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Thursday, March 14, 2013

All Male Fiction: Private Lessons (Part 1)

By: Ryan Michaels

When Ryan was in eighth grade, he, like most of the other kids in his class, was excited about starting high school. There were two high schools where Ryan lived and most of the students could choose which one they wanted to attend. One kid, however, wasn’t given the option to choose where he would go. His parents decided for him and he had no say in the matter. Ryan felt sorry for him. All of his friends had chosen the other high school. Sure he’d make new friends, but at least Ryan and the rest of his classmates were going in already knowing people. He wouldn’t know anyone at his new school. Ryan couldn’t imagine what that would be like.
Then one day, during the summer before his senior year, Ryan’s dad came home from work and told him the good news – well, it was good news according to his dad, devastating news to Ryan! He informed his son that come September, he would be attending private school. Now, Ryan’s parents weren’t wealthy by any means, but it was quickly explained to him how this “good news” came about. His dad was a cable installer and while he was at a customer’s house on that particular day, he had to go around to the backyard at one point to feed a piece of cable through from the outside wall. When he got back there, he found a little girl floating in the pool. He dove in, pulled her out and performed CPR, saving the little girl’s life. The girl’s father ran the private school in question. His dad was a hero… and Ryan was going to private school free of charge as a result of his dad’s heroism.
While Ryan appreciated and was proud of what his dad had done, he didn’t want to go to a private school. Instead of coming right out and saying it, which he figured wouldn’t work, Ryan took another approach. He argued that it wasn’t fair for him to go there for free when everyone else’s parents had to pay for the privilege. That didn’t work. He furthered that argument by saying that all the rich kids at the private school would hate him because he wasn’t rich and was getting a free ride. That didn’t work either, as his father explained that as part of the arrangement no one at the school - students, teachers or other parents - were to know that Ryan was attending the school at no charge. Finally he went the route he had tried to avoid and came right out and said that he just plain didn’t want to go, expressing his desire to spend his senior year, and graduate, with all his friends. Yup, you guessed it, that didn’t work either. Finally he turned to pleading. Did it work? Not a chance! And come September Ryan found himself at private school, not knowing a soul, just like that kid in his grade eight class for whom he had felt sorry.
Despite his not wanting to be there, Ryan soon accepted the fact that he was there and nothing was going to change that fact. Ryan wasn’t a shy person and made new friends pretty quickly. He figured the fact that none of these rich kids knew that he wasn’t one of them also helped. As far as they knew, his parents had paid for him to be there, too. The one thing that sucked was that there were no girls there. That was something Ryan didn’t think he’d ever get used to.

What he hated even more than the fact that there were no girls at the school, was gym class. Well, not the class itself. He enjoyed physical activities and playing sports, and it sure beat sitting in an English or History class. What he hated was the locker room, more specifically, the communal showers. Even in the dorms he would shower when no one else was around. At the time, he just hated the idea of being naked in front of the other guys. It was just embarrassing to him. But, what Ryan hated even more was the idea of his gym teacher seeing him naked. And, that was a distinct possibility because Mr. Johnson would shower with the students sometimes! In today’s world he probably wouldn’t be allowed to do that, but back then things were a lot more innocent, and no one cared or gave it a second thought. But Ryan certainly did! If the other boys’ seeing him naked embarrassed him, the idea of his teacher seeing him naked was just too embarrassing to even think about! With gym class being his last class of the day, Ryan thought he would get away without showering, opting instead to shower ‘later’ in the dorm. No such luck. He quickly learned that showers were compulsory after gym class, last class of the day or not.

The building that housed the gym was old and had not been purpose built for the school, which resulted in the locker room space being pretty small. The communal showers only had six showerheads and very limited room, so all the boys had to take turns, showering in groups of six. There were only twenty students in Ryan’s class, including him, so that meant four groups. The one hour gym class would end after forty-five minutes to allow adequate time for everyone to quickly rinse off the sweat they’d worked up. Ryan breathed a sigh of relief when Mr. Johnson set up the rotation in alphabetical order by last name. Luckily his last name began with the letter M so he always got to shower in the second rotation. That was important to him because the numbers worked out so that the last group to shower consisted of only two boys, and Mr. Johnson would often take his shower with the last pair.

Then one day, to Ryan’s absolute horror, Mr. Johnson decided to change the routine and called out names at random. Apparently some of the boys whose last names began with a letter nearer to the end of the alphabet complained that it wasn’t fair that some guys always got to shower first while they always had to wait. So he decided to go this route instead to make things fair.

That worked out all well and fine until one day Ryan didn’t manage to get into the showers in one of the earlier rotations. In fact, his name was called as part of the last group. That meant that Ryan was going to have to shower with Mr. Johnson. His teacher was going to see him naked! Ryan knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but what made it even worse was the fact that one of the students was absent that day, which meant it would be just him and Mr. Johnson in the showers, alone together… naked!

As Ryan’s turn in the showers neared, he began to get undressed. Ryan never undressed until the last possible moment. But as he began to remove his gym clothes he decided that he just couldn’t do it and would simply skip taking a shower. With his mind made up, he started to get dressed again. Mr. Johnson saw Ryan redressing and approached him, insisting he shower because as he put it with a grin, “no one wants to spend time with someone who stinks.” There were a couple of the boys from the last shower rotation still there getting dressed, and they giggled at Mr. Johnson’s comment, and then they were gone a minute later. Mr. Johnson then made it clear that despite his remark, showering wasn’t merely a suggestion.

Feeling relieved that no one else was there, but dreading getting in the shower with his teacher, Ryan began getting undressed again. Before he slipped off his underwear, he grabbed his towel and quickly wrapped it around his waist, slipped his underwear off, and then reluctantly headed off for the communal showers.

As Ryan made his way, he passed Mr. Johnson, who was going around shutting locker doors that had been carelessly left open by some of the students. A bit of relief washed over him as he realized his teacher probably wasn’t planning to take a shower, or that Ryan could at least get in and out of the shower before he arrived to take his.

The six showerheads were all on one wall with about two feet between each. It was also long and narrow, so if you were under one showerhead, and someone walked behind you without paying close attention, they would brush against you given the tight space.

Ryan was at the first showerhead. He chose it because it was closest to the exit. Ryan had barely gotten himself wet before he started soaping himself up, trying to wash as fast as possible so that he could be done quickly in case Mr. Johnson showed up to shower, too. No such luck. Mr. Johnson entered the showers moments later. He put his hands on the boy’s shoulders as he passed by him to get to the next showerhead and said, “You played a good game today,” referencing the game of tag football played during class.
Being naked in such a confined space, with his naked teacher standing right behind him now, Ryan stiffened as he felt his hands, then said “thanks” as his teacher moved to the showerhead next to him. He glanced at Mr. Johnson as he spoke the words without even really meaning to, and, as he did, he saw that his teacher had a HUGE dick. It was hard to miss. It hung down so far! His glance turned into a full-on stare. And then it happened… Ryan started to get a boner!

Ryan didn’t know why he started to get a hard-on from looking at his teacher naked. He had never had that happen before when showering with the other boys. He certainly wasn’t queer, he knew that. It was beyond him why it was happening, and he tried to think of anything else in an attempt to keep his approaching hard-on at bay. All attempts failed.

Mr. Johnson was whistling and chit chatting away as he went about soaping himself up, all without looking in Ryan’s direction, seemingly unaware that his student had checked out his cock or that the boy had a woody as a result. Ryan was so nervous that his teacher would see his now raging hard-on. He tried to rinse without turning towards him, but it was impossible to hide it in the confined space… plus, Ryan couldn’t stop himself from taking further glancing looks at that big thing between his teacher’s legs. He didn’t know why he was so interested in it. He could only figure it had to be because he just couldn’t get over the size of it.

Mr. Johnson turned around to rinse and he saw Ryan’s boner. Ryan turned away and rinsed and then made a dash for his towel. Mr. Johnson rinsed off and stepped out beside the boy and began drying off, looking at Ryan standing there holding his towel over his crotch and said, “You know, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, Ryan. Boys your age always get spontaneous erections, and they can’t control when they happen. It’s normal, part of growing up.” He patted Ryan’s shoulder to reassure him, and then said, “Better get dressed and back to the dormitory. I’m sure you have something you need to do there.” He smiled and winked at Ryan as he said it and then placed his towel around his neck rather than around his waist and walked off to get dressed.

Ryan was mortified by the whole thing, especially by the last thing Mr. Johnson had said. Guys his age never admitted they masturbated, and here his teacher was thinking he was going to do just that. But at the same time, as his teacher walked away, from behind, Ryan could see his pendulous cock swinging between his legs, and he couldn’t help but stare. He felt his own still hard cock straining to get even harder, already feeling harder than it had ever felt before.

Ryan scampered to his locker, and as he got there he could see his teacher dressing nearby. He had arrived just in time to see Mr. Johnson shoving his huge cock into a pair of tighty-whities. At that moment something even more mortifying happened than the whole shower scene and the conversation afterwards – a drop of pre-cum oozed from Ryan’s dick and hit the floor! Ryan saw Mr. Johnson looking in his direction, and he was smiling.

With a red face, Ryan got dressed faster than he probably ever had before and raced back to the dorms to take care of his throbbing dick, just like Mr. Johnson knew he would. Ryan came thinking about his teacher’s big dick. He felt guilty about it afterwards. He was not looking forward to facing Mr. Johnson tomorrow in gym class.

©2012-2013 by Ryan Michaels

Private Lessons: Part 2 

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