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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

All Male Fiction: Bob Has a Visitor (Part 4)

By: amtibbs
Bob's heart was beating fast. He was sitting in his dorm room and it was now a quarter past nine. Nick, the lacrosse player that had caused him so much confusion and apprehension in the past twenty-four hours, was late. He was supposed to be there at nine to explain his actions at the party the night before.
Bob kept running the events through his mind and the waiting was making things worse. Had he done something to signal that he'd welcome Nick's sexual advances? If so, it must be so repressed that he couldn't imagine it. Regardless, why did he let Nick continue? He was certainly no match for Nick physically, but he could have left. He could have said "No thanks." He didn't believe Nick would have forced him.

Finally, there came a knock at the door. Bob stood up and immediately felt like he might pass out. He made it to the door, opened it, and there stood Nick. Bob held on to the door and looked up into the face of the four-inch taller man. Nick broke the silence by quietly asking if he could come in and get out of the hallway. Bob opened the door further and took a step back allowing Nick to enter and then shut the door behind him.

Nick looked around. It was a typical two-person dorm room with two beds, two chest of drawers, two desks, and two chairs. The beds, which could be bunked, were unstacked with one on each side wall. Bob motioned for Nick to sit down on his bed and then grabbed his desk chair and sat facing him.

Nick was beginning to worry again. Bob did not seem to be handling it well. Nick decided that honesty would be the best course of action. He might be able to bullshit a girl but he knew that Bob would see through it. He needed Bob to keep his mouth shut.

Bob had yet to say anything and was just sort of staring at Nick.

Nick cleared his throat and began, "Bob. You're a good guy. Everybody on the team likes you."

Bob sat motionless.

"I'm sorry about last night. I shouldn't have pulled you into my room, and I shouldn't have touched you."

Bob continued to sit motionless.

Nick was feeling queasy in his stomach but continued anyway. "I've never done anything like that here at college and it would destroy me if you told anyone." Nick thought he saw Bob's face twitch. Nick stopped talking and looked down at his feet.

Finally, Bob spoke and asked, "Are you gay? Why did you do it?"

Still looking down, Nick responded, "No, I don't think I'm gay. When I saw you in the hallway I just suddenly wanted to watch you have sex with Julie. Then when you took off your clothes and I saw your dick... you started to get hard... it had been so long since I touched one... had... had one in my mouth..." Nick's voice faded.

Bob looked hard at Nick and asked, "So you've sucked dick before?"

Nick nodded and finally looked up. "I had a buddy in High School. When we weren't getting any from any girls we'd help each other out. I guess I got to like it. There's something about a man's body... But don't get me wrong. I still like the ladies."

Bob began to understand. He knew firsthand about sexual urges and how they could be difficult to resist. "Why did you pick me?" Bob asked.

Nick paused and then said, "Opportunity. I had just fucked Julie and she was pretty wasted. I ran into you in the hall. No one was around. I figured she wouldn't remember anything in the morning. Asking you to nail her would just be me sharing... completely straight... but then I lost control."

"You didn't think I was gay or something?" asked Bob.

Nick's face brightened as he looked Bob in the face and inquired, "Are you?"

Bob sat back in his chair and looked at the ceiling. Finally he replied, "No. I like having sex with girls."

Nick found something about his feet interesting again.

But Bob hadn't finished. "I'll keep this a secret if you'll promise to keep what I'm about to say secret, also."

Nick looked at him and nodded while replying, "Of course." Here it was. The best he could hope for, a deal.

Bob took his time and chose his words carefully. "I like watching you jocks undress and pull on your straps and uniforms, and I like watching you come back in the locker room and stripping out of them and showering and horsing around. I think I've always liked a man's body too, though I've never touched one or anything."

Nick smiled. "That's cool. That's how I feel. I won't tell anybody."

"I should thank you for sharing Julie last night. I was really horny and the girl I hoped to nail disappeared. I was looking for her when I ran into you," Bob said. "I guess I should also thank you for the blowjob. It's been a while since I got one."

Nick was looking more at ease now and his stomach was feeling better. "Did you like it?" he asked.

"It was nice, but you weren't in the best position. You had me bent too far."

"Sorry 'bout that," replied Nick quickly. "When the idea struck me I wasn't even sure I could get my head between you and the bed. I thought I was doing it pretty badly at first. You didn't even notice. It wasn't until you stopped and looked down that I realized I had made a mistake."

Bob looked at Nick as he had never looked at a guy before. Nick the lacrosse player. Nick the ladies' man. Nick the good looking guy with a great athletic body. "I wouldn't say you made a mistake. I just wasn't prepared for it. I didn't understand what was happening. I didn't understand... myself."

Neither spoke for a while. Then Nick asked, "Is it okay for me to say you have a very nice cock?"

Bob smiled. "Thanks. But I'd guess you're at least an inch bigger… though I didn't get a very good look in your room last night."

Nick grinned and then offered, "I'm about seven-and-a-half hard. Would you like to see?"

Bob replied by getting up from his chair and locking the door.

When Bob sat back down, Nick stood up. The weather had started to turn warm and he was wearing a t-shirt, board shorts and sandals. Nick reached for the closure on his shorts and slowly pulled it open. It made a horribly loud ripping sound that continued until he ran out of Velcro. The outline of his stiffening cock was visible. It was obvious that Nick was getting into this.

With the waistband released, gravity took over and Nick let his shorts fall to the floor. There would be no further anticipation. He was wearing nothing underneath. He had trimmed public hair that matched the brown on his head and his cut cock continued to stiffen until it stood perpendicular to his body.

Bob realized he was hard, too, but he hadn't realized he wasn't breathing. Nick broke the moment with the offer, "Do you want to touch it?"

Bob suddenly inhaled and reached out and wrapped his right hand around Nick's shaft. He stroked it a couple of times, released it and then cupped Nick's nut sack. "They feel different from mine," Bob said. "They hang looser. I think they're bigger, too."

"Will you show me yours again?" requested Nick.

Bob nodded, kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks. He was still wearing his work Khakis, and as he began to undo his belt Nick stopped him and pointed to a wet spot on the front of his pants. "Looks like you might need to throw those pants in the wash," he joked. Bob smiled. It was worth it.

Bob released his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Once again Nick stopped him. Nick reached over and with his right hand reached into Bob's pants and palmed his junk though his underwear. He gave Bob a little squeeze and then withdrew his hand and unzipped Bob's fly himself and let the pants drop.

Bob stood there in his bulging, dark blue boxer-briefs. He was hard. He was very hard. He wasn't sure he was this hard when he lost his virginity in the backseat of a car. He let Nick continue as he ran his hands around and squeezed Bob's ass before grasping the waistband of his boxer-briefs on either side and slowly peeled them down. Bob was left standing there wearing his polo shirt and nothing else.

He stared straight ahead until Nick wrapped one hand around his hard shaft and cupped his balls with the other and said, "You may not be as big as me but you're pretty close, maybe seven. That's only a half inch shorter."

Bob looked down at Nick.

Nick looked back and then suggested, "Let's take off our shirts."

Once naked, they got on Bob's bed and knelt facing each other. They explored each other with a hunger. Hands roamed from cock to balls to stomach and chest. Their desire for release was too great, and when Nick wrapped his hand around Bob's shaft and started stroking Bob returned the favor. It was only moments until Bob shot his load and he was immediately followed by Nick firing his weapon.

Bob looked at his hand. For the first time, it was covered in cum not his own. Nick, as if reading Bob's mind, raised his hand and showed Bob his cum as it dripped onto his stomach.

Reaching out, Bob grabbed the towel hanging next to his bed. He kept one end and gave the other to Nick. That would be something else that needed to go in the wash tomorrow. They wiped the cum off themselves but didn't move to get up. Perhaps they wanted to savor the moment. Perhaps they didn't have the strength.

Bob's confusion was gone. He looked at Nick and asked, "Can we do this again sometime?"

Nick reached over and squeezed Bob's cock and replied, "I'd like that."

Finally they stood and got dressed. Nick hung back while Bob opened the door to check that the hallway was empty. It was and Nick left, disappearing down the stairs. Bob looked at his clock. It was just ten-thirty. How did his life change so much in such a short period of time?

As he pulled out his books to study, it struck him: He felt good. There was no shame. No embarrassment. No sense he had done anything wrong. He just felt… good.
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