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Monday, March 31, 2014

All Male Fiction: The Awakening (Part 1)

By: Lucas Miller & Ryan Michaels
My sister had arranged a golf weekend for her husband, Jim, and his brother, Jeff, and she wanted me to go, too. My sister was the jealous type, and although her husband gave her no reason, she always assumed he would flirt with or even sleep with other women if he was away somewhere without her. I didn't really want to go. Although I knew how to play, I wasn't really into golf, but she insisted, and I reluctantly agreed to go along. My life changed that night.

It started out horribly. The first thing I learned was that my sister didn't make any reservations, and there was a golf tournament going on at the very course we had planned on playing. All the major hotels were filled, and so we spent most of the first day calling different hotels to find a place to sleep that night.

We eventually found a motel with a vacant room. When we arrived it was late and we were just happy to have a place to sleep. The room had two double beds and we set about determining who would get the one bed to themselves and who would have to share the other one.

"I think you two should share since you are brothers," I suggested.

"Well, I think you two should share," Jim said. "Jeff's my brother and you're my brother-in-law… and I don't want to sleep with either of you," he joked.

"Fine with me," Jeff said.

"Fine, whatever," I grumbled. At that point I just wanted to get some sleep.

We then all got ready for bed. I usually slept in the nude, but kept my boxers on since I was sharing a bed with another guy. I got in bed first, and when Jeff slid into bed he too wore only his boxers.

When Jim climbed into his bed he joked and said, "Sleep tight boys," and then turned the lights out.

I lay on my back afraid to move around. Here I was in bed with another guy and we were only inches away from each other's near-naked bodies.

Ever since I was in my teens I always jerked off right before I went to sleep every night. It had become somewhat of a ritual to help me fall asleep. If I didn't do it I would lie awake for hours sometimes. When that happened, a quick jerk off and I would soon fall asleep. As I continued to lie there on my back, inches from another guy, I still felt I had to masturbate before I could get any sleep.

Soon I heard the snores of Jim. I listened carefully to determine if Jeff was asleep, too. He hadn't moved much and was quiet, and I was almost certain that he had drifted off. I slowly moved my hand down under the sheets. I found the crotch of my boxers and gently rubbed. My cock began to grow. I stopped to check again that everyone was still asleep. Satisfied that they were, I parted the opening to my boxers and pulled out my now hard dick.

I moved my hand back out of the sheets and spit on it for lubrication. As quietly as I could I placed it back onto my cock. My fingers wrapped around it, and I slowly starting jacking. I could feel the bed moving just a little, but the rocking motion, I felt, would continue to help my bedmate sleep.

As my mind wandered from fantasy to fantasy I started to really pull on my cock. Then my body jerked suddenly and I came back to reality. Jeff had rolled over and I could feel his breath against my cheek. I lay motionless to make sure he was still asleep. When I felt it was safe I continued stroking my dick. I knew I would cum soon and only had a passing thought as to what I might do with the load I would shoot.

Then I felt it. Jeff's hand was touching my thigh. I stopped jerking off. His hand moved closer to my hard dick and I wondered if he was dreaming. I was too scared to move. His fingers lightly touched my balls and I still questioned whether he was asleep or actually aware of what he was doing.

I soon got my answer when Jeff whispered, "Is this okay?"

Before I could answer he ran his hand up my shaft. "Nice," he sighed as he felt the hardness of my six inch cock.

He moved closer to me and I could now feel his dick against my arm. "Touch mine, too," he whispered.

I really hadn't even thought about having sex with another guy. If you would have asked me if I was gay, I would have immediately responded harshly with a "no!" Then it happened. My arm moved all on its own, as if I wasn't even in control of my movements, and my hand found his cock. It was not completely erect, but as I held it, it quickly grew. It felt like it was quite long and very thick. I started to stroke it as I jerked my own cock, and slowly masturbated him.

"That feels good," he moaned quietly. "Want to try something else?"

"Yes…" It was as though someone else was speaking for me.

He removed his hand from my cock and gently pulled away from me. "Move down in the bed a little," he whispered.

I pushed my body down as he turned around so that his feet were by my head.
"Roll on your side."

As if in a trance I did as he said again and nearly came when I felt his lips on the tip of my cock. I enjoyed the way they slowly licked, nibbled and sucked the head. I was briefly lost in my own pleasure and didn't take notice of his cock that was right in front of me. I pushed my hips into his face and he took me in.

I stuck out my tongue and tasted the engorged tip of his dick. I opened my mouth wide and copied his earlier movements, licking, nibbling, and then sucking the head. Then I tried to take more, but I couldn't get much more than the head in my mouth. He was too big and thick. So, instead I concentrated on running my tongue over the head of his cock, tasting his pre-cum.

The pleasure of his mouth was intense and I felt I might scream out. Then his wet finger found the opening to my ass and he pushed it inside me. I gasped and threw my hand over my mouth as Jim stopped snoring. I looked over my shoulder to make sure he was still asleep. He rolled from his back over onto his side, facing our bed now, and began breathing heavily. I turned my head back around and returned to tounging Jeff's cockhead.

Jeff continued to suck my cock as he fucked me with his finger. I had to take my mouth off of his as his finger slid in and out of me without remorse. I then shoved my hips forward and clamped my ass down on his finger. I shot jet after jet into his mouth and he swallowed every drop. He then jerked off quickly as he continued to suck on my spent cock. He shot his load all over my lips and chin. Surprisingly, I wasn't grossed out by it. When he was done he moved back up on the bed, rolled over and went to sleep without a word.

I got up and went to the washroom to clean my face and, as I looked at Jeff sleeping as I approached the bed, I wondered if things would be awkward the next day. I didn't think about it for long. Having gotten off like I had needed – although in a way I never dreamed of - I climbed back in the bed with Jeff and fell asleep almost immediately.

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