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Monday, March 31, 2014

All Male Fiction: The Staff Party

By: canoehead & Ryan Michaels
After I graduated from high school, I decided I didn't want to go to college. It wasn't that I couldn't get in - I had gotten decent grades – or that my parents couldn't afford it. I was just never very fond of school and had no interest in seeking a higher education. I preferred to learn on the job.

After several minimum wage jobs, I landed a job with a big company. My high school buddy, Nathan, had gotten hired on there about six months prior and had told me they were hiring again. I dropped off my resume and ended up getting one of the available jobs. It was an entry level position (as was Nathan's job. We actually worked in the same department) but it paid way more than minimum wage and there was opportunity to learn and move up in the company over time.

Tonight the company was having a party for the staff. The company had recently taken over another company and the party was a way of thanking the staff for all of their hard work during the acquisition. It was a dry event, and, at twenty, both Nathan and I were under-age by a year anyway, so the two of us would sneak down to the locker room every hour or so to drink some beer we had hidden in our lockers.

Our workplace provided workout facilities for the staff and we had a great locker room to go with it - showers, sauna – which afforded lots of opportunities to see my co-workers naked. Nothing ever happened, though. This was a professional workplace and most of the other male employees were much older than Nathan and me. There were some who were in their late twenties and thirties, but most were in their forties and fifties. In fact, Nathan and I were the youngest guys working there. Still, I got to see a lot of nice cocks and asses - older, younger, it didn't matter.

Nathan and I had never done anything sexual together. In fact, he had a reputation for his experiences with the ladies. And, having seen him naked many times, I can see why. He was solid, muscular and had a long, fat cock.

On our fourth trip down to the locker room, we were enjoying another beer and Nathan was telling me about one of our female co-workers, Lisa, with whom he had hooked up. Nathan was leaning against the lockers and I was sitting on the bench about five feet away from him as he told me what they had done together in bed and how he'd nicknamed her the 'screamer'.

We both laughed as he told of her screaming when he fucked her, and then I tried to mimic her getting fucked by Nathan: "Fuck me Nathan. Yeah, c'mon, give me that big diiiiiiick…" I squealed the word dick and then I covered my mouth with my hand and let out a scream into it.

Nathan was laughing at my imitation and said, "Yeah, take it, bitch, take my big fuckin' cock!"

I stopped screaming into my hand when he said that and snuck at look at his crotch. Nathan looked like he had started to get boned up. Not even noticing where my eyes were, his hand fell to his crotch and he rubbed it through his pants and said, "Man, I need to get laid tonight! I am so horny!"

It had been a while since I'd had sex too, so I rubbed myself as well and said, "I hear you, man."

We both got kind of quiet as we continued to casually rub ourselves through our pants. Nathan's gaze stayed affixed upon his own crotch while mine stole glances at his as well.

A few moments later, Nathan broke the silence. "You want to jerk off together before we go back up?" he asked rather casually. "I gotta drop a load so bad."

There was nothing I wanted more than for that to happen, to see Nathan's cock, to see it rock hard, to see him cumming, but I didn't want to sound too excited by the idea so I decided to just respond as casually as he had asked the question, making sure to put it on him, his idea. "Sure, I mean, I'm pretty horny, too. So, if you really want to, then I guess I'd be cool with it."

Nathan didn't respond, verbally anyway. He just pulled down his zipper, whipped out his cock and began pumping it.

"Oh. You want to get off right here, both of us, in front of each other?"

Nathan nodded. "Unless you're too chicken shit. But if you are, I'm gonna think you have a small dick and you just don't want me to see it," he laughed, taunting me.

"Fuck, I don't care if you see mine. I just never thought about jerking off with another guy before," I lied.

"Yeah, me neither," Nathan said. "And I probably would never do something like this with any other guy, just you, because you’re a good friend and I know you won't tell anyone… and because I'm so horny, had a few beers, and just don't wanna get up right now," he finished with a laugh.

"Yeah, same here," I said and pulled out my own cock and began stroking it.

For all the times we'd hung out naked in the change room during high school and the locker room at work just talking, or in the showers, it didn't seem awkward at all.

As he jerked, he leaned his head back against the locker and closed his eyes, affording me the opportunity to take a good look at his cock as he was pulling on it. It went from semi-hard to fully hard pretty quickly. "Holy shit!" I said. "No wonder Lisa screamed when you put that in her!"

Nathan opened his eyes and lifted his head. He had a big grin on his face. "Yeah," he said, "it is pretty big."

"Pretty big? It's huge!"

Nathan's grin got wider. It was a proud grin. And then he looked at my hard cock. "Yours is a decent size, too."

"Decent? Next to yours, I'm tiny."

"Well, next to mine, yeah, yours does look kinda small, but you're definitely not tiny. How many inches you got?"

"Six," I said. "How many you got?"

"Nine-and-half," Nathan said, that proud grin returning again.

The entire conversation about our cock sizes combined with watching Nathan stroke his huge cock had me close to cumming, and I didn't want to cum yet, not so soon, not that quickly in front of my buddy, and, I wanted to cum watching Nathan's big cock squirt. So I looked away, closed my eyes and kept jerking.

A minute or so later I heard movement from Nathan and opened my eyes to find him standing right in front of me with his big, pre-cum oozing, rock hard cock inches away from my face.

"Hey dude, can you help me out?" he whispered, almost desperately.

"What? You want me to-to… blow…" I started, very willing to do what he wanted, but totally shocked that he was asking me to do it.

"Please man," he interrupted, "Just suck me a bit. I'm so horny. It's no big deal, just guys helping each other out."

I was beyond surprised but also careful not to show how ready I was to take him in my mouth. As I was struggling to figure out what to do next, Nathan gripped his cock and pressed the tip against my lips. I could taste his sweet pre-cum dripping out of his slit as it seeped through my lips. It tasted so good. The natural born cocksucker in me came out and I gave up all pretenses and just opened my mouth.

I didn't even have a chance to close my mouth around the head, for Nathan slid his cock right in until it hit the back of my throat, and I gagged.

Nathan pulled back and then began to pump a portion of his huge cock in and out of my mouth gently, moaning as if it was his first blowjob. "Oh man, that is so good, I love the feel of your mouth. Ah shit man, you are a great friend!"
I gripped the base of his cock and took control, licking and sucking the best that I could to get as much of that big dick into my mouth as I could.

After sucking on his cock for a couple of minutes, Nathan pulled out, grabbed me under my arms and turned me around so that my back was to him. I barely noticed him pulling down my pants, but when I felt the head of his hard cock brushing against my ass crack I suddenly realized what was happening and I got scared.

"Dude, I want to fuck you," he whispered into my ear, telling me what I already knew as he rubbed the length of his stiff prick up and down my ass crack.

"I-I don't know if I want to do that, Nathan." I had been fucked before, quite a lot already considering I was only twenty. I was a total bottom, but I had never taken a cock as big as Nathan's before. It wasn't so much the length I was concerned about, it was the girth. His fat soft dick was even fatter hard!

"C'mon, it's still just guys helping each other out. It's going to feel so good for both of us," he said and I heard the rustling sounds of him removing his pants and underwear.

"But I don't know if… if I can take it."

"You can," Nathan said as I heard him grab something out of his locker as he spoke, and then felt a cold goo on my hole as he lubed me up with some kind of shampoo or moisturizer.

"Nathan, I'm not sure I…" my voice trembled.

Nathan spoke before I could finish. "It's going to feel great, trust me. You and I both need this tonight. Just two buds helping each other get off, having some fun," he whispered in my ear as he pushed my shoulders down, bending me over the bench.

I tried to relax myself as Nathan slathered the goo on his cock, but I tensed up the minute his cockhead touched my asshole. I drew in a breath through my teeth as the cockhead pushed through and entered my hole. Nathan groaned and then slowly pushed a bit of his cock into me.

"Ahhhh," I groaned in discomfort. His fat cock was stretching my hole wider than it had ever been stretched before.

Nathan put his hand on my shoulder and gripped it tightly and said, "You can take it, dude, just relax your hole," and then he pushed a little bit more of his cock inside.

He continued to inch more and more of his long, thick length into me. It took a while but soon he was all the way inside me. I had a fat nine-and-a-half cock buried all the way up my hole. I couldn't believe I had taken it all! But I had, and it wasn't the most comfortable feeling.

Nathan held his monster prick inside me for a time, and then he withdrew about an inch of it, slowly, and then slowly pushed back in. He repeated this over and over, pulling out a little more of his cock each time before pushing it back in until he had slowly pulled back to the head, and then he slowly re-inserted all nine-and-a-half inches up my butt.

He started fucking me like this, going really slowly, and gradually increased his speed until he was fucking me at a nice medium pace.

It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, and soon all discomfort disappeared. It was replaced by pleasurable sensations and I moaned softly and said, "Fuck me," under my breath as I grabbed hold of my own stiff prick and began pulling on it.

It was loud enough that Nathan heard it, though, and once he sensed that I was used to it he started fucking me a bit faster. And as my moans increased in both repetition and volume, he began to fuck me even faster, harder, holding my shoulders, until he was fucking me good and hard, his balls slamming against my ass. I couldn't believe that I was getting fucked, and fucked hard, by my good buddy, a friend whom I had lusted after for many years!

And that did it, got me there, and I started to blow my load. "Uh, uh, uh, uh!" I grunted as my ass clenched and unclenched repeatedly around that big cock in my hole and my cum splattered all over the bench below.

When my ass tightened on and off his cock, Nathan started to grunt, too, and when it stopped squeezing his cock, he began pounding me even harder. "Oh, I'm gonna cum, dude! Gonna cum! Ah! Fuck! I'm cumming! Cumming up your ass, dude! Uh! Uh! Uh! Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and with that he blew his load inside me.

I had never let anyone cum in my ass before. In fact, I had never let anyone fuck me without a condom before. But once I realized Nathan was going to fuck me, scared as I was of his size, I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted to feel my friend's big cock in me bare, wanted to have his cum inside me, and now it was. It felt amazing feeling a guy get off inside my ass. I loved the way his cum felt shooting into me, and there was a lot of it. A huge load from a huge cock.

He pumped a few more times as he finished cumming, and slowly pulled out. "Bro, thanks so much," he panted. "You don't know how bad I needed that."

"I can imagine," I replied. "You pounded me pretty hard."

"I'm sure you've had it hard like that before," Nathan laughed.

"What do you mean?" I asked as I felt the cum starting to drip out of me.

Nathan saw his cum leaking from my hole and dashed off without answering me and returned moments later with some paper hand towels from the washroom. "Don't want my cum dripping down your leg when we are upstairs!" he laughed as he handed them to me.

"So what did you mean when you said you're sure I've had it hard like that before?" I asked again as I wiped the excess cum-load from my seeping hole.

"Dude, I've known since high school that you like dick. I mean, I've seen the way you look at the guys' cocks in the locker room, and how you did the same in the high school change room. Especially my cock. I bet you never thought you'd ever have it, especially up your butt," he chuckled.

"Wait, you knew, all this time?"

Nathan nodded.

"So how come you never told me?" I said as I used some more of the paper hand towels to wipe up my load from the bench.

"I didn't think it was my place. I figured you'd tell me you were gay if and when you wanted to."

"No! I mean, how come you never told me that you like guys, too. Just think, we could have been 'helping each other out' all these years."

"I'm not gay, dude."

"No, I know how much you like girls. But gay, bi, it amounts to the same thing: you like dick, too."

"Dude, I'm not bi either."

"Yeah, right, after what we just did," I laughed.

"Listen, buddy, everything that happened here tonight was just like I said, guys helping each other out. I knew you were gay and took advantage of that as well as knowing you were hot for my cock, just to get off. That's all. I hope you're not mad at me for that."

"No, I'm not mad. I enjoyed it. It was a long-time fantasy come true for me."

"Well, there, you see, we both got something out of it, just two buddies helping each other out, like I said all along."

"So, when do you think you might need this buddy to help you out again?" I asked with a grin.

"Sorry, man, this was a one-time only type of situation. Heat of the moment, a desperate need to get off. I can't help it that I'm straight, just like you can't help it that you're gay. I hope you understand."

"Yeah, sure," I said, and then wandered the short distance to toss the used hand towels in a nearby trash can.

"And no one ever hears about what we did tonight, right?" Nathan called after me.


"Cool. I'm trusting you on that."

"You're secret's safe with me," I said as I returned to where he was standing.

"So is yours, buddy."

We fell silent after that as we both put our underwear and pants back on and then headed back upstairs to join the rest of the employees at the staff party.

I was happy and sad all at the same time. Happy because I got to have sex with Nathan - a dream come true - and sad because it was never gonna happen again.

Things weren't weird between us afterwards, and I was thankful for that, but as the months went by it seemed apparent that Nathan had meant what he said about it being a one-time only thing… that is, until the staff Christmas party rolled around seven months later, and Nathan and I were once again down in the locker room tossing back some smuggled beers.

"Hey dude, I am so horny. Want to help a guy out?"
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