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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All Male Fiction: Private Lessons (Part 2)

By: Ryan Michaels
The next day, Ryan felt kind of embarrassed around Mr. Johnson, knowing he had seen his boner. But, he was happy in knowing that at least he wouldn’t be stuck showering with him again. Mr. Johnson kept careful track of the rotation, always making sure that those who showered first the previous day didn’t get to shower first two days in a row. The same held true for those who had had to shower last.
When the physical activities of gym class came to an end, and the students had all returned to the locker room to take their showers, Ryan sat and awaited his name to be called. He couldn’t believe his ears when Mr. Johnson got around to calling out the third group and his name wasn’t called. He had to have remembered that Ryan showered last the day before. How could he possibly forget that after what happened! But there was nothing Ryan could do about it. And at least the guy who had been absent the day before was back in class, so the rotation numbers were back to normal, and that meant that Ryan wouldn’t have to shower with his teacher alone this time. With his embarrassment of the day before, and with another student being there, Ryan was quite confident he would not get another hard-on in the showers.
As Ryan sat around waiting for the final group of six to finish their showers, Mr. Johnson walked over and informed him that he was to come with him to help take the volleyball net down. Reluctantly, Ryan got up and followed. He avoided eye contact with his teacher as they took the net down. Thankfully Mr. Johnson didn’t speak at all, except when they had it down and he told Ryan to take it to the storage room, and then return to the locker room to take his shower.
When Ryan returned to the locker room, he stopped abruptly when he saw the other student that was in his shower rotation getting dressed. His hair was wet, making it obvious he had already showered and wasn’t just taking advantage of Mr. Johnson’s absence by trying to skip out without taking one. That meant that like the day before, Ryan would be showering with just his teacher, the two of them, alone and naked together in the tight confines of the showers again.
Taking a shower was unavoidable. Ryan knew that after trying to dodge taking one the day before. So, after removing his shoes and socks, he took off his t-shirt, removed his shorts, wrapped his towel around his waist, slipped off his underwear, and quickly walked towards the showers.

As he was approaching the showers, Ryan contemplated taking the showerhead at the end this time, figuring it would afford him more privacy with the end wall available to turn towards. Not that he was going to get a boner again this time. He knew he wouldn’t, he knew he couldn’t. But Ryan quickly decided against the idea when he realized that, even without a boner, he’d have to squeeze his naked body right behind Mr. Johnson’s to exit the showers. Of course, that was if Mr. Johnson even took a shower while Ryan was in there. He didn’t always take a shower with the students, and Ryan hadn’t seen him come back to the locker room yet, either. So, the chances of getting to shower by himself were looking good, as long as he was quick, which he always tried to be.

Breathing a sigh of relief at this thought, Ryan stepped into the showers and moved to the first showerhead. Just as his hand grasped the faucet, Mr. Johnson walked into the showers. “Thanks for helping me with the net,” he said, his hand landing on Ryan’s shoulder as he maneuvered past him.
Ryan’s body became stiff for a moment, but not from Mr. Johnson’s hand touching him this time. Ryan was pretty sure he had felt the head of his teacher’s dick lightly brush against his ass! “N-no problem, Mr. Johnson,” he said.
“I could have managed it myself, but I figured it would be best if you showered after all of your classmates were gone.”
“Best?” Ryan queried, looking at him, again without really meaning to, and he again found his eyes glancing down at that big dick between his teacher’s legs. Ryan felt his penis tingle a bit and quickly averted his eyes to the tiled wall in front of him, silently willing it to stay down. And it did this time, thank god!
“Yes,” he said. “After what occurred yesterday, I figured out why you always seem so reluctant to take a shower. You don’t want the other boys to see your erection.”
Ryan felt his face burning with embarrassment.
“And I completely understand your predicament,” he went on. “I know how boys can be when that happens, because it happened to me when I was your age. I used to get spontaneous erections quite a lot, and the boys in my gym class teased me about it relentlessly, called me queer and things like that. I didn’t want that to happen to you. That’s why I had you shower last again today, and why I had you help me with the net, so that your classmate would be done showering by the time you returned to take yours.”
Ryan didn’t quite know what to say, and then Mr. Johnson spoke again after a brief silence. “As I said, it’s best that your classmates aren’t around to see that.”
That? Ryan repeated in his head, and then he looked down and saw that his dick was rising. He tried to turn to hide it from Mr. Johnson.
“Ryan, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It happens to everyone, even guy’s my age.”
“It-it does?” Ryan said looking in Mr. Johnson’s direction, his eyes again drifting downwards to look at his large cock.
“Yup. It’s just your body’s way of telling you that it needs something… in this case, a release.” Mr. Johnson could see that Ryan didn’t understand what he meant by release. “Having a release means to cum.”
Ryan felt his cheeks blushing at hearing Mr. Johnson say the word ‘cum’, and couldn’t believe his teacher was talking about such things, and so casually, too, like it was no big deal.
“I’m sure you masturbate, Ryan,” Mr. Johnson went on, and then he chuckled and continued, “I’m sure you masturbate a lot at your age, I sure did.”
Ryan did masturbate, a lot, but he knew that a guy never admitted to another guy that he masturbated, and if he ever did for some reason, certainly not that he did it numerous times every single day. Ryan certainly didn’t want his teacher thinking that he did it. “I-I I don’t do that,” Ryan stuttered. “Only guys that can’t get laid do that.”
Mr. Johnson laughed. “Uh-huh, I’m sure that’s what all your buddies say, but they are the ones who probably do it the most. I can assure you, Ryan, I enjoy the company of others quite regularly and I still masturbate.”
“You do?” Ryan asked with surprise.
Mr. Johnson laughed. “Yes, of course, it’s not something you outgrow when you stop being a teenager or start having sex. In fact, some guys never outgrow the frequent amount of masturbation they did as teenagers, no matter how old they get.”
“They don’t?” Ryan had actually always thought that guys only masturbated until they got sex, then didn’t need to do it anymore. That was the reason why guys his age never admitted they did it. If they did, everyone would know they hadn’t ‘done it’ yet.
“Nope. I still do it two or three times a day. And, its ok Ryan, it’s natural and healthy. There was a brief pause and then Mr. Johnson spoke again. “So how often do you do it, Ryan?”
“Um, four or five times a day,” Ryan replied quietly while looking at the floor. He couldn’t believe he had answered the question or even what they were talking about… or that his dick was now rock hard.
“And you still get spontaneous erections, hmm,” Mr. Johnson replied looking right at his student’s hard-on. “Well, that’s a problem, at least if it happens around the other boys. Trust me, you don’t want to be teased about that, and you will be. It’s inevitable. I’d like to help you avoid that situation; however, I can’t put you in the last shower rotation every day, otherwise your classmates would wonder why. So you’ll need to learn to control them.”
“How?” Ryan asked curiously. He wasn’t concerned about it happening around the other boys. It never had before. But if there was a way to control it so it wouldn’t happen in front of his teacher, he wanted to know what it was.
“Just focus your thoughts on other things while you are in the shower with the other boys. If you keep your mind busy with generic thoughts you should be fine,” he said. “In the meantime here’s what I am going to do to give you some extra time to get it under control. I need someone to stay after class every day over the next week to help me organize the storage locker. At the end of tomorrow’s class I am going to ask for a volunteer. You make sure to raise your hand and I will pick you. That way you can shower after your classmates have all gone, without anyone questioning it, ok?” he finished as he turned off his shower.
Ryan nodded in agreement.
“Good,” Mr. Johnson said as he moved to leave, slapping the boy on the ass when he passed behind him.
Ryan’s body stiffened again, but at the same time his hard dick twitched. He still had no idea why.
As Mr. Johnson stood just outside the showers drying off, he said, “Now, if you want to stay in there and take care of matters, feel free. Just give me a holler when you are leaving so I know you are gone.” Then he threw his towel around his neck and started to walk away.
An unexplainable and confusing lust had Ryan turning his head, and once again he peered through the back of his teacher’s legs and watched in amazement as that pendulous cock of his swung back and forth. That strange feeling of lust was soon replaced by embarrassment – perhaps mortification is a better word – when Mr. Johnson looked back over his shoulder and saw Ryan looking. He just smiled and turned his head forward again and continued on his way.
Ryan still couldn’t believe the entire conversation that had transpired, especially that last part. He had no intention of beating his meat in the locker room showers that was for sure. He couldn’t do something like that there, especially after his teacher suggested it and Ryan would know Mr. Johnson would know he was doing it. Oh, he planned to do it, but not until he got back to the privacy of the dorm. But when Mr. Johnson stopped and bent over to pick up a wet towel that lay on the floor in his path, all reasoning went out the window, and Ryan grabbed his hard, throbbing dick without a second thought and started pumping it like mad. And he was ready to blow almost right away, which was unusual for him. Ryan was no two-second wonder, usually. He turned back towards the spray of the shower and with a couple of grunts, he shot his load. And he shot hard, harder than usual, so hard that his cum hit the tile wall behind the spray rather than hitting the floor.
As his dripping cock began to soften slightly, Ryan felt embarrassed, almost ashamed of his actions. Why had he gotten so aroused looking at his teacher’s dick? So aroused that he jacked off right in the school showers thinking about it? He was totally confused, but his thoughts quickly turned to his load that was splattered all over the tile wall. Ryan tried to bend the showerhead towards the wall to rinse it off, but it was corroded in place from years of use and wouldn’t budge. He tried filling his cupped hand with water and tossing it at the wall, but most of it had spilled or leaked through his fingers before it got there. With seemingly no way to rinse it off, he had no choice but to leave it there. Ryan took comfort in knowing that at least the tiles were white and had yellowed slightly from age, so his cum wasn’t very noticeable. Plus he knew it would run down the wall and eventually dry, too. Ryan stepped out of the showers confident that the janitor would hose down the showers later and be none the wiser.
After drying off and getting dressed, Ryan called out to Mr. Johnson that he was leaving, just like he had been told to do, and then he quickly got out of there.
Ryan was only a few paces down the hall when he realized that in his haste to leave, he had left his schoolbooks in his locker.
Slipping back into the locker room, Ryan was heading for his locker when he suddenly saw Mr. Johnson walk by, still completely naked. He was moving at a good pace, and hadn’t taken notice that Ryan was there. Ryan was glad of this. He just wanted to get his books and slip back out unnoticed. But despite this desire, another, stronger, unexplainable desire took over. He stood and watched, taking in the rear view of Mr. Johnson’s dangling cock until he disappeared into the showers. Ryan couldn’t understand why Mr. Johnson was going to take another shower when he had just taken one. The odd thing was, he hadn’t turned the shower on yet. Perhaps he was just checking to make sure no faucets had been left dripping. But why would he still be naked?
When it was obvious his teacher wasn’t coming right back out, nor was he showering, curiosity got the better of Ryan and he stealthily made his way over to the showers, taking up a spot against the wall next to the shower doorway. With the front of his body pressed to the wall, he moved his head to peer around the corner. What he saw had him fighting to keep from gasping out loud - Mr. Johnson was down on his hands and knees, licking Ryan’s load off the tile wall! And, he was fisting his rock hard cock at the same time! It was big when it was soft, but now it was massive, even longer, and fatter, too. Shocked, but also mesmerized by what he was witnessing, Ryan couldn’t tear his eyes away, and felt himself getting hard in his pants.
After watching Mr. Johnson pumping his big cock for a few moments, Ryan diverted his eyes upwards to watch as he lapped at the tile wall. As Mr. Johnson licked upward Ryan could see his white cum pooling on his teacher’s tongue, then he closed his mouth, and when he opened it to lick some more, the cum that had been on his tongue was gone.
Suddenly Mr. Johnson began to pump his cock faster. And as his tongue swiped over the last remaining drops of Ryan’s load, he groaned, then grunted, and that huge cock of his began to shoot streams of jizz all over the shower floor beneath him. It came out with such intense force that when it hit the floor, droplets splashed back up into the air.
Mr. Johnson continued to kneel on the cold tile floor panting for a few moments, and then he stood up. Fearful that he would be caught, panic set in, but Ryan thought quickly, darting over to a nearby locker. He quietly opened the door, got inside, and just as quietly closed the door. His eyes were level with the slats of the vent in the locker door, so he would easily be able to see when Mr. Johnson left the showers and know that the coast was clear.
Just moments later Ryan heard the water go on. At first he thought Mr. Johnson was probably just rinsing off, and that he would have time to get out of the locker and the locker room without being seen. But then he thought maybe his teacher was just rinsing his load down the drain, and cramped as the locker was, Ryan decided he’d better stay put until Mr. Johnson had exited the showers and left the immediate area.
When his teacher finally left the showers and was out of sight, Ryan quietly stepped out of the locker and then headed as quickly as possible for the exit.
“Ryan! Stop right there!”


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©2012 by Ryan Michaels


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