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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All Male Fiction: The Adventures of Pete & Jeff (Part 1)

"Collecting Debts"

By: Pete
It was 1980. I was eighteen and I had my own business mowing lawns. I had been mowing lawns for three years and had a trailer loaded with my mowing equipment, which I pulled behind my big green GMC van. I'm naturally thin, and mowing lawns kept me really lean, and I also had an awesome tan from working all day with my shirt off.

It was August in Michigan and hotter than hell, the humidity making you sweat even after stepping out of a cold shower. It was a Friday, around 6 pm, and I was hitting up my customers that owed me money so I'd have some cash to party with that night.

My best friend Jeff was with me, and we were smoking a joint as I cruised from house to house collecting ten bucks for each lawn I had mowed that week. We weren't wearing shirts, only our short ripped jean shorts and tennis shoes, which is what everyone wore in 1980. My old van didn't have any air conditioning and, despite the way we were dressed, we were still sweating even though the windows were down.

I'd always had the hots for Jeff, but never wanted to make a move on him because I didn't want to fuck up our friendship. He didn't seem too interested in girls, and he never dated during high school. I thought this was a little strange because he was a pretty hot guy, and, even though he talked about girls, he never really did anything about it, so that gave me hope that maybe he was "like me."

We were pretty buzzed from the pot when I pulled up in front of the house of one of my customers. This guy was pretty nelly and I was sure he was a fag. He lived alone and had two poodles, shaved with those pompom balls around their chest and feet… how fucking gay is that? He never made a move on me, but sometimes I would catch him watching me from the kitchen window as I mowed his lawn, sweat running down my body, soaking my tight shorts, grass clippings sticking to my chest.

After ringing the bell, he answered the door with a glass of white wine in his hand.

"Hey Mr. Sharley, you owe me for two weeks. That'll be twenty dollars."

"Hey Pete, no problem. Come on in while I find my wallet."

"I have a friend with me waiting in the van."

"Why don't you invite him in, too? It's awfully hot out there. Perhaps a nice chilled glass of wine would help to cool you both off a bit."

"Ummm, sure, why not." Jeff and I never turned downed a drink, especially alcoholic!

I turned and headed back to the van as my cock started to swell up, wondering if this guy was going to try anything with us. He wasn't sexy or anything, but just the thought of something happening with Jeff and this fag got my eighteen year old dick moving around in my tight shorts.

I walked up to the van window and told Jeff the guy was offering us a cold glass of wine inside. "The only thing is," I said, "I think this guy is a fag, so I don't know if he has any ideas on us or not."

"Fuckin' A man. No problem. A glass of wine sounds great!" Jeff replied.

I was glad Jeff didn't make a disgusted face or anything when I mentioned the guy was a homo, and I was pleased he just hopped out of the van without making any fuss about my fag comment.

We got inside and Mr. Sharley, who was probably only thirty, motioned us into the kitchen. We sat down on the vinyl coated kitchen chairs as he went into the fridge and pulled out a big jug of cold Gallo white wine. The vinyl felt cool against my hairy thighs on the chair seat.

Jeff sat with his legs spread open, one arm draped over the back of the chair and his other hand resting on his naked thigh, near his crotch, as Mr. Sharley poured us some wine in regular drinking glasses. Being eighteen and just a couple of guys, we downed the drink in one swallow and put the glasses back on the table. The drink felt cool as it went down my throat and into my belly.

"You guys should sip that. It's wine you know, not Kool-Aid."

"Oh, we're used to drinking wine, and we're thirsty because it's so fuckin' hot!" Jeff said.

Mr. Sharley was almost standing between Jeff's splayed legs as he poured us another drink, adding a little extra to the glass this time, and I'm sure I caught him glance at Jeff's crotch. This made my already chubby cock start to swell even more.

After smoking the pot in the van, and then downing the first shot of wine on an empty stomach, I felt really nicely buzzed. The proximity of Jeff in the small kitchen, the two of us only in tight ripped jean shorts, made my blood start pumping faster. Mr. Sharley didn't have air conditioning and it was hotter than hell in the kitchen, and I swear I could feel the heat coming off both of their bodies. I could feel the sweat trickling from my hairy armpits down my sides, wetting my shorts.

Mr. Sharley sat down across from us at the table and tipped his glass to us, "Cheers! Happy weekend!"

We took a good gulp of the wine, but didn't down it entirely this time.

"You guys doing anything fun tonight?"

"Yeah Mr. Sharley…"

"Call me Mike."

"Yeah, ok, Mike, just hanging out, you know, drink some beer, smoke some pot, maybe go to a drive-in movie later."

"You guys got pot?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, sure, good stuff. Maui Wowie!"

"Wow, I haven't smoked pot since college, it's been awhile," Mike said, kind of nostalgically.

"I have a joint," Jeff said. "You want to smoke some now?" As he said that I saw Jeff kind of scratch his balls and give himself a little squeeze, his chair pulled far enough away from the table, giving Mike a good view of his crotch.

I saw Mike check out Jeff's bulge again and his eyes got a little wider, then he said, "That would be great!"

Jeff stood up and reached into his shorts pocket for the joint, his shorts too tight to reach into the pocket while sitting. The horny fag couldn't take his eyes off Jeff's bulge, and I could swear Jeff's bulge was starting to get bigger.

Jeff pulled out his lighter, and, still standing, lit the joint, took a big heavy drag and then passed it to Mike. Mike took a big drag off the joint, coughed just a little, and then handed it to me. I took a big drag and then passed it back to Jeff.

Jeff sat back down again and he opened his legs even further as he took a toke of the joint. Then, as he passed it off to Mike again, he put both hands on his thighs, making a nice V look that directed your eyes directly to his crotch.

We finished our drinks on the second gulp and Jeff motioned to Mike to get us more.

When we finished off the joint, Mike said, "Wow! That stuff is good. I'm already fucked up!"

"Yeah, this is great stuff," Jeff said. "And it makes you hornier than fuck!"

I almost choked on my wine. I couldn't believe Jeff had said that, especially after I told him this guy was probably a fag.

"Yeah, pot always did make me horny," Mike said, checking out Jeff's package again.

I looked over at Jeff, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him rub his bulge… not just like scratching his balls, but a real crotch grope and feel. Seeing this, as well as the look of cock lust in Mike's eyes, had my dick rock hard inside my tight shorts.

"You know, Mike," Jeff said, "My buddy Pete and I could use a few extra bucks for tonight, you know, so we can get a pizza or something at the drive-in."

I wasn't sure where Jeff was headed with this, but I thought my boner, which was hurting from the tightness of my jean shorts, was about to bust out as Jeff continued to nonchalantly rub his crotch.

Mike was staring directly at Jeff's bulge, and almost as if in a trance just uttered, "Uh-huh…"

"I can see you've been staring at my dick bulge since I got here," Jeff said, giving it another rub. "And if you want, maybe we can both whip out our dicks for you to see a little closer, say for… twenty bucks each?"

Mike laughed nervously and looked at me to check my expression. I didn't know if he was worried we were going to beat the shit out of him and rob him or what. However, my face was in total surprise at what Jeff had just said, my eyes as big as saucers, and maybe this put Mike at ease, because I was just as freaked out as he was at Jeff's offer.

Mike cleared his throat and took another sip of wine, I guess trying to stall and figure out how to respond. The air was electric with sexual tension, three guys all within arm's reach of each other, crammed into a hot, humid kitchen in a sweltering August. No one was saying a word. I could hear the clock ticking on the wall. It was one of those cat clocks with the eyes going back and forth and the tail swinging. I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. And then Mike finally spoke.

"Twenty dollars each is a lot of money, just to have a look."

"We got a lot of dick to look at," Jeff said, even though I had never seen his dick and he'd never seen mine.

"Maybe if I could do more than just look, it might be worth it," Mike said, licking his lips.

I couldn't believe my eyes, as Jeff undid the top button on his jean shorts and pulled the zipper down, opening the shorts to reveal his tightie whities. "You want to jack us off, too?"

"For twenty dollars each I'd want to do more than just jack you off," Mike said.

"You mean you wanna suck our dicks?" Jeff asked.
Without waiting for a response from Mike, Jeff turned to look at me and said, "Hey Petie boy, you up for having your dick sucked for twenty bucks? That'll give us enough for the drive-in, pizza and plenty of beer. Whaddya say bud?"

I looked over at Mike and he was the one nodding his head yes, so I just mimicked him and nodded as well. The thought of seeing Jeff's hard cock, and some guy actually sucking it, had my already hard, straining dick aching so much now, it was killing me.

Jeff stood up and pulled his shorts all the way down to his ankles, and then, straightening back up, he put his hands on his hips, revealing a really nice thick hard-on bulge in his tightie whities.

Mike almost fell over reaching to pull down Jeff's bulging underwear, when Jeff grabbed his wrists and said, "Not so fast cocksucker. Let's see the money first!"

Mike almost ran out of the kitchen to find his wallet.

Jeff looked over at me grinning like a Cheshire cat and whispered, "Dude, how's that? I just made us forty bucks, and all we have to do is let this guy blow us."

"But he's a fag," I replied, trying to hide my excitement in mock disgust.

"Dude, a blowjob is a blowjob, feels the same whether it's from a guy or a girl. And, besides, guys give better blowjobs than girls because guys know what feels good."

I just nodded in agreement, wondering how Jeff knew what it felt like to get a blowjob from a guy.

Mike came back into the room and thrust two twenty dollar bills at Jeff. "You still owe him twenty bucks for the lawn mowing," Jeff said as he snatched the two twenties out of Mike's hand.

"Fuck… yeah… right…," Mike muttered and rushed back out of the room to get more money.

Five seconds later he was back, the additional twenty in hand, only this time he just slapped the money on the table as he dropped to his knees in front of Jeff. Then he grabbed hold of Jeff's underwear on either side and yanked them down, and Jeff's hard cock sprung free.

My first time ever seeing Jeff's cock, soft or hard, I barely even had time to catch a glimpse of it before that horny cocksucker swallowed the whole thing right down to the pubes.

"Uuuuuffff," Jeff groaned as he felt himself being deep-throated.

Mike ground his head back and forth a few times as he held that cock in his throat, and then he started bobbing up and down on Jeff's dick, giving me my first real opportunity to get a good look at it. I could see that it wasn't as long as mine, but it was REALLY thick. My dick is only six and a half inches, but thicker than most guys, so it looks really nice, but Jeff's dick looked almost as thick as my wrist!

Mike pulled off Jeff's cock and started sucking his balls, and Jeff threw his head back and moaned. Then he motioned at me and said, "Come here Petie. Stand next to me, and let this cocksucker get his forty dollars' worth!"

I stood up and moved next to Jeff, and he reached over and undid my shorts, and then pulled them and my underwear down in one swift motion, my rock hard dick springing into the air.

"DAMN Petie," Jeff grinned, pointing, "Nice cock, man."

I was really flattered that Jeff even looked at my dick, let alone complimented me on it, so I just pointed at his and said, "That thing looks thick as a beer can!"

Jeff pulled me next to him and wrapped his arm around my naked waist, so I put my arm around his, too, feeling his heat next to me.

Mike glanced over and saw me next to Jeff. He shifted on his knees and then deep-throated me in one fast motion just like he'd done to Jeff. Mike grabbed Jeff's dick with his other hand and started jacking him off as he worked on my cock.

As Jeff and I stood there watching this guy blow us, Jeff reached over to the table and grabbed his glass of wine, took a swig, and then held the glass up to my lips for me to take a sip. I thought that was pretty erotic, him feeding me the wine as we were both getting our cocks serviced.

I looked down and saw Mike unbuttoning his shirt, and then taking it off. I saw him open his shorts and pull his dick out to jack off while he sucked our fat pricks.

"Dude, you mind if we have a smoke while you're working us over?" Jeff asked.

With my dick in his mouth, Mike just muffled something and shook his head.

Jeff pulled a cigarette out of his shorts pocket, lit it, took a big drag, and leaned his head back and let out a huge stream of smoke. He then reached over and put it between my lips for me. "Nothing like having a smoke while getting blown, huh Petie?"

Exhaling, I could only moan my response as Mike slid his mouth up and down on my cock.

"Stand up," Jeff directed, and as Mike stood, Jeff pulled his shorts off of him. I saw Mike for the first time without his shirt and shorts and he actually had a pretty good body, and a nice long (although skinny) dick with really low hanging balls.

Jeff kicked off his own shorts from around his ankles, his dick sticking straight out in front of him, and then sat down on the chair with his legs spread wide. I handed him the cigarette and he took another drag and exhaled another long stream of smoke. Then he looked at Mike and pointed at his rock hard cock and said, "Continue!"

Mike started to drop back to his knees to suck Jeff, but Jeff stopped him, "No, keep standing, just bend over and blow me!"

Jeff surprised me by grabbing my throbbing cock and giving it a good squeeze and a few strokes while he took another drag on the cigarette. He kind of waved my dick and used it like a pointer and said, "Cornhole him."


"Cornhole him in the ass! Fags love it up the ass, and asses are really tight. It feels awesome!" Jeff said nonchalantly, like he was telling me how to wax his car or something. Then he just leaned his head back and took another drag off the cigarette while Mike continued to suck and slobber all over his cock and balls, seemingly oblivious to our conversation about me sticking my dick up his ass.

I was just standing there, not sure what to do next, when Jeff said, "Here…," and reached over to the table where there was a butter dish with a stick of butter on it. He scooped up a gob of butter and applied it to my cock, giving me some great strokes, and even massaging my balls as he spread it all over.

He scooped up another gob and said, "Give me your hand," and plopped the butter on my palm. "Just put that on his hole to slick him up, and then pork him. Trust me, you'll love it! Almost as much as Mikey here will. You'll love it, too, won't you Mikey?"

Mike just grunted and nodded as well as he could with a cock deep in this throat.

I moved around behind Mike and looked at his ass. It was a really nice ass, hairless, but with a nice hairy crack. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before, so I wasn't sure how to do it, but I was so horned up that I would've stuck my dick in a cantaloupe at that point.

I rubbed the butter all over his hole and inserted one finger. It felt like he was going to snap my finger in two, his ass was so tight, but I could hear him moan and he kind of pushed his ass back against my finger, so I guess he liked it.

"Go on, put it in," Jeff ordered.

I pushed the head of my dick through his ass crack. "You sure?" I asked Mike.

He just grunted and nodded again, his head still slurping on Jeff's fat dick.

I kept pressing forward, harder and harder, but didn't seem to be going in. Then Mike reached around and grabbed my dick and changed the position of my cock with his hole. I felt my big mushroom head pop through his tight man-hole and Mike yelped, "SHIT, wait a second, go slow!" I stopped with just my cockhead, pulsating with my heartbeat, just inside his ass.

Jeff grabbed Mike's head and forced it back down on his cock and said, "Shut up fag boy, you know you want it! Slide it all the way into him, Petie. Feed the fag boy that nice thick dick of yours until your balls are grinding against his ass!" and then he took another drag off his cigarette.

I slowly slid my dick into Mike's hole, feeling his ass tighten around my cock. I couldn't believe how tight he was. I soon got all the way in and grinded in deep, trying to get even further up his ass, smashing my balls against his ass as Jeff had instructed. Mike let out a long groan and I could feel his ass loosen its tight grip on my cock a little.

Jeff stood up with Mike's mouth never leaving his cock. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and held it in front of my lips to take a drag. The sensation was almost too much as I looked deep into Jeff's eyes, him returning the gaze, my cock buried deep in this guy's ass. I wanted so much to be sucking Jeff's cock, or fucking Jeff's ass, and with him there, just in front of me, naked, with his hard cock being serviced, that simple gesture of giving me a hit off his cigarette was so sensual and erotic, I almost shot my load.

"He should be relaxed now, let's pound him from both ends," Jeff said, as he grabbed Mike's head and started power fucking his face.

I took the suggestion and started fucking Mike's ass with long strokes, then speeding up as I heard him grunt more and more in pleasure. I pulled all the way out and saw his hole gaping wide open and the closing up a bit. Then I pounded all the way back into him, smashing my balls against his ass as I heard his cock-muffled screams of pleasure.

"Fuck him good, Petie boy! Let's pound him with our thick dicks!" Jeff urged me on.

We both picked up speed and were really pounding him when Jeff reached over Mike and grabbed the back of my neck with his one hand and pulled me towards him, looking directly into my eyes as he yelled, "Yeah, fuck that hot ass man! I'm about to BLOW! Arggggggghhhhhhhhhh!"

Feeling the contact of Jeff's skin against the back of my neck, gripping it tightly, his face only a foot and half from mine, seeing his face contort into sexual ecstasy as he blew his load down Mike's throat, made me explode into Mike's ass, pumping faster and faster as I emptied my nuts into his ass. I felt Mike's cum splatter against my legs as he jacked himself to climax with one cock spewing a hot load of cum down his throat and another cock spewing a hot load of cum up his ass.

After our climaxes subsided, we all stood motionless for a few seconds, my cock still buried in Mike's ass, Jeff's cock still in Mike's mouth. We were all panting, covered in sweat.

Jeff plopped down in the chair and grabbed the wine. "Whooooooo eeeeeeehhhhh! That was a good nut!" he said and then gulped down the last of the wine.

My dick was still in Mike's ass. He was breathing hard with his hands on his knees. I yelped as I pulled my still hard dick out of his ass. Mike stood up and whistled and shook his head, a big grin on his face and sweat dripping off his forehead.

I was still breathing hard when Jeff pointed at my still hard dick and said, "Clean that up fag boy!"

To my surprise Mike dropped to his knees and started sucking the cum off my cock. He even cleaned up my balls.
Jeff pointed to the cum that Mike had shot on my legs and said, "Don't forget that," and Mike greedily licked all of his ropey jizz from my sweaty hairy legs.

Mike then got up and poured us some more wine. "Wow guys, that was fucking hot. I haven't been fucked like that in a long time!" he said. "You did a great job Pete."

I blushed at the compliment, even though I'd had no idea what I was doing.

"Yeah that reminds me," Jeff said. "That'll be another twenty bucks for Petie boy's big thick dick up your ass. That wasn't part of the original deal."

I couldn't believe Jeff was demanding even more money, or that Mike just smiled from ear to ear and said, "Gladly," and went to get more cash.

Jeff just smiled and winked at me as he took another swig of wine while casually playing with his softening beer can cock.

Mike came back into the room and put another twenty on the table. He looked really happy and relaxed.

Jeff and I slid our tight shorts back on while Mike remained naked, just standing there watching us.

"I got a few more customers to hit up before the end of the day. See you next week, Mr. Sharley," I said as we headed for the door.

"Call me Mike," he reminded. "Ok guys, enjoy the drive-in tonight. Maybe you can both drop by again next Friday?" Mike said hopefully, sounding overly eager for a repeat performance.

"Maybe," Jeff replied, pulling the front door closed behind us as we stepped outside.

"Let's get going, Petie," he said, counting the cash we'd just made as we walked back towards my old GMC van.
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