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Monday, March 31, 2014

All Male True Experience: Frat Brother Lust

By: J.B.
I'd like to share with you the first time I ever did anything with another guy. It was during college, and it was with a fellow frat brother. Before that experience I had always considered myself a bit curious, but not bisexual or anything. I was totally straight as far as I knew. Now, in large part to that first experience, which opened my eyes to where my desires lay and to whom I really was, I live my life as an out and proud bisexual.

It all started during pledge week - contrary to popular belief, being a pledge and enduring 'hell week' doesn't involve blowing your frat brothers and being forced to take cock up your ass. Sure, they make you do humiliating things, and yes, sometimes nudity is involved (for the sheer humiliation factor) but, in general, nothing sexual usually takes place, as far as pledging rituals are concerned... except in porn.

Anyway, all of us lucky pledges had been assigned to clean the frat house after a party that had taken place the night before. We, of course, were made to wear frilly aprons and nothing else while we cleaned. My fellow pledge, Mark, and I were assigned to clean the bedrooms, while other pledges were also dispersed in teams of two to clean other areas of the house.

"Oh, man," Mark said as he moved to the bed to strip the sheets from it, and he made a face.

My eyes stared down to where his were looking. On the floor lay a used condom. I chuckled. "Go ahead, Mark. Pick it up."

He winced in disgust. He shook his head.

"Pussy," I laughed and then bent down and picked up the condom by the open end. Then I dangled it in front of Mark's face.

"Eww, gross! Fuck off!" he scowled as he pulled his head back.

I laughed and pulled the condom away. "Do you realize that this will be us one day soon?"

"What, making guys clean up our shit?"

"No. Well, yeah. But what I meant was, once we become official frat brothers we'll be getting tons of pussy, too."

"Yeah, you think so?" he laughed.

"Dude… you tell me," I said dangling the condom at him, this time from a distance.

"Well, I hope so. Fuck do I hope so!" Mark said as he began to pull the sheets off the bed and I tossed the condom in the trash bag.

"Me too! I'm gonna tell you something," I said as I moved over to him. "You got to promise you won't tell anyone."

"I promise, man."

"I've never had pussy before," I whispered. "Not even a blowjob. Sad, I know."

"Guys our age still being virgins is more common than you think," Mark replied.

"Have you… ever had pussy?"

"No," Mark said quietly.

"A blowjob?"

Mark shook his head.

"Oh fuck, man. We gotta get in! If we do, we are practically guaranteed to lose our virginity. Fuck, I need to lose it! I need to get some pussy!" I exclaimed excitedly, but quietly.

"Yeah, I can tell," Mark said.

"What?" I said and looked at him, and then once again followed his eyes. They were pointed at my crotch, and when my eyes landed there I realized that my dick, although not hard, had started to swell.

"Shit, sorry man. Just thinking about pussy and what it must feel like to stick your dick in one gets me so horny. Well, at least I got this nice frilly apron on to hide it with," I chuckled.

Mark laughed at that and said, "Oh yeah, it's doing a great job at hiding it."

I laughed along with him and then I said, "Shit, I hope the brothers give us some free time today. I really gotta, you know, take care of things."

"Choke the chicken. Beat the meat. Spank the monkey," Mark laughed, and when he said the last one he had put his hand in front of his apron at crotch level, made a fist in the air and did a pumping motion a few times.

Well I don't know what came over me, I suppose it was my aroused state from having pussy on the brain, but what I did next surprised even me! "Spanking the monkey," I laughed. "I've always thought that one was so dumb." Then I did it. I lifted the apron, exposing my semi-rigid cock, and began to lightly spank the top of it as I said, "Bad monkey! Bad, bad monkey!"

I was laughing.
Mark was not.

Mark didn't look uncomfortable or disgusted, rather he was looking on with what appeared to be interest, desire or curiosity. His own dick had begun to lengthen under his apron.

Again, blame it on my extreme horniness in that moment but I again did something so bold, so, at the time, unlike me. I wrapped my fist around my cock, looked at Mark and asked another guy to beat off with me.

Mark looked freaked out at the situation, at was happening all of a sudden. His mouth was agape. He didn't move. He said nothing in reply to my question. But his cock was growing even more beneath his apron. Rapidly!

I took that as my cue and began to fist my cock. It reacted right away and became rock hard almost immediately. "Oh fuck," I groaned. "C'mon man. Grab your dick. Get off."

Mark finally spoke. "Oh, man." He looked really worried. "We can't do this..."

"Sure we can."

"What if someone walks in? We won't make it into the frat if they catch us doing something like this!"

"No problem," I said as I grabbed a chair, sauntered over to the door and wedged it under the door knob.

"And, if Jeff (the brother whose room it was) or any other brothers try to come in and can't get in, what then?"

"We pretend like it is stuck and take our time trying to 'unstick' it while our hard-ons go down. Trust me, if one of the brothers is at the door wanting in our boners will deflate pretty fast."

"I don't know… if the others found out…"

"They won't. I mean in all the time you've spent worrying about it, you could have been half done by now. We both could have. And no one has even come near this room in all this time either. C'mon, just do this with me," I finished and then undid my apron, tossed it to the floor and then I wrapped my fist back around my cock. "Well I'm doing it with or without you. I gotta empty my nuts, sorry," I said and began stroking my cock.

Only about a minute had gone by before I saw Mark's hand move from his side to touch his leg, and then slowly inch closer to his crotch until it was underneath his apron, and a few seconds later he was slowly playing with his cock.

"Don't be shy, man. Take it out. You don't want to get cum on that apron and have to explain it to the brothers," I laughed.

Mark shifted nervously a bit and then undid the apron and shucked it to the floor. My cock got harder at that. I didn't know why. I also had this urge to stroke another guy's dick and have mine stroked. I didn't know why on that one either. But at that point, just a horned up nineteen year old, I didn't stop to analyze the strange desires that had fallen upon me. Instead I went after what my brain, or dick, (same thing sometimes) was telling me it wanted. "Hey Mark, you know how we both said we've never had pussy or a blowjob before?"

Mark nodded.

"So, like, is your hand the only thing that has ever touched your dick, or have you at least had a hand job before?"

"Just my own hand… you?"


"You, uh… you want to help each other out?" I asked quietly, nervously.

"What? You mean… jack each other off?" His response came across with a mixture of both shock and curiosity.

He needed a push and I was going to do whatever I could to shove him in the direction I wanted him to go.

"Well yeah. I mean think a
bout it, we're both jackin' off together anyway, neither of us has had anything 'cept our own hands on our dicks, and if we don't get into the frat for some reason who knows how long it will be before we ever see a pussy or get a blowjob, or even get our very first basic fuckin' hand job. C'mon man, no will know."

"I'm sure it would feel good, but I don't know." He paused then continued, "If I do this, you won't tell anyone, ever?"

"This'll be one ritual for you and me alone. Nobody else gets to know. Our secret. I promise."

He smiled at that a little. Then my hand left my cock to rub the side of his hip and he moved his body away from my touch.

"Relax man," I said.

"I know I said I would, but we're pledging a fraternity to be brothers. We can't do this."

"Why? This has nothing to do with us getting in or not, and frat rules say brothers help each other out, right? And we both want this. Well, don't we?"

Mark didn't answer my last question. He just stood there pondering what he wanted to do, and what I knew he wanted to do won out as he turned to face me.

I brought my eyes up from my own cock. His expression told me to go ahead, so I reached and touched between his legs. My fingers went around the full width of his shaft and tightened. His prick grew, throbbing as I held it.

I held his meat still and gently rubbed the palm of my other hand against the head of his cock a few times, polishing it. Then I began stroking his cock, doing it slow and regular, pushing his sensitive cockhead back and forth against my palm in a taunting rhythm. Mark moaned his pleasure and glistening pre-cum oozed from his tip.

My own dick was tingling, testing the strength of my self-control, and I wasn't even touching it. "I wanna know what it feels like to have someone else do it, too. Stroke mine," I whispered.

Mark's hand slowly, nervously moved from his side towards my crotch. When his hand was above my hard dick he let his fingertips graze it, pulled them back briefly, and then went for it and wrapped his fist around it, started stroking it, slowly, gentle like.

"Do it faster, squeeze it harder," I groaned.

Mark did as I asked and was soon jacking me like I was jacking him. I never imagined someone else's hand stroking it would, or could, feel totally different than stroking it myself. But it did, and it felt so good!

While we were moaning and groaning as we jerked each other off, I started to wonder what it would feel like to jack our hard cocks together. I suggested it, and Mark, completely lost in his own horniness and sense of need I guess, agreed without any hesitation.

He took his prick in his fist. I clasped mine at the base. Together we directed our poles in a long and lusty session of mutual teasing. We rubbed together lengthwise, sawing slowly back and forth. We took turns, one holding steady while the other pistoned his hips, dragging his hard meat over, across, and against his frat brother's swollen, aching cock.

We both were panting, sweating like pigs and grinning like idiots. My heart was pounding, my balls felt tight and ready. I moaned, and then I snorted like a horny bull. Our moist tips were touching, so I stopped my slow pistoning and snapped my free hand around us both. Holding our dickheads together in fleshy communion, I began to spurt my juice.

It felt wild and I shook with the release.

And Mark groaned out. He tried to jerk free and failed. His eyes rolled back and his cock started pumping out his sticky jism. It flew against my stomach, landed between my parted fingers, and then oozed and dribbled down us both.

It was messy and both our tips felt sore from the frantic, iron-hard grip I'd had on them. But it really made us feel closer, not to mention how it got us off.

As we started to wipe our dripping cocks with tissues, I joked that maybe the fraternity would be a lot more interesting if all the guys were into this kind of brotherly fellowship.

Mark laughed, asked if I'd be willing to propose the idea.

I chuckled, shook my head.

"Me neither," he told me, grinning. "Oh, well. Their loss, right?"

"Definitely," I concluded. Then we began to hustle to clean up the room since we were now behind on our pledge duties.

Mark and I both got into the fraternity, and we both lost our virginity a few months later - with girls - but that didn't stop us from jerking each other off whenever we got horny… which was all the time!
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