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Monday, March 10, 2014

All Male Fiction: Bomb Threat

By: Tommyhawk1
I was standing by Tom when the store's phone rang just after closing. He gave a sigh, looked at me, and said, "Guess I'd better take that." One of the problems of being the store manager was in having to go above and beyond the call of duty... and of the time clock.

He took the steps into the little cubby which was the store customer service area. As he did, I watched the butt in those tight pants he had on. God, what a gorgeous ass this guy had on him! I wanted to peel him out of those pants like peeling a grape, drop down and dive into those buns with my face, probing into his deep little crevice with my tongue!

The best way to describe Tom would be "delicious." An odd adjective when applied to a person, maybe, but he has this thin-stranded shock of black hair on his head, a square face, more cute than handsome, and a body that wasn't over-muscled but nicely defined. Sort of a marvelous compact package of masculinity you wanted to just eat up. Like I said, delicious!

"Carver's Grocers," Tom answered the phone.

"Hey don't block the time clock!" Gregg said to me.

"Sorry!" I said, stepping to one side. Gregg was a big black dude. He'd never tried to intimidate me per se, but he was pretty intimidating just the same without threats. When you're big, strong, muscled and tough-looking like Gregg, you intimidate with a single look!

"Got to get out of here. Got a pretty young thing waiting for me to come rock her world," Gregg bragged as he punched his time card.

"You always have a cute young thing waiting for you," Marvin said right behind him.

"More than you'll ever get," Gregg agreed. "What are your plans for the night?"

"Given it's now ten o'clock at night, I'm ready for bed. Some of us have to work for a living." Marvin punched his own time card.

Marvin was an eighteen-year-old fresh-faced, blond-haired, sturdy hunk, who was going to be starting college next week. Where Tom was "delicious," Marvin was more like "Yummy!"

Gregg ran the checkout while Marvin was the bagger. Me, I was the stock boy, and Marvin and Tom helped me out from time to time. That was how our little small-town store held together. We stayed open until ten, but customers were thin after about eight o'clock.

"I'm out of here," Gregg declared.

"Wait!" Tom said to him and us.

"Wait for what?" Gregg asked, sounding disgusted at the delay.

Tom was still on the phone. "Yes, there's only the four of us in the store," he said, which was followed by a slight pause and then he said, "I've already locked the front door."

"What is this?" Marvin asked, beating me to the punch by a half-second.

"I've already locked the safe; it won't open again until eight o'clock tomorrow morning. I've got what's in the register, maybe a hundred dollars."

"Tom?" I said questioningly.

Tom looked at us and the look in those eyes was haunted. "What do you want us to do now?" he asked. "No, I haven't called the police… Okay, I won't let anyone leave. Can I tell them why?"

Tom apparently got the go-ahead from the phone, for he looked at us and said, "Caller on the phone says he's got a bomb in the store… And he's watching us all right now... We make one move he doesn't want and he'll trigger the bomb," with pauses in his sentences, as the caller was telling him what to say.

"Shit!" Gregg exclaimed, but it was more like a prayer than a curse.

"Oh, man, oh, man!" Marvin moaned.

"Tom?" I said again. "Are you sure he's watching us?"
I looked around. A desk calendar was on Tom's desk, and I picked it up. "Ask him what I'm holding in my hand," I said. "If he can't tell us, he's bluffing. And if he's bluffing about seeing us, he's probably bluffing about the bomb, too."

Tom thought about it, then nodded. "Prove you're watching us. What does Felix have in his hand right now?" he said to the caller.

I held it up high enough to be seen from outside, or any camera.

That haunted look returned as Tom said, "He's watching us," and nodded to me soberly.

"Shit!" Gregg said again.

"Oh, man, oh man, oh man, oh man!" Marvin groaned.

"Look, let the others go," Tom offered. "I'll stay here and unlock the safe for you in the morning and hand over the entire amount, nearly a thousand dollars."

I looked at Tom with new eyes. He was ready to play hostage to save us! It didn't work, but I loved him more for it anyway.

"Okay, what do you want from us, then?" Tom went on, desperately. "We don't have a lot of money. This is a small town and we make deposits every afternoon. A thousand is all we have, plus what's in the register."

He listened to the man on the phone in silence for some time. "I can't do that!" he said, scandalized. Pause. "Come on, we're not like that. These are my employees and my friends. You can't ask me to..."

Another long silence. "Is that all you want of us? Not the money? Just that?"

"Just what?" Gregg demanded.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man!" Marvin went on. I would have been annoyed with Marvin if I hadn't been so damned scared myself. If he needed to say "Oh, man!" over and over in lieu of screaming, I could deal with it.

"What does he want?" I asked.

"Guys," Tom said to us, and paused, gulped hard, and then continued, "He wants us to put on a show for him."

"What kind of show?" Gregg asked.

"He wants us to... to… do it... with each other."

"Do what?" Marvin asked. 
Gregg got it first. "He wants us to screw each other?"

Tom nodded. "Yeah, that's about it. Only he gets to pick who does what, and with whom."

"I'm not doing that!" Gregg proclaimed.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man!"

"Will you cut that shit out!" Gregg snarled.

"What all is he expecting us to do?" I asked.

Tom relayed the question into the phone, and then listened, his eyes growing wider. "Felix, he wants us all to… fuck you."

"Me?" I yelped.

Tom nodded. "That's what he wants. Claims it's what you've been wanting all along. That he's noticed you watching us."

"No way!" I said to that. It was true, but no way was I admitting that! "The guy's delusional."

"Maybe," Tom said. "But he's the guy who's got a bomb in the store."

"Are you sure he has a bomb?" Gregg asked.

"I'm not sure of anything," Tom admitted. "I don't see any good way to find out, though, do you?"

Gregg considered this. "All we got to do is fuck Felix?"

"Hey!" I said, looking at him, at Marvin. Gregg was working up to doing it! Marvin was less certain of anything, but I got the feeling he'd do whatever it took to stay alive.

I looked over to Tom. He was the store manager, and in this little lifeboat of ours he was the captain. Like Gregg, he was working up to doing it, but overlaying that was a feeling that he didn't want to force me, he wanted me to volunteer.

Volunteer to be fucked by three guys in a grocery store after hours while some pervert watched us? And made suggestions on what to do next?

I couldn't do that!

Could I?

Tom cleared his throat. "Felix…" he began.

"Don't say it," I said. "I know what you're about to ask and I'm thinking, okay? This is my ass we're talking about here. Literally."

"But you are thinking about it?" Gregg put in.

"Just thinking."

Felix, all I can say is that I'll be as gentle as he'll let me be," Tom went on. "We all will."

"Yeah, yeah, sure!" Marvin chipped in. He stuttered, "I-I haven't done it before, but I'll try to be gentle."

Those promises were like the flowers and candy a girl gets from her boyfriend at the start of a date. He plans to make it with her, and she knows that, but the gifts tell her he's not going to treat her like a common whore.

I looked at Gregg. "What about you?" I said. I couldn't help but look down at his basket; I'd seen it enough to feel it held more than your average piece of man-meat.

"Yeah, I'll push it in easy, if that's what you want," Gregg offered. "But like the guy said, I've seen you looking. Maybe you don't want it that easy."

"Gregg!" Tom said a bit sharply. "Felix's, uh, life choices are his own, and there's a big difference between choosing to have sex with someone and being forced into being gang-banged by the three guys you work with. It has to be Felix's choice. We can't force him to do it."

"Fuck that!" Gregg said. "I wouldn't want to fuck an old woman, but if it was a choice between doing that or dying, I'd fuckin' do it! It's all of our lives at stake here, not just Felix's!"

"Gregg!" Tom said.

"No, he's right," I said. "We don't really have any other choice," and with that my decision was made. "We gotta do this, so let's just do it. I can find another job somewhere else after, I guess."

"You'll always be welcome here," Tom said.

"Just ask him what he wants me to do first," I said helplessly.

"All right, you want your show, you got it," Tom said into the phone. "What do you want us to do first?"

I started unbuttoning my shirt and Tom said, "Stop, Felix."


He wants to tell you everything to do… That includes taking off your clothes." Tom paused between those two sentences, relaying them from the mad bomber on the phone.

"Sorry," I said and stopped. "I'm new at being a maniac's sex toy."

Tom was too busy listening to the phone to answer that. "He wants you to..." Tom paused and gulped, "He wants you to start with me! Kneel down at my feet, but slightly to one side," Tom relayed.

I obeyed and got down on my knees slightly off center in front of Tom.

"Now..." Again that gulp, "Now reach up and undo my pants for me. Don't take them down, just open them up. Slowly."

I complied. Tom wasn't wearing a belt, and once I undid the button they sort of sprang apart and I had easy access to the zipper below. I unzipped him, slowly, in part because Tom was now sporting an undeniable hard-on.

I looked up at Tom, who was blushing. Gregg and Marvin were frankly staring at us. "I'm sorry," Tom said of his boner.

"Don't be," I said. "It's common when a man is being forced into sex. Women do the same thing; their pussies moisten up on them. It's a physical response, no more. The body doesn't give consent, only the mind."
I was quoting a television show episode on the subject of male rape here.

"Does that mean I can... do it?" Tom asked.

"You can," I agreed. "And it still doesn't count as consent. Go ahead, just let your body respond." I looked to Gregg and Marvin. "All of you. I understand."

Tom still had the phone to his ear.

"Now pull my pants down, just to mid-thigh."

I did so, and now only a pair of briefs, tented in front, kept him modest.

"Now he says he wants you to play with it inside… What?" Tom said into the phone. "Oh… uh, he says he wants you to play with my cock inside my briefs," Tom finished, making it apparent the bomber didn't like that he said "it" and wanted to force Tom to say cock.

I reached up and began to pull and tug at the tool inside his Hanes. I didn't need the mad bomber to tell me how to handle a man's cock inside his briefs. I'd dreamed of doing this to Tom!

"Now he says he wants you to gnaw at it," Tom instructed.

I didn't hesitate. I dove in and mouthed and pinched that stiff rod with my teeth, not hard, but enough to let him feel it.

"Uh, uh, uh!" Tom gasped. "Now... now take it out he says... through the piss-hole in the briefs, not over the top."

I did as instructed, and now had it aimed right at me.

"Now suck it," Tom relayed. "Slowly, and don't block his view."

From my angle I figured the camera to be somewhere over behind Gregg and Marvin. Or maybe up above them, because where they were, you couldn't see anything between them. I couldn't see a camera up there, only the grid of lights and that foam-like ceiling stuff, but that didn't mean it wasn't up there.

I looked back at Tom's cock. God, what a beautiful piece of meat he had, and when I saw it my desire won out over my embarrassment and I plunged onto it, capturing most of its length and winning a groan from Tom, and with it trapped in my mouth, I exuded my saliva onto it, greasing it up, then I pulled back, coating it and then plunged it all the way in.

"Oh, oh, oh, God!" Tom gasped. "Huh, huh, huh! Oh, oh, man!" Tom panted heavily as I milked at his cock.

"Getting into it?" Gregg smirked at the scene.

I guess the bomber heard us, as well as saw us, for Tom was suddenly listening to the voice on the phone, receiving more instructions.

"Gregg? Marvin?"

"Yeah?" Gregg asked.

"You two have to take out your cocks and start playing with them. Ready to take your turn when he's finished with me."

"I thought we were going to fuck him?" Gregg said but he was quick enough to work on his blue jeans. Marvin was still frozen in place.

Gregg saw that. "Come on, Marv, you got to do this, too."

Marvin reached slowly for his pants and I saw the reason he was being cautious. He had a boner, too.

Gregg saw this as well. "Come on, Marv, show me that little weenie you got on you."

"I don't have a little weenie!" Marvin shot back.

"So whip it out and prove it," Gregg said.

"Yeah whip it out," Tom added. He put his hand on my head and I looked up and he shrugged an apology. I let him grab my head, then the other hand came in and he began to hunch at me. Only his head tilted to one side kept him in touch with the bomber on the phone.

Tom was moaning pretty hard now. "Oh, oh, God, Felix, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
And he suddenly let go of my head, pulled his cock out of my mouth and, panting hard, listened to the voice on the phone.

"He says it's time for you to bend over the desk," Tom said to me. "He says it's time for us to all fuck you in your ass now."

I wanted it but had to play along like we were all being forced, so I hesitantly put my hands to my pants. I had a belt to undo and buttons below that on my black chinos, but soon enough I had my pants and shorts down to my ankles. I stood, acting embarrassed, and Tom grabbed my arm, apologized and pushed me in front of the desk, shoving papers and the body of the telephone aside, and then bending me over it.

The desk was dead up against the wall behind the customer service cubby, and we were all on one side of this desk, the side with the time-card punch and the telephone. I gripped the free side of the desk with my hand and waited to be 'assaulted.'

"Gregg, get around and feed that cock of yours to Felix," Tom instructed as he was being fed instructions. I could only grunt in surprise at that. I wasn't going to just be fucked, I had to give all three the full-service treatment.

Gregg stepped up beside me, holding his cock in front of my face, and his dick was as big as I'd feared it would be. "He says suck it now," Tom instructed.

With a huge bulbous purple head shaped more like a plum than a mushroom, and below that a heavy grayish-brown shaft, a distinct shade different from the rest of his deep brown body, I knew where I'd taken Tom's cock into my mouth pretty easily, with this one I'd be lucky to handle much more than the head and a bit of the shaft!

I opened my mouth and Gregg slid his cock over my tongue and I clamped my mouth down on his shaft.

Marvin was standing there, an eighteen-year-old stud with all his hormones in overdrive, watching me grunt as that huge black cock slid deep into my mouth while Tom began to, as gentle as he had promised, insert his cock into my ass.

"Oh, man, oh, man!" Marvin grunted. "I can't believe we're doing this." His hand was pumping his dick with a fury that didn't speak well of his staying power.

"You ain't doing nothing yet," Gregg pointed out, "Except beating your meat."

"Marvin's turn to get sucked now," Tom relayed from the bomber, "and he says to hurry and switch places before the little prick squirts without it."

Marvin moaned as he heard that and when Gregg reluctantly pulled his monster dick out of my mouth, Marvin nearly sprinted over to supply me with his own. Marvin had a nice cock on him, nothing to be ashamed of. The bomber was right; this horny teenaged boy was ready to blow.

The grunting adolescent got into position, I slurped down his weeping prick, and the moisture and warmth of my mouth was all his oversexed body needed. I had no more than taken him comfortably inside my mouth when he groaned, and a hot heavy load of salty teen jizz burst into my mouth. Too much. I gulped down what I could, but Marvin was spraying it too hard and fast and it bubbled out of my mouth and dripped off my chin and Marvin pumped in still more and I gulped again, desperately, and still more dribbled away, lost to me.

In all of this, Tom's cock managed to get totally inside my ass, and he was now moving slowly as he fucked my butt, rocking me as I felt the hot squibs of Marvin's spunk drip onto the grocery store's papers beneath me.

"Now I get to do it some more," Gregg declared. "Come on, open that cum-loaded mouth of yours, I want to feel it on my prick while I let you lube me up for my turn on your ass."

Tom was rocking me in a slow, blissful fashion. I could feel his gentleness. "Uh-uh," he said when Gregg finished speaking it.

"Why not?" Gregg wanted to know.

"Marvin greases you up instead," Tom said. "He says it's a penalty for Marvin for shooting his load so fast, and in Felix's mouth instead of his ass."

"What? Uh-uh!" Marvin exclaimed.

"If you aren't sucking in five seconds he's going to trigger the bomb," Tom explained, "Four, three, two..."

Marvin began diving at four, and at two he was on his knees in front of Gregg and had stuffed that huge plum-headed monster into his hot teen mouth.

"Yeah, come on, bag boy, package my groceries," Gregg chided him.

Marvin was showing zero ability, but his fear and his youth both worked for him. A few grumbled instructions from Gregg soon had him sucking Gregg's cock in a way he seemed to be enjoying, and Gregg also seemed to really be getting into this forced scene now.

"Come on, boss man, fuck that hungry ass," Gregg moaned, "Shoot your load in and then give me room. I want to feel your hot spunk in there when I plunge into him. Come on, bag boy, get me nice and hot and wet so I can fuck stock boy's ass!"

"Oh, God, oh, God!" Tom moaned. He leaned over and whispered to me, "I'm about to cum, Felix. What can I do?"

"You gotta do what you gotta do," I whispered back. "We all do, in order to survive, right?"

Tom began to fuck me harder and then said, "You want me to say what?" There was a pause as whatever the instructions had been were repeated and then Tom apologized to me again, telling me he was being forced to say what he was about to say, grunted, and said, "Yeah, time for me to cum in your ass so Gregg can use your sloppy hole. Get ready, stock boy, I'm going to make you drip cum for a week out your ass!" and then he began to groan loudly, "Ah, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, GUH, GUH, GUH, HUNNN-HUNNN-HUNNN-HUNNN!"

"Yeah, come on, shoot it! Shoot it hard!" Gregg chipped in. "Nice and hard, boss man. Fuck that little stock boy's ass, hard!"


And then Tom was pumping his load into my ass, so hot, so hard, so full. Oh, God, I was being loaded up with Tom's hot jizz! I moaned and my own load splattered the desk seconds later.

"Yeah, you made stock boy cum! Ha-ha, you made him cum from fucking him up the butt! Hell, yeah, ha-ha-ha… ah, AH, AH, AH SHIT, I'M GOING TO CUM!"

Marvin grunted in alarm, but Gregg's hands fell to Marvin's head and gripped it tight, holding him on his cock, and then threw his head back and, with teeth bared, he roared through them his joy of climax, forcing Marvin to take every bit of Gregg's heavy, salty load down his teenaged throat. The eighteen-year-old stud grunted and struggled, but he was held in place and Gregg didn't let go until the last pearl of hot jizz was safely pumped down Marvin's throat.

"Ah, ah, ah shit!" Gregg moaned. "Got too damned hot, I messed up."

"Dial tone," Tom said and hung up the phone. "I guess he's done with us."

"We should call the police," I mused as I started to get dressed, as did the others. "Though I'm not sure what they can do."

"No! No police!" Marvin moaned. "I couldn't take it, I just couldn't!"

"Take it easy," Tom said calmly.

Suddenly Marvin wrenched his head to look at Gregg. "You rotten bastard! You shot your jizz down my throat!" he yelled at Gregg. "Fuckin' hell, I swallowed your cum!"

"Easy, guy, easy," Gregg said. "We all had to get through it. Your taking my load meant that Felix didn't have to have my prick, or yours, shoved up his butt."

"You won't tell anybody?" Marvin begged Gregg.

"Not a soul on earth," Gregg promised.

"It'll be our secret," Tom added. "Gregg, why don't you drive Marvin home?"

Gregg nodded and the two hurriedly moved across the store and out the door.

Alone now, Tom said, "Felix, I don't know what to say about all this."

"I do," I said. "A few things about this don't add up."

"Yeah, no bomb," Tom agreed. "It was all a hoax. And God, what we did and it was just a hoax!"

"I wasn't thinking about the bomb," I said. "I was thinking about the camera and the telephone call."

"What do you mean?"

"Cameras can be small, but there is no way a camera was watching us," I said. "When I looked to see where the guy was saying to keep clear to let him see, nothing was there. Just Marvin and Gregg. So if there was no camera in that direction, why pose me that way?"

"I don't get where you're going with this?"

"It was a lousy angle for a camera," I said. "But a great angle to give Marvin and Gregg a full view."

"So what are you saying, it was Gregg's idea?" Tom asked.

I smiled at that bit of misdirection. "I think Gregg has been talking a bit too much about his 'cute things' to keep his real desires a secret. And Marvin's virginity has a pretty obvious source, too."

"So you knew they were both gay?" Tom asked.

"Not until tonight," I replied.

"So they set it up together and had a friend ca..."

"No friend," I said. "If there was no camera, how could they know what I held in my hand…" I put my hand on Tom's arm. "...unless the caller was right in this room with us."

"What are you saying? Who was the bomber?"

"Your cell phone has a speed dial button set for this store, doesn't it? And you're the only one of us allowed to carry a cell phone on the job." I said, "Which would make it easy enough to make the phone ring and pretend to issue instructions."

Tom had the good grace to flush. "All right, guilty as charged."

"Why? Why did you do it?"

"Well, I live in a small town where it's hard enough to find another gay guy, and here I was working with three guys who I knew were all gay, who didn't know the others were gay, and none knew I was gay, and couldn't figure out how to get any of you to admit it to the rest of us. In retrospect, it was a pretty stupid thing to do, and you must be pretty pissed. So now that you know, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to go home with you and show you why you don't have to call in your own bomb threats to get a chance to explode all over me," I said smiling.

Tom looked at me and a slow smile crept over his face. "I think the timer just started on another one."

"Just think of me as the bomb squad, ready to go into action whenever and wherever the need arises," I said as I followed him out the door.
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