in the house. He tried to talk to me, but I made some crack and walked off. I went on up to the bathroom to take a shower, planning to go out and get away from the zoo my home had become.
I had just gotten all soaped up when the bathroom door flew open. Pete reached in and turned off the hot water, then blocked my escape until I was fucking freezing. I got really pissed and grabbed at him. I missed, coming away with nothing but a handful of his shirt. Then he yanked the shower curtain aside, grabbed me, and pulled me kicking and screaming down the hall.

I hauled off and swung at him, but I might as well have been pounding on a brick wall for all the good it was doing me. The fucker was solid and strong as an ox. I'd considered myself to be pretty hot stuff, being on the college wrestling team and all, but I couldn't make a dent in this big palooka.
He hauled me into my bedroom and threw me on the bed. When I tried to get up, I got a fist in the gut for my trouble. While I was lying there, holding my belly and gasping for air, Pete stripped down to his skivvies.
"You and me are going to have it out, once and for all," he snarled. "I'm tired of your attitude, I'm tired of your bullshit and I'm tired of your lousy personality."
"What're you going to do about it?" I blustered, realizing full well the jerk could tear my head off and stuff it up my ass if he wanted to.
He just shook his head, sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me toward him. He threw me across his knees and began paddling my bare ass. Shit, nobody had done that to me since I was a little kid. I was fucking humiliated! I was also aware of what an incredible set of legs the dude had. He wasn't only big, he was defined. His calves were knotted up like rocks, and his thick thighs didn't have an ounce of fat on them. I could also attest to the fact that the man had power in his upper body, judging by the tanning he was giving my ass.
I squirmed and kicked, but all to no avail. Worse yet, the constant friction of his hairy thigh rubbing against my prick was giving me a hard-on. It was curving tight against his leg, so there was little doubt he'd feel it. Shit, when he picked up on that, he'd probably stuff my nuts up my ass!
It was then that I felt something nudging me in the ribs. Well, I thought, my interest suddenly diverted from my burning ass, I'm not the only one who's sprung a woody. My sister's new boyfriend seemed to be enjoying spanking my ass more than any good boy should!
Any doubts I may have had were cleared up when Pete stopped spanking me and jerked me around by the arm until I was kneeling on the floor between his outspread thighs. "You've been acting like a fucking prick for the past three days," Pete growled threateningly. "Now, let's just see if you know how to handle a prick. Start sucking, college man," he demanded as his shucked his shorts.
"I don't think so," I gulped, looking at his cock. It was big enough to look dangerous.
I hesitated a second too long and Pete grabbed me, pulled me up against his chest and started spanking me again, making my ass burn like fire.
"Okay!" I cried, my excitement mounting. "I'll... I'll try," I stammered.
"That's better," he thundered. "Just remember, I'll be ready if anything doesn't go to suit me." He flexed his big right hand menacingly, and I hunkered down and started licking his gooey head. It bulged and his dick jerked skyward. I pulled it back down and curled my tongue, sliding it along the trigger tucked behind the rim of the crown. His balls shifted in their hairy sac and I licked again.
I went up and down the shaft from end to end, getting it all nice and wet. Then I opened wide and lunged forward. My teeth raked along the broad back of his meat and he grunted, reaching over me and smacking my ass soundly in protest. I curled my lips over my teeth to avoid a repeat of my offense and began bobbing my head back and forth, my tongue fluttering all along the tender underbelly of his big dick.
Pretty soon, he stopped swatting my ass and started massaging my flaming cheeks, inspiring me to do some pretty fancy prick-polishing. I alternated between deep-throating his piece and sucking delicately on the head, getting his juices flowing in a big way.
Soon, his balls rolled up on top of his cock and his prick started twitching uncontrollably. His hands tightened on my ass, digging into the mounds of muscle as he lost control and started to shoot. Cum gushed out of him, filling my mouth with thick cream and pouring down my throat, damn near choking me. I got myself off with my hand before he stopped dripping, dumping my load against his bulging calves.
When he was done getting off, he simply pulled up his underwear and left, uttering that I'd better do my best to be nice from now on.

I tried to be nice the next day, but Pete was pissed at me before noon. I've got a feeling he'll be looking for me any minute now!

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