"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Monday, March 31, 2014

All Male Fiction: Hard at Work

By: xxxadamw & Ryan Michaels
As warehouse supervisor, Martin had a small office hidden in the back of the warehouse. He liked the opportunities it gave him to think without distraction. Sometimes it was work that occupied his mind, but today his thoughts were focused on last night's hot hook up.

Martin was thirty-two years old, stood six foot tall, had a medium build and a seven inch cut cock and was versatile. These are all things he listed in his profile on a gay cruising site, along with a face pic and a picture of his hard cock. The guy had found Martin's profile and suggested a meet. Martin massaged the front of his pants as he recalled the enthusiasm of the inexperienced student and his impressive eight-and-a-half inch uncut cock.

As Martin contemplated the student's over-sized rock solid rod his own grew stiffer, requiring more attention from his hand. His erection was now clearly visible, the crowning feature of his prominent bulge, and Martin could feel his pre-cum moistening his cockhead and underwear.

A cough startled him.

Standing in front of him was a smartly dressed man of about twenty-five with a slightly sheepish look. The door had obviously not been completely closed and Martin's visitor had clearly seen him playing with himself.

The stranger introduced himself. "Hello. I'm Mr. Simmons from the auditors."

Martin looked the auditor over. He stood about 5' 8", with mousy brown hair and wore glasses with a brushed silver frame - probably only a couple of years out of college. He hoped that this young guy would be too embarrassed to mention anything about what he had just seen.

Martin introduced himself and then said, "I wasn't informed about an audit," as his eyes lingered on the man's crotch for a moment, which didn't go unnoticed by the auditor.

"We like to make surprise visits," the auditor replied with a smile and then finished with, "Although it looks like I was the one that got a surprise this time," as he shut the door behind him. "I don't want to interrupt what you were working on, though," he said as he closed the blinds. "So is there anything I can give you a hand with before we get started with the audit?"

Once he got past the initial surprise of the auditor's veiled question, Martin's head told him it would be unwise to accept the offer, but his cock overruled his brain and he sunk back into his chair, thrusting his groin forward as the auditor approached.

The auditor tentatively put his hand out. It hovered above Martin's bulge for a couple of seconds before he decisively grasped the stiff rod that was straining to escape from Martin's pants.

That first touch caused Martin's cock to throb with anticipation as the auditor gently slid his hands up towards Martin's fly, and then slowly eased it down. Martin couldn't hide his eagerness as the auditor unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, exposing Martin's tight white briefs which struggled to contain his aroused cock.

The auditor licked the front of the warehouseman's briefs as his hands slid up Martin's chest searching out his nipples. The twin sensations of the wet mouth on his cotton-encased cock and fingers stroking his nipples caused Martin to moan with pleasure.

Martin reached out his hand and made contact with the auditor's crotch. Pausing briefly to admire the expensive feel of the suit fabric, his fingers quickly made contact with a huge stiff weapon hiding in the auditor's trousers. Last night's student had been well-hung, but this promised to be an even more impressive piece of meat, and Martin licked his lips at the prospect.

As he struggled to release the auditor's cock, Martin felt his briefs being tugged down and a tongue flicking across his shaft. It continued to the head, licking the full circumference and then lapping up his pre-cum. It then worked its way back down all seven inches of Martin's stiff member before attending to his balls. Martin realized that once again he had misjudged his new friend - far from being an innocent geek, the auditor exhibited all the skill and enthusiasm of a grade 'A' cock slut.

But pleasurable as the feel of the auditor's tongue was, Martin was impatient to investigate every inch that his partner had to offer. He sank to his knees and soon had the man's suit trousers and boxer shorts around his ankles. Martin grasped the auditor's smooth firm butt cheeks and pulled him closer, devouring the auditor's beautiful cock as it came within range. It was a real jawbreaker, not as long as he first thought – maybe only a half inch bigger than his own - but thicker than anything he'd ever encountered in his extensive experiences of cock sucking, and, like the student of the night before, uncut.

The auditor's left hand fell to the back of Martin's neck, while his right sought out Martin's nipples. Martin found it hard to breathe as the man's pounding cock gathered momentum. He sensed the tensing in the auditor's balls and pulled away so he could feel the hot jets of his spunk crisscrossing his face.

After a few strokes from Martin's hand, the auditor thrust his hips forward and grunted as he started to spew his load right into Martin's face.

Martin, in an extraordinary feat of self-discipline, had resisted the temptation to bring himself to climax as he sucked the auditor's cock. His reward came quickly, though, as the auditor pushed Martin back into his chair and took up where he had left off, giving the seated man the full range of his skills in the art of the blowjob.

Martin couldn't hold out long and soon his climax, more intense than any he could recollect, radiated through his body as his spunk rushed up his cock and into the auditor's willing mouth, which he eagerly swallowed.

"So, about the audit," the auditor said as he and Martin went about putting away their spent cocks and adjusting their clothes, "I think it's a bit late to get started on that today. Why don't I come back tomorrow instead? Perhaps a little bit earlier so that we will have plenty of time to work through whatever comes up."

"That's fine with me, Mr. Simmons," Martin smiled.

"Please, call me Rob," the auditor insisted.

"Ok, Rob."

The auditor gave a nod and a smile and then exited Martin's office.

Martin took a seat in his chair and scooped up the auditor's cum from his face with his fingers and licked them clean. He then grabbed a tissue to wipe off any remaining residue. As he tossed the tissue in the garbage, he grinned - he was probably the only guy in the world that was actually looking forward to being audited.
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